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How Did The Phina Family and The Basketry Come To Be?

How Did The Phina Family and The Basketry Come To Be?

Congratulations to Jenny, Jessica & Linda!

The NEW owners of The Basketry!! đŸ„‚

They say you never know what's going on behind closed doors. This relationship started around Christmas 2022. I couldn't think about retirement without getting emotional, after-all The Basketry is my baby, but once I connected with the "Phina girls" it just felt right. ❀

I reached out to Jenny and Jessica, co-owners of Phina at the end of 2022 because I knew they would be the perfect family to take over the legacy that I had built for the last 28 years. Their three stores between Metairie & New Orleans are not only beautiful, but they also have a commitment to their customers and team that mirror the same values we have at The Basketry. Not to mention AMAZING products just like us and now they can add personal and corporate gifting!

I knew Jenny & Jessica (would later meet their sweet momma Linda) from going to market and I admired them and their Phina stores tremendously. The biggest attraction for me was their commitment to family. The Basketry was the place that I raised my kids and taught them, along with hundreds of other young people, the value of hard work and sacrifice. Jenny, Jessica & Linda are all about family. The most important part of the equation was that they keep my amazing team and the commitment to our community. Of course they would!❀ 

During the past two years, I have built a strong leadership team that manages the day-to-day and takes care of your gifting. "You don't need me," I would say to them often as my goal was to build a team-led company that could survive without me. The team is here to stay and will continue to be your go-to for your gift needs. They truly are amazing and put customers needs first.

I CANNOT thank you enough for all of the support through the years. There is a tremendous amount of gratitude for the way the community has raised me and embraced my little shop. Nick and I plan to spend a lot of time traveling, helping our children with their business ventures, and growing our rental & Airbnb investments. I will continue to mentor other women-owned businesses as I have for the last few years and hope to grow this passion into a non-profit to fund start-ups.

Learn more about the Phina family! Check out their website and be sure to stop in to meet them in person at The Basketry starting May 1st. I know that you will embrace & support them in the same way you have always supported me. I am proud to call them my friends and have no doubt they are going to rock it!đŸ„‚


Kristi Brocato

Join us for a week long champagne celebration May 8-12th as we celebrate the end of one journey and the start of another đŸ„‚


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