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The Basketry’s Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

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At The Basketry, we are all about customer service and creating baskets and boxes for any and all occasions. Over the years we have been asked a lot of questions. We decided to put together 10 of the most popular frequently asked questions we get and provide answers we hope will make it easier for our current and future customers to let us help them with their gift-giving needs.

Where do you hand-deliver?


We hand deliver to the following parishes: Orleans, River Parishes, Jefferson. If your gift needs to be delivered outside these parishes, we will ship FedEx ground.


Can I bring my own item in to add to a gift?


Sure can! We do have a handling charge depending on the complexity of the item. It is usually $1-$5, and sometimes we waive it if it’s an easy addition to your gift.


Do you custom make gifts if I don’t like what is online?


That’s our specialty! We just need your budget and a little idea of what the recipient is like. We can take it from there.


Will the gift be shrink-wrapped?


Yes! That is the only way it will remain intact. We also make sure it has a nice bow.


Can you make substitutions?


Absolutely! We can change anything out or replace any item you see online.


What if my gift recipient is not home?


In some instances, we can leave the gift in a safe place. If it’s too hot or if it looks like it may rain, we will leave a note and come back at a later date. There are some instances when we will leave it with a neighbor.


Do you deliver to Nola hotels?


Absolutely! We just need the reservation name and phone number.


If I send you my list of recipients, can you send the same gift to multiple addresses?


Just email us your names in an Excel format, and we will take it from there.


Can you get an item for me if you don’t carry it?


We can do that! We do up-charge on items like this, so just be aware it will cost a little more for us to purchase it. This includes the sales tax and the fee to pick up or unpack your items.


Can you send a sample picture of the custom gift?


Yes, always. We love to custom design gifts in your budget!


We hope that these FAQS have given you the answers you need when choosing to send a gift basket or box. If your question isn’t here, not to worry, we are always available either online or on the phone to give you the answer you require. We look forward to hearing from you whether you need a personal or a corporate gift. Our creative staff at The Basketry looks forward to being able to make your gift wishes a reality.

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