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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Cozy Candles for Autumn Enthusiasts

Cozy Candles for Autumn Enthusiasts

Forget sweaters–it’s CANDLE season, y’all!

Picture it: leaves falling in a chilly breeze, a chunky blanket on the couch, fuzzy socks warming your toes, a mug of warm coffee in hand, and your favorite Autumn-scented candle flickering in the dim light as you breathe in the scents of the new season.

We can speak for most people when we say that almost everyone enjoys receiving a candle as a gift. And how much fun is it to pick out fun scents and unique vessels to gift to someone who adores the coziness of an Autumn candle as much as you do?

When choosing a candle, the first thing we see is the color, container, name-- the physical aesthetic. Sometimes just the name of a candle can make you think of a particular person, no matter what it might smell like. (Have you seen the Candier candles? They’re hilariously relatable!)

The vessel of the candle could be recycled or reused, or maybe it’s handmade or decorated by a local artist. It’s so exciting to find antique dishes repurposed and living a new life as a cozy candle in your home.

Then–the smell! Does the smell match the name? Does your recipient prefer sweet, spicy, floral, or musky candles? Was it handmade and poured locally?

Below you’ll find a selection of 8 unique and gorgeous candles that we would love to give to our friends and family. They’re all Autumn-themed and filled with the most delicious fragrances. 


candles burning next to leaves

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Delicious Fragrances

  • Apple Cider Social by Capri Blu - How beautiful is this container? But–that’s not the only reason this candle caught our eyes. Apples are a customary scent in Autumn candles, but this candle specifically boasts apple cider as its extra-spicy seasonal fragrance, and it sounds absolutely scrumptious! This would be wonderful in a kitchen–maybe during an Apple Cider Social!

  • Fall Leaves & Flowers by Michel Design Works - Yes–another gorgeous jar! The scent here is really intriguing though–autumn leaves, figs, and rosemary. This would also be a beautiful scent in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom. Rosemary gives off a fresh and rejuvenating fragrance that also blends well with spices, making it a beautiful addition to any cozy fall candle.

  • The Tudor House Library by Mythologie Candles - A fun candle brand, Mythologie designs candles for book, fantasy, and history lovers. This library candle is all back-to-school and leaves-falling, and its amber jar gives a wonderful orange glow while burning. {Insert Your Favorite Fall Movie Here}

  • Spiced Pumpkin Latte Set by Voluspa - Voluspa candles are gorgeous and some of our favorites to sell in our boutique. Their pumpkin latte scent for Autumn is sweet with hints of marshmallow, coconut, and cinnamon–delicious! This set comes with a 5 oz jar candle and a reed diffuser.

pumpkin shaped candle burning on book

Unique Vessels

  • Everly Candle by Old Flame Candle Co. - Once a frosted 1970s candy dish, Everly will be transformed into a beautiful candle with wooden wicks and one of 12 scents (including unscented). When you order from Old Flame Candle Co., you can choose the scent when you order. Check out their other antique candle vessels, too! It’s amazing how they transform after a little cleaning and a little wax. 
  • Copper Leaves by ILLUME - This little candle is precious and makes the whole room smell like you stepped into Halloweentown. Its container is a pumpkin-shaped mercury glass jar that glows cozily inside. It would make a beautiful decoration even after the candle is burned away!
  • Pumpkin Beeswax Candle by The Beeswax Co. - How about no vessel at all?! This petite candle is already shaped like a pumpkin, becoming its own vessel as it burns. This candle would be perfect for someone who is sensitive to smells and worried about additives in the wax. This is pure beeswax with no scent except what naturally comes from the wax!
  • Wine Stave Vessel Candle by Pinecone Home - Saving the best for last! This candle is so unique and perfect for a long dining table at Thanksgiving. The reused wine stave is rustic and would be appreciated by a fellow wine lover. There are 4 wicks, making it a great opportunity for a candlelit dinner. It has a lightly sweet and citrusy scent, too, that won’t compete with the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen!


Stumbling upon handmade candles is always a treasure when it comes to the holidays, and if you’re like us, you don’t have time to sit there making candles for everyone you know! Unique vessels are fairly common, especially at art markets or on Etsy, where talented crafters sell lots of antique and homemade wares. 

Candles are a beautiful addition to any room, whether or not they are burning. Depending on what scents you prefer, they even help to immerse you into the current season, slowing you down and helping you to focus on the present. (We appreciate that mini-meditation, too.) They can remind you of what joy each season brings.

Remember this when shopping for candles as gifts: what kind of scents your recipient enjoys, what kind of vessel would bring them joy to look at, how they decorate their home, and if they have children or animals that might be sensitive to scents. 

Shopping local is always important around the holidays, as well. With the increase in online shopping, local small businesses struggle to hold up sales like they used to before Amazon’s rise in popularity. Remember to hop into your local boutiques and family-owned stores this season!

What kinds of candles are you gravitating toward this Autumn? 

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