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Wedding and Bridal Gifts to Send to an Out-of-Town Wedding

Wedding and Bridal Gifts to Send to an Out-of-Town Wedding

Summertime is definitely wedding season which can make travel much more chaotic and difficult. If you’re traveling to a wedding, the last thing you want to deal with is transporting your really nice or really breakable gift! You’ll have to fit it in the already-cramped overhead compartment or set it carefully in the car so it won’t get knocked over on a bumpy road trip. This can be stressful, though. What if it breaks? What a headache!

We’re here for you! When you order from The Basketry, we can ship your gift anywhere in the country. Can’t make the wedding? Your gift can! Don’t want to travel with your gift? No problem! Our team ships out hundreds of gifts every week, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to take it off the plane or someone shoving a suitcase into it.

We also have plenty of wedding and bridal gifts to choose from on our website. Whether you like giving stock-the-bar gifts, religious gifts or items to help fill the new couple’s home, we have plenty to choose from. Be creative and visit our anniversary section or even our self-care section! Brides-to-be always need an excuse to relax with the stress of wedding planning looming over them. 

You can also visit our Build a Gift page to piece together your own box. Use your creativity to hand-pick each item that goes into your box! We can add one of the items listed individually to any pre-designed gift box or basket. No matter what you create, we will make your gift beautiful. It will truly be a lovely experience to open it! 

Here are some ideas we can ship out to the bride and groom for you!


This gift box is the perfect gift for a bride and groom who enjoy a whiskey tasting. A pair of Mignon Faget rocks glasses comes with an Old Fashioned mix, chocolate-dipped pretzel rods and whiskey-flavored popcorn. Not only is this a nice gift on its own, but you can also add a small bottle of Pinhook bourbon to really make it come together!

Who can go wrong with a bottle of Titos and snacks? The couple’s drink options are endless! This gift also includes cheese and crackers, pepper jelly and gourmet chocolate-dipped Oreos. You could add the New Orleans Cocktails book or cocktail mix to this gift to add to the fun!

What a blessing it is to get married! Share in the excitement of this sacrament with a basket full of joy. Along with a bottle of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio, there are cheese, crackers and delicious cheddar and truffle popcorn, with an oyster-shell cross, to top it off. In addition, you could include The Little Book of Prayers to encourage partner prayer sessions for the new couple.

These boxes make great wedding and bridal gifts for the bride-to-be! Inside, it includes a satin sleep mask, pillow case, and scrunchie; a “mr. & mrs.” picture frame; and a Bling Brush jewelry cleaner. The bride-to-be will be excited to pamper herself with this sweet gift box! Cute add-on gifts would be a Corkcicle champagne flute and a small bottle of champagne.

Another great option for a couple’s gift, this box comes with a pair of hand-painted oyster wine glasses, a bottle of Ava Grace pinot grigio, pralines, a soy Voluspa candle and a frosted baker sugar cookie. It’s an elegant box that is laid on a cushion of shreds for safe travels to the new couple. You could add a Bling Brush for added glamor! 

A toast to the groom! To the bride! A gorgeous bottle of rosé champagne, two gold-rimmed champagne flutes, a Sparkling Rose Voluspa candle and cocktail bombs complete this elegant wedding gift box. A gold candle snuffer would be a perfect little touch to complement the hammered glasses. 

Fit for a queen, these gift boxes make the most exquisite wedding and bridal gifts! Inside, the bride will find a satin sleep set, tie dye slippers, a straw that says “Bride”, a rose-scented candle, a box of celebration gummies, and a jewelry cleaner bundle with a satin scrunchie and Blister Bee Gone. She is sure to be impressed when she opens this box of cheer! 

We can make sending wedding gifts as easy as Amazon, but not nearly as hard to shop! Our gifts are also much more unique. You can rest assured that the quality of our products, and our fine gift-wrapping materials, are designed to make a grand statement as well. 

If you can’t make the wedding, we’ll make sure the gift does! In fact, you won’t even need to leave your couch to get your gift to the event. If you do end up having to travel to get to the event, your heartfelt gift will be one less thing you have to worry about, too! 

If you’d like to build a box, check out our Build a Gift option on our website. There are several individual items listed that you can add to the premade wedding and bridal gifts. Our advice for choosing the best kind of gift is to include a keepsake item, something to munch on right away and something they can use up, such as a candle or bath product. 

Have fun and imagine what you would love to open! If you love it, they will, too! When gifting to a couple, a gift for the home is always exciting for the couple to share. If not something for the home, maybe a bottle of their favorite spirit and a pair of drinking glasses!

Reach out to us if you’d like to personalize any gift. We can add or swap out any items that don’t strike your fancy! Any gift you dream up, we can make it happen!

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