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Press Release – Mardi Gras Gift Basket Displays Partnership With Local Vendors

Mardi gras gift basket display partnership with local vendors

The Basketry offers special options for the 2020 Mardi Gras season. The partnership with local vendors includes food and apparel items, all with a Mardi Gras theme.


Luling LA: The Basketry and Kristi Brocoto are pleased to announce the creation of their 2020 Mardi Gras gift basket, filled with choice items with a seasonal theme. The Basketry makes good use of its partnership with local vendors to fill gift baskets with a variety of unique and exciting products. The gift items are designed to be welcomed by local visitors, as well as those who receive a shipment of NOLA-themed items. 


Mardi Gras is a busy time as The Basketry helps customers send gifts to their clients and out-of-town family and friends. They also help locals gear up for the biggest party of the year! The gift baskets feature items from favorite local vendors.  The gift baskets are comprised of earrings from Satazi, tabletop runners, serving dishes and towels from Parish Line, as well as trinket dishes, cups, wine glasses, and fun cookies for parade route parties.

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A spokesperson for the company explained, “The Basketry is proud to offer Mini King cakes year-round. Unlike a large King Cake, the Mini version ships better and is more affordable as we combine several items to create an office party. We partner with Franks, a local supermarket, to provide delicious Mini King Cakes. We get them fresh daily and include them in our Mardi Gras gift boxes and basket, paired with coffee, pralines, beads, masks, Zapps chips, and local chocolates. We ship and deliver.”


“Our huge Mardi Gras apparel section,” she continued, “is always a special treat as we try to give locals something a little different every year. A few of our best sellers are listed here ( ), but be sure to stop in to see the entire collection. Ell & Atty is a sock manufacturer here in New Orleans. They make cute socks for men with many different designs, including Louisiana shapes, tigers, oysters, jazz themes, Mardi Gras themes, and more. We concentrate on the New Orleans collection.”


Further details are available at The Basketry


Contact Info:

Name:  Kristi Brocota

Company:  The Basketry

Address:  12337 Hwy. 90, Luling LA 70070

Phone: (504) 309-7935



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