Making Groceries


Making groceries is a Louisiana tradition! Send this basket and they’ll have a full pantry and a full heart.

This gift set includes:

Shrimp Creole Recipe Gumbo Bowls [2]
Perfect Gumbo Spoon Gift Set
Louisiana Recipe Oven Mitt
Louisiana Recipe Pot Holder
Cousins Smokehouse Beef Jerky
French Market Coffee
Slap Ya Mama Gumbo Mix
Jazzmen Louisiana White Jasmine Rice
Blue Runner Dry Red Beans
Blue Runner Creole Cream Style Red Beans
Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralinette
Scout Bags Large Package Gift Tote

Please note: When this gift is shipped or delivered, all items will be placed inside the Scout tote bag, which is an excellent keepsake and perfect for making groceries every weekend!

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Weight5 lbs


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