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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
6 Ways to Wish Your Client a Happy Birthday

6 Ways to Wish Your Client a Happy Birthday

You appreciate your clients, but you’re stuck on whether or not to send birthday gifts. What do you send someone you don’t know very well? Maybe you’ve done business with them for years, and really want to show them how much you appreciate them this year.

We’ve got you! Let us take on the stress of your gift giving. We can choose your client gift for you or enhance it to make it fit your vision. You may know exactly what you want, and we’ll make sure it is delivered right on time. 

Not only can you order from us for shipping and delivery, but you can give us a list of your clients’ birthdays and we can put your gifts on repeat from year to year. Can’t handle the stress of marking your calendar for the same day every year? We’ll mark ours and make sure to prepare a gift that varies each year. If you love a certain selection of local goodies, we’ll keep them in stock around the birth dates you want to honor. 

Repeat clients are sure to feel the love when you show them your appreciation, especially on their special day. Birthdays are personal and a great opportunity to establish a good connection. We’ve had customers gift their employees and clients shopping sprees with gift cards, small snack baskets, beach towels and even large baskets with a menagerie of self-care items. 

You can decide how you want to wish your client a happy birthday, and we’ll make sure it looks like a 10! Check out these 6 gift ideas for the birthdays on your list. 

1. Client Happy Birthday - $32

This small and elegant gourmet box is the perfect “Thinking of You” birthday gift. Not all gifts need to be elaborate. This box is straight to the point! With cheese, crackers, praline and buttery chocolate-chip cookies, they will have a sweet celebration all to themselves! 

2. Thankful Treat - $36

A simple gift to share on their special day! This sweet box, decorated with “Thank You” on the front, includes a single-serving coffee, a fleur-de-lis sugar cookie, a dark chocolate bar and caramel popcorn. It’s the perfect amount of fun! We can change the box to our “Happy Birthday” box upon request.

3. Birthday Party - $50

Gift a birthday party to any client, whether they’re new or they’ve been around for years. No one will turn down snacks! These local goodies include chips and salsa, cookies, popcorn and New Orleans pralines. They are arranged celebration-style in a festive box that screams “Happy Birthday!”

4. An Executive Birthday - $58 

A refined gift for a sophisticated birthday surprise! A pair of Mignon Faget rocks glasses are accompanied by whiskey-flavored popcorn, crunchy chocolate-chip cookies and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. All they need to add is the whiskey--the perfect toast to their birthday! 

5. Employee Birthday Tier 2 (Masculine/Feminine) - $88

This thoughtful collection of snacks and a thermal mug is colorful and perfect for anyone. There are two versions, one that is more masculine and one that’s feminine. The masculine selection includes a Spongelle loofa, a Brumate Slim Coozie for a canned drink and a salty, beer-snack mix. The feminine one includes a Corkcicle coffee mug, a box of tea, honey, a chocolate bar and birthday cake cookies. It is truly a sweet surprise! 

6. Happy Birthday - $88

An extraordinary selection of local snacks paired with wine for your most loyal client! This gift is great for a man or woman. The pepper jelly, pralines and cheese are a great pairing with the bottle of Pinot Noir. There’s no better gift than the gift of food! And there’s no worry about gifting them something that doesn’t match their home decor. 

Our best gifts include a little bit of New Orleans flair. Whether that’s with snacks, NOLA kitchen towels, mugs or crushed oyster art, it’s sure to be a hit. Mardi Gras themed products are always fun, and we have several home items with the New Orleans skyline printed on them. 

We always include a gift message with your gift. If you want to show your “Happy Birthday” sentiment, we can personalize a card especially for you. Another option is including a “Happy Birthday” frosted sugar cookie made by a local baker. They are delicious and decorated as a work of art.

Food is especially a great gift! You can include an alcohol pairing, too. For example, most of our gift baskets include pralines, popcorn and chocolate, or even crackers and cheese. If you see chocolate-covered pretzels in one basket but not the one you chose, we’ll add them in for you! If you want to gift wine, whiskey, rum or vodka, we suggest choosing some salty and  sweet snacks to go with your spirit. We know what goes well together, but feel free to mix it up! 

If it’s a local delivery, we can add fresh fruit and meat to your gift. We’ll make the trip to the grocery store for you and make sure it gets to the recipient on the same day. Charcuterie night, anyone?!

As always, we can add to the gift you choose, or we can swap out items to make it more personalized. We can enhance your client relationship by suggesting additional touches or a color scheme to match your logo. We can add a logo card or ribbon to any gift, as well. 

Check out our Build a Gift option on our website if you’d like to hand-pick each item yourself! 

Give us your budget, and we will curate the perfect gift for your client. Are you loving one or two items in particular? We can fill in your gift with our best-selling snacks and other products to make it a celebration they will remember. 

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