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Rewarding Your Employees With Custom Gift Boxes

Rewarding Your Employees With Custom Gift Boxes with The Basketry in New Orleans LA, image of excited asian female employee wearing glasses opening gift box with red ribbon

Learn about corporate gifting done right and why rewarding your employees with custom gift boxes is an excellent option for any occasion. Get our list of the top 5 corporate gifts at The Basketry. 

Corporate Gifting Etiquette 

Giving corporate gifts is appropriate and even expected in some circumstances, such as: 

  • To congratulate a promotion 
  • During the holidays 
  • On an important work anniversary 

The larger your company is, the more stylish, tasteful, or valuable your gift should be. For example, small companies with fewer employees can purchase smaller, less expensive gifts, while this might seem tasteless coming from a large business or luxury brand. 

Why Reward Employees With Custom Gift Boxes 

Custom gift boxes make excellent rewards and employee gifts. They’re versatile and can be tailored to your business’s price range and needs. They’re a safe bet for most corporate employees and executives, and many can be given to share among an entire office of people. You can choose a custom gift basket with as much or as little in it as you want. 

5 Favorite Corporate Gifts from The Basketry 

1. A Classic Wine Gift 

image of classic wine gift box

This custom gift box is an excellent choice for any gift recipient or when you want to give the same high-quality gift to multiple employees. 

A Classic Wine Gift includes:  

  • Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Spring Onion Crackers
  • Brie Cheese
  • Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Optional Curated Seasonal Cheese (hand delivery only) 
  • Optional Curated Italian Meats (hand delivery only) 

Disclaimer: Alcohol, beer, and wine gift boxes must be delivered or shipped to a person over the age of 21. 

2. Golden Gift Box  

An alcohol-free custom gift basket with sweet and savory snacks is perfect for one person. 

the Basketry golden gift box

Our Golden Gift Box includes:  

  • Spring Onion Crackers
  • Brie Cheese
  • Jocelyn & Co Amber Beer Mustard
  • A Pirogue Praline
  • Pretzel Twists

3. New Orleans Favorite 

Give an exceptional taste of New Orleans in your corporate gift with this tasty, classic NOLA gift box. 

The New Orleans Favorite includes:  

  • Zapp’s Potato Chips
  • Aunt Sally’s Creamy Praline
  • Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralinette
  • Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle
  • Traditional Mardi Gras Beads
new orleans favorite gift box

4. Office Party 

This is a great corporate gift box for the entire office. We recommend getting two or three if you have a vast number of people. We can also customize this box to the exact number of employees you have. 

The Office Party custom gift box includes:  

  • Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies
  • Partners Crackers
  • Jocelyn & Co Almond Butter Cookies, Jack and Jalapeno Cheese, Olive Tapenade, and Amber Beer Mustard
  • Poppy Salted Caramel Popcorn
  • Feridie’s Peanuts
  • Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Sticks
  • Summer Sausage
  • Caramels
  • Savory Snack Mix
  • Partake Cookies
  • Mini Pralines
  • Chocolate Covered Oreos 
office party gift box

5. A Bubbly Thanks 

Say “thank you” to an employee who had a baby, got married, or was promoted with this classic champagne gift basket. 

A Bubbly Thanks includes:  

  • Le Grand Courtage Brut 187ml Champagne 
  • Sugarfina ‘Thank You’ Candy Bento Box
  • Musee Bath Bomb

Order Your Corporate Gift Box from The Basketry Today 

The Basketry specializes in custom, hand-delivered gifts for offices, corporate executives, and businesses of all sizes. Reach out to order your corporate gifts from New Orleans today. 

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5 Custom Gift Boxes for Mardi Gras Themed Virtual Meetings

5 Custom Gift Boxes for Mardi Gras Themed Virtual Meetings with Basketry in New Orleans, LA image of a traditional king cake with mardi gras beads and deblumes on green table cloth with signature gold Basketry logo as a border

Custom gifts are always in style for important meetings. Now that the large majority of companies have incorporated virtual meetings, there are a lot of ideas floating around about how to make them stand out from the crowd. A Mardi Gras-themed virtual meeting is the perfect choice for festive treats and gifts, especially if your company is in New Orleans or your employees are from NOLA. 

Here are five custom gift box ideas for virtual meetings with a Mardi Gras theme. 

5 Custom Gift Box Ideas for Mardi Gras Themed Virtual Meetings 

1. A Carnival Time Snack

Few custom gift baskets are as stylish and straightforward as A Carnival Time Snack, especially for virtual meetings. Each gift box recipient will receive beads and masks, along with savory and sweet snacks, and of course, a mini King Cake. 


  • Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
  • A Mini King Cake
  • Two Pirogue Pralines 
  • Mardi Gras Beads
  • Two Feather Masks 

Cost: $39.00

2. A Walk Through New Orleans

A Walk Through New Orleans is a great gift basket to get the whole office to share. This can be a great option if you don’t have the budget for individual gifts for every attendee at the meeting, but you’ll need to ensure everyone is in the same location. For example, you could order this type of custom gift box for employees at brick-and-mortar offices attending virtual meetings together, say in a conference room setting. 


  • Lolli’s Chocolates Chocolate Dipped Oreos
  • Crackers
  • Bulldog Pepper Jelly
  • Chocolate Fleur de Lis Pecan Turtles 
  • Cafe du Monde Coffee and Chicory
  • New Orleans Nut Co. Honey Glazed Pecans
  • Lolli’s Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods
  • New Orleans Skyline Coffee Mug
  • Pirogue Pralines 
  • Brie Cheese
  • Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies
  • Gourmet Cookies
  • Cajun Pop Popcorn

Cost: $135

3. A Coffee Krewe

Many virtual meetings take place in the mornings, so coffee-themed custom gift boxes are an excellent choice for bleary-eyed employees who need a boost to pay attention to important material presented during the meeting. A Coffee Krewe is an excellent value for the money, including coffee, sweets, and classic Mardi Gras feather masks and beads. 


  • Mini King Cake or King Cake Mix
  • French Market King Cake Blend Ground Coffee
  • Pralines and Cream Liqueur
  • Mardi Gras Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker
  • Mardi Gras Chocolate Covered Oreo
  • Stacey’s Sweets Chocolate Chip King Cake Cookie Bombs
  • Mardi Gras Beads
  • Feather Mask 

Cost: $55

4. A Mardi Gras Breakfast 

Another excellent breakfast gift box perfect for those virtual morning meetings is A Mardi Gras Breakfast. This custom gift box is a little less expensive than A Coffee Krewe and may fit your company’s budget better, but it is equally as impressive for gift recipients. 


  • Mini King Cake
  • French Market Ground Coffee
  • Pirogue Pralines
  • Mardi Gras Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  • Mardi Gras Beads

Cost: $40

5. A Mardi Gras Welcome 

A Mardi Gras Welcome offers maximum affordability for corporate gifts in New Orleans with a little bit of everything for recipients to enjoy. This custom gift box is an excellent choice for companies on a very tight budget but who want to make a great impression at their Mardi Gras-themed virtual meeting. 


  • Two Abita Root Beers 
  • A Mini King Cake
  • Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips
  • Mardi Gras Beads
  • Cajun Pop Popcorn

Cost: $35

Order Your Custom Gift Boxes for Mardi Gras from The Basketry Today 

A Mardi Gras-themed virtual meeting is sure to be remembered by employees for years to come. It could become a new company tradition, alongside holiday parties and summer family BBQs. Order your hand-delivered custom gift boxes for Mardi Gras from The Basketry today. 

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8 Client Gift Ideas for the New Year

8 Client Gift Ideas for the New Year with the Basketry in Luling and New Orleans, LA. Image of young attractive woman of color smiling while speaking with a client on the phone, with a middle aged blonde female co-worker blurred in the background on the phone as well.

Top 8 Custom Gift Boxes for your client this New Year

This New Year, get your clients the thoughtful, tasteful gift of a custom basket created just for them. Here are our top 8 client gift ideas featuring custom gift boxes for the New Year from The Basketry.

Champagne New Years’ Gifts

1. Crisp Champagne

Our Crisp Champagne custom gift box is an appropriately-sized client gift that works for nearly anyone. This simple set offers a Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne bottle and a Voluspa three-wick champagne-scented candle. Add a snack or other custom gift to make it even more special.Crisp Champagne custom gift with champagne and champagne flavored candle

2. A Glass of Bubbly

The A Glass of Bubbly gift basket includes a delicious bottle of Prosecco, a champagne soap bar, and a milky, moisturizing face mask. This set makes the perfect client gift for a wide variety of industries, from luxury hotels and spas to restaurants, offices, and more.

3. A Sparkling Occasion

For a champagne gift box basket that includes snacks, opt for A Sparkling Occasion. This set contains Poema champagne, famous New Orleans pecan popcorn, a Fleur de Lis pecan turtle, and two fun drink bombs to take your bubbly to the next level.

New Year, New You Client Gift Ideas

4. A Day to Relax

Our A Day to Relax gift box is an excellent option for the feminine audience, complete with a eucalyptus rain-infused body buffer, a bath bomb, rose-scented hand cream, a rose quartz facial roller, and a matching three-wick Voluspa candle. We love this gift box with our Sugarfina champagne bubble candy. A Day To Relax custom gift box with soap bomb, candle, spa gifts for facials

5. Feel the Breeze

Feel the Breeze is a gender-neutral relaxation-themed gift basket given to clients, employees, co-workers, and more. Recipients will enjoy a small bottle of Prosecco champagne, a comfortable pair of fuzzy socks, a bar of luxury bath soap, and a bottle of fizzy bath salt soak.

6. Louisiana Sweet Olive Gift Set

The Basketry‘s vintage-inspired Louisiana Sweet Olive bath gift set includes a Fleur de Lis guest soap, a luxury soap bar, dead sea salt bath soak, and a jar of rich olive oil-based body butter. All items feature the same gorgeous packaging, making it perfect for display.

Hand-Delivered Snacks Sure To Satisfy Your Client Gift Ideas 

7. A Charcurterie Deluxeclose up of charcuterie board ingredients

Why not gift clients with a hand-delivered snack box that can be shared and enjoyed during the holiday? A Charcuterie Deluxe includes fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and more. A Charcuterie board is an excellent choice for clients that have employees underneath them or who work in a facility with a large break room.

8. Gourmet Fruit Tower

Our Gourmet Fruit Tower is not your average fruit basket. Beyond fresh bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes, we include treats like New Orleans’ famous French Market coffee, Earl Grey Tea from Harney & Sons, glazed pecans, spring onion crackers and cheese, chocolate and hazelnut cookies, and of course, a pecan praline and chocolate Fleur de Lis.

Shop Custom Gift Box Ideas for Clients at The Basketry

image of one of The Basketry female employees assembling custom client gift boxes in New OrleansAre you looking for the best New Years’ gifts for clients? You need something that is both personal and fits a vast range of personality types. Custom gift boxes make excellent client gift ideas, especially when sending a matching gift to multiple recipients.

To order your hand delivered custom gift boxes in New Orleans, LA, or to have them shipped,  contact The Basketry today at 1-800-385-9601. 

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How To Custom Design a Gift Basket in New Orleans, LA

How to Custom Design a Gift Basket in New Orleans LA with The Basketry; image of 2 Basketry employees holding holiday wrapped gift boxes

How to Custom Design a Gift Basket in New Orleans LA with The Basketry; image of 2 Basketry employees holding holiday wrapped gift boxes

Gift baskets make excellent gifts for almost any occasion because they can be specifically tailored to the tastes of your gift recipient. Here’s how to design a custom gift box and how The Basketry can help.

Select a Theme for Your Custom Gift Box

Gift baskets are often arranged by theme and include multiple gifts that all fit within this theme. For example, a dessert-themed gift box might contain chocolates, cookie mixes, candies, and dessert recipe cards. A bath-and-body-themed gift basket might include everything you need for a relaxing, spa-inspired bath, from bubbles to the candle.

Choose Inclusive Gifts

Next, choose gifts to go in the box. These should align with your gift recipient’s favorite colors, hobbies, favorite foods or beverages, etc. Here are some ways you can select and organize items for your basket:

Gifts By Type

Selecting gifts that go together is an easy way to create a stunning and functional custom gift box. For example, you can group gifts by type. Wine gifts can all be used simultaneously, whether you select a basket that includes snacks, bottles of wine, wine glasses, or other items and accessories. Or, perhaps you want to create a gift basket with salty snacks, sweet treats, or jewelry.

New Orleans Themed wine, cheese and crackers gift set

Gifts By Occasion

Choosing gifts for your basket based on the occasion you’re shopping for is another great way to ensure your gifts are both fun and usable. Thank you gifts can be anything that expresses gratitude, from celebratory champagne to bath bombs and cookies.

Gifts By Color

Color-coordinated gift baskets make a significant impact and will be memorable no matter what the occasion is. Here are several colors most commonly associated with popular occasions:

  • White: weddings, christenings
  • Black: weddings, funerals
  • Red: Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, 4th of July
  • Orange: summer gifts, Halloween (with black)
  • Yellow: spring and summer gifts
  • Green: Mardi Gras (with gold and purple), Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day
  • Blue: Easter, spring gifts, New Year’s Eve/Day, 4th of July
  • Purple: Mardi Gras (with green and gold), Easter, spring gifts
  • Brown: autumn gifts, Thanksgiving
  • Pink: Valentine’s Day
  • Gold: Mardi Gras (with purple and green), New Year’s Eve/Day, Anything New Orleans (with black of course)
  • Silver: New Year’s Eve/Day (with gold and dark blue)

Select Attractive Packagingcustom gift box packaging brides gift box with champagne, gourmet diamond ring cookie, wine glass with copper bottom, bath bomb and sugar scrubs

What sets gift baskets apart from traditionally wrapped gifts is their unique display. Tailored gift baskets come packed with goodies in attractive boxes, containers, and trays and are packed to the brim with gifts and matching tissue paper. Choose packaging that reflects the gifts inside; your basket should be pretty enough to put on display without opening.

Send to Your Custom Gift Box Recipient

Finally, you’ll decide how to get your gift basket to its recipient. If your gift basket does not contain perishables, you can deliver it yourself or even have it shipped. This is ideal for gift recipients who are located in other areas. People who live in the NOLA area and perishable items will need to be hand-delivered to ensure freshness.

Browse Custom Gift Boxes at The Basketry Today

At The Basketry, we offer dozens of unique, ready-to-go gift baskets that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or hand-delivered in New Orleans. Browse our selection of custom gift boxes today or contact us to learn more by dialing 1-800-385-9601.

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The Basketry: Your Top Holiday Custom Gift Box Guide

The Basketry in Luling LA is Your Holiday Custom Gift Box Guide ; image of one of our holiday custom gift boxes complete with a bottle of makers mark, homemade santa and Christmas tree cookies and other hand crafted gifts in a white gift box with evergreen ribbon

Your Holiday Custom Gift Box Guide  with The Basketry in New Orleans LA. image of custom christmas gift box with santa cookie bottle of makers mark, and other hand crafted gifts in white gift box with evergreen ribbon and bow

Custom gift boxes are an excellent option for Christmas gifts and holiday presents. Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a colleague, family member, or a close friend, a gift basket is personal, affordable, and meaningful. Here’s your guide to selecting holiday gifts in New Orleans.

Alcohol & Beverage Gifts

When selecting a holiday gift, classy and elegant alcoholic beverages are timeless for enthusiasts of high-quality liquor, beer, and wine. The Basketry offers these beautiful, tasty beverage gift boxes for the holiday season and more:

For nonalcoholic gift boxes, The Basketry offers:

Bath and Body Gift Baskets

Bath and body gift boxes are perfect for wintertime gifts when hot showers and baths feel extra relaxing. The Basketry features the following spa-themed gift boxes:

Gluten Free New Orleans themed custom gift box

Jewelry & Accessories

If your holiday gift basket is for someone who deserves a more personal gift, jewelry is always a tasteful choice for Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, etc. At The Basketry, we offer a robust selection of gold and silver-toned rings, earrings, necklaces, and other stunning accessories. Pieces range between $20 and $80 in price.

Corporate Holiday Gifts

Custom gifts make corporate gifting during the holidays more effortless than ever, especially if you’re sending gifts remotely to colleagues who don’t work in-house. Top gifts for offices include drinks and snacks, champagne, deluxe charcuterie boards, and of course, traditional fruit baskets.

New Orleans Themed Gift Boxes

Few things are more exciting than dipping into the one-of-a-kind cultural experience that New Orleans has to offer, even if you don’t have the option to visit The French Quarter yourself. Gift colleagues who don’t have the opportunity to head to NOLA with unique New Orleans themed gift boxes with:

  • A Walk Through New Orleans with Honey Glazed Pecans from the famous New Orleans Nut Co. and Coffee and Chicory gourmet coffee from Cafe du Monde
  • Everything King Cake, featuring a Mini King Cake, King Cake Blend Ground Coffee from French Market, Cajun Pop King Cake Popcorn, and King Cake Mix
  • New Orleans Best, featuring Authentic Beignet Mix and Coffee & Chicory Coffee From Cafe du Monde and Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralines

Gift recipients with gluten-free dietary restrictions can enjoy our Gluten-Free Taste of New Orleans with Salted Caramel Poppy Hand-Crafted Popcorn, Aunt Sally’s Creamy Original Praline and Prainette, and Novelty Mardi Gras Beads.

The Basketry team collaborating together for the Holiday season

Order Your Custom Holiday Gift Box From The Basketry Today

Are you looking for the perfect custom gift box for the holidays? The Basketry offers nationwide and local delivery to make winter gift-giving more manageable than ever before. Contact us today to learn more or browse our selection of custom gift boxes. *Perishable items hand-delivered only in the NOLA metropolitan area.

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Taking PRIDE in Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community with Custom Gift Boxes

gay happy birthday

happy birthday gift box, queer rainbow glass, half split of wineAfter 26 years of being the leader in the gifting industry here in New Orleans, we finally can say that we represent the LGBTQ+ community with Pride Gift Boxes.  We have had many requests through the years for New Orleans Pride Gift boxes, gay gift baskets & pride gifts, but we couldn’t find vendors who represented the LGBTQ+ community, but thankfully things have changed.  With New Orleans celebrating this community several times throughout the year with Pride Fest and Decadence along with get well and birthday celebrations happening everyday, it was time to expand our products!

Whether you know someone celebrating a special occasion or perhaps they just need an uplifting surprise, The Basketry is excited to represent with PRIDE! As you know, you don’t have to put a rainbow in EVERYTHING that’s going to someone in the LGBTQ+ community, so just select any of our gifts to brighten someone’s day!  Most of all, we appreciate your business and work really hard to bring you the best products, prettiest gift designs and deliver/ship on time.

Happy Birthday Gift Box!

Rainbow Queer glass, 1/2 split wine, praline, gourmet food

Birthday’s are meant for celebrating, so send this Pride Wine Box.  Any of our birthday gifts can be customized to include any one of our rainbow themed items, such as socks, wine glass, coffee mug, rainbow cookies, and kitchen dish towels.  You can also add any of our pride items inside of the gift boxes we have online or simply ask us to use rainbow ribbon to add drama to any gift box.

Did you know that we hand deliver and ship?  We do!

CLICK HERE to see our birthday gifts!

Get Well Soon Gift Box

socks, sun cookies, pride mug, tea, cookies, honey

What do you send someone who’s feeling a bit under the weather?  Something to make them smile of course!  While any of our awesome get well gifts will do, it’s especially fun to include a pair of socks, a fun mug and delicious tea & snacks!  We have a great selection of get well gift baskets and gift boxes online, so feel free to browse online, but if you don’t see something that you absolutely love we can custom design a beautiful gift for you.

CLICK HERE to see our Get Well section.

A peek at our newest PRIDE gifts-

Here’s just a sampling of the newest gifts that obviously represent Gay Pride and there’s more to see online.  There are many reasons to send one of these gifts.  Maybe someone you know is coming out, needs a hug, or is celebrating a special occasion.  No matter the reason, we have a gift for it.  If you need a custom gift created, it’s EASY!  Just give us your price range and a short idea of who you’re gifting to.  Our production team is very creative and can whip up something really quick that you’ll love.  Our gift boxes come complete with ribbon and a hand written gift card message.  We also hand deliver and ship all across the United States.  If you don’t see a particular gift box or gift basket that fits your needs, please give us a call!  Our team is always ready to help.

cookies, cookie, wine glass

drag book, champagne, gourmet food

socks, cookies

stay saucy gift box

bursting with appreciation gift

basic gift basket

A Top Provider of Hand Delivered Custom Gifts in New Orleans

people having a meeting

The Basketry is proud to be the top choice for hand delivered custom gifts and gift boxes in the New Orleans area.  We specialize in corporate gift boxes, business gifts, birthday and anniversary custom gift boxes, and more. If your gift recipient isn’t in the NOLA area, no worries — we can ship to all 50 states.

Contact us today to start building your custom gift box! 

Cheers to 26 years!

xoxo, Kristi Brocato (founder)

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Christmas season starts today! Send the perfect gift box this holiday season.

a caymus christmas

gift basket gift box A wooden board with Cayman wine, crackers, pralines, cheese, pretzels and other gourmet snacks.

Let’s talk Christmas 2021 for a minute.  In our gifting world, the holiday planning started months ago and now we are ready to launch our holiday gift boxes online!  Why so early?? Well, here’s the truth about why you NEED to start early this year.

Shipping delays will cause you

(and me) major headaches this year!

If you are planning on sending gifts outside of our hand delivery area, we will depend on FedEx and UPS to get it there and let’s face it, they are running way behind, working with less employees and losing lots of packages.  Our job is to make your gift beautiful and part of that is allowing extra time for it to arrive.  We also depend on our vendors to get us supplies and the shipping delays mean we may not get what we want in 2021.  Don’t worry though, every retailer in America is facing the same issue, so The Basketry will make sure you are taken care of.  Here’s a list of important deadlines you’ll need to try to meet.

  • Order by November 20th.  First and foremost, you’ll want to place your holiday order by November 20th.  We won’t ship/deliver your gifts until December, but getting your order in will guarantee that you get what you want. If you want to start earlier than that, our team is READY NOW!
  • Ship by December 5th. If you think having your Christmas gift arrive in early December is too early, think again.  It’s going to take twice as long as it used to for things to arrive, so let’s be safe and ship early.  If you want to wait then make your gift a “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!” gift just incase it arrives after Santa comes.
  • Order BRANDED gifts by November 1st. Gift boxes are intended to be fun and lighthearted, but if you want to make your gift BRANDED to reflect your company, you’ll want to do this by 11/1 to make sure we get all of the logo items to create the amazing wow factor that you envision.  Send us your logo and we can create logo boxes, ribbon, gift cards as well as promotional products.  Email us

CLICK HERE to see our newest holiday gifts!

To prepare for the holidays, we custom design gifts that we love in a variety of price ranges.  We spend several photo sessions taking pictures and many hours adding them online.  This makes us extremely proud when we have a chance to show you what we have created for you.  Take a look!  

a caymus christmas Santa cookie, cheese, crackers popcorn, sausage, mustard, cookies

A Peek At Our Most-Often Ordered Custom Gift Boxes

Caymus Celebration

gift box with cheese, crackers, wine, pecans, pralines,

A Caymus Celebration is a beautiful gift box filled with a bottle of Caymus, gourmet cheese, sea salt artisan crackers, extra virgin olive oil, glazed pecans, wine chips and pralines.  We can add a holiday cookie and your logo to this gift to make it more personal.  Be sure to order this gift SUPER early since Caymus is very limited and only a certain amount of cases are allocated to each retailer.

A Charcuterie Deluxe

Charcuterie boards are always a stylish gift for nearly any occasion. A Charcuterie Deluxe custom gift box from The Basketry features curated seasonal cheese and meats, water crackers, peanuts and pecans, popcorn, pepper jelly, cookies, local honey, and more. Hand delivered only due to perishable items. If you want to ship this gift, just let us know so we can make a few changes.

Gluten Free Taste of New Orleanssweet and savory treats in a nola gift box with abita rootbeers and mardi gras beads

Our Gluten Free Taste of New Orleans custom gift box is the perfect choice for gift recipients with certain dietary restrictions. The custom gifts in this box include kettle-cooked potato chips, hand-crafted popcorn from Poppy, Abita root beer, Cousins Smokehouse Beef Jerky, original pecan pralines and of course, a string of Mardi Gras beads.  We do offer other gluten free items, so be sure to let us know if you need this option.

If you need New Orleans themed gifts for out of town friends and family, please visit this section of our website for many options and price ranges.  Our in store options for local gifts are endless, so even if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, I am certain that we have it.  Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

Gourmet Fruit TowerTwo white boxes towered and filled with assorted fruit, cheese, crackers, cookies, turtles, coffee, popcorn and tea

You simply cannot go wrong when ordering a fruit gift basket, no matter the occasion. The Gourmet Fruit Tower features hand-selected fresh fruits including oranges, grapes, red and green apples, and bananas. Other goodies include coffee, Brie cheese, crackers, cookies, and NOLA-famous honey glazed pecans. Need something bigger for the office? Opt for our Fruit and Nut Medley.  While fruit often feels “impersonal” or generic, our fruit baskets do not look like grocery store baskets and they are actually very well thought out and not generic at all.  We certainly wouldn’t still be here after 26 years if they were.

A Top Provider of Hand Delivered Custom Gifts in New Orleans

team of basketry people having a meeting

The Basketry is proud to be the top choice for hand delivered custom gifts and gift boxes in the New Orleans area.  We specialize in corporate gift boxes, business gifts, birthday and anniversary custom gift boxes, and more. If your gift recipient isn’t in the NOLA area, no worries — we can ship to all 50 states.

Contact us today to start building your custom gift box! 

Cheers to 26 years!

xoxo, Kristi Brocato (founder)

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The Basketry Turns 26!

The Basketry Turns 26! in New Orleans LA; image of The Basketry Owner Kristi Brancato with employees smiling and posing in home holding pink 26 balloons

At The Basketry, we are celebrating 26 years of creating the perfect gift boxes and gift baskets for our amazing clients!  How many small business start ups can say they made it this far?

We’ve been working hard to prepare for our celebration, Black Friday, and the upcoming holidays. We have so many reasons to celebrate all of the achievements this year.  We are surviving living with Covid & supplier issues associated with that, we were hit hard by Hurricane Ida and are managing those pitfalls like no electricity, no wifi or phones and last but not least, we are growing our team after losing a few to “retail life with Covid” and Hurricane rebuilding issues.  This year has certainly had it’s challenges, but we are pushing through!

For almost 3 decades, we’ve been the leading provider of custom gift boxes and gift baskets in the New Orleans & surrounding parishes. We love making each custom gift box fit the needs of our clients and the gift recipient, and we have unlimited styles, themes, snacks, and gifts to choose from.

How to Select Your Perfect Custom Gift Box

Finding the perfect gift box for someone you care about can be challenging. Whether you know what they like or have no idea where to start, our team are experts at creating the perfect gift.  Here are some questions to ask that can help you decide what custom gifts should be included in your box or basket:

  • Who is the gift box recipient? First and foremost, you’ll want to take into account who the gift recipient is and what they like. Consider the unique tastes of the gift recipient and select items to go in your custom gift box that match.  Do they have a favorite color?  Do they drink?  Do they have pets, grandchildren or kids?  These are just a few examples that help us get to know the recipient.  If it’s a business associate, maybe you know work related things about them that you can share with us.
  • What is the occasion? Your custom gift box should fit the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, a new baby celebration, or a virtual meeting gift.  We have gifts for employees, clients & family, so be sure to share that with us too.
  • What is practical? Gift boxes are intended to be fun and lighthearted, but you should also think about what’s practical. For example, a delicious nut selection is unlikely to be a good choice for someone with a peanut allergy. Or, a very expensive custom gift box might not be appropriate for a work meeting or employee gifts.  Think about what you may spend on flowers since that is a good comparison for what you would spend on a gift basket/box for your recipient.  We will help guide you as well as our goal is to make the gift look full without being obnoxious.

