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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
whiskey, cheese and crackers in a gift box

Here's the Proven Formula to Business Gifting

Sending gifts to your clients, top referral partners, and employees at holiday time is great but it's expected. Imagine if you didn't do that. After 27 years of being the gifting experts, we have a proven formula to INCREASE your revenue, INCREASE your referrals, and DECREASE your employee turnover.

Every business owner wants to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase referrals
  • Decrease employee turnover

Let's Talk! 

Gifts for clients are an investment, not an expense! Invest in the relationships that matter to you.

There are so many ways you can increase your revenue with your existing clients.  It costs five times more to get a new client. FIVE times more! Why not nurture the relationships you currently have with a business gifting strategy?

Not sure where to start with incorporating gifting into your marketing strategy? Call us to get started - 504-309-7935.

gourmet crackers, popcorn cookies

Here is my proven formula that has worked for more than 27 years!

1. Send your clients a birthday gift. It can be a box of chocolate, a whiskey tasting, or a coffee gift basket. For the formula to work best for you, you need to establish a set budget for each client's birthday. My suggestion is $50 per client.  

Start by sending us a list of your top business clients, their birth date, and the delivery address. We suggest an office address since you want the others in the office to see your kind gesture (hint: this will lead to more referrals). 

2.  Recognize your business clients & employees through life's milestones.

These life changing events call for a thoughtful delivery. My recommendation is to spend at least $50 for these gifts. If you are sending a funeral gift basket, spend at least $75. Each of these occasions call for different types of gifts and these should never be set in stone.  

When you email us the client's name and delivery address, just let us know the occasion and we will decide how to curate the gift. We know gifts, and what separates us from everyone else is our ability to custom design and deliver in a short amount of time.

3.  Add your logo to your gifts but do not send a promotional product as a gift.  This can be tricky, so let me explain. No one keeps logo junk unless it is a nice gift that can actually be used. We give great suggestions in this blog, but for now I will keep it simple. Adding your logo to the gift card message, a label on the gift box, including a logo mug or cup, or a nice pen and journal are all great ways to keep your company name top of mind without the gift becoming about you. It's about your client, so don't forget that!

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4.  Take advantage of the occasions during the year to surprise and delight your clients. Here are all proven gift-giving times that increase your referrals, make you look like a gifting rock star, and increase your revenue. You don't need to do all of these, just pick two or three, unless you're also sending for special occasions.  There's no need to over do it!

  • St. Patrick's Day - We are LUCKY to have you on our team.
  • Administrative Professional's Day - Send something in appreciation of your administrative team, who keeps things running smoothly.
  • Mother's Day - Send something special to all of your female clients or employees who are mothers.
  • Thanksgiving - Give thanks to your clients during a time when no one else may be doing so.
  • Christmas - Obviously, you can't go wrong here.
  • New Year - Kick off the new year with your business team!
  • Mardi Gras - Everyone loves to get a carnival-themed gift.
mardi gras box with king cake, popcorn, cookies, and snacks

5. I hate to be the one to tell you, but employees are not always happy. That's a fact, but what if you used the same formula that you are using on your business clients on your employees? 

Simply send us an email list of your employees and their birthdays. We will hand deliver to the office on their special day. You do nothing! It doesn't get any easier than that!

Your staff and business clients will know how much they mean to you if you take my gifting advice - it works! 

To order, call us: 504-309-7935

Contact us here.

Email us your lists and we'll handle the rest! 



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