mardi gras gifts

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  • This gift includes all mardi gras themed items, king cake mix, coffee, pralines and cream liqueur, graham crackers, oreos, cookie bombs, a mask and beads.

    A Coffee Krewe

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  • mardi gras welcome basket

    A Mardi Gras Welcome

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  • This gift includes a box a king cakes, coffee, pralines, oreos, and a mardi gras mask and beads.

    Carnival in a Box

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  • This gift includes cookie bombs, king cake mix, oreos, and a graham cracker all mardi gras themed.

    Fat Tuesday

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  • New Orleans gift with Beignet mix, beignet popcorn, turtle, glazed pecans, and a praline.

    Jazz Snacks

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  • king cakes and assorted new orleans goodies in a gift box

    King Cake Gourmet

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  • This gift includes coffee, king cake mix, 4 pack of oreos, a square platter, and a mardi gras mask.

    Neutral Ground

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  • This gift includes Mardi gras popcorn, graham cracker, an oreo, and mask and beads.

    Parade Route Snack

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  • This gift includes popcorn, zapps, cookie bombs, pretzels, pralines, king cake mix, beads and a mask all mardi gras themed in a new orleans box.

    Streetcar Snacks

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