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5 Tips to Make Your First Virtual Meeting With a New Client Successful

5 Tips to Make Your First Virtual Meeting With a New Client Successful with custom gift boxes by The Basketry in Luling La, image of young brunette business woman taking meeting notes with virtual meeting on computer screen in front of her with coffee cup and laptop on desk beside her

First-time virtual meetings with new clients can be nerve-wracking, especially if your client is new to navigating online conference calls and communicating virtually.

Here are five tips to make your first meeting as successful as possible with custom gift boxes. These will ensure you and your company look professional in going the extra mile and sending a custom gift box to be hand-delivered just before your meeting.

1. Dress the Part

Desktop virtual meetings are generally from the waist up, making it impossible for anyone to know you’re wearing pajama pants underneath your snappy blazer. However, this can leave you feeling off-balance and unable to fully get into the necessary frame of mind for a successful meeting.

dress the part for your virtual meeting with The Basketry in Luling La, image of model wearing black Dolman sleeve knit top and khaki skirt

Dress the part entirely, even if you’re just in your office at home. You may feel silly in a suit and tie in the corner of your living room, but you won’t look ridiculous on camera.

2. Eliminate Background Noise and Distractions

You shouldn’t be interrupted during your appointment with your client, so plan ahead of time to reduce or eliminate distractions and background noise. If you have children, arrange for them to be cared for outside the home or in a different room on the opposite side of the house on the day you have your meeting.

While people in every industry are much more relaxed about things like kids and home office interruptions post-COVID, these are best avoided during the initial meeting if at all possible.

3. Check Your Client’s POV

Ask a friend or family member to log into a pseudo-meeting with you to see what your client will be viewing before they do. Make sure the area in view of your client is clean, consider hanging a decorative tapestry or poster behind you that isn’t too distracting, and add a plant or two.

4. Send
Custom Gift Boxes

gifts might not have been customary for initial meetings pre-COVID, they’re certainly a welcome personal touch now that so much more interaction has become virtual. Custom gift boxes are easy to order and can be hand-delivered in New Orleans or sent anywhere, allowing you to extend a hand with virtual meeting gifts, even from afar.

virtual meeting pelican wine custom gift box from The Basketry in Luling, La. image of fleur de lis cookie, white wine bottle, 2 handmade pelican wine glasses in a gift box

5. Be Your Genuine Self!

The best way to impress during a virtual meeting is to be your genuine self. The coronavirus has changed the course of life for everyone across the globe, and there’s less tolerance now for fake appearances and meaningless platitudes than ever before. Don’t be afraid to let your genuine self shine through during your virtual meeting with a new client right outside the gate.

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