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Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Tips on branding your gifts without making them look cheap!

Tips on branding your gifts without making them look cheap!

As a gifting expert for nearly 28 years, I have seen countless gifts overloaded with branded items that are a huge waste of money. Gifts gone wrong and money down the drain.
There is a better way to stay top of mind with your clients without giving cheap gifts! Here's my tip to create branded gifts while maintaining an elevated look without breaking the bank.

Tip 1: Do a logo branded gift card on the outside of your gift and keep the gift all about your recipient.

For this example, our client was hosting a margarita themed zoom event with her team. We created custom gift boxes with everything they needed to make a margarita and enjoy chips and salsa together. Check out the branded card. Classy isn't it?

margarita box
Tip 2: Let us create your itinerary or invitation along with ONE item in the gift that is branded.
For this custom gift, the couple was having a Napa Valley inspired wedding. Each guest received crackers, cheese, a 1/2 bottle of wine to save money, two cute sugar cookies that are wine themed and a custom itinerary.
napa valley wedding theme
Tip 3: Belly Bands are a great way to pull out your logo. We do this in house too!
In this example, we took it a step further and did an entire theme on the belly band. We do all of this in house and we came up with the idea! The contents were New Orleans goodies and a custom promotional product that could be used with the Abita Rootbeer.
new orleans gift box
Tip 4: Your logo doesn't have to be on the gift to make an impression.
This simple Louisiana Rum theme gift made a big impression to the 100 event guests and each gift card was hand written. Very personal, all about the guests and not at all about the company who sent it. Believe me, everyone knew who sent it!
new orleans rum gift
Tip 5: Let us brand your gifts using colored boxes, ribbon and a custom gift tag!
Geaux Pelicans!
pelicans boxes
Tip 6: Use custom logo ribbon in your colors.
There is a 5 gift minimum for custom ribbon, but look at how nice this came out! We also created this custom card for them in house which saved them a lot of time and money.
Our team of Gift Concierges can help you brand your gifts while keeping the look elevated. The best part is that we do all of the work and stay in your budget. Don't become a part of the "Gifts Gone Wrong" club. Let us handle it & brand it.
Kristi Brocato
Founder - The Basketry
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