A Walk Through New Orleans


What’s better than a walk through New Orleans? Having all the delicious treats you would enjoy all in one beautiful gift basket delivered straight to your door!

This gift basket includes:

New Orleans Skyline Coffee Mug
Sucré Meuniere Brown Butter Truffles
Fleur de Lis Chocolate in a Box
San Saba Peach Pecan & Amaretto Preserves
Robicheaux’s Specialty Glazed Pecans
Chocolate Fleur de Lis Pecan Turtles [2]
San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn
Sucré Caramel & Dark Chocolate Big Awesome Cookies
Sucré Coconut & Toasted Almond Chocolate Bar
Sucré 8 Piece Chocolate Set
Orleans Coffee French Chicory
New Orleans Nut Co. Honey Glazed Pecans
Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies
Sesame Water Crackers
Brie Cheese

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