A Peek At Our Most-Often Ordered Custom Gift Boxes

A Walk Through New Orleans

custom gift boxes with The Basketry in New Orleans La with homemade fleur de lis cookie, bottle of white wine in the center with 2 hand painted stemless wine glasses with Pelicans on them

The Walk Through New Orleans gift box features tasty treats from Cafe du Monde, King Cake flavored popcorn, Fleur de Lis decorated cookies and candies, and of course, NOLA’s famous glazed pecans.  We designed this gift to give you a good assortment of Nola favorites.

A Charcuterie Deluxe

Charcuterie boards are always a stylish gift for nearly any occasion. A Charcuterie Deluxe custom gift box from The Basketry features curated seasonal cheese and meats, water crackers, peanuts and pecans, popcorn, pepper jelly, cookies, local honey, and more. Hand delivered only due to perishable items. If you want to ship this gift, just let us know so we can make a few changes.

Gluten Free Taste of New Orleans

Our Gluten Free Taste of New Orleans custom gift box is the perfect choice for gift recipients with certain dietary restrictions. The custom gifts in this box include kettle-cooked potato chips, hand-crafted popcorn from Poppy, Abita root beer, Cousins Smokehouse Beef Jerky, original pecan pralines from Aunt Sally’s, and of course, a string of Mardi Gras beads.  We do offer other gluten free items, so be sure to let us know if you need this option.

Gourmet Fruit Tower

You simply cannot go wrong when ordering a fruit gift basket, no matter the occasion. The Gourmet Fruit Tower features hand-selected fresh fruits including oranges, grapes, red and green apples, and bananas. Other goodies include coffee, Brie cheese, crackers, cookies, and NOLA-famous honey glazed pecans. Need something bigger for the office? Opt for our Fruit and Nut Medley.  While fruit often feels “impersonal” or generic, our fruit baskets do not look like grocery store baskets and they are actually very well thought out and not generic at all.  We certainly wouldn’t still be here after 26 years if they were.

A Top Provider of Hand Delivered Custom Gifts in New Orleans

The Basketry is proud to be the top choice for hand delivered custom gifts and gift boxes in the New Orleans area.  We specialize in corporate gift boxes, business gifts, birthday and anniversary custom gift boxes, and more. If your gift recipient isn’t in the NOLA area, no worries — we can ship to all 50 states.

Contact us today to start building your custom gift box! 

Cheers to 26 years!

xoxo, Kristi Brocato (founder)

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5 Tips to Make Your First Virtual Meeting With a New Client Successful

5 Tips to Make Your First Virtual Meeting With a New Client Successful with custom gift boxes by The Basketry in Luling La, image of young brunette business woman taking meeting notes with virtual meeting on computer screen in front of her with coffee cup and laptop on desk beside her

First-time virtual meetings with new clients can be nerve-wracking, especially if your client is new to navigating online conference calls and communicating virtually.

Here are five tips to make your first meeting as successful as possible with custom gift boxes. These will ensure you and your company look professional in going the extra mile and sending a custom gift box to be hand-delivered just before your meeting.

1. Dress the Part

Desktop virtual meetings are generally from the waist up, making it impossible for anyone to know you’re wearing pajama pants underneath your snappy blazer. However, this can leave you feeling off-balance and unable to fully get into the necessary frame of mind for a successful meeting.

dress the part for your virtual meeting with The Basketry in Luling La, image of model wearing black Dolman sleeve knit top and khaki skirt

Dress the part entirely, even if you’re just in your office at home. You may feel silly in a suit and tie in the corner of your living room, but you won’t look ridiculous on camera.

2. Eliminate Background Noise and Distractions

You shouldn’t be interrupted during your appointment with your client, so plan ahead of time to reduce or eliminate distractions and background noise. If you have children, arrange for them to be cared for outside the home or in a different room on the opposite side of the house on the day you have your meeting.

While people in every industry are much more relaxed about things like kids and home office interruptions post-COVID, these are best avoided during the initial meeting if at all possible.

3. Check Your Client’s POV

Ask a friend or family member to log into a pseudo-meeting with you to see what your client will be viewing before they do. Make sure the area in view of your client is clean, consider hanging a decorative tapestry or poster behind you that isn’t too distracting, and add a plant or two.

4. Send
Custom Gift Boxes

gifts might not have been customary for initial meetings pre-COVID, they’re certainly a welcome personal touch now that so much more interaction has become virtual. Custom gift boxes are easy to order and can be hand-delivered in New Orleans or sent anywhere, allowing you to extend a hand with virtual meeting gifts, even from afar.

virtual meeting pelican wine custom gift box from The Basketry in Luling, La. image of fleur de lis cookie, white wine bottle, 2 handmade pelican wine glasses in a gift box

5. Be Your Genuine Self!

The best way to impress during a virtual meeting is to be your genuine self. The coronavirus has changed the course of life for everyone across the globe, and there’s less tolerance now for fake appearances and meaningless platitudes than ever before. Don’t be afraid to let your genuine self shine through during your virtual meeting with a new client right outside the gate.

Order Hand-Delivered Custom
Gift Boxes From The Basketry Today

For more than 20 years,
The Basketry has served the New Orleans metropolitan area with many options for corporate gifts, gifts by occasion, and New Orleans gifts. Contact The Basketry today to design your custom gift box at 504-309-9601 or toll-free at 1-800-385-9601.

We are offering both hand delivery in the New Orleans area and U.S. shipping for custom gifts.

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Summer Fun Packing Guide: What Do I Need To Pack For?

Summer is time to get away from your everyday life and enjoy some vacation adventures. Packing can always be challenging, but at The Basketry, in Luling, LA, we have some great suggestions for just the right gift for family, friends, or yourself for any of these vacation scenarios. 

1. Disney

Delta T-Shirt Dress

Packing for a Disney vacation can be a challenge. You need comfy clothes for walking, and this comfortable dress is perfect. Made from 100% cotton, it’s easy to care for and a dream to pack.


ICEMULE Classic Mini

While you are walking through the parks, you’ll need to keep drinks cold along with your favorite snacks. This lightweight ice cooler not only keeps things cold but organized. Available in 5 stylish colors.


Natalie Tiered Dress

For those dressier nights in Disney, throw on this dress with a pair of flip-flops and some easy hoops. It also looks great with a pair of tennis shoes. Available in tan to match everything. 


Washed Chambray Joggers

We love these joggers, and if you pair them with a cute white tank, it can take you from the parks to a fun night out. Add the matching jacket for those cooler nights.


Satin Eye Mask

Don’t go on vacation without your eye mask! From the plane ride to making sure you get a good night’s sleep. This is a must-have.  Available in blush, leopard, and microdot. 


2. Beach

Bonfolk Towel Collection

You will love these fancy 100% cotton towels. One towel donated for each one purchased. Choose from one of six fun designs.


Kinley Midi Dress

This go-anywhere dress, with v-neck, on-seam pockets, and slit sides, is the perfect length to go from the beach to dinner out. 


Lowry Loop Terry Hoodie

Perfect to pair with the matching terry pants. Comfort never looked so good. 


Lexi Headband

The perfect accessory for a night out! This thin Cuban link chin headband is in lightweight plastic, making it super comfortable. 


A Girls’ Weekend

This is a necessity for any girl getaway! It includes 2 Brumate Hospulator Slim Can Holders [Assorted Colors], 2 White Claw 6 can Variety Packs, and a Voluspa Tin Jar Candle. 


ICEMULE Jaunt 9L Cooler

In 3 color choices, this 9L sleek cooler is perfect for carrying cold drinks (a six-pack or three bottles of wine) or snacks on a day spent exploring your favorite spots.


Wine Freeze Cooling Cup

The perfect way to enjoy ALL of your favorite wines at the ideal temperature. 


3. Camping 

ICEMULE Classic Large 20L Cooler

Holds 18 cans plus ice, perfect for a family camping adventure. Plus it’s super easy to carry and can easily roll up for storage when you’re done.


Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

Camping in the great outdoors can leave your lips feeling dry, chapped, and irritated. This emollient balm, enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants, provides instant relief for troubled lips. 


Microfiber Spa Headband

From KITSCH, this multifunctional hair accessory comes in palm or leopard design. Look chic and cut a step out of your beauty routine by using this multi-purposeful headband. 


Tyler Glamour Wash

Camping can get a little grimy leaving you feeling less than fresh. Put the fresh back in your step with the best laundry detergent ever!


Voluspa Candle Collection

PERFECT for your camper after a long day.


4. Cruise

Down to Earth Gauze Pants

Perfect day to evening cruise wear, especially if combined with other pieces from the collection. 


Francoise Floral Multi-Color Dress

Get “lost at sea” in this perfect dress for a romantic evening. 


Nude High Neck Dress

A flirty and flattering option for a night to remember on your cruise, especially on picture night!


Beaded Champagne Earrings

Perfect to wear day or night in 4 different color options to pair with your Nude High Neck Dress or Francoise Floral Multi-Color Dress


Italia Kimono

A lovely turquoise addition to your cruise wardrobe when stopping at those destination spots. 


No matter where your vacation plans take you, you can count on The Basketry in Luling, LA, to have the perfect vacation items, gift baskets, or boxes. We can hand delivery locally or ship to most destinations. 

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Summer Gift Basket Ideas In Luling, LA

Summer brings so many gift-giving occasions. Whether it is employees, teachers, students, clients, or that special someone, at The Basketry in Luling, LA, we have a large selection of summer gifts perfect for anyone on your gift-giving list. 

1. Employees

Virtual Tasting Kit

When you can’t be together for happy hour, make it a virtual get-together with a kit that includes all you need to keep employees’ spirits up. Who wouldn’t love El Guapo Craft Cocktail Mixer Kit, Old New Orleans Rum 200ml, Tito’s Vodka 200ml, and Hornitos Tequila 200ml. Optionally, you can include New Orleans Cocktail Book, To Geaux Cups, or Set of Rocks Glasses. 


Loftin Oyster Shells

This dozen ceramic oyster shells are sent in a burlap sack. Perfect for preparing your oysters or other preferred seafood and pretty enough to serve them as well. This is a valuable gift for any chef, whether expert or amateur.


 For more summer gift ideas for Employees, click here.

 2. Teachers


What teacher doesn’t need to relax? Thank her with Finchberry Renegade Honey Fizzy Salt Soak, Renegade Honey Soap Bar, and Soap Saver [Helps keep your soap like new!] plus Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Socks and 4 Rose Bud Soaps. 


The New Orleans Gentleman

A gift to thrill a favorite teacher. A gift box filled with Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, Lolli’s Chocolate Covered Oreos, Boxed Chocolate Fleur de Lis, and Nola Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans


For more summer gift ideas for Teachers, click these links gratitude and thank you.

3. Students



A thoughtful gift for an exceptional student. This gift box includes Corkcicle Coffee Mug, Great Thought a Day Notepad, Voluspa Coconut Papaya Tin Candle, and Kate Spade Gold Pen. 


A Cool Summer

This gift box provides some fun things to help with summer enjoyment. They will love a Corkcicle Slim Artican, 2 Seasonal Slim Can Seltzer, a Dock & Bay Cooling Towel, and a Frost Sunshine Sugar Cookie. 


For more summer gift ideas for Students, click here.

4. Clients

A Charcuterie Surprise

For local hand delivery only, this gift is sure to please. Included are Brie Cheese, Curated Italian Meat, Grapes, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, Locally Sourced Honey, McCrea’s Caramels and New Orleans Love, Cookies. Optional additions include Champagne or Wine and Fleur de Lis Acrylic Govino Glasses.


For more summer gift ideas for Clients, click here.  

5.  For Her

Britton Tie-Dye Pullover

This pretty pullover is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. 


Mignon Faget Deep Sea Halo Bangle

This 14K gold-plated stainless steel bangle is handwoven with black iridescent beads. Designed in New Orleans on historic Magazine Street, this is a showstopper and part of the Halo collection. 


For more summer gift ideas for Her, click here.  

6. For Him

A Beer & Snack Gift

A taste of New Orleans for him includes a six-pack of Port Orleans Riverfront Lager, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridie’s Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, and a White Chocolate Covered Oreo.


For more great summer gift ideas for Him, click here.

When you are ready to send a gift box or basket, The Basketry in Luling LA is here to help. If you didn’t see what you are looking for in our suggestions, give us a call or send us a note online and let us curate the perfect gift for you. 

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It’s Summer festival Time In New Orleans, La

Summertime and the livin is easy and in the Big Easy, it’s festival time. Festivals are returning this year after being canceled in 2020 and locals and visitors alike are eager to enjoy all the fun and excitement. Festivals are a great reason to celebrate and this year more than ever. Whether it is family, friends, or clients, at The Basketry in Luling LA, we have some useful and creative ideas to say we appreciate your business, we love you, or just enjoy everything New Orleans has to offer this summer.

2021 Summer Festivals

Here at The Basketry, in Luling, La., we LOVE festival time. I mean it is in our true New Orleans nature! We want to share that love with you, providing you with the festival happenings this season.

Essence Festival of Culture

Satchmo SummerFest

New Orleans Bourbon Fest

French Quarter Festival

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Accessories every festival-goer can use:

ICEMULE Jaunt 15L Cooler

When you want to give a serious cooler for a fun festival time this cooler has it all. With great capacity, it can hold a 12 pack or 4 bottles of wine. Stylish, durable, and practical it will keep drinks cold for a day of enjoyment then rolls up for easy storage.


ICEMULE Classic Mini 9L Cooler

When you want to gift a great personal size cooler that is lightweight and durable, the “Mini” is perfect. It keeps things cool all day while they are enjoying one of the amazing festivals. Available in three colors, Seafoam, Sunshine, and Blue.


A Cool Summer

This gift box has all the making of a great festival day with Corkcicle Slim Artican, 2 Seasonal Slim Can Hard Seltzer from Crook & Marker, a Dock & Bay Cooling Towel, and Frost Sunshine Sugar Cookie. A little hard, a little soft, and a lot of enjoyment.


VIP and Welcome Gifts

Who Dat!

This familiar chant is something all Saints fans recognize, and it is the perfect welcome for anyone who will be enjoying all the fun that NOLA offers this summer. This box includes a Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Gift Set, Praline in a Cookie Butter Cookies, Robicheaux’s Specialty Glazed Pecans, Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, and Chocolate Fleur de Lis Pecan Turtle.


Gift Box Just for Him

This box contains things men need and enjoy. It includes Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap, 2 Fleur de Lis Chocolate Pecan Turtles, Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, and a Corkcicle Arctican to keep his favorite beverage cold for hours.


Big Easy, Big Heart

What could be better than give a gift that anyone would love to get and at the same time helping the homeless? For everyone one of these boxes purchased The Basketry will donate a gift box filled with necessities to a homeless shelter in New Orleans. The wooden gift box includes Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, Zapp’s Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips, Abita Root Beer, 2 Pirogue Pralines, 2 Mardi Gras Themed Chocolate Pecan Turtles, and Mardi Gras Beads.


New Orleans is always a great place but during the festival season, it is way over the top wonderful. At The Basketry in Luling LA, we create baskets and boxes for every occasion. Let us help you to curate the perfect gift boxes or baskets for this summer festival season.

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Cool Gifts For The Best Summer Parties In Luling, La

As the temperatures rise, it’s time to choose cool gift baskets from among the hottest gifts we have to offer. Summer is the time to enjoy dazzling parties under the stars, around the pool, or wherever friends, families, and clients gather. At The Basketry in Luling LA, we know how to throw together a special party basket or box for any summer party occasion.

ICEMULE Classic Small 10L Cooler

If you want to gift a personal size cooler, this is the perfect version of the classic. In four charming colors, it will keep lunch or drinks cool no matter where the day takes them. Lightweight and roomy, this practical gift will delight anyone who receives it.


ICEMULE Pro X Large 33L Cooler

This is the ultimate backpack cooler. It holds 24 cans with ice and is still light enough to be manageable for any adventure they want to take it on. It really is a great summer party cooler. 


Glass Freeze Whiskey Set

An amazing gift for a whiskey lover, this set will keep a drink at a chilled temperature without needing to deal with melting ice ruining the taste. A set of two allows for sharing. 



A Charcuterie Deluxe

A charcuterie deluxe spread

What party wouldn’t be even cooler with this delectable spread of delicious cheese, meats, gourmet snacks, and wine? A perfect selection of sharable treats this gift will be hand-delivered only in the local area. (Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, the River Parishes, St. Tammany Parish.) Included are Curated Seasonal Cheese and Italian Meats, Grapes, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginian Peanuts, Locally Sourced Honey, Glazed Pecans, Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, McCrea’s Caramels, and New Orleans Love Cookies. Wine is optional. You can choose between Meiomi Pinot Noir or La Crema Chardonnay.   


Wine Freeze Cooling Cup

Enjoying a cool glass of wine is one of the joys of summer and with this pretty and practical cup, it will always be chilled. It holds up to 8.5 ounces and keeps your wine cool for hours. With 7 pretty colors, one will be perfect for every wine lover on your list. 


Mignon Faget Butterfly Fleur De Lis Wine Glasses

Locally designed on Magazine Street, this set of stemless wine glasses showcase a local business and is available as a set of two or four.


Platters & Boards Book

This book by Shelly Westerhausen helps any hostess design beautiful casual spreads for any occasion. This is a gift that will continue to give long after the party is over. 


Rivers Fiesta Romper

This colorful kimono-style romper will brighten up any party and comes in sizes from XS to L. 


When the weather gets hot, enjoying cool summer parties is on everyone’s mind. At The Basketry in Luling LA, we hope we have given you some ideas for summer party gift baskets and boxes. If we didn’t quite hit the mark, we look forward to hearing from you with suggestions for how we can curate the perfect gift for every party you will attend this summer. Our staff will go the extra mile to make it a gift appreciated by everyone who receives it. 


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Fathers Day/guy gifts “Just for Him”

blog banner

Father’s Day is June 20th and if you are like most people, you’re at a loss for what to get a guy who has everything. At The Basketry, we seek out gifts specifically for men and we think about guys gifts year-round.  Here are a few suggestions for Father’s Day as well as great birthday, get well and thank you gifts for him.  (gifts for him).

Fathers Day/guy gifts “Just for Him”

Abita Brewhouse

If dad or your special guy appreciates root beer (or beer), this gift basket is a perfect choice. It features 3 cans of Abita Root Beer, Hola Nola Creole Tortilla Chips, Hola Nola Fire Roasted Salsa, Pirogue Praline, Feridies Salted Gourmet Peanuts, and Snacktails Snack Mix.  We can swap out for his favorite brew too!


Black & Gold Bourbon Box

The Basketry has put together some Fathers Day gifts favorites including Poppy Parmesan & Black Pepper Popcorn, Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey [375mL], set of 2 Mignon Faget Black & Gold Rocks Glass, and New Orleans Nut Company Glazed Pecans.  The wooden pine box adds the perfect masculine flair.


His Survival Tote

This gift not only provides goodies but a cooler bag to store them. He’ll love the 6-pack of Urban South Brewery Who Dat Golden Ale, Hola Nola Tortilla Chips, Vildalia Onion Peach Salsa, Feridie’s Virginia Sea Salt & Black Pepper Peanuts, New Orleans Nut Co. Honey Glazed Pecans and Fleur de Lis Cooler Bag.


Must be The Whiskey

This basket is for the whiskey lover. He can indulge in Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky [200 mL], HOST Whiskey Freeze Cooling Cups, McCrea’s Single Malt Scotch Caramels, and Chocolate Chip Whiskey Cookie Bombs. For a little extra we can add Bonfolk Fleur de Lis Socks.  

The HOST Whiskey Freeze Cooling Cups are an AMAZING thing to keep on hand.  Simply store them in the freezer and it keeps your drinks cold without watering down your drink.


Whiskey Wedge Gift Set

This gift set includes the Whiskey Wedge Glass Set, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, Fleur de Lis Chocolate Pecan Turtle and Robicheaux’s Specialty Cashew Snack Mix. A perfect blend of sweet and salty.


Super Buff

This box offers a unique combination of tasty and practical gifts. He will love Stacey’s Sweets Chocolate Chip Cookie Bombs, Poppy Cinnamon Bourbon Pecan Popcorn, Bonfolk Tabasco Socks, and a Spongellé Men’s Super Buffer.  The Super Buffer is a guy favorite.  It has masculine bath gel built into the loofah for 14+ showers.


Ballsy Gift Set

Gifts for him that provide comfort and cleanliness from head to toe. Includes Ballwash, Goodhead Shampoo, Ballguard Liquid Powder, and Nut Rub Solid Cologne.  Not only does this smell amazing, but it’s funny.  He won’t be offended if you give him wash for his nuts…believe me he’ll laugh and love it.


Gift Box Just for Him

A unique gift for your special man. Treat him to Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap, 2 Fleur de Lis Chocolate Pecan Turtles, Bonfolk New Orleans Socks and a Corkcicle Arctican to keep his favorite drink cold for hours.


ICEMULE Pro X Large 33L Cooler

The perfect accessory for Fathers or any man in your life. It holds 24 cans and keeps them at the perfect temperature.  Icemule floats which makes it a perfect boating or tubing accessory.  Back pack style makes it easy to hike with.  Let us load it up with his favorite brew and snacks!


The New Orleans Gentleman

Let The Basketry honor your New Orleans gentleman with a box filled with a New Orleans Map Wine Glass, Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, Lolli’s Chocolate Covered Oreos, Boxed Chocolate Fleur de Lis and Butter Pecan Praline Love Cookies.


We hope we have given you some great ideas for fathers Day. If you didn’t see exactly what you had in mind, or you would like to create something unique,  we are experts at curating the gift of your dreams. Contact The Basketry through our website, in person, or on the phone, and let us design the best Father’s Day gift ever.

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Wedding Gifts to Give and Receive

blog banner

The Basketry in Luling LA is here for all of your wedding gifts needs. We have so many beautiful gifts for the bride and groom, as well as welcome gifts for the wedding guests. We have wedding gift ideas that can make shopping easy for you and the best part is that we hand deliver and ship anywhere!!

Wedding gifts from the bride and groom for out of town guests

Be Our Guest

Treat your guests with a 2 pack of New Orlean’s Odi’s Butter Cookies, Raw Sugar Toffee Milk Chocolate Pecan Toffee, Robicheaux’s Specialty Glazed Pecans, and Bar Mixers – Includes two assorted mixers. Just add your favorite liquor, and you have a delicious cocktail in less than a minute! We’re happy to customize these mixers with your names and wedding date – just email us the information at

We hand deliver to all New Orleans hotels and Air BnB’s.


Wedding Gift Box

Impress family and friends with 2 Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralines, 2 Kentwood Bottled Waters, A Hangover Survival Kit which Includes 2 each of Emergen-C, Advil, and Pepto Bismol, Boxed Chocolate Fleur de Lis, Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Robicheaux’s Specialty Cashew Snack Mix and Chocolate Chip Cookies with a Custom Label.


A Carnival Time Snack

Laissez le bon temps rouler with Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Mini King Cake. 2 Pirogue Pralines, Mardi Gras Beads, and 2 Feather Masks.  This makes a great gift for your out of town family and friends.


Jazzy Welcome

Enjoy the best of NOLA with Zapp’s New Orleans Kettle Style Potato Chips, 2 cans of Abita Root Beer, Butter Pecan Praline Love Cookies, and 2 Aunt Sally’s Creamy Original Pralinettes. Your guests won’t be singing the blues.



Gifts Wedding Guests May Want to Give to the New Couple

Cheers to the Newlyweds

The Basketry salutes the bride and groom with a Mr. & Mrs. Gold Foil Stemless Wine Glass Set, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, 2 Robicheaux’s Speciality Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtles, and San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn all on a Scalloped Tin Tray.


A Louisiana Gift Board

This gift basket includes 2 Hand Painted Pelican or Oyster Stemless Wine Glasses, a 6×6 Crushed Oyster Pelican Artwork, La Crema Monterey, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies. Sesame Water Crackers, Brie Cheese, 6 Pirogue Praline Assortment and a Paulownia Large Serving Board.



Some Fun Bride Gift Ideas

Bride Tote Bag

A little bling for the bride with this canvas tote featuring a sequin sentiment, genuine leather handles, and exterior pockets.


Wife of the Party

The Basketry put together a fun gift basket highlighting Le Grand Courtage Brut, “Let’s Get Fizzical” Gold Flask, BRIDE Straw, Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes and a Voluspa Tin Candle.


Gold Dot Scallop Ring Dish

Give your beautiful rings a home of their own on the Gold Swiss Dot Scallop Ring Dish, featuring scalloped edges and a sculpted ring cone.



At the Basketry in Luling LA , we put together some wedding gift ideas we hope have met your expectations. But if we haven’t quite hit the mark, we specialize in customizing wedding gifts for every customer. Contact us on our website, in person, or on the phone, and let us curate wedding gifts as special as your wedding.

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The Basketry’s Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

top 10 FAQ

At The Basketry, we are all about customer service and creating baskets and boxes for any and all occasions. Over the years we have been asked a lot of questions. We decided to put together 10 of the most popular frequently asked questions we get and provide answers we hope will make it easier for our current and future customers to let us help them with their gift-giving needs.

Where do you hand-deliver?


We hand deliver to the following parishes: Orleans, River Parishes, Jefferson. If your gift needs to be delivered outside these parishes, we will ship FedEx ground.  If you need a gift hand delivered, just give us a call or shop online.


Can I bring my own item in to add to a gift?


Sure can! We do have a handling charge depending on the complexity of the item. It is usually $1-$5, and sometimes we waive it if it’s an easy addition to your gift.  Keep in mind that if you bring your own item in and we need to use that item “as the gift basket” there may be a bigger price tag on that.  We do need to charge for gift bag, shred, bow and labor to create that gift.  Just shoot us an email or give us a call to find out more about this service.


Do you custom make gifts if I don’t like what is online?


That’s our specialty! We just need your budget and a little idea of what the recipient is like. We can take it from there.  Did you know that you can text us from our website?  Yep! Just “chat” with us!


Will the gift be shrink-wrapped?


Yes! That is the only way it will remain intact. We also make sure it has a nice bow.


Can you make substitutions?


Absolutely! We can change anything out or replace any item you see online.


What if my gift recipient is not home?


In some instances, we can leave the gift in a safe place. If it’s too hot or if it looks like it may rain, we will leave a note and come back at a later date. There are some instances when we will leave it with a neighbor.  Always give us the DAY TIME delivery address.


Do you deliver to Nola hotels?


Absolutely! We just need the reservation name and phone number. 


If I send you my list of recipients, can you send the same gift to multiple addresses?


Just email us your names in an Excel format, and we will take it from there.


Can you get an item for me if you don’t carry it?


We can do that! We do up-charge on items like this, so just be aware it will cost a little more for us to purchase it. This includes the sales tax and the fee to pick up or unpack your items.


