New Orleans

At The Basketry, we are dedicated to creating unique gifts.  Whether you’re looking to surprise your best friend who’s coming to New Orleans or need to welcome your clients with a hotel room drop, let us make gifting easy.  Our delivery team hand delivers to all New Orleans hotels and meeting locations!

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  • beer gift basket includes 6 pack of port orleans riverftont lager, gourmet peanuts, crackers, pepper jelly, and white chocolate dipped oreo

    A Beer & Snack Gift

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  • This gift includes zapps chips, king cake, pralines, and mardi gras beads and masks.

    A Carnival Time Snack

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  • This gift includes all mardi gras themed items, king cake mix, coffee, pralines and cream liqueur, graham crackers, oreos, cookie bombs, a mask and beads.

    A Coffee Krewe

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  • This gift includes wine and glasses, with cheese and crackers, a pelican artwork, pralines and cookies all on a wooded board.

    A Louisiana Gift Board

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  • This gift includes all mardi gras items, popcorn, graham crackers, a mask, oreo, cookie bomb, mini alcohol bottles, and a shot glass.

    A Mardi Gras Ball

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  • This gift includes coffee, king cake, beads, pralines, and chocolate covered pretzles.

    A Mardi Gras Breakfast

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  • mardi gras welcome basket

    A Mardi Gras Welcome

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  • bacchus gift basket

    A Southern Wine Board

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  • this gift basket includes chips and salsa, root beer, pralines, and glazed nuts all in a nola themed box.

    A Taste of the Big Easy

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  • This gift includes cookies, popcorn, coffee, pepper jelly, turtles, pralines, cheese and crackers, oreos, pecans, a coffee mug all on a metal tray.

    A Walk Through New Orleans

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  • This gift includes chips and salsa, three root beer singles, snack mix, and peanuts all in a wicker box.

    Abita Brewhouse

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  • gift basket with cajun food items

    Abita Party Box

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  • new orleans themed tote filled with new olreans themed snacks sweet and savory

    Always a Good Idea

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  • bachelorette and bridesmaid gift for New Orleans weddings

    Bachelorette Party

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  • nola them gift with sweet treats and beignet mix

    Beignet Basket

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  • This gift includes pralines, cookies, gumbo mix and seasoning, beignet mix, crackers and peppers jelly, zapps chips, coffee, hot nuts, a spreader and kitchen towel all in a gift box.

    Big Easy Deluxe

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  • This gift includes beignet mix, turtles, pralines, hot sauce, coffee, and pepper jelly all in a box mardi gras themed.

    Big Easy Essentials

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  • nola them gift with abota rootbeer and sweet and savory treats

    Big Easy Party in a Box

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  • This gift includes pralines, turtles, zapps chips, root beer, and mardi gras socks with beads all in a wooden box.

    Big Easy, Big Heart

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  • This gift includes three crawfish chocolates, Slap ya mama gumbo mix, crystal hot sauce, and cajun pop popcorn.

    Boil It Up

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  • bonfolk socks for gift exchange

    Bonfolk New Orleans Socks

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  • new olreans theme guft bag with tour guide book and sweet and salty snacks bottle water

    Bus Tour Amenity

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  • This new orleans gift includes beignet mix, café du monde coffee, cajun pop popcorn, and pralines and cream liqueur.

    Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Beignets

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  • Cafe du monde coffee, beignet mix and pralines

    Cafe Du Monde Welcome

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