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Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Your Gifting Strategy

Your Gifting Strategy

Make Gifting Easier...


We've learned a lot after creating gifts for 2000+ customers, so we'll handle all the details and create a gift sure to WOW your recipients.

Our Team will:

✓ Create a strategy for the gift to align with your project goals

✓ Stay in your budget

✓ Introduce ideas to stand out - like a video gift card message, themed gifts that are outside of the box

✓ Handle EVERYTHING with branded packaging and products

✓ Set up our corporate gifting platform for 100+ gift sends

✓ Coordinate shipping of the gifts from our fulfillment center

A GIFTING STRATEGY is a plan that we set in place for you so that you can "set it and forget it" when it comes to sending gifts to your clients and employees. Gifting should not be expensive. Gifts should be GREAT, INTENTIONAL, FUN AND THOUGHTFUL.






Are your gifts worth sending? Are your gifts great or just ok? Are you being intentional, fun and thoughtful? After 26 years of GREAT gift giving, we know a thing or two.

            GOOD to GREAT Gifts – Are you adding your logo in the right place or does your gift look cheesy? Are you sending wine to someone who doesn’t drink? Have you considered if your gifts are nice, good looking and reflect your taste? These are all very important to consider. Sending a gift is not as easy as you think and that’s why most of them are ugly. We don’t want you sending ugly gifts. Let us help you make your gifts great!

            INTENTIONAL – Do you send gifts at intentional times? Is it their birthday, anniversary, or did they just purchase a new home? Everyone has special events that happen that should be recognized. Intentional means that you intended to acknowledge a special event and by doing so it makes you stand out ahead of your competition. What other intentional occasions should you make note of? Don’t just send at holiday time as this is expected. Intentional means surprise and delight your recipients.

            FUN – Are you unsure how fun to go with your gifts? Are you kidding me, everyone wants to have a little fun and your clients are no different. No matter how professional or conservative your company is, sending gifts that are fun build better relationships and make people smile. Are you unsure if a gift will pass the “classy or trashy” test? We’re experts at gifting and we’ll let you know.

            THOUGHTFUL – Have you ever thought for a moment that sending a thoughtful gift is too personal? What about if a guy sends another guy a thoughtful gift, is that weird? Don’t you want to be thought of? Don’t you want people to put thought into your gifts? Sending a gift card, a shirt that is too small or a plant that needs to be taken care of are not thoughtful and nothing puts your company name on the back burner faster than sending a gift that anyone could have sent.


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