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Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Current Gift Trends

Current Gift Trends

As a leader in the gift industry, it is vital that we stay on top of the current gifting trends. Employees want to be inspired and connect with each other as do your clients. Especially after the pandemic restricted us from being together, people crave people and when you surprise and delight your people it allows you to connect with them.


Here's a look at what you should be gifting to your employees and best clients.

Wellness Kits

Focusing on wellness shows that you care about what's going on with your staff and best clients. Relaxation gifts used to be seen as "too personal"  but not anymore. Focusing on wellness is the hottest trend in gifting.

If you would like to create gifts in your budget, it's easy to get started. Email us at or give us a call and we'll walk you through it. You can also contact us here

Being personal and giving gifts that are specific to your client shows that you pay attention. Here are a few great gifts to consider that show you are a good listener.

He loves Bourbon 


She has a grand baby or they just had a new baby


They love their dog


They love martini's




You get the idea. The Basketry wants you to custom create gifts that reflect not only your budget, but your recipients taste.


Let us elevate the experience through curated gifting

How much should you spend? $15, $50, $100?  Think about the cost of coffee, lunch or dinner. What do you want to spend on your special clients and employees big moments? No matter the price, we can create something to fit your budget. 

We help you level up, look good and be the hero for your company!
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