Our Give Back Initiative

The Basketry Gives Back

New Orleans is more than just a city of business to The Basketry. Each member of our Basketry family was born and raised here, and the city is an enormous piece of our hearts. It's our livelihood, our favorite place to party, our eternal foodie destination, and most importantly, it's our home. We want everyone who calls this city home to thrive. Our mission came about as we began designing our new line of beautifully curated gift boxes - we thought about how much we love our city's unique culture and how we wished we could share it with everyone in a way that gave back to the city that gives us so much. For every Big Easy, Big Heart gift box purchased, we will donate a box full of necessities to a homeless shelter. Our donated boxes contain everything from a new pair of socks to a toothbrush, and we hope it will be a small step on the journey of getting these individuals employed and thriving in our community. 

We hope you will join us as we come together to help those who need it most. For only $60, you can send a beautifully packaged gift box to your friends and loved ones AND help someone in our community get back on their feet. It just doesn't get any better than that, y'all!