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We LOVE 5 Star Reviews!

We LOVE 5 Star Reviews!

Let's be honest, anyone who does a great job loves to hear it!

We are hard working humans behind the scenes that show up each and every day to deliver the BEST to our clients. Our team is super creative, dependable, and ALL IN. What we do for our clients is unlike any other gift store or basket company. We curate custom gifts in any budget no matter if the project is ONE or MANY and we hand deliver or ship same day!

The time and energy that goes into creating one gift is the same if you have several hundred. Our ultimate goal is to earn the business of more mid level and C Suite clients who need several hundred gifts for team members, clients and events. We also want to grow the number of clients who need us for New Orleans events and meetings as well as general lifestyle gifts such as birthdays, weddings, funerals and new baby gifts.

Reviews can help us reach new clients!

Click on this link to go directly to Google:

We love feedback even if it's the constructive type! That's right. As much as we want to be perfect, we aren't. Unfortunately things happen that are beyond our control and sometimes we mess up. We want to know if you have any constructive feedback to help us grow. Instead of leaving us a review less than 5 stars, just shoot us an email or call us to give us your feedback. Humans aren't perfect and we all know that being human is not always easy!





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