Housewarming & Closing Gifts

Please note if selecting FedEx Ground Shipping – Due to the Louisiana heat, any heat-sensitive items in gift baskets and boxes shown will be substituted for an item of equal or greater value to ensure your basket arrives as beautifully as when we package it.

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  • Two white boxes towered and filled with assorted fruit, cheese, crackers, cookies, turtles, coffee, popcorn and tea

    A Congratulations Gourmet Tower

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  • joel gott wine on skyline board with crackers and brie

    A Louisiana Cutting Board

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  • This gift includes wine and glasses, with cheese and crackers, a pelican artwork, pralines and cookies all on a wooded board.

    A Louisiana Gift Board

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  • pelican wine glass

    A Pelican Wine Box

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  • This gift includes popcorn, drink bombs, a turtle, and a bottle of champagne on a metal tray.

    A Sparkling Occasion

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  • fruit basket in teal fleur de lis tin with apples oranges chocolates and nuts

    A Sweet Welcome

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  • basket filled with la crema pinot noir, crackers, cheese, cookies, and keepsake oyster shell cross

    A Toast of Blessings

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  • angel wings

    Angel Wing Art

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  • weave bowl set

    Basket Weave Bowl Set

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  • Basket weave set

    Basket Weave Chip & Dip Set

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  • cake stand

    Beaded Cake Stand

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  • beaded board

    Beaded Cheese Plate Set

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  • beaded lazy susan

    Beaded Lazy Susan

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  • salt and pepper shaker

    Beaded White Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

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  • Wooden lazy susan

    Beaded Wood Carved Lazy Susan

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  • beaded towel holder

    Beaded Wood Kitchen Towel Holder

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  • White wooden paper towel holder

    Beaded Wood Paper Towel Holder

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  • oval platter

    Beatriz Ball Bloom Oval Platter

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  • wine bucket

    Beatriz Ball Bloom Wine Bucket

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  • Beatriz Ball serving ware

    Beatriz Ball Lazy Susan

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  • bread bowl

    Blessings Bread Bowl & Towel Set

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  • volcano candle

    Capri Blue Printed Tin Candle

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  • pura diffuser kit

    Capri Blue Pura Smart Home Diffuser

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  • Volcano candle

    Capri Blue Signature Jar

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