Can you send a sample picture of the custom gift?


Yes, always. We love to custom design gifts in your budget!  We can text you a picture before it’s wrapped up.


We hope that these FAQS have given you the answers you need when choosing to send a gift basket or box. If your question isn’t here, not to worry, we are always available either online or on the phone to give you the answer you require. We look forward to hearing from you whether you need a personal or a corporate gift. Our creative staff at The Basketry looks forward to being able to make your gift wishes a reality.

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Alexandra’s Top 10 Gifts for Mother’s Day

Alexandra's Top 10 Gifts for Mother's Day; The Basketry Luling, La graphic with pink tulips in the background

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the women in our lives who have mothered us. After the year we have had, this Mother’s Day is going to be special for so many reasons. At The Basketry, we celebrate mothers all year long but this year Alexandra one of our dedicated staff has come up with 10 of her favorite Mother’s Day gifts.

1. Family Glass Frame

This large frame is 14 by 11 1/2 and holds an 8 by 10 photo. It is made of natural wood and the handmade parchment paper matting includes the sentiment “Family”. What a perfect way to surprise mom with a special frame that she can put her favorite family picture in.


2. Lavender & Bubbly

white gift box with bubble bath, soap and necklace

What better way to treat the women in your life than with a box filled with relaxation items? Add a Kendra Scott necklace and make it the ultimate gift! This relaxing box includes Archipelago Botanicals Lavender Body Wash, Finchberry Sweet Dreams Bar Soap, “Dreamweaver” Sleep Bath Bomb by Musee, Harper + Ari Dream, and  Exfoliating Sugar Cubes.


3. Mom Journal

This journal includes pages of discussion questions and family fill-in-the blanks to record and document mom’s life — from childhood memories to present hopes and dreams for those she loves. Made with handcrafted parchment paper it arrives in a muslin drawstring bag and is sure to become a family heirloom.


4. Pamper Her

What better feeling is there than relaxing in a warm bath with your favorite candle burning? Send all of that plus more to your favorite lady with this gift box. Among the goodies included are Archipelago Botanicals Milk Body Wash, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle, Charcoal Pore Care Face Mask, Harper + Ari Coconut Exfoliating Sugar Cube Gift Box, and a Pearl & Wood Cross.


5. Southern Honey

White gift box with oyster wine glass, champagne and bath items

A beautiful gift filled with our favorite relaxation items and a bottle of bubbly!  What mother wouldn’t love a bottle Le Grand Courtage Brut with a Hand-Painted Stemless Oyster Wine Glass, Finchberry Renegade Honey Fizzy Salt Soak, Voluspa Bourbon Vanille Mini Tin Candle and Musee Bath Bomb.


6. Voluspa Candle Collection

This candle collection has long been an employee favorite, and the beautiful vessels and heavenly scents make it a great gift for the moms in your life! With 7 scents and 3 sizes, you will be spoiled for choices.


7. Yes Way Rosé

This gift includes a bottle of champagne with a tin candle, sugar cubes, a wine glass, and four flowers in a box.

A bottle of wine & relaxing bath time make for a happy lady! Treat her to Clos du Bois Rosé, Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle. Corkcicle Stemless Wine Glass (color may vary), and Rose Petal Soaps


8. A Prayer Warrior

A Prayer Warrior; The Basketry Luling La.

A little cozy, a little relaxation, and a touch of faith. This gift is a beautiful way to show mom your appreciation for all she’s done for you! Gift her with a Handmade Gold Cross Prayer Bowl [Made by a New Orleans artist], Honey Nourishing Sheet Face Mask. Voluspa Tin Jar Candle, Barefoot Dreams Socks, and Musee Bath Bomb.


9. Beaded Champagne Earrings


Pop the (figurative) bubbly for mom with these beaded champagne earrings. Several color combinations available including leopard, gold and pearl, green and pink, and rosé.


10. Decorative Oyster Beads

These decorative oyster beads will make a beautiful addition to mom’s home, and the oyster accent is the perfect coastal touch. Available in gray or white.


We hope one of these 10 top Mother’s Day gifts is perfect for the woman or women in your life. At the Basketry, we specialize in curating the perfect gifts and if you don’t see it here, call us or chat with us online, and we will work with you to make sure you get exactly the Mother’s Day gifts you want for the special women in your life.

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Why now is the best time for corporate gifting

With more and more people opting for working from home, there has been a disconnect between employers and employees, and especially clients. Sending a corporate gift basket or box can certainly brighten up anyone’s day and keep everyone feeling they are important to your business. At The Basketry gift baskets that reflect New Orleans, are what we are all about. We can help keep the lines of communication open and the responses positive in even the most trying times.

A Golden King Cake Tray

King cakes are so much a part of New Orleans. Nothing says I’m thinking of you better than a gift that includes one. It’s always a “Good Time” in New Orleans when you combine a king cake and a bottle of wine. This tasty gifts basket includes Meiomi Pinot Noir, Crackers, San Saba Peach, Pecan & Amaretto Preserves,Mini King Cake, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, and a Gold Edge Marble Trivet.


A Weekend Getaway

When you can’t actually leave home you can feel like your enjoying a relaxing getaway with this great gift. This basket is sure to inspire anyone who receives it to feel uplifted and revitalized. The gift starts with a bottle of Ava Grace Pinot Grigio and includes Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle, Fleur de Lis Chocolate Covered Oreo Trio, Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar all on a Blue Watercolor Fleur de Lis Ceramic Platter. This basket will have universal appeal.


Basketry Signature

After 25 years we have some favorite products and this basket celebrates the gifts we are sure you will like. It begins with a lovely bottle of La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and 2 Fleur de Lis GoVino Acrylic Shatterproof Wine Glasses to enjoy it. To snack on we include Poppin’ Pecan Snack Mix, Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar, Fleur de Lis Frosted Sugar Cookie, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, Sesame Water Crackers, Brie Cheese, Fleur de Lis Spreader, Glazed Pecans, New Orleans Honey Glazed Pecans, San Saba Peach, Pecan, & Amaretto Preserves, and 2 Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtles. This basket is the ultimate in corporate gifting.


Gourmet Snack Tray

A gift designed to impress and frankly, who doesn’t love gourmet snacks? This gift includes Sesame Water Crackers, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, Brie Cheese, 2 Fleur de Lis Chocolate Pecan Turtles, 2 Sorrento White Chocolate Mix, Robert Rothschild Chocolate S’mores Dip & Spread and Gourmet Caramels. All on a pretty silver tray.


Louisiana Saturday Night


Grand Appreciation

Say thank you with this gift basket of delicious sweets and bubbly. It starts with Poema Champagne and adds Lolli’s Chocolates Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle, and San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn. Anyone who receives this will feel appreciated.


We hope we have shown you some wonderful corporate gifting ideas we have. We can add or remove items to make any gift perfect for you. Give us a call or use our chat feature to reach out to us, We love helping clients create the perfect gifts for any occasion. We hand deliver in the greater New Orleans area and can ship most items anywhere in the US.

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Easter Gifts for the whole family

Easter is the season of rebirth and a wonderful time to give thanks for the end of winter and the spring flowers in bloom. It is also the time for Easter gifts and gift baskets that are all about New Orleans. At The Basketry creating baskets that inspire and delight is what we do best. Let us help you make this Easter extra special with these gift basket ideas for every member of the family. 

Bunny Cheese Sets

These two-piece cheese boards come with an adorable stamped metal bunny ear spreader and a ceramic plate with watercolor artwork. You can choose between the bunny and the truck. These make very nice gifts for someone special but if you want to make it incredible, considering adding one of our Charcuterie boards.  We can choose one of our nine pre-selected boards, or we can curate one to suit your tastes. This gift can only be hand-delivered to Orleans Parish, the River Parishes, Jefferson Parish, and Lafourche Parish.


Benedictine Blessing Bracelet

In 1981 it was reported the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a group of children in Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This bracelet is handmade in Medjugorje from 10 Benedictine Medals and a “Blessed” tag. It comes mounted on a card telling the story of the Apparition and the powerful Benedictine Medals. 


Gingham Bunny Bubble Set

This adorable gingham bubble is made from seersucker and features chambray, felt, and ric-rac applique bunnies. Included is a long sleeve cotton slub tee. It is available in two sizes, 0-3 months and 3-6 months. A perfect Easter gift for a special infant. 


Pretty in Pink

Do you know someone who needs a reason to relax? This box of essentials will get the process started. It includes a Corkcicle Stemless Champagne Flute, Pink Bath Loofah, Two Rose Bud Soaps Voluspa Bourbon Vanille Mini Tin Candle, and Finchberry Darling Bar Soap and Sweetly Southern Shea Butter Hand Cream. We can add a bottle of something bubbly if it is appropriate. 


Southern Charm

This lovely basket is the epitome of Southern Charm and perfect for anyone as an Easter gift. It begins with an embossed Louisiana or Fleur de Lis white ceramic platter and continues with Louisiana Hand-Painted Stemless Oyster Wine Glass, Louisiana Made Dark Chocolate Mint Love, Cookies, Frosted Fleur de Lis Sugar Cookies and San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn. 


We hope we have given you some ideas for the types of Easter gift baskets we can create. We would love to make a custom Easter gifts basket for any member of the family, no matter their age. You can visit our store, call us or use our chat feature. We will work with you to curate the perfect Easter gift baskets. We hand deliver in the New Orleans area, and we can ship to most locations across the U.S. At the Basketry, we want to make your Easter gifts basket dreams a reality. 

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Spring Gift Giving Guide

spring giving

Spring is the season when we all start to think about adding color to our lives and the renewal and rebirth of nature all around us. This year more than ever, It’s time to throw off the dullness of winter and embrace the beauty that is spring. At the Basketry, we love spring. We have put together some of our most exciting choices of spring gift ideas. Spring may look a little different this year but life goes on. If you have a special occasion or event coming up, why not choose something to really embrace this season of delicate colors and scents with gift baskets to celebrate the season.

Estelle Wildlife Top

Estelle Wildlife Top; The Basketry Luling La

If Southern Boho is her style, this top from Buddylove is the perfect spring look. With a v-neck, small bubble sleeves and tie at the waist, it is not your typical button-up shirt. This is spring with a twist. Pretty in pink and multiple animal prints, this top will turn high-waisted jeans or Daisy Dukes into a head-turning outfit. For the girl who knows what she likes and wears it!! 


Loretta Poppy Field Duster

Loretta Poppy Field Duster; The Basketry Luling La.

What could say spring more than a bright field of poppies? This beautiful long-sleeved duster adds a glamorous touch to any outfit and it just screams spring, Throw this on over your jeans or a bikini for effortless dressing. With a back slit and elastic waist, this stunning duster will take her or you anywhere in style. 


A Prayer Warrior

A Prayer Warrior; The Basketry Luling La.

For a relaxing night in when she needs the time to pray for renewal or new beginnings these are special gifts. This box includes a Handmade Gold Cross Prayer Bowl [Made by a New Orleans artist), Honey Nourishing Sheet Face Mask, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle, Barefoot Dreams Socks, and Musee Bath Bomb. 


Pop the Bubbly

Pop the Bubbly; The Basketry Luling La

Everything is more perfect with a bottle of bubbly and this gift is no exception. It includes Chloe Prosecco, Silk Floral Robe, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle and Geode Bath Bomb. For all the women in your life, spring flowers with bubbly..perfection!!


Queen of Clean

Queen of Clean; The Basketry Luling La.

Throw open the windows and doors, spring has arrived. That brings out the urge to get things sparkly clean. Make her the queen of clean with this gift of Capri Blue Volcano. What could be nicer than the scent of fresh tangerines? It includes Capri Blue Volcano Dish Soap, Capri Blue Volcano Multi-Surface Cleaner, Capri Blue Volcano Hand Cream and Capri Blue Volcano Printed Tin Candle. 


Take Care of You

Take Care of You; The Basketry Luling La

The perfect gift with everything a girl needs to cleanse herself of any stress and relax. This charming box includes Archipelago Botanicals Milk Body Wash, Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, Flower Soap, Drink Bombs to add a little sparkle and flavor to your drink, and A Bottle of Champagne or Pinot Grigio. 


We hope we have suggested the perfect spring gift baskets or boxes for your spring gift-giving occasions. If we have not quite hit the mark we are happy to create the box or basket of your dreams. We hand deliver to the greater New Orleans area or ship to most locations across the US. Give us a call to discuss your needs or reach out to us online through the chat feature. We will turn your spring gift ideas into a beautiful reality. 

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The perfect Gift Basket for your significant other

significant other

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other isn’t always easy. No matter how well you know your boyfriend or girlfriend, finding something extra special can be very stressful. Showing your special someone how much you love them should be a joyful experience, and we are here to help you to make them fall even more deeply in love. At The Basketry, we specialize in reducing the stress of gift-giving. We have put together a few boxes and baskets we think might be just what you are looking for. 

For Him:

A Tito’s Gift Box

A Tito's Gift Box; The Basketry Luling La.

For the man who enjoys the taste of top-shelf vodka, this gift box will be a hit. It starts with Tito’s Vodka and includes Spring Onion Crackers, Brie Cheese, San Saba Cranberry Chili Pecan Preserves, Lolli’s Chocolates Fleur de Lis, and Chocolate Covered Oreos. All in a pine box with a personalized message. 


Gift Box Just for Him

Gift Box Just for Him; The Basketry Luling La

A manly collection of gifts every guy will love. This box includes Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap, 2 Fleur de Lis Chocolate Pecan Turtles, 
Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, and a Corkcicle Arctican Can Cooler to keep his favorite canned beverage cold for up to 3 hours. 


The Classic Bourbon

The Classic Bourbon; The Basketry Luling La

This is not your typical bourbon gift box. It’s a beautiful pine box filled with bourbon cedar scented gifts. He will enjoy using this gift and you will enjoy the scent of him in it. Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar Hair, Face & Body All-in-One Wash, Exfoliating Bar Soap, Restorative Hand Rescue, and Conditioning Shave Cream are included.  A Boxed Fleur de Lis Chocolate finishes off this very special gift. 


For Her: 

A Long Weekend

A Long Weekend; The Basketry Luling La

This is a perfect gift to show her just how special she is. It starts with a White Claw Variety 12 Pack and to keep that hard seltzer cold a Brumate Hopsulator Slim in White Glitter. Round out the gift with Celebrate Bath Bomb Trio Gift Set, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle and Stacey’s Sweets Birthday Cake Cookie Bombs and you have a present she will never forget. We are happy to customize this gift with the flavors of seltzer she prefers and a different color of Brumate. 


Better than Roses

Better than Roses; The Basketry Luling La

If she loves roses, she will adore this gift box. Who wouldn’t appreciate Archipelago Botanicals Charcoal Rose Lotion and Hand Créme, with Finchberry Cranberry Chutney Bar Soap and Fizzy Salt Soak in Cranberry Chutney.


Strawberry Surprise

Strawberry Surprise;The Basketry Luling La

This gift will surprise and delight. Start by choosing from Kendall Jackson Cabernet, Chardonnay, Le Grand Courtage Sparkling Rosé, or Barefoot Dreams Socks. Then add 12 Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes and Voluspa Tin Candle. 


We hope that one of these suggestions is perfect for your significant other. But if it isn’t quite right, we can remove an item or add other items to personalize your gift. We will work with you to curate a basket or box that meets your expectations.At The Basketry creating perfect gift baskets is what we do, and we do it well. We will hand-deliver in the great New Orleans area and can ship to most places in the United States. Call us to discuss your perfect gift basket or reach out to us online with our chat feature.

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Why is a gift basket the best gift ever?

Why is a gift basket the best gift ever?

Gift baskets are the best gift ever because they can be personalized to fit the recipient whether it is a business client or your sister. It is something you can do even last minute and still make it seem as if you planned for months. No matter what the occasion, gift baskets truly are the best gift ever. At The Basketry, we have a plethora of gift baskets to choose from for any occasion. Here are a few themes with examples to get your gift giving juices flowing.

New Orleans:

Big Easy, Big Heart

This gift basket is a win-win, it showcases some of the best of NOLA and is a popular gift choice. We provide a gift box of necessities to a local homeless shelter for every one purchased. The pine box is jam-packed with goodies including Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, Zapp’s Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips
2 Abita Root Beers, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline & Pralinette, Frosted Fleur de Lis Sugar Cookie, and Mardi Gras Beads. 


New Orleans Best

These tasty gifts embody the flavor of NOLA. It includes Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Hot Nuts, Tabasco Pepper Jelly, Praline, Cafe du Monde Beignet Mix and Coffee and Chicory, New Orleans Glazed Pecans, Slap Ya Mama Seasoning, Crystal Hot Sauce, and Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline.



Bridesmaids Ask Gift Box

This box is a special treat for those chosen family and friends who will stand with you at your wedding. It can be personalized and made up with your wedding colors. It includes Finchberry Sweet Dreams Bar Soap, Aurantia & Blackberry Voluspa Candle Tin, Le Grande Courtage Brut, Personalized Acrylic Champagne Flute, and Harper + Ari Dream Exfoliating Sugar Cubes all wrapped and packed in a wooden box. 


Cheers to the Newlyweds

This is a perfect gift to send with the happy couple on their honeymoon. It includes a Mr. & Mrs. Gold Foil Stemless Wine Glass Set,  Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, 2 Robicheaux’s Speciality Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtles, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn all on a lovely Scalloped Tin Tray. 



Let’s Get Fizzical

Nothing sets the mood for a romantic anniversary like a bottle of bubbly. This gift basket has a bottle of Le Grand Courtage Brut, a “Let’s Get Fizzical” Gold Flask, Voluspa Tin Candle, and Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. 


A Weekend Getaway

Just what you need for a romantic stay at home weekend. You will both enjoy the Ava Grace Pinot Grigio, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle, Fleur de Lis Chocolate Covered Oreo Trio, Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar, and lovely Blue Watercolor Fleur de Lis Ceramic Platter.


Thank you:

Baked Fresh For You

This makes an amazing corporate or personal gift. With freshly baked assorted muffins paired with peach pecan amaretto preserves, organic tea, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, and French Market Coffee you can’t go wrong. This on only available for local delivery. 


Sweet Thank You

No one says no to gourmet snacks and this is a gift basket filled to overflowing with deliciousness. Who can resist Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, Fleur de Lis Chocolate in a Box, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn Snack Mix, Praline in a Cookie 2-Pack and Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle, packaged in a thank you box!



Welcome Louisiana Baby

Welcome the new baby with everything a Louisiana baby could need! This gift includes a Yellow Fleur de Lis Cotton Bib, Yellow Fleur de Lis Cotton Newborn Onesie, Night Night Louisiana Book, and White Fleur de Lis Teether. Each gift comes with our complimentary gift wrap, tied with a gender neutral bow and hand written gift message.


Suite Dreams

Although mama will be blessed, she will be tired! This gift will be nothing but “suite” dreams with this beautiful assortment of feel good gifts. This gift includes a beautiful Floral Silk Robe [One size fits most], Sweet Olive Soapworks Rosemary Mint Dead Sea Bath Salts, Voluspa Prosecco Rose Tin Candle and decadent Acalli El Platanal Chocolate Bar.


Funeral & Sympathy:


This beautiful navy box sets the perfect tone to let the recipient know you are thinking of them whether they are a client or a close friend. The box includes Warmies Eye Mask – Filled with French Lavender, delivers soothing comfort once heated, Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, Angel Wing Painted Wooden Art, My Saint My Hero Breathe Bracelet and Musee Bath Bomb. 


A Gourmet Gift Basket

A basket perfect for any occasion that says you are in our thoughts. The gift basket includes San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, Louisiana Glazed Pecans, 2 Chocolate Fleur de Lis Pecan Turtles, Fleur de Lis Frosted Sugar Cookie, New Orleans Nut Co. Honey Glazed Pecans, Sesame Water Crackers, Brie Cheese, San Saba Peach, Pecan & Amaretto Preserves, Fleur de Lis Spreader, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, and Hammered Gold Tin Container. 


At the Basketry making sure you have the perfect gift baskets for any occasion for your clients or your family and friends is what we do. We work with you to make sure your gifts are perfect. We can personalize them to your specifications and hand-deliver locally or ship them with FedEx to other locations. Stop into our store, give us a call or reach out online, our team is here to help. 

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What should I get my mother in law for her birthday?

The Basketry, Luling, La.: What should I get my mother in law for her birthday?

Mother-in-laws have gotten a bad rap for years. The reality is she was the first woman to love your husband and now she has shared him with you. You want to make sure she knows she has a place in both of your hearts and of course you want to get and stay in her good graces. Our gift baskets are the perfect way to impress her and show her you care. Here are some suggestions for gifts for mother in law.

A Day Off

Everyone enjoys a day off and your MIL is no exception. Who wouldn’t love a pair of slippers you can warm in the microwave and are scented with lavender?! This mother-in-law gift includes Warmies Slippers, Archipelago Botanicals Lavender Bubble Bath, 4 Rose Bud Soaps, and a Voluspa Tin Jar Candle. This is a gift that will warm your relationship for sure. 


The Three Wishes

This is a sure-to-please gift and you may even get invited to share a glass of wine with the birthday girl. The gift basket includes Three Wishes Pinot Grigio, a Hand-Painted Oyster Stemless Wine Glass, and Voluspa Tin Jar Candle in Casa Pacifica to bring the scent of the California beach to her home. 


You are the Best

When you want to make points with your MIL, this is one way to let her know she is “the best”.  Included in the basket are Ava Grace Rosé, 
You’re The Best Bath Bomb Trio Gift Set from Musee ( in three relaxing scents: lavender, sweet sugar, and vanilla, these are handcrafted and all-natural), Finchberry Fizzy Salt Soak and bar soap, Sprinkle Stemless Wine Glass. An optional protective cotton face mask is available. 


Sweetly Yours

The name says it all, this gift was designed to show someone how sweet and special you think they are. All the gifts are so wonderful including Finchberry Shimmer Body Wash, bar soap and hand cream, Voluspa Mini Tin Candle, and Musee Bath Bomb. 


Made For An Angel

When you want to say a big thank you and I love you for giving me your son, this is the perfect gift. Tucked into a pine box are Whispering Angel Rosé, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle in Prosecco Rose, Fleur de Lis Frosted Sugar Cookie, and a Corkcicle Champagne Flute in Rosé.


We hope one of these gifts for your mother in law hits just the perfect note but if we didn’t, not to worry. We specialize in customizing the perfect gift baskets or boxes for every occasion. Call us with your thoughts or contact us online and we will work with you to curate a gift that matches your vision. We hand deliver in the local area on short notice or ship it around the country. We use FedEx and you can choose the shipping option. 

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Gifting to your clients when Christmas is over!

Gifting to your clients when christmas is over

You forgot to send your clients something for the holidays…well it’s not too late. The very folks that keep you in business are no doubt the most important people in your business life, so send them a fun “Happy New Year” gift or “Here’s to 2021” or “Happy Mardi Gras.”  No matter when you send your gift, it still means something and shows your clients how much you appreciate them.  AND it’s easy to send a gift with The Basketry.  We just need your budget and recipient information…we handle the rest.  You can also shop here for unique gift ideas:

Mardi Gras

Your clients will appreciate these reminders of the excitement that Mardi Gras brings to NOLA. Any of these gifts can bring the spirit of “Laissez les bons temps rouler”  let the good times roll!!


A Charcuterie Surprise

We will hand-deliver this delectable selection of cheese, meats, gourmet snacks, and optional wine. For a small office or couple, this is the perfect after Christmas delight. It contains Brie Cheese, Italian Meat, grapes, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, Locally Sourced Honey, McCrea’s Caramels, and New Orleans Love, Cookies. You can opt to add champagne, one or Fleur de Lis Acrylic Govino Glasses.


A Sparkling Occasion

Your clients will enjoy this scalloped tray covered with a selection of delicious sweets and a bottle of bubbly. These unique gift ideas include Poema Champagne, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn Snack Mix, and Chocolate Fleur de Lis Pecan Turtle. It also includes My Drink Bombs that are artisan handcrafted flavors to add pizzazz to your champagne or any drink. This woman-owned company empowers other women to become entrepreneurs.


A Wine Celebration

This gift basket is a reason to celebrate on its own. Your clients will enjoy La Crema – Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, Pirogue Praline, Sesame Water Crackers, and Brie Cheese.


Cajun Box

Part of the charm of New Orleans is the flavor of their Cajun culture. This delicious gift box includes Zapp’s Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips,  New Orleans Glazed Praline Pecans, Cajun Crunch Snack Mix, 2 Pirogue Pralines, Cousin’s Smokehouse Beef Jerky, Bulldog Pepper Jelly and Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar.


Pirogue Pralines

These amazing pralines not only come in some unexpected flavors they come with a feel-good story. The owners created this business to help their autistic son to have a place to use his organizational abilities. Treat your clients to 6 or twelve in an assortment of their most popular flavors including Original, Oreo, Coffee, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Chocolate, Creme Brulee, Oreo, Coffee, and MORE!


Without clients, businesses couldn’t survive, and finding a way to say thank you can be as easy as gift baskets from The Basketry. We hand-deliver locally and can ship things world wide. If one of our unique gift suggestions wasn’t perfect for your business or if you want to combine ideas, we are here to curate the perfect gifts for you. We work with our clients to create the gift baskets or boxes of your dreams.  Give us a call to curate your next gift!

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What gifts to send when Mardi Gras is cancelled?

What gifts to send when mardi gras is cancelled?

Mardi Gras is something people all over the country look forward to every year and New Orleans embraces it wholeheartedly. The city adopts a joie de vivre and excitement is everywhere. Not having Mardi Gras has cast a pallor over residents but nothing can take celebrating out of the season. At the Basketry, we know how to spread the Mardi Gras spirit no matter what is happening on the ground. Choose one of our Mardi Gras gifts to remind friends and family, near and far that nothing can keep NOLA down.

Mini King Cake

These traditional cakes decorated with gold, purple and green are yummy, and a fast and easy way to bring Mardi Gras to anyone’s home! A smaller version will feed four and you can’t help but smile and dream of Mardi Gras when you have it with a cup of strong coffee or a cup of steaming tea. It is the taste of Mardi Gras.


Throw Me Something Mister

This yummy gift will take you to a place where you feel like you are sitting in Jackson Square, downtown New Orleans sipping on a cafe-au-lait enjoying fresh made beignets and king cake! No matter where you live, you can use these gift baskets to make your own Mardi Gras treats at home. It includes Mini King Cake, Cafe Du Monde Coffee & Chicory, and Beignet Mix. Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralinette and Cafe Au Lait Praline, Chocolate Fleur de Lis Pecan Turtle, Chocolate Chip Love, Cookies, and traditional Mardi Gras Beads. They are the perfect Mardi Gras gifts when Mardi Gras gets canceled.


New Orleans Best

The BEST gift to make the recipient feel like they are right in the mix of a Mardi Gras parade Uptown! NOLA has so many delicious reasons to celebrate and this box includes the best. You will enjoy Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Hot Nuts, Pepper Jelly, Praline, Cafe du Monde Beignet Mix and Coffee & Chicory, New Orleans Glazed Pecans, Slap Ya Mama Seasoning, Crystal Hot Sauce and Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline.


