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Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
New Orleans local coffee, pralines, pecans, pepper jelly, crackers, cajun popcorn.

Gifting Builds Relationships and Helps Create New Ones

No matter the business you're in, if you have clients you need to keep them. Not only that - if you want to grow, you either need more business from them or you need to reach a new audience. It's basic business, but it's not easy.  

Entrepreneurs and people in business all have the same struggle no matter what industry you fall into. After 27 years of helping businesses maintain existing clients and helping them get into the door of others, I have partnered with literally every industry across America.  

Caymus Cabernet wine, Italian crackers, pralines, Brie Cheese and Wine Chips served on a nice cutting board.  Perfect for client gifting.

Gifting to your clients is an investment. No matter what kind of relationship you are in, you must invest time, energy and money into it. Business relationships are no different.

How many times have you taken someone to lunch or coffee to discuss business? You see there is a decision to make there. Coffee is under $10 and lunch is around $50, depending on how fancy you go. Now if you're really trying to impress a big shark, you may take them out to dinner and order the filet. You've done it and if you haven't, then maybe you've done it over a round of golf or paid for a drink at a networking event. Invest in your clients. Invest in your relationships.


Sending gifts is no different and in many ways...better! Here's why.  

  • Gifts last and leave an impression for weeks or months after received.
  • Gifts can be branded (but don't overdo it or it's not a gift).
  • Gifts delivered by someone else make a bigger impression.
  • Deliveries make a bigger impact at unexpected times.
St Roch Vodka, crackers, New Orleans made turtles, New Orleans Etched rock glass with branded company card

What gifts do you send? How do you choose?

That's where we come in.  We are the gifting experts.  After all these years, we know gifts, and we make it easy for you. With one single email answering these four questions, my team can create a sample and send you a picture to proof.

  • What's your budget? (think coffee, lunch or dinner budget?)
  • Male/Female?
  • Tell me what they do for a living or anything you may know about them?
  • Do you want to add your logo?

Gifting should reflect your customer, not you! Repeat that! This is NOT about you. While adding your logo on the outside of the gift box or on a custom gift card is a perfect touch, throwing promotional products all over the place is for promoting yourself, not for gifting.  

Quilt Cabernet wine chips gourmet food custom logo gift card

Why Do Promotional Products Make Terrible Gifts?

You can read in detail here, but to keep it simple promotional products are for promoting yourself. Let's be honest - no one wants to get a gift that's not about them. Be careful how you use them, but if you need them we do that too!

As The Basketry brand continues to grow, Kristi remains committed to the principles that began the company - providing beautiful gifts that build and foster relationships, and have a lot of fun in the process. It is this magic that continues to drive The Basketry team to make it a very special place to shop.

Fill our our contact form to get a FREE picture sample!

Give us a call 504-309-7935 and tell us what you need. We can hand deliver or ship anywhere!

At The Basketry, we have been curating custom gifts for more than 27 years and we hope to be here for many more custom gifts to come. 

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