Funeral & Sympathy

There’s no better way to send your condolences than to send a gift basket to the family that can be enjoyed for weeks to come.  We recommend sending the gift to the family home instead of to the funeral home.  It not only makes a bigger impression, but it gives them something to enjoy during their most difficult days.

If you have any special requests, please give our team a call to have a gift custom designed.  Call 504-309-7935.

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  • A healthy gift basket makes a great client welcome gift!

    A Fruit & Nut Medley

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  • Gold tin basket filled with gourmet foods such as crackers, cookies, popcorn, nuts, turtles, pecans, pepper jelly, cheese and a prayer candle with gold cross. Blue bow.

    A Gourmet Gift Basket

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  • Gold Voluspa tin candle paired with a wooden block featuring a gold cross.

    A Peaceful Wish

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  • toast of blessings gift box

    A Toast of Blessings

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  • This gift includes cookies, popcorn, coffee, pepper jelly, turtles, pralines, cheese and crackers, oreos, pecans, a coffee mug all on a metal tray.

    A Walk Through New Orleans

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  • warmest wishes gift box

    A Warm Wish

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  • hymn art

    Amazing Grace Hymn Art

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  • angel wings

    Angel Wing Art

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  • Relaxing gift spread featuring Archipelago Botanicals Lavender products and Voluspa candle


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  • This gift includes a bath bomb, sugar cubes, a religious bracelet, religious artwork, and an eye mask all in a gift box.


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  • Daydream

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  • This gift includes a bottle of wine, bath bomb, a tin candle, lotion, two oreos, and a pair of socks all within the gift box.

    Dreaming of a Wine Christmas

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  • fruit basket with waters in fleur de lis tin

    Fruit Basket

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  • golden delight

    Golden Delight

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  • this gift includes soar bracelet, book, tin candle, and gold pin

    In Remembrance

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  • hymn art

    It Is Well with My Soul Hymn Art

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  • Marble Cross Beads 2

    Marble Cross Beads

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  • midnight snack gift

    Midnight Snack

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  • sympathy gift basket filled with fruit, crackers, cheese, gourmet snacks, turtles, and gold trimmed oyster cross sits on marble counter

    My Condolences

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  • crushed oyster artwork varieties sitting atop a wooden cabinet

    Oyster Artwork

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  • prayer bracelet

    Prayer Partner Bracelets

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  • serenity bracelet

    Serenity Bracelet

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  • snack time gift

    Snack Time Gift Box

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