The Grand Marshal

Transform any home into party central as you create your own Mardi Gras celebration. This Mardi Gras themed basket includes Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, 3 cans of Abita Root Beer, Bulldog Pepper Jelly an assortment of 3 Pirogue Pralines, French Market Coffee
New Orleans Nut Co. Praline Pecans, Cousins Smokehouse Traditional Beef Jerky,  3 Andy Roo’s Seasonings, Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle
Mardi Gras Chocolate Covered Oreo Set. Mardi Gras Beads and Feather Mask. Let the Good Times Roll!!


If we haven’t quite found the gift that says Mardi Gras to you, we have many other options. Our Mardi Gras pages provide lots of other ideas and combinations. The Basketry will create the gift baskets or boxes that you have in mind, it is our specialty. We will work with you to curate one that is perfect. Give us a call, chat with us, or order online. We can ship most items anywhere in the country and we hand delivery locally.

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Tis The Season for Holiday Gifting at The Basketry!

Tis the season for holiday gifting at the basketry

At The Basketry, we want to help make your corporate gift giving easy. We specialize in curating individual gift baskets or boxes that express the message you want to send to your clients, employees, and friends. We can include your custom logo, message, or promotional item. Check out a few of our best sellers.  If you don’t see something that fits your style just perfectly, no worries…we can curate a new one for you in your budget.

NOLA Christmas Basket

Imagine a holiday party with some favorite local snacks. This gift includes Chocolate Chip Love Cookies, Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Chips, Pirogue Praline, and 2 Creamy Original Pralinettes, Cajun Crunch Snack Mix, 2 cans of Abita Root Beer, White Chocolate Dipped Christmas Tree Pecan Turtle, and signature Mardi Gras Beads. All this deliciousness is tucked into a keepsake box.


A Sparkling Holiday

What says “Happy Holidays” better than champagne and sweets? Add some sparkle to the holidays with Poema Champagne, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn Snack Mix, “Merry Christmas” Chocolate Chip Cookie Pint Jar and white Chocolate Dipped Christmas Tree Pecan Turtle. The scalloped tin tray is the perfect way to showcase the contents of this delightful gift basket.


Joel Gott Holiday Wine Gift

For wine lovers on your gift list, this gift hits all the right notes. Begin with Joel Gott Cabernet and continue with delicious snacks. Spring Onion Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Brie Cheese, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, Lolli’s Chocolates Fleur de Lis Chocolate Covered Oreos, and Christmas Tree Shaped White Chocolate Dipped Pecan Turtle. You can choose to show it off on a Gold Metallic Charger or in a Wooden Pine Box.


Big Easy Holiday

This gift basket pays homage to all that is delicious about New Orleans. People can’t help smiling when they see Butter Pecan Praline Love Cookies, 6 piece Pirogue Praline Assortment, White Chocolate Peppermint Bark, Spring Onion Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Fleur de Lis Spreader, Hot Nuts, Slap Ya Mama Gumbo Mix and Seasoning, French Market Jazz Brunch Blend Ground Coffee, Cafe du Monde Beignet Mix and Zapp’s Potato Chips topped off with a New Orleans Kitchen Towel.


Veuve Holiday

This elegant gift features Veuve Clicquot Champagne. To complement it, Sesame Water Crackers, Brie Cheese, Santa Clause Frosted Sugar Cookie, Stacey’s Sweets Chocolate Chip Christmas Bombs, Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouline Cookies and two Chocolate Fleur de Lis Turtles. The Gold Charger is the perfect finishing touch.


A Walk Through New Orleans

 Anyone who has ever celebrated a Christmas IN Louisiana knows how unique and special that it is. When it comes to holiday gifting, it doesn’t get more Louisiana than this. This basket includes a New Orleans Skyline Coffee Mug, Fleur de Lis Chocolate in a Box,Raw Sugar Toffee White Chocolate Pecan Toffee, Lolli’s Chocolates Chocolate Dipped Oreos [4 Pack], Odi’s Jar of Butter Cookies, San Saba Peach Pecan & Amaretto Preserves, Robicheaux’s Specialty Glazed Pecans, 2 Chocolate Fleur de Lis Pecan Turtles, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, Orleans Coffee French Vanilla Coffee, New Orleans Nut Co. Honey Glazed Pecans, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, Sesame Water Crackers, and Brie Cheese!


This is the perfect season for choosing just the right corporate gift and it can be challenging. Let us help make the decision easier. You can choose one of these designs or give us a call so that we can create one that is unique for your business and clients. We hand deliver in the area and provide shipping all over the United States.  At The Basketry, customer service is our top priority and we strive to make sure your corporate gift baskets are exactly what you had in mind.

If you have an order that you would rather submit via email, simply click HERE.

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The Basketry Staff Top Picks For Christmas Gifts

basketry staff top picks for christmas gifts

We want to share with you our top 10 favorite Christmas gifts. All of us enjoy putting these gifts together for our customers, so we thought we would share them with you.  If you see something that you like, you can order EASY by shopping online or giving us a call to help!  We handle the delivery, shipping and offer curbside pick up.

A Holiday Hostess

There’s no doubt about it, this is the best hostess gift of the season.  It all begins with a Merry Christmas Cathedral Kitchen Towel and includes Poppy Salted Caramel Hand-Crafted Popcorn (AMAZING), White Chocolate Covered Oreo and White Chocolate Dipped Christmas Tree Pecan Turtle. Who doesn’t love a new beautiful kitchen towel to make things festive?


From Crook to Cook

If you are looking for a gift that will make them laugh, this is our top favorite fun gift to give this season! Snoop Dog shares his culinary expertise and just plain fun recipes in his first-ever cookbook. Everything from a fried bologna sandwich to lobster Thermidor is part of the fun.  We pair this great cookbook with some of our best selling seasonings to make a complete ready to give gift!


A Girl’s Weekend

Look out guys, be prepared to ask where’s my lady??? Christmas is the season to be jolly with your best girlfriends making this the perfect gift for that friend that you love to have fun with. It includes Brumate Hospulator Slim – White and Rose Gold Glitter, a White Claw Seltzer Variety Pack ( 12 cans), and a Voluspa Tin Jar Candle.  This is the PERFECT girls gift!


Fanning Leopard Joggers

Update:  These have been sold out, but we have LOTS of jogger sets in stock!!  We are in love with lounge pants that can transform your lazy day at home or “running around town” outfit into something special. The perfect Christmas gift for your fashion-forward friends and family these French terry joggers are sure to please.



This is our top favorite Christmas gift for any man in your life!! He is sure to love Ballwash, Goodhead Shampoo, Ballguard Liquid Powder, and Nut Rub Solid Cologne. This gift of men’s personal care items was created to make your man smell good all over.  It’s just awesome body wash, but the name is the BEST!


Tinsel and Spice Signature Jar Candle

This scent is a must-have for any space and any candle lover. With notes of juniper berry, cinnamon, and a twist of orange mandarin, vanilla, and forest woods it is the scent of Christmas in a jar.


Portia Top in Bambi

This is the perfect go-to blouse for everyday wear or evening festivities, also perfect for the “Louisiana” winter weather. You’ll love how neutral the Bambi color is, perfect for the women in your life.


Sweet Southern Relaxation

With 2020 being so stressful, this is our favorite gift for that mama you know who needs to be “taken away” when all the babes are finally asleep. This purely feminine gift basket includes Lollia Relax Foaming Bath and Perfumed Shower Gel, Finchberry Sweetly Southern Bar Soap, Voluspa Tin Candle, and Paulownia Wood Slice Serving Board.


A Charcuterie Surprise

Charcuterie is all the rave and we just can’t get enough of them; this gift is the perfect addition to any event, holiday party, get together, or date night! This jam-packed gift includes Brie Cheese, Curated Italian Meat, Grapes, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, Locally Sourced Honey, McCrea’s Caramels, and New Orleans Love Cookies. To make your gift even more special add Champagne or Wine and Fleur de Lis Acrylic Govino Glasses.


A Louisiana Christmas

You know we love us some New Orleans!! Who wouldn’t love this pair of Hand Painted Pelican Stemless Wine Glasses, Crushed Oyster Pelican Artwork, La Crema Chardonnay, Drink Bomb Set (Add a little flavor and sparkle to your favorite wine or champagne), Sesame Water Crackers, Brie Cheese, a half dozen Pirogue Praline Assortment and a Paulownia Large Serving Board.


At The Basketry, we create unique gift baskets and all the ladies who work here are dedicated to making sure that your gift is perfect and delivered exactly where you want it to go. We hope you love our favorites as much as we do but if you have a different gift in mind, let us curate it for you.

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Let us be your Fall Gifts Guide

Let Us Be Your Fall Gifts Guide Basketry Blog Post

Fall is one of the most colorful seasons of the year. It’s the one season where oftentimes nature is more radiant and splendid than any inside decor you may put out. Why not send fall gifts when event gifts are called for? While everyone else is sending holiday gifts you won’t just be one of the crowd. Pay a visit to our Facebook page and like us for a special thank you discount code for fall gift items from us. We have some fall gift ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. 

Fall Wishes

Fall wishes gift basket

You might call this a fall dream basket, it is chock full of the most delicious food and wonderful wine. It all begins with La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir the perfect wine for a fall basket with the bouquet of rich baking spices, cocoa,  ripe cherry, and anise. 2 Fleur de Lis GoVino Acrylic Shatterproof Wine Glasses provide the perfect way to enjoy the wine. Along with Poppin’ Pecan Snack Mix, Fleur de Lis Frosted Sugar Cookie, Stacey’s Sweets Pumpkin Cookie Bombs, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, Sesame Water Crackers, Brie Cheese, Fleur de Lis Spreader, Glazed Pecans
New Orleans Honey Glazed Pecans, San Saba Peach, Pecan, & Amaretto Preserves and 2 Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtles. Fall gifts for a discriminating palate.


Mind Your Own Biscuits

Mind your own biscuits gift platter

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fall business gift or a hostess gift, this basket puts together some of the best tastes of fall. A Paulownia Wooden Bowl is the perfect base for delicious Aunt Gloria’s Sesame Water Crackers, Cheddar Brie Cheese Spread, Stacey’s Sweets Pumpkin Cookie Bomb, San Saba Peach, Pecan and & Amaretto Preserves, Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, and an adorable “Well, Butter My Buns and Call Me a Biscuit” Hand Towel. 


Thankful for You

When you want to thank your clients or friends, these fall gift ideas hit just the right note. It starts with a bottle Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio and a lovely white-Louisiana embossed ceramic serving platter. What would a platter be with nothing delicious to serve on it and Stonewall Kitchen Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce, Everything Flatbread Crisps, and Dipping Pretzels along with “Thankful & Grateful” Chocolate Chip Cookies in Jar add just the right touch.  


Veuve Getaway

This gift basket is beyond special. You know when it starts with Veuve Clicquot Champagne it’s not going to be anything less than spectacular. It comes with a gold charger perfect for serving all the goodies including Aunt Gloria’s Sesame Water Crackers, Brie Cheese, Sugarfina Champagne Bears Chocolate Bar, Fleur de Lis Frosted Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Hazelnut Pirouline Cookies, and 2 Chocolate Fleur de Lis Turtles. 


Basil Hayden’s Gift Box

The perfect fall gift for any Basil Hayden bourbon lover. Start with Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and add Spring Onion Crackers, Brie Cheese, Boxed Chocolate Fleur de Lis, and a Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle. A winning combination. 


Can I Get A Who Dat?

When you want to send something locally brewed and thoughtfully crafted, you can’t do better than Who Dat from Urban South Brewery. This is not your average ale, where else can you find notes of lemongrass, green grape, and grapefruit? For the sophisticated beer lover, this gift includes a 6-Pack of Urban South Brewery Who Dat Golden Ale, Poppy Handcrafted Cinnamon Bourbon Pecan Popcorn, Lemon Cooler Love Cookies, Fleur de Lis Frosted Sugar Cookie, and Feridies Salted Peanuts. The perfect fall gifts for game day or any day.  


Fall is the season that always puts you in the gift giving mood! Let us help provide the fall event gifts that you need. We can hand deliver items or they can be shipped wherever needed. We are happy to work with you to curate individual or large orders. Give us a call or use our chat feature. We are looking forward to working with you to create the perfect fall gifts.

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2 Words: Charcuterie Boards!

2 Words: Charcuterie Boards! Basketry Blog Post

2 Words: Charcuterie Boards Basketry Blog Post Image

We are so excited to offer our clients something new, trendy and delicious, Charcuterie Boards. Italian meats and cheeses, combined with fresh grapes and other gourmet snacks paired with a bottle of wine! When you don’t know what to send to a hostess or for an office party, this is the ideal gift. The charcuterie boards are delivered in their original packaging to ensure safe enjoyment!

Our charcuterie boards can only be hand-delivered in the local area to Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, and the River Parishes to ensure freshness and satisfaction guaranteed!

A Charcuterie Surprise

Charcuterie gift surprise in a pretty arrangement paired with one of our delicious bottles of wine

What a welcome surprise this gift will be! Included are enough cheeses, meats, gourmet snacks, and wine for a very lucky couple or a small office party. This delicious gift includes Brie Cheese, a varying selection of Italian meats, grapes, sesame water crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, locally sourced honey, McCrea’s Caramels, and New Orleans Love, Cookies. If you want to take it to another level you can include a bottle of champagne and Fleur de Lis Glasses. Imagine rolling this delicious meat on the included tray with slices of cheese and grapes. Many beautiful serving options come to mind.


A Grand Charcuterie

A grand surprise charcuterie board gift display

If you need a little more in the way of cheese and meat, this platter includes two kinds of cheese, one brie, and another seasonal choice, and two Italian meats. The selection depends on availability. Additionally, the gift includes grapes, sesame water crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, locally sourced honey, glazed pecans, McCrea’s Caramels, and Lemon Cooler Love, Cookies. You may choose to add a bottle of wine if you prefer. Consider arranging the included platter with sweet choices on one side and savory on the other with grapes in the center, it’s all good!!


A Charcuterie Deluxe

A charcuterie deluxe spread

This is the ultimate party platter when only the best will do. Including  3 seasonal pieces of cheese ( one will be Brie), three Italian meats, grapes, sesame water crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, locally sourced honey, glazed pecans, Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, McCrea’s Caramels, and New Orleans Love Cookies. You have the option to add La Crema Chardonnay or Meiomi Pinot Noir to this gift. The items are boxes and will be delivered with a platter, honeycomb, and spreader.


A Classic Wine Gift

A classic wine gift makes the perfect gift for the party host

A perfect gift for the party for the wine lover this is the perfect combination of gourmet food and fine wine. Brie Cheese, spring onion crackers, a bottle Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Paulownia Wood Slice Board make a small but delicious combination. You can opt to add another seasonal cheese and Italian meats for a perfect party snack.


On the Rocks

On the rocks is the perfect gift for the adventurous host

When vodka is the drink of choice, this gift basket has a sweet twist but offers options for adding a savory note. It all starts with Seven Three Distillery St. Roch Vodka with a New Orleans Map Rocks Glass, Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle, Butter Pecan Praline Love Cookies, and a decorative Paulownia wooden tree tray. The savory note is supplied by seasonal cheese and Italian meats.


We hope that these gift ideas have given you a lot to think about. If you like the idea of charcuterie but would like to change some of the included items for your event gifts, we can work with you to curate the perfect boxes for your needs. Give us a call or use the chat option to talk to us about what you have in mind.

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Sneak Peak: Introducing our newest gift programs

sneak peek to The Basketry's newest gift programs

Executive Gifting Program

One call can set up a program that will allow you to relax and let us take care of your gift-giving to team members or clients. You can customize the gifts or you can use one basket or box for all occasions. We can even work your logo into our design if that is what you would like. The sky’s the limit with these executive gift ideas!  We are highlighting three of our favorites for you to consider.

Straight Bourbon

straight bourbon gift set

This gift is designed to impress any clients or team member who savors a fine bottle of bourbon and a good cigar. Included is a Corkcicle Cigar Glass  which holds your cigar while you sip on your favorite bourbon and  Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s a smooth choice.


The Three Wishes

the three wishes gift set

For anyone who appreciates a nicely balanced pinot will enjoy this executive gift. Included are Three Wishes Pinot Grigio, a Hand-Painted Oyster Stemless Wine Glass and Voluspa Tin Jar Candle in a nice keepsake tray.


Corporate Box

Corporate Box gift set

This box can be branded with your logo and is sure to please even the most obstinate client. It features Cousins Smokehouse Traditional Beef Jerky, Fleur de Lis Frosted Sugar Cookie, 2 Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralinettes and Chocolate Chip Love, Cookies. The Chocolate Chip Love Cookies can be personalized with your logo and we can also have your name printed on the ribbon for the box! A great way to get your brand out there.


Employee Appreciation Program

Employees who feel appreciated are more engaged and employee engagement tends to result in less employee turnover. We want to help make sure that you can keep your employees engaged with a program that is easy to implement and makes sure you never forget the important events in your employees’ lives.

A Beer and Snack Gift

A beer and a snack gift set

A tasty way to present New Orleans in a basket. A 6-Pack of  Port Orleans Riverfront Lager is perfect when accompanied by Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridie’s Gourmet Virginia Peanuts and White Chocolate Covered Oreo.


A Bubbly Celebration

A bubbly celebration gift box

This gift is perfect for so many occasions. It begins with Le Grand Courtage Sparkling Rosé and includes Rosé Bears Pink Chocolate Bar,
Champagne Gummy Bears and Harper + Ari Rosé Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. A bx any woman would love.


Happy Birthday Gift Box

This employee gift will make any birthday girl feel special.  She will love the Musee Bath Bomb, Stacey’s Sweets Birthday Cake Cookie Bombs, Tyler Candle Company Birthday Cake Jar Candle [with “Happy Birthday” custom sticker], “Happy Birthday” Confetti Beverage Napkins. 4 Rose Bud Soaps and a Pink Lace Loofah.


Both of these programs can include customized employee gifts that we will curate for you. Contact The Basketry through our Chat feature or email us at We will make gift giving as easy as set it and forget it.

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Wife Appreciation Day is September 20!

Wife Appreciation day September 20. Gift ideas to let her know you care.

You appreciate your wife every year, but this year is like no other. Giving her an extraordinary gift to show your appreciation on Wife Appreciation Day is the perfect way to express just how special she is. If you are like many men, gift-giving is not your strongest attribute. You may be asking what gifts for my wife can show her just how much I appreciate everything she does. At The Basketry, we take the worry out of gift-giving by putting together some exciting gift baskets and boxes for the woman in your life.

Bubbles & Baubles

This box hits all the right notes. If your wife needs to relax and de-stress you could not choose a better sparkly gift. It includes a Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Iridescent Drusy, Le Grand Courtage Champagne, Musee Bath Bomb, Bourbon Vanille Voluspa Candle Tin and Fresh & Clean Bar Soap as well as Fresh & Clean Fizzy Salt Soak from Finchberry.


Lavender & Bubbly

Lavender is known for its relaxing qualities and if its a scent she adores this box will send her over the moon. Nothing is more relaxing than a bubble bath, with a candle burning. This wooden box contains Archipelago Botanicals Lavender Bubble Bath, Finchberry Sweet Dreams Bar Soap, “Dreamweaver” Sleep Bath Bomb by Musee and Harper + Ari Dream Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. If you choose you can add a Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Pearl.


Southern Honey

Packed in our traditional white box this is a sweet gift. Your wife will enjoy Le Grand Courtage Brut in a Hand-Painted Stemless Oyster Wine Glass. She can enjoy it while she is in a bath with Finchberry Renegade Honey Fizzy Salt Soak or a Musee Bath Bomb. A Voluspa Bourbon Vanille Mini Tin Candle will help set a romantic mood.


Eternity Necklace

This circle of love is made in gold plated sterling silver with 8 baguettes in different shapes. A romantic gift to show how much your wife is appreciated.


Addie Earrings Rose Gold

What woman wouldn’t love these gorgeous filigree earrings? Created in the workshop of Kendra Scott these timeless earrings will provide years of fashionable beauty.


Favored Ring

Remind your wife that she is highly favored with this is a superb expression of love. A Mary (The Mother of God) Signet Ring is gold plated over sterling silver and is size adjustable.


Fit for a Queen

For the queen of your heart this gift says thank you for being the amazing woman that you are. It includes  Whispering Angel Rosé, Sprinkle Stemless Wine Glass and But First Rosé Gummie Roses.


Gift Card

If you’re looking for something more specific, a gift card is a gift any wife will appreciate. You can also add a gift card to any of our gifts.


Looking for gifts for your wife can be stressful. We hope we have put together a perfect gift for you. But if none of them is quite what you were hoping for, we will work with you to create the gift basket or box you had in mind. Nobody knows your wife better than you do and we can take that information and curate a gift she will love. Call or email us or use chat to tell us what you have in mind. Making our clients happy is what we do best.  You can pick up your git or we will deliver it for you with a handwritten card.

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Virtual Meetings and how to make them better

Blog post

Sending a gift to arrive the day before your virtual meeting is a great way to make the meeting more fun. Each recipient is instructed to “unbox” the gift during the meeting. Some of the gifts that we have made over the last 5 months include wine, a glass, crackers, cheese, pepper jelly, sweets and other items that pair with the wine. We have also done a relaxation gift with candles, bath salts, wine and pretty soaps. For more masculine meetings, we do a bottle of liquor, a glass and snacks that go with liquor. The ideas are endless and we work with clients to custom curate the perfect gift. Many times, if the meeting has a theme, we work around that theme.

Here are a few premade gifts that we have recently done for virtual meetings:

A Beer & Snack Gift

A Beer & Snack gift

How can you go wrong with a gift that includes the favorite beer of locals in NOLA? This snackers’ dream includes a 6-pack of Port Orleans Riverfront Lager, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridie’s Gourmet Virginia Peanuts and a White Chocolate Covered Oreo.


A Shot of Whiskey

A Shot of Whiskey gift set

What could make a meeting more fun than a gift that starts with high-quality bourbon and includes delicious whiskey inspired snacks to go along with it? This gift includes Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Chocolate Chip Whiskey Bombs, Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies with a hint of Whiskey, McCrea’s Single Malt Scotch Caramels served on a Paulownia Wood Slice Serving Board.


A Sweet Welcome

A Sweet Welcome gift basket

This is the perfect gift for any virtual meeting combining healthy fresh fruits, gourmet chocolate and delectable goodies. The basket contains apples,oranges, a Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar, 2 chocolate fleur de lis turtles, Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies and Feridies Salted Peanuts.


A Taste of the Big Easy

A taste of the big easy gift box

Make your virtual meeting more fun with a gift basket filled with popular locally made snacks. This New Orleans themed box is filled with Red Beans & Rice Chips, Peach Vidalia Salsa, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, 2 Abita Root Beers, Aunt Sally’s Pralinette and a Chocolate Fleur de Lis Turtle. Mardi Gras beads are the perfect final touch.


Big Easy Bienvenue

Big Easy Bienvenue gift set

Anyone will feel welcome when they receive this decadent gift. It includes: Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon, 2 Gold Fleur de Lis GoVino Acrylic Wine Glasses, Chocolate Chip Love Cookies, Sesame Water Crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Jar of Praline in a Cookie Butter Cookies, 2 Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralines and a Fleur de Lis Spreader. All served on a gold tray.


Cajun Box of Treats

Cajun Box of Treats gift box

Add a little spice to any virtual meeting with these tasty treats. The box offers Zapp’s Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Love Cookies, New Orleans Honey Glazed Pecans, Cajun Crunch Snack Mix, 2 Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralines and Cousin’s Smokehouse Beef Jerky.


Louisiana Sweet Olive Gift Set

The Basketry Louisiana Sweet Olives Gift Basket

Sweet olive is a scent that appeals to that special Southern woman. It combines the floral notes of orange blossom, hyacinth, gardenia, sweet olive blossoms with just a hint of lavender. Sweet Olive Soap Works is a locally owned business, created out of a family tradition by an entrepreneurial woman. The products are made with locally sourced ingredients when possible. This lovely gift set is sure to set any woman’s virtual meeting off to a great start. It includes Sweet Olive Bar Soap, Body Butter, Dead Sea Salt and Fleur de Lis Guest Soap.


If you need a gift for a virtual meeting, the best way to order is to use our website chat feature to reach out or to call us at 504-309-7935. We appreciate the opportunity to work specifically with your needs.

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Back to School: Essential gifts for the teacher you love love.

Back To School Featured Image

Back To School: Essential Gifts For The Teacher You Love

Gifts for teachers are something parents usually think about at the end of the school year. In 2020, the school year ended abruptly and teacher gifts were the last thing on anyone’s mind. As families get ready to go back to school, parents are feeling a lot of gratitude to the teacher who will be teaching their children whether it is in the classroom or virtually.  At The Basketry, we have an exceptional selection of essential gifts for the teacher you love as they venture into the “new normal” of teaching. 

2020 Survival Prayer Candle

The Basketry 2020 Survival Prayer Candle

This amazing candle from Mose Mary and Me is a gift that gives twice. $5 from every sale goes to Feed New Orleans Second Line and it will help your favorite teacher to survive whatever is thrown at them. With this year, there is no telling what that could be and the candle also includes a humorous sentiment.


Geode Bath Bombs

The Basketry Geode Bath Bombs

These hand-painted bath bombs are SLS free, paraben-free and phthalate-free. Choose from four different stones with a variety of fragrance options. Amethyst with the scent of lavender, clary sage, and eucalyptus. Turquoise with accents of kumquat and mango. Rose Quartz with notes of sandalwood and rose blossom. Moonstone with soft rose, velvet gardenia, and sweet honeysuckle. No matter which you choose, they are the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing bath.  


Louisiana Sweet Olive Gift Set

The Basketry Louisiana Sweet Olives Gift Basket

Scented with Sweet Olive Blossoms, Orange Blossoms, Hyacinth, Gardenia, and a hint of Lavender, this bath and body box is sure to please a special southern woman. It includes Sweet Olive Bar Soap, Body Butter, Dead Sea Salt and Fleur de Lis Guest Soap.  


Plague Slayer Hand Sanitizer

The Basketry Plague Slayer Hand Sanetizer

When nothing but the most effective germ killer will do, this sanitizer does the job. Fragrance-free, 70% Ethyl Alcohol and including aloe to keep your hands from drying out. This is a sanitizer that donates 25% of all profits to Direct Relief supporting healthcare workers. 


Prayer Candles

Prayer is something everyone needs in this unprecedented time and these beautiful gold prayer candles are made in Louisiana. Supporting local businesses is always a priority. 


Be Kind Shirt

Kindness is something the world could use more of right now and this shirt promotes it beautifully.  We will donate $5 from each shirt purchased to Son of a Saint, to help fatherless young men in New Orleans. 


Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Nothing helps relieve stress like a good night’s sleep and lavender is especially good at promoting relaxation. This gift combines the best of aromatherapy with a beautiful sleep mask. 


Gifts of Gratitude – We have a whole section on our website with gifts that say thank you. 

As your children head back to school, we hope that one of the gifts for teachers we suggested is perfect for the teacher or teachers who are important to you. But if we haven’t quite hit the mark, we are happy to curate the perfect gift basket or box for you. Give us a call or visit our store to tell us exactly what you have in mind. We will wrap it beautifully and we can deliver it for you as well. 

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Thank you to people who helped with funeral arrangements

Thank you blog

Thank you to people who helped with funeral arrangements, The Basketry

When you lose a family member, making funeral arrangements can take a lot out of you. It is a time when you need a shoulder to lean on and when some people step up to help out with the funeral arrangements it can make a world of difference. When all the ceremonies are over and you have time to think again, you may realize that you want to do something to show appreciation to these special people. At the Basketry, we have a wide selection of gift baskets and boxes that are a perfect way to say thank you.

