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The Best Teacher Thank You Gift Ideas for the First Day of School

The Best Teacher Thank You Gift Ideas for the First Day of School

Bless those teachers, am I right? They have the superhuman ability to be patient, lead by example, discipline hundreds of students and break up inevitable fights all on a daily basis. What would parents ever do without them?

You already know how much your kids’ teachers will go through this school year. So, let’s start on a good note by sending your rosy-cheeked student into class with a thank you gift! We have a lot of local teachers that shop in our store, and the thank you gift ideas they’ve mentioned include stationery, bath or relaxation items and most importantly: snacks! Gift cards are also a huge hit at our store. Gift your favorite teacher a shopping spree!

If you really want the best thank you gift ideas for teachers, some that just hit the others out of the park, check out our gift boxes below. These first day gifts for teachers are designed especially with a “Thank You” or “Good Luck” in mind and are listed in order by price. We have a gift for everyone’s budget. No matter how much you spend, we will wrap your gifts in luxurious wrapping paper and ribbon to make the most extravagant impression.


1. Thanks for a Great Year - $12.50

As one of the more simple yet useful back to school gifts, this sweet package contains a pack of three cute pens with funny quotes on them as well as crunchy and buttery Oh Sugar! chocolate chip cookies. Not only do teachers always need more pens at their desks (especially ones that make them smile), but it’s nice to have a pick-me-up to snack on during those “off hours” while they grade papers!

2. A Simple Thank You - $20

These thank you gift ideas are for the teachers with the biggest sweet tooth! They include frosted “Thank You” sugar cookies, white chocolate-dipped Oreos and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. Cookies are always a good idea—especially when you can finally put up your feet! These treats are elegant and make a sweet surprise for any teacher.

3. Petit Merci - $32

To give them a little taste of every kind of sweet snack, this adorable gift box is filled with champagne gummy bears, a dark chocolate bar and a pack of mini chocolate chip cookies. Stuff their desks with snacks so on the days they can’t leave the classroom, they have something ready to munch on! 

4. Snack Attack - $39

We’ve covered the sweet snacks, but what about the sweet and salty pairing? This snack box is packed thoughtfully with a cookie, New Orleans pralines, gourmet truffle popcorn, crackers and brie cheese. It has the best of both worlds! Back to school teacher gift ideas like these Snack Attack boxes are perfect for whatever snacky mood they might be in.

5. You Got This - $48

This gift box is a great way to kick-start your teacher’s year by hydrating them and refueling their tank! They will receive two cans of cold brew coffee for their caffeine kick, a hydration pack after running around campus all day, plenty of Emergen-C packs (because you know how kids spread those germs), granola bars for those early mornings without breakfast, popcorn and a pack of allergen-free cookies for an afternoon snack! Teachers’ favorite thank you gift ideas are the most thoughtful ones. It’s practically a teacher’s first aid kit!

6. Sweet Thank You - $ 58

A basket of treats, yet again! With sweets including praline popcorn, honey pecans, chocolate and sugar cookies, your sweetest of sweet teachers will be giddy with surprise! This gift basket comes shrink-wrapped with a beautiful bow that makes a stunning presentation they won’t forget. 

7. Simply the Best - $64

Teachers are simply the best! Nothing says “Thank you for taking care of my children,” and “Here’s your relaxing night in because I know they’re difficult,” like a set of deluxe Musee bath bombs, ache-easing salt soak and lavish Finchberry bar soap. All they need to add is their own bottle of wine!


Most teachers who shop with us tell us that their best first day of school gift for teachers would include wine (or something stronger), but we know that most schools won’t let us bring alcohol into them. If that is an exception for your special educator, let us know and we can add a bottle of their favorite beverage into the mix! 

Here at The Basketry, we also ship and deliver! Live out-of-state but love our gifts? No problem! We can ship our gifts anywhere in the country and deliver around the New Orleans area, all the way to Houma, and back out to the Baton Rouge area, too. 

Our expert gift designers are eager to help you build the perfect gift for any occasion, even the first day of school! Their thank you gift ideas are endless, so send us a message or call our store to speak to a member of our team for a truly personalized gift you won’t find anywhere else.

We also have a Build a Gift option on our website so you can put your gift box together piece-by-piece. It is a fun way to make a gift box we haven’t even created (and that’s a feat)! Use your creativity and make the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list this summer. It’s also a great option if you know your child’s teacher really well and know exactly what they’ve had their eyes on!

Bless those teachers’ lives with a beautiful and thoughtful gift basket from The Basketry, today!

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