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The Types Of Gifts People Are Giving In The Wake Of COVID-19

The Types Of Gifts People Are Giving In The Wake Of COVID-19

The Types Of Gifts People Are Giving In The Wake Of COVID-19

The spring of 2020 has been an unprecedented time all over the United States. People have been staying home and social distancing to stop the spread of Covid-19. It has been a difficult time for everyone since in spite of all the turmoil, life has gone on. Friends and family may not be able to gather but the desire to share life events, both happy and sad has not changed in this time of coronavirus. Now as we open up again things seem to be getting back to a “new” normal.

At The Basketry, we have been here through it all to help you to express your feeling with gifting,  As New Orleans comes back to life stronger and better than ever we look forward to serving you in person as we have for over 20 years. We have some gifting suggestions to help you reconnect with some of those you haven’t seen since everything shut down.

Gifts of Gratitude – Saying Thank you is more important now more than ever.

Thankful Treat

thank you gift in small theme box with coffee cookies and popcorn

Who doesn’t love chocolate cookies from Love? Add to that a bag of Poppy Salted Caramel Handcrafted Popcorn which we believe is the best popcorn you will ever eat, and you have a winner. But there is more, French Market Coffee, a New Orleans favorite, and an additional cookie depending on what is available.  This sweet box includes a selection of treats sure to please.


Gifts to Clients that you have not heard from or that have been shut down.

Cozy Up & Relax

relaxing gift set includes cozy socks, coconut exfoliating cubes, and charcoal rose lotion

Is there anyone who doesn’t need to relax after the last two months? We think not. This is a gift box that says I care and includes Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Socks, Coconut Exfoliating Sugar Cubes from Harper +Ari and Charcoal Rose Lotion from Archipelago Botanicals.


Gifts to those who kept you in business during Covid -19

Sweet Thank You

Sweet Thank You Gift Basket full of sweet treats

Any small business knows that they owe their ability to survive the coronavirus to their dedicated staff and customers. This delightful box includes lots of goodies including  Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, Fleur de Lis Chocolate in a Box, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn Snack Mix, Praline in a Cookie 2-Pack and Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle. Due to coronavirus, there may be some substitutions in this box but rest assured, it will make someone’s day.


Thank you to people who helped with funeral arrangements.

Prayer Candles 

gold prayer candles with silver cross

These beautiful gold candles make a powerful statement of support while also supporting a local business.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times.


Stay Strong

warmies eye mask charcoal pore mask body wash

Let’s face it, these have been stressful times and getting a gift to encourage relaxation is sure to please. This box includes Archipelago Botanicals Milk Body Wash and  Oat Milk Bar Soap, Voluspa Tin Candle in Blond TabacLapcos Charcoal Pore Care Face Mask and Warmies Eye Mask which can be warmed or chilled depending on your need.


At The Basketry, we hope that we have suggested something perfect for you but we are happy to work with you to curate a perfect gift basket or box to connect with people in the wake of Covid-19. Call us for delivery and timing details.

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