Amazing Grace

Send the gift of relaxation with this handcrafted natural Musee Bath Bomb and two rose petal soaps. It is a great way to say thank you at an affordable price.



Thank you gift for funeral arrangements

If something a little more is in order, this takes relaxation to a whole other level. This gift box includes three Finchberry products Renegade Honey Fizzay Salt Soak, Renegade Honey Soap Bar and Soap Saver [which helps keep your soap like new!]. Finchberry creates handcrafted products made with no preservatives and is vegan friendly. Add to that Barefot Dreams CozyChic Socks in a light gray color and 4 Rose Bud soaps and you have a gift sure to please.


Hand Painted Wooden Churches

Unique one of a kind hand painted churches from local Baton Rouge artist Nicole DeMoss is a gift that anyone will consider a blessing. Offered in three sizes, this lovely faith-filled gift was created from repurposed fence pickets and sends a faith-filled thank you.


Oat Milk Relaxation

What could be more relaxing than a bubble bath? This gift box comes complete with three products from Archipeligo Oat Milk Bubble Bath, Oat Milk Hand Creme and Oat Milk Soap. Archipeligo uses botanically based ingredients, essential oils and all products are paraben free. The box also includes a Voluspa Candle Tin and Fleur de Lis Hand Soap.


Prayer Candle

Prayer is something that often follows a funeral and these beautiful gold prayer candles will be a beautiful addition to the home of anyone of faith.


We hope one of these gift suggestions will be perfect for the people you have in mind to say thank you to. But if none of them is exactly what you were thinking of we will be happy to assist you by curating a box or basket to your exact specification. At The Basketry, the staff has years of experience coming up with the perfect gift for our customers. Everything will come beautifully wrapped and have a handwritten card. We are passionate about what we do and after 20 years, we know how to please our customers. Give us a call or stop by our shop to let us help you with the perfect gift. We can hand deliver in the local area on short notice or ship items around the country. In this time of COVID, delivery times may be longer than usual.

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Gifts to those who kept you in business during Covid-19

Gifts to those who kept you in business during COVID-19

Gifts to those who kept you in business during COVID-19

The last few months have been difficult for everyone and especially those trying to keep their businesses going. Loyal customers have made all the difference. As things return to a new normal, you may be looking for a way to say thank you to those who kept you in business during Covid-19. At the Basketry, we have lots of gifts, big and small that would make the perfect thank you for these very special customers.

A Shot of Whiskey

A Shot Of Whiskey Gift The Basketry

This gift pays homage to whiskey and centers around the American favorite whiskey bourbon. Your recipient will get to enjoy the artfully aged small batch taste of Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The smooth flavor with a touch of spice has a mild bite that is appreciated by connoisseurs of fine bourbon. Combined with soft baked Chocolate Chip Whiskey Bombs, Chocolate Chip Cookies with a hint of Whiskey and McCrea’s Single Malt Scotch Caramels and it creates a winning combination. It all sits on a decorative Paulownia Wood slice tray.


Aunt Sally’s Creamy Praline Assortment

Aunt Sally's Creamy Praline Assortments The Basketry

Aunt Sally’s has been a New Orleans institution for 85 years. It all began in 1935 in a log cabin in the French Quarter and still today provides a taste of NOLA. This gift lets you send a sampler of either six or 12 pralines in their most popular flavors. The 6 Pack offers 3 Creamy, 1 Bananas Foster, 1 Chocolate and 1 Cafe au Lait and the 12 pack offers 3 of each flavor. This sweet gift is New Orleans in a box.


Big Easy Essentials

Big Easy Essentials Gift Box, The Basketry

Some iconic items just scream New Orleans and this wooden pine box comes packed with all of the essentials you need to experience the Big Easy. It includes Café Du Monde Beignet Mix, Aunt Sally’s Pralines, 2 Chocolate Pecan Fleur de lis Turtles, Crystal Hot Sauce, Tabasco Pepper Jelly and French Market Coffee to enjoy with your beignets. The Mardi Gras Feather Mask reminds everyone of the happier times in the Big Easy. Like all of our gifts, this one can be customized to your particular tastes.


The Skyline Mug Gift Set

The Skyline Mug Gift Set, The Basketry

The New Orleans skyline is easily recognizable and it stands out on this lovely mug from Nola Tawk; a southern-centric, female-owned and operated New Orleans brand. Add to that a Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar and Orleans Coffee French Vanilla Coffee Beans and you have a delicious gift that every coffee lover will enjoy.


Or let The Basketry build you a custom gift

We can customize any of these suggested gifts or we can create a unique one for your business. We are happy to work with you to curate the basket or box that expresses your personal style and taste.

At The Basketry, we are here to help you come up with the perfect gift to thank those who kept you in business during Covid-19. Give us a call or stop by the store and we will create the box or basket you are envisioning. We can deliver locally on short notice or gifts can be mailed, allowing for delays caused by the pandemic.

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Birthday Gifts For When You Can’t Meet In Person

Birthday gifts for when you can't meet in person

Birthday gifts for when you can't meet in person

Birthdays are a time for gathering with family and friends to celebrate. Whether it’s grandma’s house or a favorite restaurant or bar, birthdays are a time for togetherness. When situations arise which keep you apart, a birthday gift you have hand-delivered is even more important. At The Basketry, gift baskets and boxes are what we specialize in. We have gifts for all occasions but we have a special place in our heart for birthdays.

A Birthday Toast

a birthday toast

For the birthday boy or girl who appreciates something bubbly and sweet, this bento box of goodies is a winning gift. This gift includes Includes Birthday Cake Caramels, Ice Cream Cone Gummies, and Heavenly Sours from Sugarfina, Le Grand Courtage Brut a delightful French bubbly wine and a Sprinkle Stemless Wine Glass to enjoy it in. Cheers to a Happy Birthday.


Birthday Party

birthday party theme gift box with sweet and savory snacks and cookies cake

Just because you can’t get together to celebrate a birthday this year doesn’t mean you can’t have all the birthday fixings hand-delivered to that special someone. This birthday party in a box includes Lemon Cooler Love, Cookies, 2 Aunt Sally’s Pralinettes, Poppy Salted Caramel Hand-Crafted Popcorn, Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle and “Happy Birthday” Chocolate Chip Cookies. A perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages.


Birthday Sweets

gift set featuring le grand courtage champagne and sugarfina birthday cake caramels with seafoam bow

When you just want to give a little something sweet to someone who is having a birthday. A bottle of Le Grand Courtage Brut, light crisp bubbles with fruity overtones of honeydew and Meyer lemon and Birthday Cake Caramels from Sugarfina the ultimate in luxury adult sweets. Guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits.


The New Orleans Gentleman Birthday

masculine gift with socks rocks glass chocolate coookies and birthday cake

For the man in your life on his birthday, this is a gift that both supports New Orleans business and says I care even if I can’t be there. The box is filled with a New Orleans Map Rocks Glass, Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, Lolli’s Chocolate Covered Oreos, Boxed Chocolate Fleur de Lis, Butter Pecan Praline Love, Cookies and a “Happy Birthday” Cookie Cake [During this time of social distancing, please note that the cookie cake may be substituted for an item[s] of equal or greater value]


Just Add Cake

birthday girl wine glass bath bomb cookies and candle in gift box

Say Happy Birthday to a girl you care about with this lovely box of girly gifts. Included are a Voluspa Tin Jar Candle in Prosecco Rose, “Happy Birthday” Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, Musee Happy Birthday Bath Bomb,“Birthday Girl” Stemless Wine Glass and 4 Rose Bud Soaps.


This is a small taste of all the wonderful birthday options we have available. When you can’t be together to celebrate a birthday with someone in your life you can brighten up their day with a birthday gift from The Basketry. If you didn’t see exactly what you want or you want to combine some of the options, we can help make it happen. You tell us how much you want to spend and we will come up with the perfect basket or box. At The Basketry, we pride ourselves on our ability to curate the perfect gift for any and all occasions. The gift will be hand-delivered. Call us to discuss what you want and to check what delivery options are available.

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The Types Of Gifts People Are Giving In The Wake Of COVID-19

The Types Of Gifts People Are Giving In The Wake Of COVID-19

The Types Of Gifts People Are Giving In The Wake Of COVID-19

The spring of 2020 has been an unprecedented time all over the United States. People have been staying home and social distancing to stop the spread of Covid-19. It has been a difficult time for everyone since in spite of all the turmoil, life has gone on. Friends and family may not be able to gather but the desire to share life events, both happy and sad has not changed in this time of coronavirus. Now as we open up again things seem to be getting back to a “new” normal.

At The Basketry, we have been here through it all to help you to express your feeling with gifting,  As New Orleans comes back to life stronger and better than ever we look forward to serving you in person as we have for over 20 years. We have some gifting suggestions to help you reconnect with some of those you haven’t seen since everything shut down.

Gifts of Gratitude – Saying Thank you is more important now more than ever.

Thankful Treat

thank you gift in small theme box with coffee cookies and popcorn

Who doesn’t love chocolate cookies from Love? Add to that a bag of Poppy Salted Caramel Handcrafted Popcorn which we believe is the best popcorn you will ever eat, and you have a winner. But there is more, French Market Coffee, a New Orleans favorite, and an additional cookie depending on what is available.  This sweet box includes a selection of treats sure to please.


Gifts to Clients that you have not heard from or that have been shut down.

Cozy Up & Relax

relaxing gift set includes cozy socks, coconut exfoliating cubes, and charcoal rose lotion

Is there anyone who doesn’t need to relax after the last two months? We think not. This is a gift box that says I care and includes Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Socks, Coconut Exfoliating Sugar Cubes from Harper +Ari and Charcoal Rose Lotion from Archipelago Botanicals.


Gifts to those who kept you in business during Covid -19

Sweet Thank You

Sweet Thank You Gift Basket full of sweet treats

Any small business knows that they owe their ability to survive the coronavirus to their dedicated staff and customers. This delightful box includes lots of goodies including  Aunt Gloria’s Sugar Cookies, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, Fleur de Lis Chocolate in a Box, San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn Snack Mix, Praline in a Cookie 2-Pack and Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle. Due to coronavirus, there may be some substitutions in this box but rest assured, it will make someone’s day.


Thank you to people who helped with funeral arrangements.

Prayer Candles 

gold prayer candles with silver cross

These beautiful gold candles make a powerful statement of support while also supporting a local business.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times.


Stay Strong

warmies eye mask charcoal pore mask body wash

Let’s face it, these have been stressful times and getting a gift to encourage relaxation is sure to please. This box includes Archipelago Botanicals Milk Body Wash and  Oat Milk Bar Soap, Voluspa Tin Candle in Blond TabacLapcos Charcoal Pore Care Face Mask and Warmies Eye Mask which can be warmed or chilled depending on your need.


At The Basketry, we hope that we have suggested something perfect for you but we are happy to work with you to curate a perfect gift basket or box to connect with people in the wake of Covid-19. Call us for delivery and timing details.

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Gifts that give back

gifts that give back

New Orleans has been through a rough time but it is in tough times that you see the real spirit of the people who make NOLA the special place that it is. It is hard to keep a great city down and as we start to recover we need to remember those who helped to make sure that the residents of our great city felt as safe and protected as possible as we all battled the invisible enemy who was trying to take us down. At the Basketry, we have always been people-oriented and we believe in giving back to the city, to the workers and to all of our customers.

A Shot of Whiskey

Who doesn’t love a shot of good whiskey? When you want to say I am thinking of you this gift has a lot going for it. It includes a bottle of Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Stright Bourbon Whiskey which is small-batch, has been aged to perfection and provides a unique spicy-sweet taste on the palate. It is a whiskey that is made to be shared but in this time of isolation, it can bring to mind those you would be sharing it with. Stacey’s Sweet Chocolate Chip Whiskey Bombs have just a hint of Kentucky Bourbon, enough to make you feel special but not enough to give you a buzz. McCrea’s Single Malt Scotch Caramels and A Paulownia Wood Slice Serving round out this delightful whiskey centric gift. A handwritten gift message is included along with a festive bow.


Quarantine Survival Kit

Quarantine has been hard, working from home, homeschooling and just trying to make things seem normal in this abnormal time. Shortages have made it even more difficult. This basket will bring a smile to anyone who receives it and may even meet a very necessary need. It includes five rolls of toilet paper and a choice of several different liquors or wines. A handwritten gift message will tell the recipient how much you care in your own words.


Thinking of You

sweet olive salts finchbery soap sugra cube scrub and voluspa candle with rose soaps

Let’s face it, these have been stressful times and if you know someone who could use a lovely basket of relaxation items, this is the perfect gift box. The theme is minty and includes Sweet Olive Bath Salts, Finchberry Bar Soap
Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, Voluspa  Tin Candle and four Lavender Rose Petal Soaps. All tied up with a delicate bow and a handwritten message.


When you are ready to send a great gift basket to someone please consider giving one of these three special baskets. $10 will be donated to show our appreciation by providing meals to the healthcare professionals at St. Charles Parish Hospital-Ochsner Health. Help us to say thank you to those who have put their lives on the line every day to help all of us get through this unprecedented time safely. These three gifts make the recipient, the donor and the healthcare professionals in New Orleans all feel good.

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5 Father’s Day Gifts

5 gifts for father's day

When it comes to the man in your life who has always been there for you, no matter what you call him papa, padre, father, daddy or just good old dad, on Father’s Day you want to give him something very special. Whatever kind of dad you have, a sporty dad, an outdoorsy dad or a happy in his recliner dad, at The Basketry, we have a gift that will be perfect for him. We have created our Just for him Baskets selection of boxes and baskets to provide you with a wide variety of options. To give you a few ideas for starters we are including some of our favorites.

Crawfish Season

crawfish season gift including crawfish socks, jack daniels whiskey, new orleans map rocks glasses, and chocolate crawfish

If dad enjoys the smooth taste of Tennessee Whiskey this is a gift that is sure to please. It includes a bottle of Jack Daniels and A New Orleans Map on the Rocks glass. Add to that Bonfolk New Orleans Crawfish Socks and a Lolli’s Chocolate Crawfish and you will bring a smile to dad’s face.


Local Sips and Snacks

abita rootbeers and beef jerky with cookies and cashew mix in a gift box

What could be more fun for every dad than a taste of local New Orleans goodies. This tasty box includes two bags of Cousins Smokehouse Traditional Beef Jerky, two cans of Abita Root Beer, Chocolate Chip Love, Cookies and  Robicheaux’s Specialty Cashew Snack Mix. A little salty, a little sweet and all over delicious, this is a box that is sure to please.


Straight Bourbon

bottle of basil hayden's bourbon whiskey with corkcicle cigar glass sitting on bar cart

If dad is a bourbon and cigar sort of guy, this gift will certainly get his attention. This gift starts with a bottle of Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey which is created in small batches and aged to perfection. It is based on a two-hundred-year-old tradition and never fails to please. The box also includes A Corkcicle Cigar Glass which holds a cigar while the bourbon is sipped.


The Jazz Man

festive socks cookies and manly bath wash on wooden plank

Show dad how much you love him with this special gift with a slight jazz twist. It includes Bonfolk New Orleans Jazz Socks, Olivina Men Black Oak Hair, Face & Body All-in-One Wash, Dark Chocolate Mint Love Cookies and a Paulownia Wood Slice Board. You can always add his favorite Jazz CD to his total gift to make it even more personal.


The Essentials

olivina set in masculine scent with soap body wash shave ream lotion on a wooden plank

For the dad who always wants to look his best this gift will give him all the essentials he needs. From Olivina all-natural Men Bourbon Cedar Hair, Face & Body All-in-One Wash, Men Bourbon Cedar Exfoliating Bar Soap, Men Bourbon Cedar Conditioning Shave Cream and Men Bourbon Cedar Restorative Hand Rescue will all make sure that he smells as good as he looks. All topped off with a Paulownia Wood Sliced Tray.


We hope that we have really hit the mark for you with these Just for him Baskets and boxes. If however, you didn’t see quite the perfect combination for you, we will happily curate a basket or box to your specific specifications. We will work with you to put together exactly what you have in mind. Give us a call and we can create the basket you have in mind and deliver it in a timely manner.

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5 Quarantine Gifts For Every Event

5 quarantine gifts for every event


Covid-19 has turned the whole world upside down. Everyone’s reality has changed as states issue Stay at Home Orders. In the midst of all this uncertainty life still continues. Even though we may not be able to gather with our fellow workers, our clients or our families, gift-giving events happen. At the Basketry, we are still here to help with a gift basket or box and we can hand deliver them or provide curbside pick up. We hope that these 5 quarantine gifts for every event will remind you of someone who would love to hear from you.

A meeting Welcome

gift box featuring sweet treats coffee and beads

Virtual Conference – In the current social distancing environment and even after, there will be times when you have a virtual conference. Your fellow conference attendees will enjoy this tasty gift box. French Market Coffee has been a tradition in New Orleans for the last 130 years and is as relevant today as it was then. What goes better with a cup of coffee then Butter Pecan Pracline Love Cookies? When a sweet is called for Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines fit the bill. New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans are the perfect anytime snack.
Included in the box are iconic Mardi Gras Beads. The gift box is wrapped with a festive bow and topped off with a handwritten personalized gift message.


Cheers Champagne Campaign

champagne campaign ballons courtage yes way rose go vino and candle tin

Virtual wine celebrations for Bachelorette Parties- Get your laptops, phones and tablets fired up to celebrate with a virtual bachelorette party with your besties. This great gift will make everyone involved feel part of the party. You will be toasting the future bride with Le Grand Courtage Sparkling Rosé in your “Yes Way Rosé” Acrylic Wine Glass. To make the atmosphere perfect a tin candle from Voluspa in Prosecco Rose scent and 2 Champagne Campaign Confetti Balloons are included. Lift your glass and share the moment even if you can’t be together.


Prayer Partner Bracelets

Sympathy – When you can’t gather with someone in their time of loss due to social distancing, this set of two prayer bracelets sends a strong and clear message that they are in your thoughts and how much you care. You can pray together for comfort and each of you gets one of the bracelets. A simple, prayerful and thoughtful gift for anyone in distress.


A NOLA Getaway

cozy cottages tray and mug popcorn chocolate coffee

Birthday – When you can’t be together to celebrate a birthday, this gift is the perfect combination of items to bring NOLA to mind. It includes Orleans Coffee French Vanilla Coffee, Poppy Cinnamon Bourbon Pecan Hand-Crafted Popcorn, Piety & Desire Dark Chocolate Bar and Creole Cottages Ceramic Mug and Platter. A gift that anyone would love to receive to celebrate their special day.


Cajun Box Of Treats

wooden pine box filled with sweet and savory local treats

Graduation – Whether it is high school, college or any other kind of graduation, this box of tasty Cajun treats is sure to please. Who wouldn’t love getting Zapp’s Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Love, Cookies, New Orleans Honey Glazed Pecans,
Cajun Crunch Snack Mix, 2 Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralines and Cousin’s Smokehouse Beef Jerky. When you can’t be there, this box says we support you.


At The Basketry, we are committed to providing our customers with a gift that is sure to please no matter what the occasion and even in the most difficult situation. If none of these gifts is the perfect choice for you, give us a call and we can put together a gift basket or box that will match your needs and expectations. While our store is closed to traffic we are available on the phone or on the Internet. We are also available via online chat.

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Precautions We Are Taking at the Basketry

While this time of the Covid-19 Virus has been challenging for small businesses, it is also a time when being creative comes in very handy. At The Basketry, being creative is what we are all about and today more than ever, we love our community and remain committed to our clients and to our employees to be there to bring some sunshine into their lives in this dark time. Our storefront may be closed but our website is up and running and filled with great ideas to help you to choose the perfect gift.


Just because we are all social distancing, it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you by creating a great gift basket or box for someone that needs to be cheered up or is celebrating a special occasion. We are practicing social distancing by having no more than two employees in the store at any one time and we can still hand deliver or provide curbside pick up for any gift basket or box that you might need. Our commitment to our customers remains unchanged even though we have to do things a little differently.


We are making sure that everything that we do follows the CDC guidelines, no delivery people are allowed inside the store and deep cleaning is done every week. Your safety and the safety of our staff is of primary concern. We will all get through this together. We are committed to helping our community first responders. We asked our pick-up customers to color in a section of a chalk cross we drew in front of our store. When it is complete, we will place that special design on an item that we will sell to raise funds for these courageous people who put their lives on the line every day.


We know that as we work our way through these trying times that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, we are here to help you to keep up a sense of normalcy and to celebrate the times that call for a great gift. We have lots of creative ideas on our


website but we are also here to talk to you and to curate a perfect gift for you. Give us a call and tell us what you need, when you need it and if you would like to pick it up or have us do hand delivery. At The Basketry, we have been here for more than 20 years and we hope to be here for many more. Our hours may be limited and we may not be able to guarantee same-day delivery but we can still make sure that we create a gift box or basket that anyone will be delighted to receive.

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5 Gifts To Make Jazz Fest Poppin’

5 gifts to make jazz fest poppin'

Jazz Fest began 50 years ago with a spontaneous meeting between Mahalia Jackson, Duke Ellington and the Eureka Brass Band. George Wein was hired to create a festival in New Orleans to showcase the best of Jazz and Heritage. The result has thrilled millions of attendees in the years that followed. with great food and crafts combined with the music that is the soul of New Orleans. How can you go wrong? When you want to give a gift basket that embodies the spirit of Jazz Fest, no one can do it better than we can at The Basketry. When you want to get Jazz Fest poppin’, we are here to make that happen.

With the treat of Covid-19, Jazz Fest is still up in the air.  We would like our customers to reserve gifts as if Jazz Fest is on schedule instead of waiting until the last minute and risking not having inventory.  We will refund all clients if Jazz Fest is cancelled.

Abita Party Box This could just as easily be called NOLA or The Big Easy in a box. It is a taste of what New Orleans is all about through locally sourced products. Included are six cans of Abita Root Beer, an assortment of Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Plocky’s Red Bean and Rice Tortilla Chips with Louisiana style pepper seasoning, Hampton Farms Hot Nuts, Cajun Crunch Snack Mix and Vidalia Peach Salsa. For the chocolate lover Aunt Sally’s Creamy Original Praline and Cafe au Lait Praline.


Hangover Recovery Kit When you party into the wee hours of the night you may feel a little under the weather the next morning. A true friend will have thought of this and provided this great selection of items to help with the recovery. This very popular box includes two Emergen-C Packets, Alka-Seltzer Plus Packet, Advil Packet and Hangover Buster Shower Burst. Your friends or guests will thank you for this one!!


New Orleans Map Umbrella While everyone hopes the weather will cooperate for Jazz Fest, it is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. This umbrella is both stylish and practical and makes a great gift for not only Jazz Fest attendees but for anyone visiting New Orleans.


The Grand Marshall If you are trying to make someone feel as special as the grand marshall or to send a basket that a whole office will enjoy, there is the perfect gift. This gift basket comes packed in a lovely hammer tin fleur de lis container which makes a great gift on its own. Inside you will find a taste of New Orleans with Zapps Chips, Cajun Crunch, Abita Root Beer, Jambalaya Girl Jambalaya Mix, Hot Nuts, a selection of Aunt Sally’s Pralines, Slap Your Mama Seasoning and Gumbo Mix, two chocolate pecan fleur de lis turtles, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, French Market Coffee and a Fleur de Lis Hand Towel and spreader.


A Carnival Time Snack For the perfect snack whether it is carnival time or Jazz Fest this gift basket will give your guests a perfect New Orleans pick me up. It includes Zapp’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Mini King Cake, Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline, Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Pralinette, a Mini Tabasco Hot Sauce and Mardi Gras Beads.


If you want to keep Jazz Fest Poppin’ there is no way better than a gift basket from The Basketry. If none of our suggested baskets is exactly what you are looking for, we will work with you to curate the perfect gift basket or box. We can work with you in person or on the phone. We offer delivery to anywhere that you need your gift basket to go. We look forward to working with you to create the perfect Jazz Fest gift.

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Press Release – Mardi Gras Gift Basket Displays Partnership With Local Vendors

Mardi gras gift basket display partnership with local vendors

The Basketry offers special options for the 2020 Mardi Gras season. The partnership with local vendors includes food and apparel items, all with a Mardi Gras theme.


Luling LA: The Basketry and Kristi Brocoto are pleased to announce the creation of their 2020 Mardi Gras gift basket, filled with choice items with a seasonal theme. The Basketry makes good use of its partnership with local vendors to fill gift baskets with a variety of unique and exciting products. The gift items are designed to be welcomed by local visitors, as well as those who receive a shipment of NOLA-themed items. 


Mardi Gras is a busy time as The Basketry helps customers send gifts to their clients and out-of-town family and friends. They also help locals gear up for the biggest party of the year! The gift baskets feature items from favorite local vendors.  The gift baskets are comprised of earrings from Satazi, tabletop runners, serving dishes and towels from Parish Line, as well as trinket dishes, cups, wine glasses, and fun cookies for parade route parties.

Find out more here


A spokesperson for the company explained, “The Basketry is proud to offer Mini King cakes year-round. Unlike a large King Cake, the Mini version ships better and is more affordable as we combine several items to create an office party. We partner with Franks, a local supermarket, to provide delicious Mini King Cakes. We get them fresh daily and include them in our Mardi Gras gift boxes and basket, paired with coffee, pralines, beads, masks, Zapps chips, and local chocolates. We ship and deliver.”


“Our huge Mardi Gras apparel section,” she continued, “is always a special treat as we try to give locals something a little different every year. A few of our best sellers are listed here ( ), but be sure to stop in to see the entire collection. Ell & Atty is a sock manufacturer here in New Orleans. They make cute socks for men with many different designs, including Louisiana shapes, tigers, oysters, jazz themes, Mardi Gras themes, and more. We concentrate on the New Orleans collection.”


Further details are available at The Basketry


Contact Info:

Name:  Kristi Brocota

Company:  The Basketry

Address:  12337 Hwy. 90, Luling LA 70070

Phone: (504) 309-7935



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4 Gifts to Make Mom Feel Special

4 gifts to make mom feel special

Mom is the woman who always supports you. She is there for you in the good times, bad times and sad times. You can count on her for an honest answer when you need one, sometimes even too honest but when it comes to mom’s gift, nothing is too good for her. If you are like most people, you spend a lot of time worrying about finding just the perfect mom’s gift, it can be nerve-wracking. That is where we at The Basketry come in. We know moms, all different kinds of moms and we can help you to find the perfect gift basket to tell her just how special she is to you.

Well Deserved

Mom will certainly feel special with this lovely gift set which includes two items from local New Orleans company Sweet Olive Soap Works, the Rosemary Mint Dead Sea Bath Salts and the Fleur de Lis Guest Soap. She is sure to love the Musee Bath Bomb, Lollia Wish Mini Hand Cream and the Voluspa Milk Rose Jar Candle. Topped off with a Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace which comes in assorted colors this gift is well deserved. If you have a color preference you can let us know and we will make sure it is perfect for your mom.


Corkcicle Stemless Wine Glass

corkcicle wine rose

This Corkcicle Stemless Wine Glass is both a practical and fun gift. With easy-grip sides and a silicone bottom, this stainless steel glass will stay put and cool or warm depending on the beverage it contains and includes a spill-resistant lid. Available in five uniquely named colors. this gift is sure to make mom feel special and including a bottle of wine or a pound of coffee takes it over the top.



