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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
The Best Employee Appreciation Gifts

The Best Employee Appreciation Gifts

Occasionally it’s a wonderful idea to remind your employees just how much you appreciate their dedication and hard work. The daily grind can be monotonous, and let’s be honest: it’s just not fun for each day to be the same.

Whether you’d like to make it a whole office affair or give individually, we have lots of fun ways to make your employees feel important! They should be reminded that they make a difference and aren’t just there to warm a chair. 

Each section below shows a different variety of employee appreciation gifts, broken down into two price points. These gifts can be altered upon request. The best part about each of these options is that they were designed to cover both men and women. 

Party for the Whole Office

What’s more fun than taking a few minutes out of the workday to show your employees how much they mean to you? Get them to step away from their cubicles for a few minutes to share a morale-building snack break that will refresh them for their productive afternoon. There is nothing more motivating than a delectable food selection!

1. Office Party - $116

Each of these local snacks is packaged so it’s easy to munch on at their desks. There is something for everyone! Meat, cheese and spreads can be sliced and shared with crackers for a small charcuterie. Popcorn and cookies can be served in a large bowl for all-day munching. Grab some paper plates and a gallon of iced tea, and let them go to town. It’s a party in a box, just missing some balloons!

2. A Grand Charcuterie - $175

Want a more fresh alternative? This board comes beautifully arranged with fresh fruit, nuts, meats and cheeses! It’s perfect to snack on throughout the day and presents itself in elegance and sophistication. Pepper jelly, cookies and champagne gummies complement their savory counterparts and are great for those with a sweet tooth. Have an after-hours event? Pop open the bottle of wine and toast to all of their hard work!

For the Wine Lovers

These gifts are for individuals who enjoy a glass of vino in their armchair after a long week, or for those who you know enjoy watching the sunset with friends on the porch. Each one comes with a selection of wine as well as a sweet and savory snack. Gift someone an evening of relaxation that they deserve!

1. Thank You Wine Gift - $42+

A sweet gift any wine drinker is sure to enjoy. Choose between a selection of three wines, paired with their perfectly matched flavor of wine chips and a beautiful, frosted sugar cookie. The wine selection includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Rosé. 

2. Thank You Wine Box - $79

An elevated version of the previous Thank You Wine Gift comes in a sturdy, wooden box and more gourmet snack pairings. This box comes with Block Nine Cabernet Sauvignon, but we can swap it for another wine of your preference. Also included are fine, Lolli’s chocolate-covered Oreos, cheese, crackers and Cranberry Chili Pecan Spread. A personal charcuterie to reward them for their hard work!

Desk Snacks and Caffeine

Most of us need our caffeine boost in the morning, so what’s a better gift than the gift of coffee? Both of these thoughtful gifts come with coffee and some sweet-snack pairings that they can keep at their desk. They are a sweet way to show your employees how essential and appreciated they are at your company.

1. Golden Delight - $54

A delightful gift of breakfast for that morning glory in your office! Complete with coffee, peach preserves and a cutting board for their toast, they are sure to feel spoiled. Pralines and popcorn are perfect snacks to keep in their drawer when they need a little encouragement during a long day. This gift is really sweet and great for anyone and everyone!

2. Employee Birthday Tier 3 Masculine - $70

This gift box is for a serious coffee obsessive. With two cans of cold brew and chocolate-covered espresso beans, they will get to work pumped with energy and have some snacks to sustain that rush all day! There’s a thermal mug inside for refills to keep that drink hot or cold, however they prefer it. Even though it was originally designed to be more masculine, this box works for women as well. A salty snack mix is also perfect for them to keep in their top desk drawer when they only have coffee in their system. The cup can be personalized with a vinyl name or initial, so think outside of the box!

All gifts can be altered to fit your specific preferences. If you want anything personalized, reach out to us. We can change out snacks, wine, cups and even the base that these baskets are built on. Feel free to reach out for suggestions as well. 

You can also choose each item you’d like to include by building your own gift in our shop. Sometimes you might have a specific idea of what your employee would love, so we’ve made it possible for you to be the designer! If you need any help filling in your gift to make it look spectacular, that’s what we’re here for. Our gift experts know just what to add to any gift. 

If you’d like to give us a budget to work with and one or two things you know about your coworker, we can prepare a special basket or box with them in mind. Show your appreciation with a gift catered especially to them!

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