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Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Promotional Products Make Terrible Gifts

Promotional Products Make Terrible Gifts

Contrary to popular belief, promotional products are NOT gifts.  In fact, they make terrible gifts, because they are not about your client, they are about YOU.  Investing in your clients is important, and we know you want your brand included, but I am going to tell you the best way to make that investment work in your favor.  

We all need promotional products to promote our brand at trade shows and networking events, as well as to give our clients to help them "keep" something to remember us by...BUT THEY ARE NOT A GIFT

The Basketry does offer promotional products BUT we make it very clear how we use them and the best way to avoid the cheap junk! Logos have a special place in gifting, and we ensure that your branding is incorporated while your gift remains elevated.

No one wants your logo junk!

There are thousands of different trinkets, knickknacks, and whatnots.  Your clients want things they will actually use or gifts they love with a branded touch.  Either way, they don't want junk. Here are a few examples of things people actually use!

logo corkciclelogo journallogo pen
  • Corkcicle or Brumate tumblers, coffee mugs, or wine glasses
  • Rock glasses or wine glasses
  • Apparel - such as a fishing shirt, polo or baseball cap
  • Pen and journal

When selecting what promotional products to use, think about what you would want. Think about the event that you are having. If you are doing a Virtual Wine Tasting and you want us to send wine boxes to your recipients, let's do a branded wine opener and branded cocktail napkins added to 3 different wines, cheese, and crackers along with something sweet.  You see?  THAT'S A GIFT!

Add your logo so that it's not about you but clearly a gift that is about the recipient. Here's how!

  • Custom logo gift card message
  • Custom label on the outside of the gift box or gift basket
  • Belly band wrapped around the gift box
Custom branded belly bands, custom branded label
To start investing in your clients, my recommendation is to have a conversation with myself or one of my team leaders - it's easy!


As The Basketry brand continues to grow, Kristi remains committed to the principles that began the company - providing beautiful gifts that build and foster relationships, and have a lot of fun in the process. It is this magic that continues to drive our team to make The Basketry a very special place to shop.

Each of our team members sincerely values your gift giving experience, and we want your colleagues and loved ones to love the gift they receive.

Thank you for shopping with us, and we hope you enjoy the experience!

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