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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
You Have A Problem

You Have A Problem

You do! And so do I.

I know this from talking to hundreds of business owners and sales executives a week. We all suffer from the same problem...getting our clients to think of us more. Let me break this down for you.


-Keeping your name and business top of mind with your clients

-Trying to get referrals from your existing clients

-Getting your current clients to spend more money or maintain their existing accounts



-Intentional gifting solves your problems. What are a few occasions that make sense to give to your clients? Here are just a few of the most popular with our customers.


-1. Your Client’s Birthday – Send a birthday themed gift on their special day. Spend $30-$50 and let’s create a fun gift box! Here are a few suggestions; however, you can always custom create one with your client’s hobbies in mind. We are really good at gifting, so don’t stress just give us a call to custom design for you.


-2. Using an upcoming holiday to raise awareness

 Let's see, what's coming up? Let’s use The Fourth of July as a perfect example of how to use a holiday to get some great referrals from your clients.

Send a gift box filled with a small American Flag, Sparklers, red white and blue snacks, barbecue seasoning and a custom card that reads,

“You have the freedom to choose any Financial Advisor. Thanks for choosing us. Your referrals make my business sparkle! Happy 4th of July!”

A gift like this will make you stand out from your competition! It gives them a reason to post on social media and share you with their followers.

 Remember…you want a return on your investment. Not just a thank you and getting them to remember you, think of you and ultimately share you with their friends.


-3. Client Big Events such as a new home, new baby, or work anniversary

            Again, using these events are all great ways to be a good gift giver! We have great ideas for housewarming, for welcoming a new baby or grand baby and for celebrating work anniversaries.


-4. Client Sympathy is a must send gifting occasion and flowers won't do. Flowers not only die like the message you are trying to send, but your arrangement will be just like the other arrangements that get picked up and tossed at the end of the funeral. Instead, send a beautiful gift basket or gift box filled with freshly baked muffins, coffee, snacks to share and a nice keepsake items such as a cross or picture frame to save special pictures of the family.



First, that’s our job, not yours. We know what to send. We just need to know how much you want to spend and that’s easy. My professional opinion is that $20 is too cheap, but $75 is unnecessary. For intentional gifting, shoot for something around $50-$65 per gift.   

 Keep it classy and remember that sending your logo items is NOT a gift. Logo items are promotional items only. Your clients want to see their name not yours, so here’s how we do that!

  1. Put your logo on the custom gift card. We do this for you!
  2. Put your client’s logo on something inside the gift. We usually like to add it to a bag of cookies or a praline.
  3. If you insist on giving them a logo item, make it small and not the “main” attraction.


Our proprietary Gifting Strategy is proven to create a return on your investments. By allowing us the creativity to make big impressions on your behalf, not only makes gifting easy for you, but gives you the chance to work on your business.


To get started, email Kristi at or call 504-309-7935

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