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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Seasonal Wedding Gifts: Fall Edition

Seasonal Wedding Gifts: Fall Edition

You’ve seen “Wedding Gifts,” and you’ve seen “Seasonal Gifts…” But have you found seasonal wedding gifts?

Most couples assemble a registry of things they want or things they must have, so most of their gifts come from certain stores. Or Amazon–let’s be honest!

Traditional wedding gifts include China, silverware, bath towels, kitchen appliances, Tupperware sets, crystal accouterments, and other fine gift items that the couple doesn’t want to purchase themselves. And then the holidays come around, and they have no seasonal serving dishes or decorations or glasses to host events! 

Well, we can fix this problem right away–your special bride and groom won’t be scrambling to find the best fall items to host in their home. You’ll provide them with the gifts they never knew they needed.

True story here–we had a customer shop our seasonal sales after each holiday last year. She bought several decor items for each holiday and boxed them up in her attic to surprise her daughter when she got married. That way when they moved into their new home, they had a bucket of decorations to start with for each occasion! How sweet is that?

If you thought, “I should do that, too,” read on, my friend. Read on…

fall wedding bouquet

Photo by LAUREN GRAY on Unsplash

Fall Hosting

Serving-ware and platters are popular this time of year, with turkeys being fried and large family gatherings approaching. If you’ve ever hosted a charcuterie party, you know that you never, ever have enough charcuterie boards. You can always use just one more!

  • The Thankful Bowl - A beautiful ceramic bowl that comes with kraft paper cards for all of your guests to write down something they are thankful for. This bowl makes a thoughtful gift for a family who likes to host, or even as an activity for a couple to do with their children.  
  • Pumpkin Kitchen Towel - This lovely embroidered tea towel makes the perfect addition to a serving dish when gifting. You could give a couple of them, too, as they may want to display them in both the kitchen and their powder room!
  • Pumpkin Punch Bowl - How perfect would a sherbet punch or a sangria look in this bowl?! The best part (other than it being pumpkin-shaped) is that it’s clear and they can see the beautiful color of their festive drink. Everyone will love serving themselves with this adorable pumpkin!
  • Fall Botanical Oval Platter - Everyone can use a pretty oval serving platter, and this design is elegant and very fall! I would use this particular serving dish all year long, but it is nice to have the fall colors to match the other decorations around the house. 
  • Three-Tiered Server - One thing I can almost guarantee your bride and groom don’t already have is a lifted or tiered server! These give so much more dimension to a dinner table full of food. And it makes more room on the surface of the table, too! Its base is a broomstick, which is almost too perfect for Halloween tablescapes.

thankful bowl on table

Fall Decorations

Just like hosting supplies, decorations for each season seem to slip the bride and groom’s minds when making their wish list. Decorations might not be as important as a set of bath towels, but at the coming of a new season, it suddenly hits the top of the priority list!

  • Pumpkin Velvet Pillow - These sweet pillows make a home cozy for fall! The little pom-poms make a fun border around the plush pillow. They are tasteful and a great gift for the newlyweds’ new home!
  • Hexagon Floral Framed Art Prints - It’s hard to choose art pieces for people sometimes, but these beautiful art prints are so unique. Their color palette is perfect for fall! These might be the perfect seasonal replacement for the bright and summery art pieces already on their wall. 
  • Glass Pumpkins - The most versatile kind of decoration: it can add an autumnal feel to any space, and you can light it up with string lights or a battery-powered tealight! These an sit anywhere at all in the house or in a flower pot. It’s the perfect kind of decoration for a couple who may not want to spend all day decorating!
  • Artificial Autumn Eucalyptus Tree - This beautiful faux tree would be perfect inside or outdoors. It spruces up any space that needs a little fall feeling. A pair of them looks great by the front door, and perfect for photographs of a couple’s first fall season together!
  • Faux Berry and Coreopsis Wreath - This beautiful wreath is draped in the prettiest hues of autumn. It truly celebrates the season! A wreath isn’t something that newlyweds usually have in storage. It is a great way for them to feel festive enough in the season without needing to do any other decorating.

happy fall pumpkin pillow

You might ask yourself, “Well who would expect a new couple to host a holiday dinner?” My family! It was fun to play hostess and plan out a beautiful spread, but every time I had to host, I still borrowed dishes from my mom. (RIP pewter egg dish that was accidentally run through the dishwasher.) We’ve only been married a year and have hosted a couple of dinners for our combined families!

Each year I collect a few more decorations and a few more serving platters that I regret not putting on my wedding registry. Not only is it convenient to have holiday-themed decorations and dishes at my fingertips, but they are all fun, unexpected gifts to open! 

Give the gift they will be thankful for in a pinch this holiday season. I hope these ideas inspire you to search just a little further to find the perfect seasonal gift for the bride and groom!

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