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How To Custom Design a Gift Basket in New Orleans, LA

How to Custom Design a Gift Basket in New Orleans LA with The Basketry; image of 2 Basketry employees holding holiday wrapped gift boxes

How to Custom Design a Gift Basket in New Orleans LA with The Basketry; image of 2 Basketry employees holding holiday wrapped gift boxes

Gift baskets make excellent gifts for almost any occasion because they can be specifically tailored to the tastes of your gift recipient. Here’s how to design a custom gift box and how The Basketry can help.

Select a Theme for Your Custom Gift Box

Gift baskets are often arranged by theme and include multiple gifts that all fit within this theme. For example, a dessert-themed gift box might contain chocolates, cookie mixes, candies, and dessert recipe cards. A bath-and-body-themed gift basket might include everything you need for a relaxing, spa-inspired bath, from bubbles to the candle.

Choose Inclusive Gifts

Next, choose gifts to go in the box. These should align with your gift recipient’s favorite colors, hobbies, favorite foods or beverages, etc. Here are some ways you can select and organize items for your basket:

Gifts By Type

Selecting gifts that go together is an easy way to create a stunning and functional custom gift box. For example, you can group gifts by type. Wine gifts can all be used simultaneously, whether you select a basket that includes snacks, bottles of wine, wine glasses, or other items and accessories. Or, perhaps you want to create a gift basket with salty snacks, sweet treats, or jewelry.

New Orleans Themed wine, cheese and crackers gift set

Gifts By Occasion

Choosing gifts for your basket based on the occasion you’re shopping for is another great way to ensure your gifts are both fun and usable. Thank you gifts can be anything that expresses gratitude, from celebratory champagne to bath bombs and cookies.

Gifts By Color

Color-coordinated gift baskets make a significant impact and will be memorable no matter what the occasion is. Here are several colors most commonly associated with popular occasions:

  • White: weddings, christenings
  • Black: weddings, funerals
  • Red: Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, 4th of July
  • Orange: summer gifts, Halloween (with black)
  • Yellow: spring and summer gifts
  • Green: Mardi Gras (with gold and purple), Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day
  • Blue: Easter, spring gifts, New Year’s Eve/Day, 4th of July
  • Purple: Mardi Gras (with green and gold), Easter, spring gifts
  • Brown: autumn gifts, Thanksgiving
  • Pink: Valentine’s Day
  • Gold: Mardi Gras (with purple and green), New Year’s Eve/Day, Anything New Orleans (with black of course)
  • Silver: New Year’s Eve/Day (with gold and dark blue)

Select Attractive Packagingcustom gift box packaging brides gift box with champagne, gourmet diamond ring cookie, wine glass with copper bottom, bath bomb and sugar scrubs

What sets gift baskets apart from traditionally wrapped gifts is their unique display. Tailored gift baskets come packed with goodies in attractive boxes, containers, and trays and are packed to the brim with gifts and matching tissue paper. Choose packaging that reflects the gifts inside; your basket should be pretty enough to put on display without opening.

Send to Your Custom Gift Box Recipient

Finally, you’ll decide how to get your gift basket to its recipient. If your gift basket does not contain perishables, you can deliver it yourself or even have it shipped. This is ideal for gift recipients who are located in other areas. People who live in the NOLA area and perishable items will need to be hand-delivered to ensure freshness.

Browse Custom Gift Boxes at The Basketry Today

At The Basketry, we offer dozens of unique, ready-to-go gift baskets that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or hand-delivered in New Orleans. Browse our selection of custom gift boxes today or contact us to learn more by dialing 1-800-385-9601.

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