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Boo Baskets: The New Fall Gifting Tradition

Boo Baskets: The New Fall Gifting Tradition

Have you ever heard of a Boo Basket?

It is rumored to have started as a neighborhood gifting practice, where one neighbor would “Boo” another anonymously, and then the recipient would “Boo” another neighbor, and the cycle would continue on in that way throughout the Autumn season. 

I found myself so excited to put some Boo Baskets together, so I made some fun ones for both men and women over on our Instagram! Check ‘em out–they might inspire you.

I’ve also seen where husbands and wives will exchange Boo Baskets, in the same way you’d give Easter baskets. I think it’s a brilliant idea if you can get your partner on board! You can exchange them with fall-loving friends, coworkers, church groups, parents, children…even yourself! They are so much fun to put together at the beginning of the season!

So, what do you put in such a basket? You could make it Halloween-inspired, with candies, Jack-o-Lanterns, skeleton toys, etc., or you could fill it with seasonal goodies like cozy socks, candles, a sweet caramel treat, tickets to the movies, and hot cocoa. If you’re crafty, you could always put together a homemade goodie box that really makes a unique gift.

Below you’ll find plenty of ideas from around the web that you can include in your very own Boo Basket. Take inspiration from these ideas, or include these fabulous products all in one to make a very special gift!


Photo by alex geerts on Unsplash



These Rustic Donegal Socks scream “put me on to walk through the crunchy leaves!” Comfy socks are a necessity as the weather gets chillier and everyone swaps out the sandals for boots. 


Also an absolute Fall Wardrobe Staple: the cozy cardigan. This checkered cardigan by Altar’d State is the perfect color palette to pair with any fall outfit. It checks off the fashion AND cozy boxes this season!


Bandanas are coming back full-force as common headwear these days, and I’ve got at least 4 in the past year. I will only buy them from Hemlock Goods, whose designs are beautiful and ethically made. There are so many to choose from, as well as other headwear marked with beautifully matching patterns.


Caramel Apple

If there’s one thing I remember about fall carnivals, it’s the caramel apples! These seasonally-decorated ones look scrumptious. Amy’s Gourmet Apples also has options for nut-lovers, as well as almost any candy topping available.


Anyone else remember grumbling about getting a popcorn ball in their Trick-or-Treat basket? Whatta let down. They’re so hard to eat! This gourmet popcorn sounds divine, though! With so many flavors to choose from and the elegant packaging enveloping each delicious kernel, you can’t go wrong with this fall treat.


In Louisiana, we aren’t making s’mores in the summer. We won’t touch that firepit until at least mid-October. But ones that first chill nips at our toes, we can’t wait to get roasting marshmallows! This kit is adorable to send all on its own because it has everything anyone needs to make s’mores besides the fire!



These velvet decorative pumpkins look beautiful on a mantle or as a table centerpiece. They are delightfully squishy, and have a brilliant velvety shine in the light. Imagine the candlelight flickering on it–what a cozy atmosphere!


Full disclosure: I want one of everything in Tartan Blanket Co.’s shop! This Antique Tartan blanket is made from recycled wool and other recycled fibers, meaning they save clothes from going to landfills and put them to good use–like adorning our couches for fall and keeping our feet warm!


Who doesn’t need another mug? (Oh wait–me. Even though I bought 2 more this season). Just go look at this mug’s design and prove to me that it isn’t the quintessential Autumn mug that everyone needs. It is perfection.

Photo by Daniel Haaf on Unsplash

Homemade DIYs

Sugar Scrub

Especially when dry skin becomes more common as temperatures drop, it’s a great time to include moisturizing sugar scrubs into your skin routine. Making them at home is easy (usually you already have everything you need in your pantry). I want to try these three sugar scrub recipes this year!


Another great skincare item to have on hand in the fall is a good chapstick. Making these might seem silly because you can get a tube of chapstick on the cheap at the store, but the difference is that you KNOW what is going into it! This recipe looks simple enough, and I’d love to try different oils, like clove and gingerbread for the cooler season. 


Making candles at home sounded daunting to me, but reading over this recipe made me realize that it could be really fun and therapeutic! Patchouli and other spicy oils would be delightful for this fall. 


Remember when assembling your Boo Basket to keep in mind the person you’re buying for. Even if you don’t know them that well, think about whether or not they have children, if they drink alcohol, if they have pets, and try to remember any conversations you’ve had in the past (mentioning allergies, preferences, etc.). 

We’ve decided that we will swap names like Secret Santa at work so we can exchange Boo Baskets, too! I might not be as close to some of my coworkers as I am to others, but I usually pick up on each person’s comments on products around the store, their favorite treats, and what they are excited about when their birthdays come around. 

I hope you’ve collected lots of inspiration for these spooky gifts! Let us know what kind of Boo Baskets you come up with!

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