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Order Custom Gifts - 504-309-7935
Phina and the Basketry Owners, Jessica Woodward, Jenny McGuinness, and Linda Dalton

Get To Know Us And Our Journey Into Gifting!

When Jessica and Jenny opened Phina in 2016 with their mom, Linda, their dream was to create a friendly and approachable store. They created a space where customers could find the perfect gift for any occasion, and also a little something special for themselves. Their mission as a company is to go above and beyond for their customers, support local businesses, and treat each person that shops at Phina like family. 

The Phina brand has been deeply rooted in family from the start. The store is named after their great grandmother, Josephine Luke, whose nickname was Phina (pronounced FEE-na). Phina lived next door to them throughout their childhood. They loved watching her “stories” everyday, she smelled like winter mint gum and even cooked hamburgers for the entire family every Saturday. She made a huge impact on the sisters lives, that it only made since to name the store after her. 

From 1959-1995 their grandfather, Frank Simone, owned Paradise Bowling Lanes that occupied 3717 Veterans Blvd in Metairie. In 2016, the first Phina storefront opened on the very same property. The first Phina checkout counter was built using original wood from the bowling alley they grew up in, which only added a special touch and history to their space.

In 2018, Phina opened the doors to a second storefront located on Metairie Rd and just two short years later they opened Phina on Harrison Avenue. Over the years of discovering new products, they have brought in core items that have become known as “Phina Phavorites.” But they love to search for new brands that bring a unique and fresh shopping experience to their customers. 

In 2023, Kristi Brocato, founder of The Basketry, approached the family to take over her business and legacy as she prepared for retirement. For years, they have admired the business, so they were honored to be considered when she was looking for her replacement. The two sisters have always wanted to offer corporate and individual gift basket and box services to Phina customers, which is why The Basketry was a perfect extension. After learning more about Kristi, her incredible staff, and the core values that The Basketry was built upon, it became obvious that it was the right fit.

Phina and The Basketry have become sister stores that will compliment each other with time, and they are excited to see the stores grow in the process.

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