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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
10 Back-to-School Supplies Every Child Will Love

10 Back-to-School Supplies Every Child Will Love

My mom used to say how sad it was to see us return to school after running around with my brother and me all summer. I always felt her pain, especially when I was a preteen. But there are so many things to look forward to when the school year starts again–things I miss about growing up. Things I will do for my own kids one day! 

From new bedtime routines and strict schedules, to “embarrassing” lunch box notes that I secretly loved, and mom’s encouraging words with a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk first thing in the morning–my brother and I were well-equipped for our return to the classroom. 

Pulling ourselves out of that summer slump was the hardest thing we had to accomplish all year. The goodbye to freedom tugged at our hearts and felt like saying farewell to your best friend moving to Greenland (which actually happened to me in Kindergarten). Back-to-School Blues hit really hard.

The best way I found to combat this uncomfortable transition was to go back-to-school shopping. Even at 30, it’s still my favorite thing to shop for! 

Whether your child is in Pre-K or high school, we’ve put together a list of fun school supplies to inspire your kiddo to express themselves and feel confident riding the end-of-summer wave into the new school year!

school supplies

Ages 4-8

Backpacks and writing gear are huge statement pieces for kids, and they give them a fun way to express themselves to their peers. I remember my Barbie, Scooby-Doo, and Harry Potter backpacks growing up, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing them!

1. This Crocodile Backpack is bright green and fun for any kiddo ready to show off their cool side. There is a matching lunchbox and water bottle to complete the look, too! It’s perfect for girls or boys. There is one zipper for the largest compartment and a large, zippered pouch in the front for more storage. Here in Louisiana, we’d wear this in the representation of our alligator neighbors!

2. These adorable Kindness Crayons by Crayola are a fun way to plant little bits of encouragement into your little one’s day! Each crayon’s shade is named something happy, like “Have a Scoop of Fun” and “You’re So A-Peel-ing.” The colors are very bright and happy, too!

3. Need a small water bottle for lunchtime? These Kids Water Bottles by Summit have so many cute prints to choose from, as well as multiple sizes. Your child’s water will stay nice and chilled, spill-free, and have a fun design that will make them smile.


Ages 9-13

1. Your child will run out of regular pencils in a few weeks, so this bulk pack of lead pencils is sure to solve that problem before it becomes a problem! Each pack comes with 24 pencils, and they can be refilled with several pieces of lead at a time. The extendable eraser will last much longer than a traditional pencil eraser and work better, too.

2. Almost every middle schooler has a phone now and AirPods to accompany it. Why not accessorize with this Popsicle AirPod Case? Not only is it the cutest way to dress up their headphones, but the case will also make their AirPods easy to find in their backpack when it’s dark on their morning bus ride. 

3. Cute pencils also found their way into my backpack as a preteen. I remember getting compliments on my pretty pencils–do you remember when little things like that were such a big deal? These Donut Pencils are super cute! You might have to get a matching pencil sharpener, but the eraser will last much longer than a normal pencil eraser. And your child will have a happy pencil to make their note-taking more fun!

high school students

Ages 14-18

Sure, appearance matters in middle school, but when your kiddos get into high school–it’s life or death (not really). Remember thinking that? I do, as a professional Marching Band Nerd. 

1. This Embroidered Headband will only turn heads to tell your kiddo how cute it is! Rifle Paper Co. is popular for its floral prints and luxury stationery. Everyone will want to follow their trend for these cottage-core vibes.

2. Papier is also popular for its gorgeous stationery and accessories. This Boho Rainbow Planner has every section your student needs to organize their events and assignments. We all know how important it is to have plenty of space to write, and this planner gives them plenty of room to fit in every detail. And there are lots of designs to choose from!

3. They will have to have something to write with, though, and it has to match the vibe. These Jotter pen sets are hilarious and super cute at the same time. There are fun sayings written on the pens, and there are several to choose from to match their planner design. Do they need to breathe or be pumped up for the day? Let them pick their adventure!

4. If you’re looking for a fun gift for a graduating senior or college student, this Back to Campus Kit is the perfect little emergency kit for living away from home! College students are going to take care of their own back-to-school shopping on campus, so why not give them a little help from afar? A few things included are Laundry Instructions, Phone/Tablet Stand, Forehead Thermometer, Deodorizing Spray, and a Face Mask. They can throw this little tin in their backpack or keep it in their dorm room for handy advice when it’s 2:00 AM and you aren’t awake to answer their phone call. (I speak from experience.)


Cheers to a new school year! Let’s look forward to refreshed routines, healthy meals, and enriching our minds this year. And maybe some cute new school supplies to add to our collection!

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