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Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Due to the Summer heat, we are substituting chocolate products for equivalent items.
Promises of Milk and Honey

Promises of Milk and Honey

Honey, I’m home! And I’m ready to relax.

Just seeing the words “milk and honey” gives me a fuzzy warm feeling, a comfort that I’ve longed for all day at work. It makes me want to draw a warm bath with a cup of tea and honey, and then wrap myself in a big fuzzy robe to lounge in on the couch.

Relaxation gifts are one of our most popular gifting themes. In the world we live in today, it’s hard to find time to relax and treat ourselves to actual comfort, without jumping up to do the dishes or an extra load of laundry while we “have the time.” If you need an excuse to get comfy or know someone who needs to slow down, it’s fate that you’re hanging out with us today.

We’ve scoured the internet for our favorite gifts and will compile them all here for your easy reading. Grab a cuppa and get cozy. 

putting honey in tea

Photo by Angello Pro on Unsplash

Gift Sets

When you buy a gift set, it’s an experience presented with more grandeur and memorability than that of a single item. All the hand-picked products inside fit beautifully together, and there is just a completeness to it that makes it a truly thoughtful gift! The gifts below are perfect as they are, or you can add to them! That’s the beauty of creating your own gift experience.

  • The Tea and Honey Birthday Gift gives your bestie (or mom, or grandmother) everything they need for an afternoon birthday tea time, minus the water kettle. It includes a Corkcicle mug, tea, honey (obviously), birthday cake cookies, and a bar of chocolate. It truly is a ray of sunshine in a box!
  • For every honey lover, the Honey Love Gift is a dream come true. Raw Holly Honey, rich Oatmeal & Honey Lotion and bar soap, and a Cashmere Candle are tucked cozily inside, ready for the most honeyed self-care night there ever was!

honey gift box

  • The Queen Bee Gift is the most regal gift for the Queen Bee in your life. Sudsy Finchberry bar soap and Fizzy Salt Soak, a Honey Face Mask, are lovely to include with a hot bath. But the Queen Bee Wine Glass and Bottle Stopper is the real belle of the ball! Its regality is unmatched in stemless glassware. Pair this gift with a bottle of wine to make the ultimate bath experience–fit for a queen!
  • Milk & Honey Foot and Body Set is probably the most fitting of our theme here. Included are an adorable jar of Sweet Cream Body Milk lotion and a Honey Heel Glaze with a brush applicator. The presentation of the lotion in the milk bottle is a cute touch! This makes a great gift for anyone: friend, family, teacher, or coworker!
  • The name speaks for itself: Tea Lovers Gift Set! It is a sweet gift of Savannah Bee Company honey with two beeswax lip balms in Earl Grey Tea and Sweet Tea. It is simple and thoughtful and will be especially appreciated by the tea drinker in your life. (I have to try the Earl Grey Lip Balm!)

Individual Gifts, Great Add-Ons

Each of these items would be cute on its own, or you could combine them together to make a really unique gift! Or even take a premade gift and add one of these products to it. The best part about putting together a gift is personalizing it to make it perfect for your recipient! 

  • Archipelago Milk Body Wash is a best-seller at our store, and with its lush, creamy texture, it’s no wonder why! This large bottle lasts a long time and smells nice and fresh, but not overly fragranced. 
  • One of the most relaxing activities I can remember is assembling puzzles on rainy days in the summer. This Vintage Bee Puzzle is precious and perfectly on-theme, with honey bees and the relaxing qualities of puzzle-making. It would be fun to put together over and over again, or even to hang as a poster once it’s finished!
  • I saw one of these 60-Hour Beeswax Candles on a video recently, and I was absolutely amazed by it! This candle lasts longer than others that I’ve seen, and is at a great price point. Its design is eye-catching and makes an interesting conversation piece. The best part? There are refills for it, too!

bee necklace

  • The Octagon Bee Necklace by Aubrey Adele is waterproof, so it’s perfect for the summer! It’s jewelry that you can wear every day, and it will last. Its precious design is in a honeycomb shape and holds a sweet golden bee in the middle of a black background. It is simple, so it makes a great jewelry choice for many people!
  • Milk, Oats, & Honey Body Whipped Body Cream: I mean, doesn’t that just sound glorious? Silk + Noir boasts the most delicious scents in this whipped body butter, including French Vanilla, Milk, and Almond. It absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves your skin feeling moisturized for longer than regular lotion. Divine!


The experience of opening a thoughtful gift is heartwarming in every way. Even if you want to order a gift for yourself, it’s just as exciting when it comes in your mailbox! Gifting the excuse to relax and take time for yourself is even greater. Spoil your loved one with bath products and activities that she wouldn’t buy for herself. Give her something she will never forget–something she can hold onto, if only in her memories. 

If you’d like help putting a gift together, send our team a message in the chat box, or email us at Our expert gift basket designers will take your cluster of thoughts and mold them into reality–into the most perfect gift for your loved one!

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