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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
The Best Thank You Gifts for Caring Friends

The Best Thank You Gifts for Caring Friends

Friends who have our backs at every turn are hard to come by, and telling them how much they mean to us is even harder at times. One of the best ways to make them understand how big of a part they play in our lives is sending them a thank you gift that they would never buy for themselves, or one they would never expect to receive, especially when it isn’t on a holiday.

Whether you are gifting them something in sympathy, for their birthday or as a thank you, our online shop has the best selection of gifts around. Flowers wither and cards get tossed, but our thank you gift baskets are unforgettable. Some include snacks while others have relaxation items and keepsakes—so they’ll think of you every time they see them. 

Our caring friends deserve thoughtful gifts put together with them in mind. We can change any of these baskets to include anything you see in our online store, so reach out to us if you want to add or remove anything to make the perfect basket!

Here are 10 of our pre-designed gifts that our expert gift designers have created for your perfect thank you gift. They are divided into three categories for easy perusing!


Relaxation Gifts

One of the sweetest of “thank you’s,” this basket has all the happy rainbow colors and relaxation items to make your friend feel the love. It includes a set of three luxury bath bombs (with little prizes inside), a Finchberry salt bath soak with fine bath soap, and a Sparkling Rose tin candle. They will be prepped for a cozy bath time—made possible by you!

Nothing says “relax” like champagne, a bath bomb, soap, bath salts and crispy (and allergy-free) chocolate chip cookies! Give your friend an excuse to pull out their bathtub tray and read a book with their glass of bubbly and a treat. They deserve to be spoiled with some self-care time. 

Great for any age, this restful and cozy thank you gift comes with supremely soft Barefoot Dreams socks, moisturizing Archipelago body lotion, a large Bourbon Vanille candle and  lavender Finchberry bar soap. This box was thoughtfully designed for loved ones. It’s practically a hug in a box! 

One of our favorite relaxation gifts is this floral gift box that comes filled with a Sugarfina chocolate bar, a Sweet Grace Flower Diffuser, a satin pillowcase, Barefoot Dreams socks and a large Voluspa candle. This box is fit for a queen! Your friend will be pleasantly surprised to find all of these high-end brands in one box, wrapped with luxury ribbon just for her!

Religious Gifts

A beautiful, handmade oyster cross sits in a woven, wooden basket for this religious gift, surrounded by cheese, crackers, truffle popcorn and a bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. It has a little bit of everything: snacks to enjoy with a bottle of fine wine, a useful basket and a unique cross to serve as a keepsake.

Your friend is always there to lend a prayer. She is the first person you call when you need an extra push for whatever intention holds you captive. This box shows your deepest appreciation for their thoughtfulness and faithfulness. It includes a bath bomb, candle, a handmade clay prayer bowl, Barefoot Dreams socks and a honey face mask.

Send your bestie a gift of aromatherapy; one that smells of purely Sweet Grace! This thank you gift comes with a beaded garland with a dangling marble cross for their home, a candle, a flower diffuser and laundry detergent all in the heartwarming Sweet Grace fragrance.

Wine + Food Gifts

Gummies, champagne and a bath bomb—oh my! What else could a girl ask for?! This sweet basket is so adorable and colorful for that special friend who always encourages you when you need it most. The perfect complement for her bubbly personality!

If you’re going for a more classy gift, maybe for a friend who just moved into a new house or one who loves entertaining, this White Wine Pairing showcases a bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling, cheese and crackers, olive tapenade, and a bar of chocolate, all atop a beautiful beaded wooden trivet. She can treat herself to a personal charcuterie night and have her fancy new board to display in her home.

This is another really elegant thank you gift that comes with a shining bottle of Ava Grace Pinot Grigio, a pair of handpainted oyster wine glasses, New Orleans creamy pralines, a tin candle, and a deluxe frosted fleur-de-lis sugar cookie. It has a little New Orleans flair put together with a lot of grace. This box would make an unforgettable gift for an unforgettable friend.


All of our gift baskets and boxes can be redesigned to fit your vision. If you want to change any part of a box or basket set, reach out to our gift experts via our website or by phone. We are eager to help you design the perfect gift for your special, caring friend.

If you are interested in shopping individual items and using your creativity to build your own personalized thank you gift, check out our Build a Gift option on our website. We have snacks, New Orleans memorabilia, gifts for the home, baby gifts and more all listed individually for you. 

When there are no words to describe how much you love your friends, a gift is the perfect way to show them. We have a little something for everyone, man or woman, and we know that your gift needs to feel extra special and thoughtful. We know gifts, and we will make sure that yours will make the statement you dreamed of!

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