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5 Unique Ways to Welcome Your Friend’s New Baby

5 Unique Ways to Welcome Your Friend’s New Baby

Has your friend recently had a baby? If so, you might be thinking about getting them a gift, but what should you get them? Should the gift just be for them, for the baby or something for the whole family to enjoy? It can be tricky to know what would be most helpful. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  1. Welcome Baby with a snuggly, warm stuffed animal, a blanket or an adorable new outfit.
  2. Celebrate the new life awaiting the parents by sending a little snack or keepsake for them.
  3. If the baby will have an older sibling, show them that they still matter with a gift so they can feel special, too. Sometimes they need to feel honored as the older sibling!

There are many reasons to celebrate a new baby, but your friends’ lives will be changing drastically, and some outside encouragement and diversion from that change can be refreshing. So, getting them a gift can certainly help with coping with a big change. If you need some more baby gift ideas, don’t worry. Here at The Basketry, we understand and have got you covered. Here are a few more ideas to consider.

A Customized Gift

First off, if you like any of the suggestions below, the gifts can be added individually to a gift box through our Build a Gift page. You can add items of your choosing to your own, personalized gift box! This way, if you know certain things about the baby—like if they take pacifiers, wear shoes, or have colic and need a Warmie to help with the gas—you can build a gift that is catered specifically to them.

Timing Your Gift

New parents usually like to have some time alone with their new little angel, so it’s hard to know when to visit. We can ship your gift so that you won’t be barging in before they are ready for company.

More Gift Ideas

To make gifting easy for you, we’ve gathered our 5 most unique gifts for your friend’s new baby!

1. Mommy & Me - $128

This thoughtful gift has your friend and her new baby girl covered! For Mom, there are fuzzy socks, an Archipelago hand cream and a soap-infused bath loofah. For Baby, there is a teether, sweet baby socks, a cozy swaddle and an adorable bow headband. Lots of times we forget to get a gift for the new mom, and it’s always a grand surprise for her when she’s only expecting baby things! They will be absolutely smitten with these cute gifts!

2. Mini Putt - $78

A great gender-neutral gift! If your friends love trips to the golf course, their little one needs to be decked out in the most appropriate attire. This gift box is complete with a golf cart teether, a swaddle dappled in golf carts and flagstick socks. It’s a real hole-in-one! 

3. Welcome Louisiana Baby! - $76

Another gender-neutral gift perfect for a gender-reveal party. These cute baby gifts are all Louisiana-themed: a yellow fleur-de-lis bib, onesie, and teether with our sweet Night Night Louisiana board book. It makes a simple and sweet gift with a matching outfit and bedtime story that will take their child on a journey through famous Louisiana landmarks before drifting off to dreamland. 

4. Southern Belle - $92

This snuggly gift set is sure to get a few “awe cher’s!” Inside this gift box are a pink fleur-de-lis onesie and receiving blanket, a “Southern Belle” muslin swaddle, and a soft My Family Photo Album book that crinkles when sweet baby hands grip the pages. The book has clear pockets to add in family photos with labels like “grandparents” and “family pet.” It’s an adorable and memorable gift!

5. Fun add-ons & Build a Gift options

Teethers are the perfect addition to any baby gift! Babies may not need them right away, but later they won’t have enough things they can chew on when cutting new teeth. Not only are they of high quality, but they are also shaped in adorable Louisiana themes! They are super cute when tied in the ribbon of a gift to enhance the pretty bow.

No baby feet should ever go cold! From adorable cotton socks to the softest Barefoot Dreams pair, you can find any option under the rainbow for the new family member! These socks are the perfect, small addition to any of these cute baby gifts on our website.

The swaddles we carry are unique, soft and breathable. Each has its own sweet design, including some with Louisiana-themed and others with animals or hobby-related items like golf. You can never have too many swaddles between loads of laundry!

The cutest and most unique book for any bedroom bookshelf! This board book takes kids on a journey around the landmarks of Louisiana before bed, revisiting so many favorite places. This book is great as an add-on for the new baby or even an older sibling!

Add on Gift Ideas

Other great items to add to a gift are snacks! You can go salty or sweet. We also offer pastries and candy! We have popular cheese and cracker options, meat for charcuterie boards, as well as wine and other spirits. Sometimes sending a fruit basket is a nice gesture for a family whose life is about to change for the better!

Any of the add-ons (and more) can be included in our pre-designed gift baskets in our online store. Chat with us directly from the website or give our store a call for more personalization options! 

Customizing Gifts on a Budget

If you have a budget and can’t be bothered to choose a gift, let us know how much you’re willing to spend, and we’ll make it look extravagant! Our gift experts know how to put together the best gifts on the market, and they will make a celebration out of designing your unforgettable gift. 

Babies are little miracles and need to be celebrated! Our friends are special to us, and the best way to show them is by being there, during a drastic life change like having a new baby. Whether they are first-time parents or this is their fourth child, they need support! One more child is another human being worthy of time, money and love!

Your gift will be baby-shower ready in no time with our team wrapping it. It will be a true party once it arrives! If you aren’t sure when to visit the newborn, we can ship these cute baby gifts when the new parents are ready for company. If you are in our area, we can also hand-deliver to their doorstep. 

How will you welcome your friend’s new baby? Hopefully, with a carefully curated gift from The Basketry!

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