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Wrapping For A Cause


We wrap, you tip!  That’s the idea behind our Wrapping For A Cause campaign.  You’ll notice when you check out at The Basketry, we provide a tip jar.  We highly encourage you to tip generously for your complimentary gift wrap, but it’s not so that we can split the tips and splurge on ourselves.  We donate all of our tips!

We started the wrapping campaign a few years back, and since then we have raise more than $10,000 in tip money.  We generously donate that money to various local organizations and families in need.  So far we have donated to a child going through heart surgery, families who have lost homes to fire, victims of hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, the Child Advocacy Services Association, as well as many others.  Some of our recipients have come from folks like yourself reaching out to us and letting us know if someone is in need.  Thank you for giving your change and your dollars to help us be givers in our community.

This month, we donated $800 to the Rotary Club of St. Charles.  One of the programs that is sponsored by the club is called Lunches For Learning.

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Here’s a quick story on how the program got started:

In 2004, after some careful thought, utilization of collective skills, and a lot of faith, the all-volunteer board of directors and staff launched Lunches for Learning and provided its first lunches to 84 kids at Andrea Gonzales Elementary School in El Amatillo, Honduras. The theory centered on the idea that if nutritious lunches at school could be provided, then children who were often forced to skip school to look for food would, instead, choose to attend school.

The theory was correct! Within a few weeks of implementing the program, attendance grew from 84 kids to over 100 kids and absenteeism diminished to almost zero. Word of the lunch program continued to spread and more and more kids enrolled. Building on the success at Andrea Gonzales Elementary School, L4L now provides daily school lunches to more than 1,700 kids in 30 schools across Valle District of Honduras.

The L4L program is made possible by the generosity of our donors and sponsors. School Sponsors are organizations or individuals who have committed to annual funding which makes possible the lunch program at their sponsored school. They also have the opportunity to travel with us to Honduras to visit their sponsored schools and build long-term relationships with the students, teachers, principals and families in the school community.

The Rotary Club sponsors the Nueva school in Honduras.  $150.00 a year feeds one child in the school.  They get a hot meal and love going to school not only to see their friends, but to eat.  Because of your tip money, we are able to sponsor almost 6 children at the school.  Wow!!  Check out the school that is sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Charles.  Tyrell and John Cornwell of Luling recently visited the school to attend their graduation and brought back funds and supplies to the school.

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The name of our wrapping program is “Wrapping For A Cause.”  Please continue to donate your tip money for your complimentary wrapping services and we promise to donate all tips to more wonderful causes.  If you have a cause that you would like to see us add to our watch list, please email us at:

Learn more about Lunches For Learning by clicking the link:

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