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Gifts as Special as Mom: An Overview of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts as Special as Mom: An Overview of Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is the one day a year we dedicate to honoring our maternal guideposts, our buoys in times of distress, our forever-forgiving and loving people we call Mom. 

Whether you celebrate your birth mother or someone else who holds that place in your life, our mothers get only one day a year to be recognized for their persistent support and love.

Price tags don’t matter with gifts to mom–it’s the effort, the love poured out in thoughtfulness toward them that mothers truly appreciate. Sometimes just spending quality time with our moms is all they desire. 

We all like to give gifts though, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Below you’ll find a plethora of unique and classic gift ideas, as well as DIY gifts that won’t empty your wallet, but that might take more of your time. We are all part of our own story, so your gift won’t look like someone else’s. How special your maternal figure will feel just to receive a thought from you! 

What do Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day?

All moms fall from a different tree, so your gift should be unique to your own mother figure. Deciding on what to give can be daunting at first, but narrowing down your options can be really beneficial. 

Ask yourself questions like: who is this gift from? A child? Grandchild? An adult child? A friend? What kind of gift would be appropriate coming from your specific relationship?

Does she enjoy the outdoors? Decorating her home? Spending quiet time alone? 

What will mean more to her: an experience where she’ll have a good time? Is she sentimental and would appreciate a keepsake like a photograph or a piece of artwork or jewelry?

And what’s your budget? Can you spend $100 and up? Or is it more like $20 and under?

There are options for you. Don’t worry!

For example, you want to spend $30 or less and include a keepsake for a mother (grandmother, aunt, etc.) who loves gardening. I’d say grab an inexpensive clay pot, paint beautiful designs on it (doesn’t have to be Monet), pop a pretty flower in it, and call it a day! It covers all of her interests and sticks to your budget. And I bet that the effort and hand-painted design will make it mean more than any $100 gift could. 

Traditional Mother's Day Gifts

What are the first gifts that pop into my head when someone says, “Mother’s Day?” 


Bouquets! No matter what other fun presents or experiences I have planned, a bouquet is always on the table. My mother loves flowers more than anyone I know, and it’s something she would never purchase for herself. 1-800 Flowers has never disappointed! My family has used their service several times. Flowers are marked up during this holiday, so prices could range between $40 and $80, though I would recommend shopping at your local grocery store for a better deal (and no shipping costs)! Keep in mind that the flowers will last about a week, so they don’t provide a long-lasting keepsake.


Department stores will have special gift boxes of perfumes that often come with a free gift, which is always a bonus. My mom adores Estee Lauder, and there’s no Mother’s Day where she isn’t at the mall buying a gift set of Pleasures all for herself. She doesn’t even give us the chance to forget! If your mother has a favorite fragrance, check a local department store for limited time deals. Though gift sets are more expensive than a single bottle of perfume, the value of the items included makes up for it. They often have a limited supply, too, so head to the mall as soon as they are released.


Even though Valentine’s Day and Easter are behind us, the chocolate companies will sometimes offer specialty Mother’s Day gift boxes. You may have to choose whether or not you think that chocolates are worth the price compared to a keepsake gift. If your mother is a chocolate lover (like my mom), you’re sure to find chocolates in fancy wrapping just for her. Am I the only one who remembers the Godiva chocolate bars at the counter at Dillards? Conveniently placed between the perfume counter and purse section? Barnes and Noble has them, too! Gift boxes range from around $15 to $80 to fit with anyone’s budget.


Brands like Kendra Scott have jewelry dedicated to mothers of all generations: Mama and Grandma necklaces are the most popular. Most of the generic Mom necklaces hover around $60, so not the most expensive, but also not the cheapest, gift you could choose. Jewelry tends to be more on the higher end, along with perfume, so keep your budget in mind when deciding on what you want to buy. However, jewelry makes a wonderful keepsake that she can hold in her hands and look back on for years to come!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always a great idea for picky moms! Some mothers buy whatever they want during the year and leave us wondering what on planet Earth we could possibly get them. Gifting them a shopping spree is like buying them a present and an experience at the same time! They might seem a little impersonal, especially when it comes to Mom, but finding unique online stores to expose her to, or a gift certificate to get her nails done, makes it more exciting! Slip it into a handmade Mother’s Day card if you want a more personal touch. 

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Small businesses always have the most unique ideas for honoring any mother-figure. With the internet at our fingertips, we can find gifts that will truly surprise them!

