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Are You A Giver or a Taker?

Are You A Giver or a Taker?

There are only three types of business people.

Givers who give over and over and never get anything in return; therefore, creating resentment and frustration. This is a beautiful person who gives of themselves at all costs. We love them, but when the anger sets in that they are not getting anything in return, I promise you want to run the other way.

Givers who give, give, give, ASK. Giving is beautiful. Give the review. Give the referral. Give the gift. You always want to keep in mind that eventually you want to ask for something. Perhaps you want to ask for a referral, a review or a 15 minute phone conversation. You have to ask though or you become a giver with anger.

Takers are those who never give. UGH! They take referrals, take business, take lunch dates and so much more. These are the worst and you really need to be mindful if this is you. Don't be a taker!

Recently I was lucky enough to sit on a 5 day zoom event that lasted 1 hour each morning.  Joe Stumpf, author and owner of By Referral Only led this meeting each day and when it was over I felt like I came away with so much more knowledge than when I started. He GAVE of himself each day for FREE and never asked for anything in return, but deep down because of his lesson I heard the unspoken ASK.

It was a test to see how much we "took" from his event and how many of us took the time to write a review, visit his website, refer him on Facebook and all of those other things that don't cost any money. I made sure to do all of those things for Joe because I know that after giving a few times to him, I'll ask for a referral from him.

As a gifting company for over 26 years, it is imperative that you listen to these words...IT IS AN INVESTMENT TO GIFT. Give to your team, your clients and your loved ones. Eventually you can ask your clients for that review.

Give. Give. Give. Ask.



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