Corporate Gift Boxes

Customizing Corporate Gift Boxes in New Orleans, LA

Corporate gifts are an important component of maintaining a positive professional relationship with your employees and clients. No matter how small, gifts can help keep employees motivated, increase sales, and build long-term relationships with business partners.

That said, giving out corporate gifts can seem daunting. It’s not always simple to find the ideal present for a business partner, employee, or someone else you work with. While there’s no science to selecting the best corporate gift, there are several considerations you can keep in mind when purchasing workplace gifts.

Here’s what you should think about.

What Will You Be Giving the Gift For?

Corporate gifts are great to give when you want to:

Owner of The Basketry in New Orleans LA Kristi is shown from the chest down putting together custom corporate gifts with hunter green wrapping and modern company logo design

  • Say thank you to a special employee or client
  • Introduce yourself with a gift before an important virtual meeting
  • Welcome new employees to your company
  • Express sympathy and warm wishes to an employee during a difficult time
  • Thank a client after a large job or transaction
  • Create goodwill between you and a client, supervisor, co-worker, or employee
  • Bridge physical distances with virtual business relationships

Taking into account the purpose of buying a corporate gift can help you select the right one. For example, a big, important meeting might warrant a larger, more ornate gift. On the other hand, it might be more appropriate for a gift for the employee of the month to be smaller, more affordable, and tailored to your workplace.

What Do You Want the Theme of Your Corporate Gift to Be?

Once you’ve determined what you need a corporate gift for and who the recipient will be, think about what kind of theme you might want or what item(s) you want to include. A corporate gift can be a single item, or you can opt for custom gift boxes that include several items. The latter is an excellent choice when purchasing a gift that is meant to be shared.

Your corporate gift theme can also be based on the event occasion, such as new baby, get well, wedding, housewarming, and even celebrations like Mardi Gras. Or, you can base your gift theme around favorites like wine, charcuterie, relaxation, and the beloved city of New Orleans.

Benefits of Giving Corporate Gifts

Creating a practice of giving corporate gifts when appropriate not only strengthens relationships with current and prospective clients, wholesale suppliers, supply chain distributors, customers, and employees but also offers up previously untapped market potential and boosts your company image. There are numerous advantages to strategically selecting and giving corporate gifts, including the excellent feedback your company might receive from grateful clients and workers.

Good work ethic and commitment from your team should be rewarded. Like a thank you note or a meaningful corporate gift, a modest gesture often goes a long way. Your staff is your greatest asset; employee retention and loyalty are generally higher in companies with a corporate gift culture.

Corporate Gift Giving Guidelines

Consider the following guidelines when giving a corporate gift:

custom corporate gift boxes with the Basketry in Luling La image of repeat white gift boxes with customized logo wrap in hunter green

  • Make sure the gift fits with your company’s values, mission, and ethos.
  • Choose a gift that also fits the lifestyle and values of the recipient.
  • Ask recipients from other companies if there are any restrictions on giving a corporate gift; some banks and investment firms have a “no gifting” policy.
  • Never give a corporate gift before or during a financial transaction. This may be seen as an attempt to pressure the other party to agree to the transaction; wait until the transaction has been finalized to give a thank-you gift.
  • Give personal yet practical gifts that the recipient can actually get use out of.
  • Don’t make your corporate gift double as a promotion for your company.

Need to Choose the Perfect Corporate Gift? The Basketry Can Help

Corporate gifts don’t have to be difficult to choose when you shop with The Basketry. We offer a wide selection of custom gift boxes in numerous themes that promise to be the perfect fit for your business gifting needs. We specialize in creating custom corporate gifts in New Orleans!

For recipients in the NOLA area, we hand-deliver for that extra special touch. Non-perishable custom gift boxes can also be shipped to any state in the U.S. At The Basketry, we know how to do corporate gifts right. Let us help you select the best fit. Contact us today at 504-309-7935 or toll-free at 1-800-385-9601 or browse or selection of custom gifts to order online.