Gift Baskets

If you’re in the market for a gift basket, The Basketry has so many wonderful gifts to choose from. We have pre-made gifts to make everyone’s life easy and can ship all around the country. You can also build your own gift by choosing our Build a Box option and select individual items to include in your box. All gifts are wrapped elegantly upon delivery!

Custom Jewelry

A Rolling Stone Jewels creates handmade pieces with real birthstones for each family member’s birth date–designed with mothers in mind. They stack the stones on rings and necklaces to represent the whole family. Again, jewelry makes a wonderful and personalized keepsake that will hold lifetime memories.


Experiences make great gifts! Finding local places and events to attend are so special and make memories she won’t soon forget. My mom is adventurous and loves being outdoors, so my brother and I took her on a family hike a couple of years ago at a local nature reserve with homemade trail snacks. 

This year, I’m planning to take my mom to our local tea house for a British-inspired High Tea. We will be living our fondest Downton Abbey dreams! I can’t wait to see her surprise when we pull into the parking lot. I hope I don’t ruin the secret by telling her what to wear!

Subscription Services / Online Workshops

There are tons of subscription services that offer gifting options. One of the most popular services is Skillshare, where she can take classes in just about anything. If she’s creative, there are hundreds of classes she can find in every category, from calligraphy to photography. 

If she loves wine, you could gift her a subscription to Bright Cellars so she can try all kinds of wines she’s never heard of. The subscription comes with cards depicting the flavors in each wine, as well as food pairings. She will become the sommelier of the family!


Every mother deserves some self-care time, and if that doesn’t include a subscription to Bright Cellars, it should include a fragrance that makes her feel like a queen. Voluspa has just released a special hand care line that includes soap, hand lotion, and a hand creme that are just as fragrant and beautiful as their candles. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, unlike any other brand I’ve seen! The floral, woody, and fresh scents are all delicious and the perfect fit for any taste. Spoil the mom in your life with this luxury line!

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

If you’re on a tight budget or your mom has everything, Do-It-Yourself gifts are the answer! I love DIY gifting, especially for my mom. Because who will appreciate your effort as much as she will?

Handmade Cards

Cards from the pharmacy might be seen as expensive or overrated, but a handmade card holds so much sentimental value. A card made by a mother’s child is so special. You can use paints, construction paper and glue, pressed wildflowers, and (if you’re feeling dangerous) glitter! The effort put into making a gift with so many memories attached would mean so much to a mother. Things aren’t nearly as heartwarming as the sentiments we attach to them. Sharing love is free!

DIY Coupon Book

Moms always seem tired, right? Maybe it’s time for the kids to give back! Creating a little book of “favor” coupons for Mom to cash in whenever she wants is truly showing how much she’s loved! On each coupon, write things like “take out the trash,” “sweep the floor,” and “wash the dishes after dinner.” I bet she will be so grateful for the love her kids are paying back! My mom always loved when we offered to help her out. A mother’s job is never finished!

As a simple design, kids can decorate a slip of paper with each chore and staple them together. Doesn’t have to be fancy–just handmade!

DIY Spa Kit

Hopping back to self-care for a bit, creating this spa kit is giving Mom a perfect excuse to treat herself. Mixing up homemade sugar scrubs, building handmade bath bombs, packaging little bags of bath salts and scenting them with her favorite essential oils, and adding a fuzzy headband for her favorite face mask would make a great gift. DIY-ing these items together with her would be a fun activity!

Homemade Baked Goods / Tea Party

A couple of years ago, I planned a tea party for my mom without her knowing! I told her to clean off the picnic table and I would take care of the rest. I brought a bouquet of flowers, pre-steeped a different flavor of tea for each course, and cooked everything we ate. I bought specialty macarons and tea cakes from a local bakery who offered seasonal items for Mother’s Day.

On our menu, I had a tomato and basil galette, ambrosia salad, and turkey and olive tea sandwiches. Because it was a warm day, I brewed our 3 teas and iced them, pouring them out of thermoses and into sweet little teacups. We’ll cherish that day forever!

Personalized Home Decor

There are so many ways to create custom home pieces. We’ve glued seashells from a beach trip to a picture frame with a family photo inside. You can also visit a sip-and-paint company like Board and Brush where you can choose what kind of decor piece you’d like, what stain color you want, and paint over a stencil of your personalized text. Painting flower pots is also perfect for this time of the year when Mom is buying new plants for her garden! What kind of other ideas can you come up with? My Pinterest board is overflowing with so many simple ideas!

Do you feel prepared for Mother’s Day now? I hope you’re able to get plenty of inspiration! And remember to make it fun. Build your own list of Mother’s Day ideas and refer to it year after year!

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