Calm is something that most moms need and appreciate and this gift provides some very relaxing items. Lavender is known for its calming effect and these three items from Archipelago Botanicals Lavender Bubble Bath, Lavender Hand Creme and Lavender Bar soap will all add to her relaxation and feeling of peace. Add to that a Voluspa Bourbon Vanille Tin Candle and mom will be able to unwind and enjoy the relaxation and calm she deserves.


Fleur de Bubbles

sweet treats wine glass voluspa candle on porcelain platter

Mom is sure to enjoy this very special gift that includes a bottle of Le Grand Courtage and a hand-painted oyster stemless wine glass to enjoy it in. She can nibble on a frosted fleur de lis sugar cookie or a Sucre chocolate. The Voluspa Casa Pacifica candle in a tin will offer hours of pleasure and all of it comes on a practical white southern platter.


Making mom feel special is all about showing her how much you love her. All of these gifts include gift wrap and a handwritten note and can be delivered at the time and place you desire. We hope you see something that will make your mom feel special but if we haven’t quite achieved that, stop by our store or give us a call and we will create a gift basket for her that is exactly what you have in mind. At The Basketry making you happy makes us happy.

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Which of our items are people talking about?

Which of our gifts are people talking about?

At The Basketry, we create gift baskets for all of life’s events. Whether it is a special day, a special event, a special person or for no reason at all, we curate a gift box or gift basket that creates the impression that you are striving for. We do lots of different gifts some of them are single gifts and not part of a basket or box but we have to confess that certain of our items are more popular than others. Our best sellers are varied and we are confident that once you see them, you will find one that will become your personal favorite. Here are some of the items that people are talking about.

Benedictine Blessing Bracelet – Gold

If you are looking for a special gift for a person of faith, this handmade bracelet may be just what you are looking for. It is made in Medjugorje at the base of Apparition Hill where since 1981 the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing to children to bring a message of peace and love to the world. The bracelet comes in gold metallic or black and has 10 Benedictine Medals and a “blessed tag”. It is attached to a card that tells the story of Medjugorje and the Benedictine Medal. It is one size fits most wrists.


Always in Rose Gift Set

always in rose gift for women

When you want to give roses to someone special, this gift lasts a lot longer than a dozen long stems. Combing the enchanting scent of rose and hibiscus, Lollia’s Always in Rose is a scent that gets people talking. This gift includes three Lollia Always in Rose products bubble bath, hand cream and shower gel as well as 4 rose petal soaps. A sweet-smelling gift for any woman in your life.


Birthday Cake Wishes

lollia body wash soap bath salts candle and bath bomb gift set

When you are looking for something unique for the birthday girl, this box can be customized with the addition of a Kendra Scott Elisa necklace in your choice of color. It also includes Sweet Olive Soapworks La Vie En Rose Dead Sea Bath Salts, Musee Bath Bomb, Lollia “Relax” Fine Hand Soap, Voluspa Tin Jar Candle in Prosecco Rose, Archipelago Botanicals Charcoal Rose Bar Soap and Rose Petal Soaps.


Big Easy, Big Heart

New Orleans Themed Gifts - Big Easy, Big Heart socks and sweet and savory treats

This gift is New Orleans in a box. It’s no wonder people are talking about it, it combines some of the best things that NOLA has to offer and for every one ordered a gift box of necessities is sent to a homeless shelter. Included are Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, Zapp’s Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips, Abita Root Beers, New Orleans Nut Company Honey Glazed Pecans, Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline & Pralinette, Frosted Fleur de Lis Sugar Cookie and Mardi Gras Beads. It’s all good.


Mardi Gras Mambo Shirt

Click to Order the Mardi Gras Mambo Shirt

Get ready for Carnival Season with this tie-dyed shirt in two patterns and three different sizes. Choose from stripes or circles and you will be ready to let the good times roll.


Hand-painted Oyster Wine Glasses

hand painted oyster glass

Each one of these glasses is special and one of a kind which makes it worthy of being talked about. The S.Bynum Art’s signature gold paint takes it to another level of uniqueness.


People are talking about these great gifts from The Basketry and it is no wonder. We know gifts and we are experts that put together a great gift basket or box and these best-sellers are among our customers’ favorites. If however, they are not exactly what you had in mind that is never an issue. We will work with you to create your personal gift vision. Stop by our store or give our talented staff a call so that we can work with you to create your vision. Your gift can be shipped or delivered to the location you choose on the date you want it to be.


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7 Administrative Appreciation Gifts That Will WOW!

7 Administrative Appreciation Gifts That Will Wow

7 Administrative Appreciation Gifts That Will WowWhere would your business be without your administrative professional? On Administrative Professionals Day, you can recognize what an important asset they are with administrative gifts. If you are at a loss on how to begin, let The Basketry help you choose a basket that will let your administrative professional know just how much they are appreciated.

Louisiana Saturday Night

 Nothing says thank you quite like a bottle of good Kentucky bourbon and Basil Hayden’s is more than just good, it is a small batch premium whiskey that has a smooth flavor with a touch of spice. Included are honey glazed pecans from New Orleans Nut Company, a whiskey wedge and a fleur de lis chocolate pecan turtle. Packaged in a wooden box this has a more masculine leaning with Bonfolk purple and gold socks that feature maps of Louisiana and tied with a masculine colored ribbon. We can customize this box however to create one with more feminine socks and ribbon.


New Orleans Made

 We are proud of all the great products that are produced in New Orleans and this gift puts some delicious favorites together. Everything tastes better with a great cup of coffee and the French Chicory from Orleans Coffee is a local favorite. Sweet indulgence is provided by the Jar of Praline in a Cookie butter cookies, chocolate covered Oreos with fleur de lis from Lolli’s, milk chocolate pecan toffee from Raw Sugar Toffee and honey glazed pecans from New Orleans Nut Company. All served with a wooden tree tray from Paulownia.


Who Dat Bolt Balm Glitter

 For the woman who shines at her job, help her to shine through the night or anytime she wants. This glitter with the addition of kind to the skin aloe is a perfect choice.


Artfully Aged

boss' gift - artfully aged

 Bourbon is a drink that goes down smooth and none is smoother than Basil Hayden, one of the finest Kentucky bourbon whiskeys on the market. Paired with a double-sided wood wrapped jigger and a New Orleans Map rocks glass this is a classy gift for an administrative professional who is in a class of their own.


Grower’s Delight Signature Sampler

 It’s the unique flavor of raw cane sugar combined with premium chocolate and butter fresh from the farm that makes the treats from Maggie Richardson’s Raw Sugar Toffee so special. This gift includes milk chocolate pecan, white chocolate cashew, dark chocolate almond and four pecan toffee pralines. For the administrative professional with a sweet tooth, it doesn’t get any better than this.


Grand Appreciation

 Saying thank you doesn’t come any better than this with a bottle of Poema champagne and lots of goodies. Both sweet and salty items including a dark chocolate bar from Piety and Desire, sugar cookies from Aunt Gloria, Lolli’s chocolate dipped pretzel rods, San Saba pecan popcorn and chocolate pecan fleur de lis turtle.


Gift Card

 Gift cards really are a one size fits all gift. We have so many wonderful gifts in our store that any administrative professional will find something or several things to please.


We hope that we have made choosing a gift for Administrative Professionals Day easier for you. If none of these options is quite what you had in mind we will be happy to work with you to curate the perfect box or basket. At The Basketry, we take your ideas and use them to create the perfect administrative gifts. Give us a call or stop by our store to let our staff help you create the ideal gift. We also offer delivery if that is what you need.

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6 Valentine’s Day Gifts for That Special Someone

6 valentines day gifts for someone special

6 valentines day gifts for someone special

He or she is your special person no matter what day of the year it is but on Valentine’s Day you want to let them know just how special they are. A basket or a box from The Basketry makes a thoughtful Valentine’s gift that says without words exactly how important they are to you. We have put together a few exceptional gifts that we hope will be exactly what you were thinking when you were deciding what your gift for your special person should be.

For Him -Your Special Man

A Smoke of Genius

A smoke of genius valentine's day gift for men

This gift is perfect for your cigar-loving sweetheart. It includes a Corkcicle cigar glass that is the perfect place to lay your cigar while you indulge in a sip of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. It is a manly way to multitask. This gift comes wrapped in clear shrink wrap and includes a handwritten message.


Beer Mine

abita amber beer paired with duke cannon old milwaukee beer soap and corkcicle bottle popper sitting on top bar cart

If your guy is a beer lover, he will love this beer gift. The ultimate in beer lover’s gifts is Duke Cannon “Big Ass Beer Soap” made with Old Milwaukee. He will be able to fully immerse himself in the scent he loves while enjoying a steamy hot shower. No beer lovers gift would be complete with a bottle of Abita Amber and the Corkcicle Decapitator, the perfect bottle opener for a cold brew. Beautifully shrink wrapped this gift is delivered with a handwritten gift message.


The New Orleans Gentlemen

new orleans gentleman gift for men

Any gentleman will love this gift but if he has a soft spot for NOLA it will be even more perfect. It includes some of the best of the city including a New Orleans Map Rock Glass, Bonfolk New Orleans Socks, Chocolate covered Oreos from Lolli’s, chocolate fleur de lis and lucious Butter Pecan Praline Love cookies. All this packaged and wrapped with a handwritten gift card.


For Her – Your Special Woman

Sweetly Yours

Sweetly Yours Valentine's Day gift for women

For your sweetheart, this gift offers some lovely personal care products that will make her feel cherished, loved and appreciated. Included in the gift box are three Finchberry products, shimmer body wash, bar soap and hand cream. For an additional element of relaxation, we have included a Voluspa mini tin candle and a Musee bath bomb. All wrapped up with a pretty bow and a handwritten message.


Always in Rose Gift Set

always in rose gift for women

Roses are a symbol of Valentine’s Day and this Valentine’s gift combines roses with the scent of hibiscus that will be a treat to her senses and last long after the fresh roses you may give her. Included in this gift box are Lollia Always in Rose Bubbling Bath, Hand Cream and Perfumed Shower Gel as well as four rose petal soaps. A delicate ribbon dresses up this gift for her and it also includes a handwritten gift message.


Louis Sherry Box of Chocolate

high end chocolate gift for valentine's day

Nothing says “I love You ” like high-quality chocolate and Louis Sherry is just that. This lovely tin box of truffles has been enjoyed by some of the most important people in the world and you can let her know that she is the most important person in your life. This is a gift that will be treasured by anyone who enjoys the pleasure of chocolate.


We hope that we have helped you to find the perfect Valentine’s basket or box for your sweetheart. If we have not quite gotten it right, we would love to work with you to curate the perfect gift. At The Basketry, it is our pleasure to make sure that your gift is perfect. Stop by our store or give us a call and we can work together to make sure your Valentine’s gift is absolutely perfect. Your chosen gift can be delivered where and when you want it.

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8 Gifts for New Orleans Meetings and Conferences During Mardi Gras

8 gifts for Mardi Gras meetings and conventions

8 gifts for meetings and conventions during Mardi Gras

New Orleans has been named one of the top 50 meeting destinations for the past six years and all indications are that the next six will be even better. The city has proven that it has what it takes to make a great meeting or conference destination. With a walkable downtown, fabulous music and some of the best restaurants in the world, the city has a lot to offer any time of the year. During Mardi Gras, there is not another place in the country, and maybe even the world, that is more exciting. Once you have your meeting or conference dates set, it is time to consider some of the other things that will make it memorable to your attendees.

You will want to give your people something to take home in addition to lots of great information from your meeting or conference. We have come up with 8 gifts for New Orleans meetings and conferences during Mardi Gras that we think will make your event a standout and bring a smile of pleasure to the face of everyone who attends and thinks back on your event. At The Basketry, making your event gifts special is what we do and we do it well. Here are some suggestions for things that we think your attendees will enjoy.

Chocolate Fleur de Lis

mardi gras meeting gift

Nothing is more symbolic of New Orleans than the fleur de lis. It has been the symbol of the city since its settlement by the French in 1717. What could be more appropriate than a delicious chocolate treat from Southern Candymakers in this iconic design?


Aunt Sally’s Praline Cafe au lait

aunt sally praline gift

Aunt Sally’s Praline Cafe au lait is a taste that screams New Orleans, and when it is combined with a handmade praline that is made fresh daily in New Orleans, you have a memorable gifting success. Coffee lovers will find instant addiction.


Bonfolk Socks

bonfolk socks for gift exchange

These 100% cotton socks are not only stylish and a fun gift, but they also do good. For every pair sold one goes to someone in need either at a shelter or through a charity. This is the ultimate feel-good gift.


New Orleans Welcome Gift

New Orleans Welcome

This gift bag offers a real taste of New Orleans. Crispy Zapp’s potato chips, two Aunt Sally’s pralinettes, New Orleans honey glazed pecans, chocolate fleur de lis, bottle of water, and the most recognized symbol of Mardi Gras; Mardi Gras beads. We can even create a custom label for you on the bags to solidify your brand.


A Mardi Gras Welcome

a Mardi Gras welcome gift

If Mardi Gras has a taste, this gift has captured it. Zapp’s Voodoo kettle chips cast a spell that is hard to resist being a little hot, a little sweet and totally addictive. Add to that a mini king cake, handmade from scratch lemon cooler love, cookies, 2 cans of Abita root beer and Mardi Gras beads and you have a gift that is sure to please.


New Orleans Map Umbrella

New Orleans Map Umbrella

We hope that your meeting or conference experiences only sunshine but this practical gift will be appreciated by all of your attendees.


Map Rock Glasses

New Orleans map rock glass

This lovely 11 oz on the rocks glass, etched with a map of the City of New Orleans, makes a great gift. The glass is boxed and can be marked with your company logo.


Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras Party Basket

If you are looking for the full Mardi Gras experience, this box is the answer. It includes delicious treats as well as three feather masks and lots of Mardi Gras beads. It is Mardi Gras in a box!!


We hope that we have given you some ideas for gifts for New Orleans meetings and conferences during Mardi Gras. At The Basketry, we try to anticipate what your attendees will enjoy but we also enjoy working with you to choose items that meet your expectations. We will help you to fulfill your vision with our excellent selection of items. We encourage you to visit our store or our website to see what we have available and to talk to us about making your meeting or conference memorable for everyone who attends.

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8 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last minute Christmas gifts 2019

Last minute Christmas gifts 2019

Do you sometimes feel that the Christmas season gets longer every year and yet you are always waiting until the last minute to pick out those special gifts? If you do, you have lots of company. Time has a way of getting away from everyone during the holidays and that’s why it is such a good thing that great places like the Basketry exist. Not only can we help out with great ideas for last-minute gifts, but we can also make sure that they are delivered for you so that no one ever has to know that you didn’t plan their gift way in advance. Let us help you to keep all the people on your Christmas gift-giving list impressed with your thoughtfulness. Best of all, all of these options are under $30.

Here are 8 last-minute Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

A Smoke of Genius

last minute Christmas gift for boss

A Smoke of Genius is the perfect gift for that man on your list who enjoys a good cigar and a smooth drink. It includes 200 mL of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and a Corkcicle glass to hold his cigar between puffs. If more than $30 is what you prefer to spend then adding his favorite cigars to the gift is the perfect touch. It comes wrapped for that special man and includes a handwritten gift message.


Corkcicle Stemless Wine Glass

corkcicle stemless wine glass

This is a perfect gift for friends and family or just about anyone who enjoys a glass of wine or a sip of something else. This package includes the stainless steel tumbler which keeps drinks cold for nine hours and warm for 3 hours (for a special hot toddy or Irish coffee) and the lid. With five great colors to choose from, this is a gift that can work for anyone on your list. It is also available in other glass styles, talk to our staff to learn more.


Fleur de Lis Acrylic GoVino Set

fleur-de-lis govino set

This set of two stemless wine glasses is a lovely little gift on its own or added to a bottle of the recipient’s favorite wine.


New Orleans Map Rock Glasses

New Orleans map rock glass

This is the perfect gift for someone who will appreciate being reminded that there is no place like New Orleans. Team it up with a bottle of their favorite spirits to take it over the top.


Hand-Painted Oyster Wine Glass

hand painted oyster glass

For the person who will appreciate the fact that this is a hand-painted unique original this is a gift to be cherished. Each shell is trimmed with S.Bynum Art’s signature gold paint. If you need more, add a bottle of wine and be prepared for them to be wowed.


NOLA Skyline Cutting Board

new orleans skyline engraved cutting board

This is a gift that will delight both locals and those who live elsewhere. It is a quality cutting board made of bamboo that is lovely enough to just hang on the wall and enjoy.


Pinch Me

pinch me crawfish bonfolk socks

For the men in your life who will enjoy a gift that is 100% made in New Orleans these great socks and Lolli’s chocolate are perfect. It just doesn’t get any better.


Whiskey Wedge

whiskey wedge

Keep a drink cold and strong with this great gift. No watering down the drink like regular ice cubes.


When you are feeling the time crunch as the holidays approach you can be confident turning to the experts at the Basketry to help you to come up with the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts. We hope that you found something perfect in the suggestions that we have provided. But if we have not quite

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How To Set The Perfect Holiday Table

How to set the perfect holiday table

The holidays are all about family and friends, good food and festive decorations. So much goes into making everything just the way you like it that anything less than a perfect holiday table is unthinkable. No matter what your personal taste, at the Basketry, we have those special decor items that can set your holiday table above the rest. Let us help you to set the perfect holiday table with these beautiful and practical items. Not only are they right for your own holiday table, but they make thoughtful gifts to send to family, friends and associates.

Here are some of our favorite holiday table decorations.

Christmas Dangle Leg Runner

Christmas Table Decorations

This festive table runner will be a conversation starter on any table that it graces. It combines the practicality of canvas with the beauty of felt. Santa has never looked better or happier.


Christmas Whimsi Towels

Christmas Towels

No one can look at these whimsical cotton towels and not smile. They are charming and all include an appropriate holiday saying including Merry Reindeer, Oh So Jolly Nutcracker and Merry Christmas Santa. These would make an ideal hostess gift at one of the holiday parties you will be attending.


Milk and Cookie Set

Milk and cookies Christmas dish set

Stay on Santa’s nice list with this adorable milk and cookie set. It is the perfect setting to leave out on Christmas Eve and use many nights after. A reminder of the child in all of us and the importance of milk and cookies in the Christmas celebration. The plate is debossed with a line from “Night Before Christmas”.


Bistro Bar Utensil Set

Bistro Bar Christmas Decor

Everything the home bartender needs to serve holiday drinks, this five-piece set is stainless steel with brass finish. Utensils include a shot jigger, bottle opener, strainer and bar spoon. All set in a mango wood BAR block to keep everything neat.


Ceramic Antler Platter

ceramic antler platter

In mottled white, this stylish seasonal platter goes well with any decor. The generous size makes it a useful addition to any holiday table.


Family Gathers Here Lazy Susan

Family Gathers Here lazy susan

This lazy susan has the perfect sentiment for anyone who cherishes family, especially during the holiday season.


Livin’ On The Veg Serving Set

Livin' on the veg serving platter

This beautiful and practical serving dish will be a welcome addition to any holiday celebration. There is no such thing as too many serving pieces and the addition of the silver-plated serving spoon makes it extra special.


Marble Deer Spoon Rest

marble deer head serving spoon rest

While reindeer are part of Christmas decor, this marble spoon rest can fit into any home decor and will become a year-round favorite.


We hope that we have given you some ideas for your own holiday table and some holiday gift ideas as well. If you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for among our suggestions we welcome the opportunity to work with you to curate a gift box or basket that is exactly what you had in mind. You can mix and match the things we included or visit our website or store and check the many other items that we have to create the perfect holiday table.

At the Basketry, we listen to your ideas and turn them into one of a kind gifts. Our creative staff knows the right questions to ask to help make sure that you end up with exactly what you have in mind, a gift that you will be proud to give. With 20 years of experience, you can count on us to make your gift-giving dreams come true. We will wrap your gift beautifully and even deliver it for you if that is what you desire. We can work on a very short turnover time but if you want delivery, keep in mind that it is the holiday season and out of town delivery may take a little more time than usual.

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8 Gift Ideas for a White Elephant Gift Exchange

8 Ideas for a white elephant gift exchange

Ideas for white elephant gifts

Christmas is the season when gift-giving reaches its all-time high. Gifts are exchanged with family and friends and even with total strangers in the office Secret Santa. On some of those gift-giving occasions, a long-held tradition is the White Elephant gift exchange. Gift exchanges can be loads of fun. They go by many names including White Elephant, Dirty Santa, Yankee Swap, Swiping Secret Santa and Thieving Elves depending on what part of the country you happen to live in.

This fun way to exchange Christmas presents is a party favorite, and no matter what it is called, it has similar rules. The participants bring wrapped gifts that are placed in a designated area. All the participants draw a number to see the order the gifts will be chosen. The participant with number one goes first, chooses a gift and opens it. Then the person with number two picks a gift and opens it and if they like what number one chose better they exchange gifts with them. It goes on until the last gift is opened and all people have had a chance to choose among the opened gifts. In the end, the person with number one can steal anyone’s gift. It is all good fun and usually, much laughter ensues. So making sure that you choose a gift that will appeal to everyone is important. At the Basketry, we have many gift ideas and here are a few that are appropriate for White Elephant Gifts or Dirty Santa Gifts.


Arctican white elephant gift

This great can cooler will keep drinks cold for up to 3 hours and comes in four colors, including two neutrals and two fun colors. Depending on what you want to spend you could add a six-pack of craft beer.


Bonfolk New Orleans Socks

bonfolk socks for gift exchange

These fun socks are a great gift for both men and women. This is a feel-good gift with a pair going to the homeless for every pair purchased.


Christmas Stemless Wine Glasses

christmas glasses gift

No one could open this gift and not smile. Choose the saying that fits best, Until I Get Blitzen, Gettin’ Elfed Up or It’s 5 O’Clock at the North Pole.


Fleur de Lis Acrylic GoVino Set

fleur-de-lis govino set

This pair of wine glass makes the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of your favorite red or white wine.


Ho Ho Homemade

cookies and mug inexpensive Christmas gift

Santa will thank you for this charming mug with a slot for a cookie. This gift comes with some chocolate chip cookie love and you can supply some cocoa mix to take it over the top.


Hand-Painted Oyster Wine Glasses

hand painted oyster glass

Depending on the value of the White Elephant gift you are supposed to bring you could buy a pair of these charmers. No two are alike since they are hand painted. The gold trim provides the perfect festive holiday touch.


Liquor Bottle Tag Set

liquor bottle tag set gift

These four tags are pure class. Made of brass-finished cast aluminum they are etched with gin, vodka, tequila and whiskey. No matter what their preference they should find these are a gift that is stylish as well as useful.


New Orleans Juice Glasses

Nola Juice Glass

This pair of glasses is New Orleans inspired. Jackson Square, The Garden District, streetcars and St Louis Cathedral are all portrayed.


We hope that these 8 gift ideas for a White Elephant Gift Exchange have inspired you. If we haven’t we invite you to come into our store or visit our website and look at the many items that we carry. We have something for every budget and every taste, If you have something in mind, give us a call and we will be happy to put it together for you. Gifts can be delivered if you can’t get into the store and we will happily wrap your gift for you. With our 20 years of experience, our staff is dedicated to making sure that you can find exactly the right gift to give.

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7 Christmas Gift Ideas To Make You Stand Out To Your Boss

7 Christmas Gift Ideas To Make You Stand Out To Your Boss

7 Christmas Gift Ideas To Make You Stand Out To Your Boss

Choosing Christmas gifts for your boss that will make you stand out can be enough to make you stress out. Let’s face it, nothing humdrum is going to make an impression, it has to be something special to get you the attention that you are looking for. At the Basketry, we are experts at making a good impression and helping you to stand out. We have put together a list of seven sure-to-please Christmas gift ideas and we’re happy to work with you in putting one, two or even more of them together with all the other amazing things that we have in our store to create a one of a kind box or basket.

A Smoke of Genius

Christmas gift for boss

This is the epitome of masculine gifts with the Corkcicle cigar holding glass and Jack Daniels Bourbon. If you want to add a little something extra to up the ante, why not pick up some of his favorite cigars. You won’t have to worry about standing out after this Christmas with such a memorable gift.


Artfully Aged

boss' gift - bourbon

If your boss happens to be a bourbon lover, this gift is sure to please. It includes a 750L bottle of Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey, a product of the Jim Beam’s small batch bourbon collection. In addition, this gift includes a double-sided wood wrapped jigger and a New Orleans map rocks glass. This gift really doesn’t need anything else to make a very positive impression on your boss.


Big Easy Bienvenue

new orleans gift basket

This welcome to the Big Easy basket is perfect for a boss who may be from out of town and allows you to introduce them to the warm feeling that makes New Orleans so special. A great bottle of cabernet sauvignon together with fleur de lis glasses to enjoy it along with a bevy of delicious snacks that epitomize the flavor of the Big Easy.


Brew it Up

coffee gift for boss

For the boss who loves coffee, this is a charming taste of New Orleans. Included is a Corkcicle mug, French vanilla drip blend coffee from Orleans Coffee, and a luscious chocolate pecan turtle with fleur de lis from Robicheaux Specialty Candies.


Can I Get a Who Dat

Who Dat gift

For the craft beer-loving boss, this is a gift that will bring a taste of New Orleans to wherever they happen to be. Who Dat is a product of the Urban South Brewery. Some delicious snacks round out this gift option and make it one that can be enjoyed for New Years Day or Super Bowl Sunday.


Happy Holidays to You

happy holidays gift basket

This lovely Christmas gift includes a Louisiana serving platter, a bottle of pinot grigio and some sweet and salty snacks to serve with it. Your boss will have a heads up on some of their own holidays entertaining with this very practical gift and they will remember who gifted it to them.


Southern Hospitality

This delightful pine box combines some of the best things that the south has to offer. You can’t go wrong with Carnivor Cabernet, beef jerky, pecans, and chocolate.

At the Basketry, we specialize in customer satisfaction. Our specially curated boxes and baskets use only the finest gift items available. We aim to please and if you don’t see what you are looking for among our suggestions, we will be happy to work with you to create exactly what you have in mind. Call us or stop by our store and let us create the perfect boss Christmas gift to make you stand out. We will wrap the basket, box or gift beautifully and we are able to deliver gifts if that is what you need. With more than 20 years of experience, we know happy customers are the lifeblood of our business and we go the extra mile to make sure that every gift basket or box we create is perfect.

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New Must Have Christmas Decorations for 2019

must have christmas decorations for 2019

7 new must-have Christmas decorations for 2019

It’s that time of year again when all thoughts turn toward Christmas. Christmas decorations turn a house from just a dwelling into a home and they are a great way to express your personal taste. They also make an excellent gift for just about everyone on your gift-giving list and this year, 2019 there are some must-have Christmas decorations that anyone would love to have in their home or receive as a gift. Think about people in the office, mothers-in-law, newlyweds. friends, and that someone who is just impossible to buy for. Whether buying for yourself or giving as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a gift basket or box with Christmas decorations from the Basketry.

Bistro Bar Utensil Set

Bistro Bar Christmas Decor

This is the perfect gift for anyone who entertains, and it is unisex so it will work just as well for a man or a woman. Throw in a bottle of their favorite libation if you want to take it over the top.


