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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Our Team Culture Makes Gifting More Fun

Our Team Culture Makes Gifting More Fun

Gifting is easy for our clients, but behind the scenes at The Basketry our team strives to be amazing, productive, have a lot of fun and operate like a well-oiled machine.  We like to show you our pretty side. However, in real Basketry life we have team meetings, operating procedures, and a culture that makes work life fun for us and one that we are proud of.  We thought we should share a little bit of that with you today!


The term “customer service” is overused.  What does that even mean anymore?  I mean think about it, everyone says it!  The Basketry strives to deliver a unique customer experience. This means we let you shop without the annoying, stereotypical sales vibe.  It means we make suggestions to enhance your gift’s overall “wow” factor with your tastes in mind, and without making you feel pressured.  Customer experience to us means wanting to get to know you, not just wanting to help you buy.  We say that our customer service is second to none, but what we really should be saying is that your experience with us is truly the best!

Our team radiates authenticity by using your name, by remembering you, and making you feel special each time you walk in.  We don’t treat you like you’ve just walked into Walgreens (sorry Walgreens!).  We treat you like you are a guest in our home.  In a sense this is our home; after all, we spend more time here than at home, so why not treat you like our guest?

We always strive to exceed your expectations.  Can you imagine if you visited Disney World, and the only worker who smiled at you was someone at the front desk?  Everyone at Disney aims to make you feel welcomed.  Even the folks that oversee trash!  We have staff who work at the back of our store in production, shipping, and delivery.  Every person on our team should smile at you if they see you.  If they don’t, Kristi wants to know!


What matters to us?

-We rely less on the transaction and concentrate on the service that we provide!  It is everyone’s job to give the experience. We love to ensure that you feel welcomed and that all your needs are taken care of.

-We give back to kids baseball teams, fundraisers, cancer patients, animal shelters and so much more.  We love giving back to the community that has adopted us!

-Allow young professionals an opportunity to develop their skills while providing a sense of belonging in a safe work space.  For some, this is their first job!

-Helping our team grow and prosper whether they stay with us for the long haul or grow into another job later on.  We are all about helping others!


What are our absolute NO’s? 

-We don’t talk about our customers behind their back.

-We don’t care how much you spend, or how much we need to gift wrap for you!

-We don’t prejudge you…all money is green.

-No person’s job is more important than the others.

-No negative comments about products, people, or life in general are encouraged from our employees; we THRIVE on positivity!

-No customer is to be ignored when they walk into our store.  It may take a minute for us to reach you if we are gift wrapping or checking someone out, but we won't forget you.



How do we aim to make our workflow more productive?  Imagine working the monorail at Disney World.  Each monorail is watched to be sure it’s running efficiently, and when Monorail Blue is working faster than Red, the conductor lets all monorails know, “Blue is leading the pack.  Let’s pick it up Red and Yellow!”  This same strategy works for us.  When one person is pulling the cart and the others are trailing behind, it is important for the leader to rally the team. By encouraging teamwork and responsible initiative, we fuel our team’s productivity. Everyone’s job is to be Monorail Blue!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our team and our culture.  As you can tell, we love what we do and can’t wait to take care of your gift needs.  If you need to email us or call us please reach out!

Kristi Brocato, Founder * 504-309-7935



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