Bonfolk New Orleans Socks


Our New Orleans socks make the perfect gift for the men and women on your shopping list that wear socks and love New Orleans!

Each pair comes gift wrapped for FREE and the best part is that when you buy a pair a FREE pair is given away to the homeless. We LOVE that!

Available Sock Styles:
Black & Gold Fleur de Lis
Purple & Gold Louisiana
Fried Chicken
Mardi Gras
Palm Trees
Taco Truck
Bloody Mary
Hot Sauce
Blue Crab
Beignets & Cafe Au Lait

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Weight 1 lbs

Oyster, Magnolia, Black & Gold Fleur de Lis, Purple & Gold Louisiana, Snowball, Fried Chicken, Mardi Gras, Palm Trees, Taco Truck, Bloody Mary, Crawdad, Jazz, Hot Sauce, Blue Crab, Beignets & Cafe Au Lait

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