Deer Wreath Hanger Wall Decor

Deer Christmas Wreath

A beautiful deer wreath hanger is a statement piece that can be used to hold a wreath or it can be used solo as wall decor. This one has a shiny gold finish on paper mache that makes it light and easy to handle while being in style and eye-catching. It is a combination of country and glamour.


Gold Edge Marble Board Set

Gold edge marble board set

The gold foiled edge of this stylish marble board has holidays written all over it. The delicate-looking spreader is the perfect accompaniment to set out with the board for a Christmas party cheese spread. Adding some delicious cheese and crackers would be a nice touch for a favorite hostess.


Reindeer Caddy

Reindeer Caddy Christmas decoration

This galvanized tin reindeer with three canning jars has country written all over it. Fill the jars with the treats, greens or holiday decorations to create the perfect holiday centerpiece or mantle decoration. Or use it to hold the holiday cutlery for a perfect addition to the holiday table.


Tartan Cable Knit Towel

Tartan Christmas Towels

Who doesn’t love tartan plaid for Christmas? Choose one of these three charming linen hand towels featuring Santa, a Reindeer, or Christmas tree. Two of the towels include a dimensional bell. These will complement the decor in anyone’s kitchen or powder room.


Christmas Dangle Leg Runner

Christmas Santa dangle leg table runner

Santa has never looked cuter than he does dangling off the end of this washed canvas runner. For a casual holiday touch that has the perfect sentiment printed on it, this is a gift anyone will enjoy.


Christmas Stemless Wine Glasses

stemless Christmas glasses

If you want to get a smile out of the person you are gifting, these wine glasses are the perfect gift. You have the choice of three amusing sentiments and you will get a really big smile if you add a bottle of wine to your glass choice. Choose from “Until I Get Blitzen”, “Gettin’ Elfed Up” and “It’s 5 O’Clock at the North Pole”.


Twas The Night Tassel Throw

Twas the night before Christmas blanket

Clement Clarke Moore’s iconic “A Visit From St. Nicholas” is printed on this woven throw blanket with tassels. It is large enough to snuggle under on the couch while enjoying a favorite Christmas movie and pretty enough to become your most treasured holiday decoration.


At the Basketry, we want to help you to make Christmas gift-giving as seamless as possible. All of the Christmas decorations we have suggested would make a great Christmas gift for someone on your list; and pick up one for yourself while you are at it. We hope that you will love some of the gifts that we have suggested but if we have not quite hit the mark, we can curate a gift basket or box with the gifts of your choice. Give us a call or stop by our store to talk to one of our gift experts. We pride ourselves on being able to create exactly what you want and need. We will wrap it beautifully for you and we can deliver your gift even on short notice.

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Behind The Shrink Gun!

Meet the staff of The Basketry

The people behind the shrink gun - meet The Basketry's staff. 

We love helping customers create the perfect gifts, and we thought you’d like to learn more about the folks behind the shrink gun! Kristi, Alex, and Ali have worked together in production for many years.  All three take orders, create gifts and make customers smile, but individually they carry three very important roles.

Kristi, the owner since 1995, is the mother of two children. Bella is in her second year at USM in Hattiesburg and Nick is a junior at Holy Cross in New Orleans.  A fun fact about Kristi is that she just completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, and she loves to go fishing.  She would love to go turkey hunting someday.  Her burning desire is to take a month off from work and travel.

Alexandra is the Director of Operations.  She handles the work of 5 people which includes managing the website, placing orders for the store, hiring new employees, and taking care of customer’s requests.  Alex is a Doodle dog mom at night.  Her two doodles are her babies!  Another fun fact about Alex is that she has been to 4 different countries and plans to visit 4 more by next year. Her burning desire is to drink her way through Europe.

Ali is the Production Manager.  She handles all of the customer orders, trains and manages new employees, and takes care of all of the large projects.  Fun fact about Ali is that she is used to be a stand-in for NCIS New Orleans and movies such as Selfless.  She loves sports, especially baseball and football.  Her burning desire is to start her own fashion line.

Together, the production team takes care of nearly 400 gifts per week on average.  Recently they took pictures of a few new gift ideas that have made their way online.  You can see them here.


Let Kristi, Alex, and Ali take care of you.  Next time you need a gift, give us a call to help! 1-800-385-9601 or 504-309-7935

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Client Gifting Tips

Client gifting tips.

Client Gifting Tips

Building a relationship with your client is the single most important ingredient for a successful business. The more you invest in your client relationship, the more likely they are to continue to do business with you.  The best way to do this is by sending them a gift of appreciation.  

Today we’re sharing the five simple tips for curating your client gifting experience.

Tip 1:  Send a gift with a purpose:Client gifting tip - send a gift with meaning.

Most gifts fall into four categories:

  • Onboarding – welcoming a client or a new hire gift
  • Appreciation – holiday gifts or referrals
  • Personal milestones – weddings, birthdays, new home, or new little ones
  • Professional milestones – events, launches, or congratulatory gifts

Each of these events provide an opportunity for you to show your gratitude for your client’s business and nurture the relationship!

Tip 2:  Set a budget:

The biggest question that I get is about the budget.  Think of the cost of dinner, a ball game or a round of golf.  It should not cost a fortune, but it should reflect the value of the time that the client has given you.

Tip 3: Think about your client and send the right gift:

When we are building a gift for you, we think of everything.  We think of the functional aspects as well as the items the client will keep.  Here are a few things you should think about when making your selections:

-Is it going to an office and will they need to share?

-Should we include a promotional item of yours for them to keep?

-Would it be a good idea to include the family in this gift?

Send gifts at planned, random times.

Tip 4:  Send your gifts at planned random times:

We call this planned randomness.  It’s best to send for Thanksgiving and “Give Thanks” versus Christmas.  A cute Valentine gift that says, “We love doing business with you.”  Sending a gift for a client’s birthday is a great way to make them feel special.  The idea is to send a gift at an unexpected time.

Tip 5:  Personalize your gift!

The best way to personalize your gift is with a hand written gift card.  Other ways that we make the gift personal is by adding their initials or last name on a marble board or cutting board that we can use as the container.  We also love to personalize glasses.  By adding a last name or an initial to the gifts, you are letting your client know that you put effort into the gift.

Have your gift delivered.

Tip 6:  Let us deliver!

When we hand deliver to your client, it makes a huge impression.  It’s a huge surprise and it makes a much bigger impact than if you make the delivery.

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The Perfect Gift for your New Clients

The perfect welcome gift for new clients
The perfect client appreciation gift!
As business owners, we want new business.  It’s the reason we get out of bed each day!  The best way to generate a new lead or to thank a new customer for coming on board with you is to let The Basketry send a gift on your behalf. Kristi Brocato, owner of The Basketry has been a Gift Expert for over 25 years.  She has helped thousands of companies send the perfect gifts to clients, employees and their families. Here are Kristi’s top tips for welcoming a new client.

Tip #1:  Make the gift all about the client. NOT

about you!

This is not the time to make this gift a promotional item.  Don’t get me wrong, including your coffee mug and your sticker is a perfect addition to the gift, but don’t go overboard.  There is no need to throw promotional items all over this gift because it will get thrown away and so will your new business.  This is the perfect example of how to use your name to create the perfect welcome gift without going overboard.
“Thank you for Brewing Up business with us!”
A custom client appreciation gift for 5 Stones Media, a marketing agency in Hammond, LA

Tip #2:  Don’t spend a lot of money, but don’t look cheap!

Think about the cost of dinner, a round of golf, or tickets to a game.  Your client’s time is the most valuable asset they have given you. Spend $50 – $150 on your gift.
Client Welcome Gifts - A Sweet Life

Tip #3:  If shopping local is important to your business, send a gift from a local company.

Think about it. You don’t want your customer’s shopping on Amazon, so why would you? Let your local gift shop be your “go-to” for gifting. If you choose The Basketry that’s great, but by all means, don’t shop with someone you don’t know.
Client Gifts from Local Businesses

Tip #4:   Send a gift when it’s not expected.

We call this “Planned Randomness.” Everyone expects a Christmas gift, but if you send that same gift at Thanksgiving as a “Give Thanks” you will be remembered. If you send a client gift for Valentine’s day “We love working with you,” just imagine the impact. Client birthdays are another awesome way to let them know you appreciate their business.
A healthy gift basket makes a great client welcome gift!
Just remember, It’s not necessarily about the gift. Our gifts are the delivery vehicle for communicating your value, making someone feel special and showing that you value your client’s family. It’s about when you send it, what your personalized gift card message reads as well as the sweet contents that you send that show your effort. We are the go-to source for appreciating gifts for companies such as 5 Stones Media, Saphire Events, Cox Communications, and The Pelicans. Give our Creative Team a call if you need help with the logistics of gifting. We will save you money!
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5 New Orleans Themed Corporate Gifts

New Orleans themed corporate gift ideas


Everyone loves great gifts.  But not everyone gives great, or gives strategically.  At The Basketry, we know gifts and we know how to give strategically.  You should be giving New Orleans themed corporate gifts your clients and employees will love.  After all, why would you send anything if it’s not local?

The best gifts are the ones that we send for you.  When a delivery driver pulls up and makes that delivery, it shows the effort that you went through to make that happen.  Not only is the surprise one of the greatest parts of your gift, but the contents matter too.  At The Basketry, we work really hard to bring you local and delicious New Orleans flavors! 

Here are some of our most popular New Orleans themed corporate gifts your clients and employees will love.  We can hand deliver to the office or to the home.  

Big Easy, Big Heart

“Big Easy, Big Heart”  is a great gift filled with all things New Orleans as well as Bonfolk socks which give back to the homeless.  This gift also gives back!  For every purchase of this Big Easy, Big Heart gift box, we donate another gift box filled with basic necessities to the homeless shelter.

New Orleans Themed Gifts - Big Easy, Big Heart

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Golden Delight

This elegant gift features New Orleans cookies, coffee, popcorn, and chocolates.  

Golden Delight, a New Orleans gift basket

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Hop-On The Streetcar

Who doesn’t LOVE a good beer?  We carry Abita, Gnarly Barley and Urban South beers, so this gift can be created with any of our beers and we feature some of our favorite gourmet goodies to create the perfect Nola snack.

Hop On the Streetcar - New Orleans craft beer gift basket

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On The Rocks

We love the New Orleans Map Rock Glass, the St. Roch Vodka and the Odi’s praline in a cookie, but featuring these items together in a gift basket is amazing.  What a great gift to give your clients!

On The Rocks - A New Orleans themed Vodka gift

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The Happy Cajun

This gift has become of our customer’s favorite simply because it’s filled with Bourbon popcorn, the best pork jerky, Cajun Crunch and Raceland Raw Sugar Toffee!  YUM! And you can’t beat the price.  For only $40 you can make your employees and clients smile.  

The Happy Cajun is a Cajun themed, New Orleans gift basket.

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Let the Basketry take care of your gifting.  The Basketry, gifting made easy in the Big Easy! 

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4 Unique Bridesmaids Gifts for New Orleans Weddings

Bridesmaid Gifts for a New Orleans Wedding

Bridesmaid Gifts for a New Orleans Wedding

New Orleans is the BEST place to get married. From the elegant gardens of City Park and the Garden District to the fun nightlife on Bourbon Street, there’s plenty of things to do and places to eat and drink. If you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid’s gift, look no further. When it comes to finding unique bridesmaids gifts for New Orleans Weddings, The Basketry is the place to call when you need to find something really special that won’t get stuffed in the back of a closet when the ladies get home. These four options offer a variety of unique and personal gifts.

A night on the town is part of the celebration that leads up to one of the most exciting days of your life. Even if you did overdo the partying, looking your best in all the photos that are going to be taken is important. Let us provide you with this great gift to help you and your girls be ready for the big day.

In Sickness and In Health Bridesmaid gift


  1. In Sickness & In Health – Hangovers are just a part of the game here in New Orleans, so giving them this goody bag filled with EmergenC, Advil, Altoids, and Visine makes perfect sense for your bridesmaids.

Being a bridesmaid is a great honor but it can also be exhausting. Especially at a New Orleans wedding, the festivities can go on for days. Being able to relax is vital if you want these wonderful women to be at their dazzling best. Why not let us help you to give them the gifts that will help them to get the sleep that they need.

Suite Dreams, a perfect gift for bridesmaids


  1. Suite Dreams – Giving your bridesmaid a floral satin robe is such a nice idea paired with New Orleans bath salts and a travel candle makes it even better.  We can monogram these silk robes for a personalized touch!

New Orleans is known for great food and hand made gourmet snacks are no exception. When the bridesmaids gather at the hotel they will be spending time together talking about the upcoming wedding and all the fun they will be sharing. Making sure that they enjoy a taste of all the goodies that the Big Easy has to offer is something that we are an expert at.

bachelorette and bridesmaid gift for New Orleans weddings


  1. Send the group a Bachelorette Gift Bag. All of the girls can share the goodies which consist of New Orleans ready to eat snacks for the long fun-filled weekend.

Your bridesmaids may have come in from all over the country, chances are that they will not all be arriving at the same time. After a long drive or flight, having something local and delicious to snack on when they arrive in their hotel room can make them feel welcome and our special attention to detail is sure to impress.

Bridal Welcome Bag New Orleans Bridesmaid Gift


  1. Bridal Welcome Bag– Let us have this gift bag waiting for the bridesmaids when they check into their hotel room. It’s filled with snacks that are made locally.

At the Basketry, we know gifts. We also know what people like to receive and your bridesmaids are no exception. We hope that one of these gifts is perfect for your particular bridal party. But if they aren’t, no need to worry, customizing a gift basket, bag or box is our specialty. You can combine one or more of the ideas we suggested or we can curate a gift for you that is completely different.

Come into our store or give us a call, or use the chat feature at the bottom of our website. We will be happy to discuss your ideas with you. Why not check out our website to see the sorts of things that we have available. We are happy to work with you to come up with the perfect bridesmaid’s gifts for your wedding party. We love turning your thoughts into reality. Gifts can be picked up at the store or we are happy to deliver them to the hotel of your choice. Weddings can be very stressful, picking a unique gift for your bridesmaids shouldn’t be.

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The Basketry and the Arc. of St. Charles:

A day in the life of a business owner. The Basketry and The ARC of St Charles

The Basketry and the Arc. of St. Charles

AUGUST 13TH, 2019

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner

High school campers received a lesson that was truly a gift! On July 22nd, The Basketry partnered with the Arc of St. Charles to teach students how to: Help customers, run a cash register, gift wrap, create gift baskets, and more! 

The dual learning experience provided real-life skills for students and brought camping knowledge to The Basketry. 

Owner of The Basketry Kristi Brocato explained: 

“Helping others is more important than you ever know. We take for granted that we can get up and go to work every day.  These high school kids would love to make a difference in their community. Little do they know that they make a huge difference when they visit us.”

The Arc of St. Charles aims to: Provide services and support to enable people of all ages with developmental and intellectual disabilities and special needs to help them gain their full potential.

Four campers visited The Basketry: Madeline, Micheal, Matt, and Albert. Madeline’s favorite job was unpacking products and putting price stickers on them.  Micheal, Matt, and Albert learned how to communicate with customers at the cash register, and how to make baskets. While Micheal didn’t love the smell of the store, he loved talking to everyone and learning how to put gifts together.  Each camper got to pick out their favorite items, to create their very own gift basket. 

Hannah and Melissa worked in production, Rhiannon and Britney worked with them on the cash register, while Dominique helped Madeline price products. Kristi worked with the campers on a gift bag project.

“Small businesses can make a big difference in the lives of others if we all pitch in and do our part.  Opening our workday with these students gives us a true sense of accomplishment,” said Brocato.

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Meet us online:



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What Gifts Do You Bring to a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party When You Don’t Know The Gender of the Baby?

gift ideas for baby showers and gender reveal parties when you don't know the sex of the baby

gifts for gender reveal parties

It has happened to all of us at one time or another, you have been invited to a baby shower and the parents either aren’t revealing the sex of the baby or have chosen the old fashion idea of waiting until the baby is born to find out what sex it is. You can opt to buy everything in white to be gender neutral or do just buy something that doesn’t require a color choice. Either option works allowing you to find a lovely gift to bring.

Gender Reveal parties are a big thing, and you don’t want to go empty handed. We always suggest to our customers to buy a gift for a boy and a girl and return the one that didn’t fit, but if you are unable to do that, here are some great ideas. FIRST, let us make a blue and a pink bow for you and just change out the bow on any of these gifts as soon as the reveal takes place. It takes 3 minutes and no one will know what you’re up to. Sneaky right? Check out these great baby gifts for gender reveal parties.

If you are looking for a gender-neutral gift, white is a perfect choice, and including a cross in the package will be considered a blessing by your friends or relatives who are Christian. The beautiful bib with the cross makes a perfect complement to a christening gown or outfit which every parent will be grateful for.

Bless This Baby gift set for gender reveal party

Bless This Baby

This gift includes:

  • “Blessed” Ceramic Cross
  • Embroidered Cross Bib
  • White Embroidered Baby Socks
  • Heirloomed Wooden Bird Teether

[Buy Now]

What parents don’t love a book to read to their child? Finding one by a local author makes it extra special.

Goodnight NOLA book for baby shower gift

Goodnight Nola Book

Written by local author, Cornell P. Landry.  It’s everyone’s favorite local book! 

[Buy Now]

Having your friends and family sending wishes to your baby is enough to bring tears to any parents eyes. 

bless this baby swaddle set gender neutral baby gift

Bless This Baby Swaddle Set

The bless this baby swaddle gift set is custom made in New Orleans and comes with 2 swaddle blankets. 

[Buy Now]

We hope that you find one of the gifts that we suggested is perfect for your baby shower or gender reveal party. If however, we have not quite hit the mark for you, our talented staff is happy to work with you to create the perfect gift basket or box. We can combine items from the suggested gifts or come up with something totally original.

At The Basketry, we know that life is filled with gift-giving events. Some of them are easier to buy gifts for than others. But let’s face it, everyone loves babies and everyone loves choosing gifts for babies. While it is easier to make that choice if you already know what the baby’s gender is, with the wide selection of items we have in our store, you won’t have a problem coming up with ideas for amazing gender reveal party gifts. If you are in the area you can stop by our store and we can curate that gift for you. If you are not able to stop by, we will work with you on the phone to turn your ideas into a gift you will be proud to give and the parents will love to receive. We can deliver it to you so that you have it for the day of the party. We can work on a very short turnaround time. We look forward to being able to make your baby gift dreams come true.

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Gift Ideas For Your Wedding Planner – They Made Your Day Perfect, Let’s Make Them Smile!

wedding planner gift ideas

Gift ideas for your wedding planner.

With all the stress that planning a wedding involves, being able to make your wedding planner smile will be a major accomplishment. Your wedding planner may have been a part of your wedding plans from day one or she may have been a recent addition to the overall planning. If you have hired a Full-Service Planner, you will have become very well acquainted with her. You may have been spending time together for a year or even two. If you are choosing a Day of Coordinator then you will have had an initial consultation and then limited meetings until the actual wedding day. One may now be a friend, the other an acquaintance. Both of them will have earned your eternal gratitude. A thank you gift will be in order for all the little things that were probably not included in their bill.

Your wedding planner worked tirelessly to make your special day perfect for you, so send them a special gift to show your deepest appreciation. Here are a few gift ideas. Let us hand deliver or ship directly to your wedding planner.

Sending a gift of relaxation is probably the best gift idea for someone who doesn’t treat herself enough. And given all the stress that you have been going through over the last few months, you might want to consider sending one of these to yourself!!

Daydream gift for wedding planner

Day Dream – Make all of her [day]dreams come true with this beautiful box of all-natural relaxation goodies!

This beautiful white gift box comes filled with:

  • Finchberry Renegade Honey Fizzay Salt Soak
  • Finchberry Renegade Honey Soap Bar
  • Barefot Dreams CozyChic Socks
  • Rose Bud Soaps [4]
  • Finchberry Soap Saver [Helps keep your soap like new!]

[Buy Now]

soak it up relaxation gift

Soak It Up – Give the gift of relaxation for any occasion and a sweet reminder to soak in life!

This gift box includes:

  • Finchberry Fresh & Clean Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • Finchberry Fresh & Clean bar Soap
  • Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Socks
  • Ceramic Bathtub Soap Dish

[Buy Now]

Stay Golden is a great gift for those who need stress relief

Stay Golden – What a beautiful way to show someone how important they are!

This gift basket includes:

  • Archipelago Botanicals Oat Milk Lotion
  • Cream Neck Warmie – Filled with French Lavender beads, heat it up in the microwave for
  • instant relaxation!
  • Finchberry Renegade Honey Fizzy Salt Soak
  • Musee Bath Bomb
  • Gold Ice Bucket – beautiful used as home decor or to keep their favorite beverage chilled.

[Buy Now]

We hope that these gifts are exactly what you are thinking about as a thank you gifts for your wedding planner. But you may have a totally different idea or you may think that you want to mix and match some of the things that we have suggested. We encourage you to be as creative with the gift items as you like. Our staff will be happy to work with you to create a personally curated gift that expresses your taste and thoughts. We have a store filled with beautiful and thoughtfully chosen items that would make wonderful wedding planner gifts whether you are now friends or just acquaintances.

We know that with all of the wedding-related events that you have going on in your life right now, chances are you don’t have the time to stop by our store and choose the items from our shelves. You can, however, browse our website to get a feel for the types of things that we carry. You can then give us a call and tell us the direction that your thoughts are going whether it is a theme, a color or anything else that will make this gift for your wedding planner perfect. We can help you to turn your thoughts into reality in a beautiful way. Why not allow us to help you take some of the stress out of your wedding?

Let us hand deliver or ship a very special gift to your wedding planner. Each gift comes shrink wrapped and tied with a pretty bow along with a complimentary gift card. We are able to create beautiful gifts, boxes or baskets on a very short turnaround time so, if time has gotten away from you and your wedding is just a few days away or even tomorrow, don’t fret. Your gift can be created and be on its way in a very short time leaving you free to enjoy what will be one of the most memorable days of your life. At the Basketry, creating the perfect gift for any occasion is what we are all about.

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The Basketry Lands A ‘Sweet’ New Partnership

The Basketry Lands a Sweet New Partnership

The Basketry Lands A ‘Sweet’ New Partnership

JULY 8TH, 2019

With the sudden news of Sucre closing, The Basketry rushed to find New Orleans chocolate vendors to fill the void of the ‘missing chocolate.’ We prevailed thanks to our local friends. Fortunately, a recent fresh shipment of Sucre chocolate bars and coffee was available to fill the next few weeks of online orders.

Lolli’s chocolates of Harahan and Raw Sugar Toffee of Raceland swooped in to save the day, and what a SWEET day it was!  With Lolli’s chocolate covered pretzels, fleur de lis oreos, fresh pralines and chocolate crawfish, The Basketry was excited to recreate brand new gifts and gift baskets for customers!  Raw Sugar Toffee became a mainstay in most of the new gifts that were created, and took the place of the Sucre candy bars.  

“Recreating gifts for the website is one of the hardest and most expensive jobs that we have.  You have to design and photograph each gift, which takes several days, not to mention adding them to our online store.  It’s about a $5,000 cost,” says Kristi Brocato, owner. 

 The Basketry team is looking forward to embarking on a massive journey of web design and new gift creations to treat their beloved customers. The tragedy of losing Sucre created an opportunity of unexpected growth for The Basketry. 

“We love our new chocolate vendors and know our customers will too,” said Brocato. 

When a new door opens, there’s always something ‘sweet’ to follow!


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4 Great Real Estate Closing Gifts For New Orleans Area Homebuyers

Real Estate closing gifts for New Orleans area homebuyers

Real estate closing gifts for New Orleans area homebuyers

The real estate market in New Orleans is hot. As a real estate agent, you spend many hours assisting your clients. You develop a relationship with them that often transcends just the business transaction. Finding the perfect home can mean spending a lot of time with your clients and in that time you get to know the things that they like and appreciate and also the things that they don’t. New Orleans buyers have specific needs and it can be a complicated job finding the home of their dreams. After what may be months, a closing gift is in order when the deal is sealed. A real estate closing gift is your way of saying thanks for choosing me as your agent and please recommend me to your family and friends. At The Basketry, we can deliver the closing gift to the actual closing or we can deliver it to their new home on the day of the closing.

Choosing the perfect real estate closing gift is not that easy. Let’s face it you are busy, you have lots of clients. Even with all of the time you’ve spent together, you may or may not know your buyer personally but you still want your gift to have a personal touch. That is where we come in. We have designed a wide selection of baskets and boxes that make a thoughtful thank you. We have put together four that combine some of our most popular items.

Your buyer is going to have many dining opportunities in their home. Food is a gift that is always appreciated for any occasion and a real estate closing is no exception. Chances are friends and family will be coming by soon to see the new home and having something to serve them will be very much appreciated.  


real estate closing gifts

A Sweet Welcome

Nothing says, “Welcome Home” like a beautiful gift basket filled with freshly baked muffins and fresh fruit.  If they are busy moving in and need a bite to eat, we will hand deliver directly to their new home with this move in treat.

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Moving into a new home can provide many opportunities to entertain. With the gift of a piece of entertaining giftware, you guarantee that every time they serve their family and friends they will remember you and the assistance that you provided to find their home. Even if they don’t entertain, they certainly will appreciate a beautiful piece to decorate their home with.

Livin' on the veg serving platter

Serving Platters

We have a large selection of serving platters to help decorate their new home.  

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Lots of celebrating will be happening after the closing, and when it comes to offering a toast or just relaxing after moving in, your clients will enjoy receiving a gift that will help them to enjoy their favorite beverage.

New Orleans etched glasses

New Orleans Etched Glasses

Available in stemless wine, rock style and coffee mug.  These make a great keepsake! Add a bottle of wine and let us hand deliver to the real estate closing for you.

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Wine goes with everything and when all is said and done, a celebration is in order. Surprise your clients with a special bottle to toast the wonderful house they have purchased and a little something edible to go along with it.

Veuve Getaway wine tray

Veuve Clicquot Celebration

Let us wrap up a bottle of Veuve Clicquot along with some delicious gourmet goodies to help celebrate the new home.  

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We hope that one of these gifts is just what you are looking for when it comes to saying thank you to your New Orleans homebuyers. If you have something else in mind or if you would like to combine some of the things that we have suggested, we will be happy to work with you on the telephone or in person. 

Real estate agents love allowing us to be creative for them.  With just a budget and an idea of who you are sending a gift to, our creative team can quickly curate the perfect real estate closing gift for you.  

The Basketry provides personal service to meet the needs of you and your clients. We can create stunning gifts on a very short turnaround time and we are happy to provide delivery all over the greater New Orleans area.

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Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

last minute anniversary gifts for your wife

last minute anniversary gifts

We know that you have a lot going on in your life. It is easy for time to get away from you. Suddenly someone mentions the date and a light goes off in your head. Your anniversary is right around the corner. Maybe it is tomorrow or maybe it is today. We all know that “happy wife – happy life” is not a joke and forgetting to get your wife an anniversary present is not the way to ensure marital bliss. Lucky for you, when you live in New Orleans, getting a last minute anniversary gift that doesn’t seem like a last minute anniversary gift is easy.

Just because you wait until the last minute, doesn’t mean you have to get a bad gift. Leave it to The Basketry to create beautiful last minute gifts and get them hand delivered for you. Here are some of our most popular Anniversary gifts that we know she will love.

