Wedding Gifts

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  • delux gourmet gift set

    A Picnic For Two

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  • This gift box includes brie cheese, crackers, chocolate covered oreo, pretzels, glazed pecans, cookie bombs, and Basil Hayden's Bourbon.

    A Tennessee Whiskey

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  • gift basket with wine chips

    A Tuscan Delight

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  • wine gift basket

    A White Wine Pairing

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  • beaded trays

    Beaded Serving Boards

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  • beaded towel holder

    Beaded Wood Kitchen Towel Holder

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  • White wooden paper towel holder

    Beaded Wood Paper Towel Holder

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  • pedastal bowl

    Beaded Wood Pedestal Bowl

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  • This gift basket includes brie cheese, A bottle of Caymus Cabernet, two wine glasss with gold foil at the base, pecans, crackers on a gold tray.

    Carnival Caymus

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  • caymus christmas celebration

    Caymus Celebration

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  • This box gift includes a bottle of champagne with a set of two flute glasses, a cookie, drink bombs, and gummies.


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  • platters and boards gift box

    Dining In

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  • dough bowls

    Dough Bowls

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  • We're engaged frame

    Engaged Block Frame

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  • chips and dip set

    Fiesta Medley Set

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  • gourmet wine gift box

    Gourmet Wine Box

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  • hand painted oyster glass

    Hand-Painted Oyster Wine Glass

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  • pictured; navy pelican wine glass

    Hand-Painted Pelican Wine Glass

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  • cookbook

    Just Married Cookbook

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  • cutting boards

    Large Chopping Board

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  • Marble Cross Beads 2

    Marble Cross Beads

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  • marble white and gold lazy susan

    Marble Lazy Susan

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  • marble board

    Marble Scroll Board

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  • black and gold glasses

    Mignon Faget Black & Gold Rock Glasses

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