You can never go wrong with a sweet treat, and when it is combined with champagne, it becomes an elegant gift that will be just as well received by your bride of 5 years or 50 years. Pop open the bubbly and enjoy your anniversary.

champagne and chocolate anniversary gift

A Bubbly Celebration
This gift box is elegantly packaged with champagne and sweet treats along with a little relaxation, which I am sure she would appreciate.

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Is there a woman who doesn’t love to be pampered? We don’t think so. You know she works hard and never takes enough time for herself. Show her how much you appreciate what she does and give her what she wants and needs; to be able to take a little time for herself and just relax.

better than roses, a gift box of bath products

Better Than Roses
Flowers wither, let us deliver!  We love flowers too, but let’s face it, they don’t last.  Send her a gift box filled with bubble bath and relaxation! 

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A rose by any other name smells as sweet, and your wife will never miss the bouquet that you usually get her. If she loves the scent of a rose garden, we have gifts that will make her senses come alive.

pearl of my heart gift box with wine glass and salt scrub

Pearl of My Heart
Send her a hand painted oyster wine glass along with Finchberry bath salts and other great things she needs to relax.  We can hand deliver to her the SAME day!  

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If your wife’s idea of relaxation is to run a tub full of water and add some bath salt, provide her with the extras that she needs to take a regular bath to the next level.

Yes Way Rosé, a gift box containing a bottle of Rosé, sugar cubes, candle, and wine glass

Yes Way Rosé
She’ll love this bottle of sparkling rose, sugar scrub for the body, and a Corkcicle stemless wine glass.  Last minute gifting shouldn’t keep you from getting a great gift. At The Basketry, we are very creative and can create a custom gift box just for you. 

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If none of the gift baskets or boxes that we are suggesting are quite what you are looking for, don’t worry. Give us a call or stop by our store and we will work with you to create exactly the combination of items that fit your particular wife. Maybe you saw some things in each of the baskets that you liked. We can switch it up for you to put exactly the right things together.

Our store is jam-packed with items for you to choose from. Whether she is a girly girl or more of an outdoor woman, we can help you to turn your thoughts into a perfect gift. We are very good at creating one of a kind boxes and baskets on a very short turnaround time. In other words, it is never too late to get your wife the perfect last-minute anniversary gift. You can take the gift with you for personal delivery or we offer gift delivery to any location in the city on short notice. We look forward to seeing you soon and making your anniversary one she will always remember!

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The Basketry Wraps for a Cause:

The Basketry Wraps for a Cause

The Basketry Wraps For A Cause

JUNE 24TH, 2019

How this Luling, Louisiana specialty gift shop
raises money for those in need

The Basketry is a specialty gift shop that serves the New Orleans area with delivery of gifts, gift baskets, and gift boxes. Their online store serves the rest of the contiguous United States. In an effort to give back to their community, they’ve created a program called “Wrap For A Cause”.

“One of the best services that we provide our walk-in guests with is complimentary gift wrap for each gift they purchase.  We have a tip jar on our counter and encourage our guests to generously tip “for a cause.” Each month we label our tip jar, so that our customers know where their tips are going.  This past month, we raised $2500.00 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.” Says Kristi Brocato, owner of The Basketry.  

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society puts its funds towards research, but also gives a percentage of the money to families who are battling blood cancers.  The tips raised from last month’s event benefited local, John Robert. John is a little boy in the New Orleans area who was named “Hero of the Year” by the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  

Previous tips were donated to a St. Charles Parish family who lost their home in a fire, a local boy who needed a heart transplant and a Humane Society adoption program. 


If you have a need, or know someone that does, let us know and we’ll nominate you for our next ‘Wrapping for a Cause’ fundraiser.  For more information, contact the Basketry at: (985) 785-8769

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What To Send To a Funeral Instead of Flowers

What to send to a funeral instead of flowers.

When someone you work with or for loses a family member or if you lose a colleague most people are not quite sure what to do. You want to let the family know that everyone is thinking of them in their time of bereavement but what is the appropriate way to do that? Traditionally, flowers have been sent to the funeral home and while there is nothing wrong with that, within a few days the flowers have wilted and the memory of them has faded as well. Finding alternatives to flowers can mean giving a gift that is more lasting and personal. It sends the message that you really care and lets your employees or the family of your employee know that they are or were an important part of the team.

At this sad time, receiving a gift from your employer can be especially meaningful but what to include can be stressful and you as the person in charge of choosing that acknowledgment may not have the time to be running around looking for just the perfect items to include. Why not let us do the work for you?

At The Basketry, we have an excellent selection of baskets and boxes that have been created to express the perfect sentiment for this occasion. When it comes to sympathy gifts, some of the things that can be included are fresh fruit and food items such as muffins. If the family is more religious, there are select items such as crosses and prayers that may be included. A relaxation basket can help to ease some of the stress and sadness that is part of any family loss. Some baskets include a combination of these items.

Below are a few examples of the many gifts we have curated for our clients to give in a time of need.

1. A Sweet Southern Wish

Send a taste of the South filled with all of our favorite locally-made treats and the perfect way to put a smile on their face!

A Sweet Southern Wish - Sympathy Gift Basket Box

View Details


2. Oat Milk Relaxation

You can never go wrong with bubble bath & relaxation – she’s guaranteed to love this collection Archipelago Oat Milk products, all paraben free and amazing for the skin.

Oat Milk Relaxation gift box sympathy funeral gift

View Details


3. A Funeral Gift for the Family

Send a beautiful assortment of fresh seasonal fruit and gourmet delights to the family. This gift will last much longer than flowers and it’s such a nice touch. Give us a call if you would like to change or custom design your own.

A Funeral Gift for the Family

View Details

If none of the baskets that we have created is exactly what you are looking for, we offer many options for personalization. We can create a basket that is the perfect sympathy gift to send in times of grief. Our talented staff will be happy to work with you in curating a box or a basket that meets your particular needs, it can reflect the philosophy of your business or your office and how you relate to your employees. It will be a relief to know that whenever you have a need, we will be there to fill it for you. It will make it much easier for you as the one who has to provide the sympathy gift if you can just give us a call and we can get it done for you.

We are able to send baskets and boxes all over the country and we can work on very short turnaround time. In any large business, the number of sympathy/bereavement gifts that may be required in a year can be quite sizeable. Knowing that you can turn to The Basketry to create the perfect gift for your business is one less thing you have to concern yourself with at this difficult time. It allows you to continue with your job having peace of mind that you have given your employee and /or their family something to express your company’s concern and care.

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What Goes in a Thanksgiving Gift Basket?

What goes in a Thanksgiving gift basket?
Thanksgiving gift basket contents

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, what could be more American than turkey and pumpkin pie? Whether you are hosting your own celebration or visiting with family and friends, giving a hostess gift to those who are important to us is part of the holiday tradition. What goes into a Thanksgiving basket? A lot of thought and most of all love.

Maybe you can’t be with your mom this year and you want to remind her of all the great Thanksgivings you have shared or you know that your dear friend will be hosting her first Thanksgiving in another state and you want to send her some special gourmet items to serve her guests. Giving a Thanksgiving basket is an easy way to be together even when you are far apart.

Finding the perfect items to put into a Thanksgiving basket can be stressful. Not just because you have to decide what items to put in the basket but also because you may not be able to find everything you want at one place. At this busy time of the year, most of us don’t have a lot of extra time to be running around from place to place to find that special something. We want to find a place where we can get everything we need with only one stop!

What makes a perfect Thanksgiving gift basket? That depends a lot on who you are sending it to. For someone who has hosted years of dinners maybe a beautiful turkey platter or butter dish isn’t appropriate but for a first-time hostess, it will be a life saver. Even if you have hosted years of Thanksgiving dinners getting fresh dish towels or napkins will hit the mark. When it comes to food gifts, whether it’s something that can be served with drinks or as an appetizer, you can’t go wrong. Pumpkins are the iconic sign of fall and they can be found on a variety of household and kitchen items, in the flavor of foods and candle scents.

Stress is something that comes with any holiday and most hostesses are exhausted when the whole thing is over. When the guests have departed, relaxing in a warm bath while enjoying a glass of wine and the scent of a fall candle is something a host or hostess is sure to enjoy. Knowing you were the one who gave them this moment can be very satisfying. While chocolate is not something that automatically comes to mind when thinking of Thanksgiving, it’s a gift that is ideal for just about any occasion. It’s a perfect complement to wine, gourmet coffee or tea.

Thanksgiving baskets aren’t just for those who are far away, but when you are thinking about getting a basket to someone who is not within your personal delivery area, it becomes much more of a challenge to do it on your own. Not only do you have to decide what to include in your gift basket but you have to figure out how you are going to get it there. Why not let our creative staff at The Basketry get it done for you? Our baskets will help you send the perfect message.

Here at The Basketry, we like to create gifts that the hostess can use on Thanksgiving or at least enjoy for many months after. Our Fall platters, butter dishes, serving bowls and kitchen accessories always make the perfect keepsake as well as the perfect base for a gift basket. We carry a large assortment of “Blessed” and “Grateful” napkins, kitchen towels, wine glasses and candles. Our “Fall” section on our website will feature many of our gift baskets.

Our gifts come filled with a huge variety of goodies, here are our top suggestions:

  1. Bella Cucina gourmet food line –
    • Bella Cucina Pane Rustico Flatbread Crackers
    • Bella Cucina Crostata Pastry Tarts
    • Bella Cucina Preserved Key Lime Jam
    • Bella Cucina Spinach & Artichoke Bruschetta Spread
  2. Thanksgiving Gift BasketY’all Come Eat (online $90) – What better way to say welcome to our home than with a basket filled with goodies for their pantry and a decorative sign perfect for their kitchen!This gift includes:
    • “Y’all Come Eat” Wooden Decor Sign
    • San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Caramel Popcorn
    • Bella Cucina Pane Rustico Flatbread Crackers
    • Bella Cucina Crostata Pastry Tarts
    • Bella Cucina Preserved Lemon Cream
    • Bella Cucina Spinach & Artichoke Bruschetta Spread

Hostess gifts come filled with Fall scented candles, Thanksgiving wine glass, Fall popcorn, pepper jelly, and a bottle of wine.

Choose one of the baskets that we have already put together or let us curate a basket that expresses your unique style. Tell us what you’re thinking and we will turn it into a thoughtful and one of a kind gift. We take the stress out of getting your Thanksgiving gift basket to your preferred destination on your chosen date, leaving you free to enjoy your own Thanksgiving day plans. Visit our website, give us a call or stop by our shop, we are ready and waiting to make this Thanksgiving the best ever for you and your family and friends.

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Easter in New Orleans

This gift includes easter candies, a jar of cookies, popcorn, chocolate, turtles and a bunny cookie all in a wooden gift box.

Hippity hoppity Easter’s on it’s way and there’s no better way to celebrate Easter than with a gift basket or curated gift box delivered to you in New Orleans.  Many folks travel Easter weekend and when your family is busy having fun and enjoying the city, it’s easier to have one of our gifts hand delivered to your hotel.

We carry only locally made items in our Easter baskets.  Elmer’s candy is a long standing New Orleans tradition, Sucre’, Angelo Brocato’s, Zapps chips, Southern Candymaker’s candy, Aunt Sally’s pralines and many others make their way into our hearts and gift baskets.  Let us create one for you today!

Here are a few already created for you online, BUT if you want to make something different just let us know.








If you’re looking to create a unique gift for Easter, give us a call.  We just need your price range and an idea of what you’re looking for and we can handle the rest.  From delivery to design and everything in between.

We Know Gifts!

The Basketry


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The Basketry Delivers!

bath set with candle chocolate and festive cookie

Gift Baskets, gift boxes, curated gifts, gifts delivered?  That is what we do!!

Yesterday I needed a special gift delivered to a restaurant in New Orleans to surprise my husband on his birthday.  I wanted him to get something special at the table.  THERE WAS NO ONE TO CALL.  I ended up calling the restaurant and they delivered a signature cocktail to the table, but that’s not what I had in mind. 

It occurred to me that The Basketry is the ONLY place that does what we do.  There are no other gift shops that deliver gift baskets (same day delivery) except for flower shops and that is not what I wanted either!  Being the owner of The Basketry, it would have been weird for me to deliver it to my husband, so I opted for the cocktail.

After 25 years of making people smile, there are still so many folks that don’t realize what The Basketry really does.  So I thought I would give you a little insight on what we actually do.

WE MAKE SHOPPING EASY! We deliver gift baskets, gift boxes, and curated gifts!

If you need a gift, we have one for you.  It’s simple really.  Just call with your budget and we do the rest.  Our 4000 square foot showroom is filled with gifts for babies, men, ladies, brides, grandmothers, teachers, students and more.  If you prefer to order online, you can do that too!  We take your budget, gift card message, credit card and that’s it.  We design, deliver and VIOLA!

Typical gift basket shops fill their gifts with junk.  I admit it!  We do not!  Our buyers work very hard to find the NEXT BIG THING.  From bath bombs & candles, wines & gourmet foods, gifts for men to gifts for babies, our team gives our customers only the best.  It’s never junk! 

Our newest gourmet food line, Lolli and Pops and Bella Cucina offer amazing and delicious gourmet options.  From cotton candy and chocolate bars to lemon and artichoke pesto.  Not only is it beautiful, but taste amazing.

Easter is coming!! 

Here are a few pictures of our Easter gifts.  As you can see, we like to make sure our pairings are beautiful!  All of these gifts can be found on our website, but if you want to make something different give us a call to help! 


We are continuously creating new gifts as we add new product to the store.  Here are a few new items that just hit the sales floor for Easter.  If you don’t see them online, don’t worry!  When you call with your order, we will use these precious gifts for your baskets and boxes.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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Gifting made easy in the Big Easy

nola them gift box with visitors guide and sweet and savory treats and coffee

Gifting made easy, in the Big Easy!

Welcome to New Orleans!!  In a city that has so much culture and history, there are endless things to do and places to visit.  As a local, I often have trouble selecting a place to eat since there are so many.  Before you come to N’awlins, check out the New Orleans & Company!  They have many great suggestions!!

If you’re visiting or have a group coming into The Big Easy, it’s a great idea to have a welcome amenity to greet your guests.  All of the delicious Louisiana goodies that we use in our gifts are hand selected, tasted and proven to leave your guests with a taste of the south.  If you’re on a budget, not to worry!  Let us know how much you want to spend on your guests, and we’ll fit that budget with our best sellers.

Here are a few great gift ideas to get you started.  All of our New Orleans gifts come in disposable or smaller containers since most of our recipients are traveling.  We keep all of that in mind!

If your group has young kids, it’s always a great idea to keep snacks on hand.  While the food can get spicy for little ones inside of the restaurants, we have many snacks that are quite the opposite.  From Southern Candymakers chocolate Tortue and chocolate Alligator to Aunt Sally’s Pralines, we promise to make snacking like a local super fun!  Our Cajun ABC kids book has been one of our more popular keepsakes if your group has younger kids.  Make sure you hit the Children’s Museum and the Insectarium while you’re here.


If you’re looking for a keepsake, our keepsake totes make great presentations while providing the perfect take home bag!  Did you say RAIN?  It’s typical in the city to have sunshine at one moment and rain the next, so we started offering our recipients this darling umbrella featuring the map of New Orleans!  You never know when you’ll need it and hopefully if you don’t, you still have a great keepsake!

Our gift boxes and gift bags are always a popular selection if you’re on a tight budget.  With complimentary gift wrapping, you never buy the box or bag and it’s a great way to have everything consumed in The Big Easy rather than taking things home.  With TSA guidelines, we make sure your liquids are small or gone before going back home.  Our wooden pine boxes with sliding lid makes a unique gift stand out while giving the recipient a nice take home container.  Especially good for glass and heavy items such as our Bloody Mary Box.  While you can’t fly home with this one, you can certainly mail this one off via FED EX (Yes, we ship too) and give them the perfect gift reminding them of those Sunday mornings after a long night of partying!

If you have any bachelorette or bachelor party plans, we have the perfect gift for your group!  Let’s get the party started by sending one gift that all can share.  Beers, drinks and pre-game snacks are on the way.

If you need help picking out the perfect gift for your group, give us a call!  After 25 years of creating the perfect gifts, we know a thing or two!  Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!

Before you go, here are a few of our favorite folks who can help with your planning.  IF YOU CLICK ON THESE FOLKS, YOU’LL BE GONE FROM OUR SITE, SO PLEASE COME BACK!

The Event Glossary

BBC Destination Management

Accent on Arrangements

Looking for a photographer?  Theresa Elizabeth Photography


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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

charcoal rose gift set with sweet treat on porcelain tray

In usual guy fashion, he will call a florist or pop into the local grocery store minutes before heading home and buy a dozen red roses that will last all of 3 days.  Worst of all, that purchase was $5that was just thrown away with the flowers.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a card that cost $5.95 and it will say everything that he wanted to say and he will sign his name.  Sounds about right?  That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, it just means he showed no effort or thinks the holiday is stupid.  At The Basketry, we’ll make him work a little bit harder than that, but keeping in good guy fashion, we like to keep it a little bit easy.   


Valentine’s Day is February 14th

The team at The Basketry have whipped up beautiful new gift ideas sure to make your sweetheart smile.  The newest sweetheart collection has been added online, so if you see something you like, just add to cart!  If you would rather us create something different for you, just give us a call.   If you see something that you want your sweetheart to buy for you, just send him a picture and we’ll help him out!

The best part about our gifts, they LAST and for a LONG TIME, unless of corse you can’t handle the candy lasting that long and you eat it all in one night.  But you won’t.  Check out some of our great LASTING Valentine gifts that will make this Hallmark holiday one to remember.

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!  You can’t go wrong with Archipelago bubble bath, hand creme and body wash!  The Corkcicle champagne glass and heart turtle (caramel and chocolate) on top of this gorgeous fleur de lis tray is just the perfect gift!

OOOH this gold bowl is a gift in itself, but fill it with a neck warmer that can go in the microwave along with bath salts, body wash and a bath bomb and you have yourself the perfect gift of relaxation!

For those that don’t like relaxation and things that smell good, we have delicious chocolates and gourmet goodies to die for!   Sucre’ chocolates, heart shaped caramel and chocolate turtles!  The Sucre chocolate chip cookies and chocolates are incredible!!! We’ve added a stemless Corkcicle wine glass to this gift as the perfect keepsake.


 This New Orleans cottage tray and matching mug comes topped with chocolate cherry popcorn, Sucre coffee and Sicilian chocolate bar.  This makes the perfect Valentine gift for anyone who loves New Orleans!

This complimentary gift box comes filled with some of our favorite goodies.  Valentine chocolate covered pretzels and oreo’s, heart shaped turtle, Sicilian chocolate bar by Sucre of New Orleans, and dark chocolate and cherry popcorn.  Just add glass of milk! 🙂



He needs to feel the love too!  We have created the perfect gift combinations for that hard to buy for guy in your life.  Whether it’s your hubby, boyfriend or son, he’ll love it!  Check these out…

We’ve created the perfect salty and sweet combinations for him.  Remember, we’ve been doing this gifting thing a LONG time.

These gift combinations are perfect, but take note of the keepsakes and snack combinations sure to make him feel special on Valentine’s Day. AND we can deliver to him for that added “Awe Man, you’re girl loves you Man!”

Does he love beer or bourbon?  We can add that too!  Just let us know what he likes and we’ll see to it that it gets in there.

We’re going to wrap the gifting ideas up (no pun intended), but here are a few of our favorites for you to scroll through.


ORDER TODAY!!  Don’t wait. 

It gets super crazy inside of our gift making studio.   


WE DELIVER AND SHIP!  Just like the flower thing, but BETTER! 🙂


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Early Buy Discount for Holiday Gifting

kendall jackson splits with sweet and salty snacks in fleur de lis tin and 2 go vino wine cups

Let me be honest, your clients do NOT want a ham or a poorly presented basket of wine.  What you send to them and how it looks represents you and your brand.  I can make you ONE solid promise that will never go unbroken.  What you order at The Basketry will be perfect, delivered perfect and your client will love it.  I personally taste every item, hand pick every item and along with my team we create designs that will be remembered.  Oh I know some people may say they don’t care about presentation, but I have done this for too long to know that is NOT true.  Plus, you don’t pay extra for good looking stuff.

Take a look at some of our newest curated gifts just recently added to our website.  If you want to add your marketing items, we can do that for FREE.  Really!  Before I show you pictures, I need to give you the BEST part about ordering early.




To qualify, your order must be $1000 or more before tax.  The entire order must be given (gift card info, addresses etc) along with payment.  We will put a future ship date on your gifts, so they won’t be delivered before you tell us to.  This discount is for holiday gifts delivered between 11/25 – 12/24.  Excludes fruit & muffin gifts due to perishability.

We hope you enjoy seeing how hard we’ve worked these last few weeks to bring you HOLIDAY 2018 CURATED GIFTS AND GIFT BASKETS.  Our team is pretty incredible and I am so proud of how much they care about each and every gift.


Kristi Brocato


We hand deliver!  We ship!  It’s so easy to order! 




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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

explore business gifts

It may not feel like it for you, but in The Basketry, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  We know it’s still Fall and for most of us it’s still really warm outside, but we’re already in the spirit.  We’ve been busy tasting and buying all new gourmet foods (best part of this job) along with designing new gifts for our beautiful website and retail store.  Some of our newest lines include Cousin’s Beef Jerky, Lark Fine Foods and Poppy’s Popcorn have proven to be must haves on our customers shopping list.

Whether you count on us for your gifts under the tree or having gifts hand delivered to your clients, family and friends, we’re here to make your holidays easier than ever before!  Get your orders in early (by November 1st) and choose your delivery date.  It’s really easy to order.  We love to talk to you, so give us a call to discuss your budget and your list or you can order online and still select your delivery date.

Call or message us today to find out more about business gifting, or come visit us to see the thousands of items we have in-store. We can use your promotional items inside of your gifts (no charge for this) as well as your business cards to make a big impression on your clients. The BEST part is…you tell us what you want to spend.

Three bottles of 1/2 splits make this a definite party basket!

We love this chiller bucket with a built in bottle opener!

Gourmet fleur de lis turtles and glazed pecans make this an excellent choice.

Who doesn’t LOVE a bottle of wine with Tabasco pepper jelly and crackers?

Here are a few more of our new best sellers that we can’t wait to show you.  If you want to check them out, visit our website!  We have a lot more to add, so as the holidays get closer make sure to check things out.  Don’t wait to order though.  Our team gets crazy busy and we don’t want to run out of anything that you may want!

Perfect for an office wine party!

This holiday season, consider sending a taste of Louisiana to your family and friends.  We carry hundreds of locally made products such as Slap Ya Mama gumbo mix and seasoning, Southern Candymakers chocolates, Aunt Sally’s pralines and Angelo Brocato’s cookies.  Our local artists curate many items for us such as gumbo bowls, pot holders, earrings, serving trays and wine glasses.  We incorporate these unique items into gifts combined with our popular gourmet foods.

Dinner is Ready!

Our retail store is unlike any other!  Here are some beautiful gifts for the holidays that can make your gift baskets and boxes stand out from the rest.  The easiest way to order items like this is to call us!  Many of our trays, cookie jars and buckets are used as “baskets” which create a PERFECT keepsake!


Happy shopping and be sure to give us a call, email or stop in to make shopping easy this holiday season.  If you plan on placing an order and need help, email Kristi right way!

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Send the perfect gift!

kristi holding a box of treats

Make gifting easy!

The easiest & prettiest way to say:

 Continue reading to find out more about how we can help with:
  • Curated gifts in your budget
  • Hand-delivery & shipping to any location worldwide
  • Same-day delivery available
  • Custom branding options – labels, ribbon, marketing materials
  • Hand-written personal gift messages
  • Attention to every detail, no matter how small
  • Custom gifts for any occasion


“This is the only place for me to get the best gift baskets!  Kristi’s professionalism and customer service go above and beyond!  And the baskets are absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you so much!” – Myrna Ourso
“I drove over from New Orleans after looking at the website.  The store is filled with adorable gifts and the owner and staff couldn’t be more helpful.  It was a great experience and they will definitely be my future go-to shop for gifts!” -Alana Chester
“I live in California and my boss will be celebrating his 60th birthday in New Orleans, the hotel he is staying at referred me.  I wanted to include a gift certificate for a dinner cruise on the Creole Queen and Kristi went above and beyond to try and make it happen.” -Lexi Alkema
For more than 23 years, The Basketry has specialized in curating beautiful custom gifts for every occasion. Whether you’re sending your customers thank you gifts at holiday time, trying to land a new client, or simply want to send a gift that says thinking of you, we’re here to help.
While the holidays are always a huge time for gifting, we encourage you to think of other occasions throughout the year to make your clients, employees, and vendors feel special.
Whether it’s welcoming their new baby, sending a housewarming gift, or a basket of birthday wishes (we recommend including confetti balloons!!), let us hand deliver something special.
We know you’re busy, and we want to make your job easy!

It’s easy to order:

*Call us at 504-309-7935

*Email us:

*Shop online:

Perhaps our favorite part of what we do at The Basketry is putting together custom gifts. We don’t simply throw items into our boxes and tie a bow, we hand select each item to create a feeling, a story, or a theme. Our goal with each gift is to create a cohesive look that is as special as it is beautiful. We ensure that each product in our boxes is high-quality, and we do our best to buy from as many local vendors as we can.
While we have hundreds of beautiful gifts on our website, we know that there are times when you may need something custom. Simply give us a call with your delivery information and budget, a few details about your recipient, and we’ll do the rest. Our creative team puts together new gifts everyday, and we’re happy to text or email you pictures until you decide on the PERFECT combination.

Each of our gifts is put together by hand, packaged beautifully, and sealed with a label. Interested in taking your branding to the next level? Let us create a custom label or ribbon with your company logo – it will be the perfect finishing touch on your gifts.
Let us put your logo inside! Custom logo stickers to seal each box are the perfect finishing touch.
An example of custom logo stickers used in a gift. Go Bulldogs!
Each gift comes with a hand-written gift card. We know that gift giving is personal, and you want your recipients to know that you’ve put time and effort into their gift, so we take each detail seriously.















Simply offer our gifts to your guests and for every order that you place for your guest, you will get 15% off.  It’s easy!

You charge your customer for the price listed online and we charge you 15% less.  And WE DO ALL THE WORK!

Click HERE and show this landing page to your guests, brides and clients!



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Star Spangled Sale – Three Days Only

Join us for a THREE DAY sale

Starting Thursday, July 5th 

We hope your Summer is going great.  We are looking forward to taking a day off to enjoy the 4th of July with our families, but we’re also getting ready for a GIANT inventory SALE!  Here are the details.  If you have any questions, email us at:

Kendra Scott Jewelry
Buy 1 get 1 HALF OFF
or Buy 2 get 1 FREE*. 

*Select and in stock merchandise only.

Check our Insta Story to see pictures of items on sale.  Some Signature Items are excluded.

We’re making room for new Kendra Scott arrivals!

We would like our customers to know that we always match Kendra Scott promotions with the exception of the birthday special (exclusive to KS stores), so if you know of a promotion and you’d rather shop with us just let us know.

Pandora Jewelry
Select items 50% OFF

We have to make room for new and beautiful Pandora rings and earrings.  We are so excited with the new Fall and Winter collections that we can’t wait to show you.  The Summer collection has been a HUGE hit as well.  The new double wrap bracelets and boho charms are selling fast.  Here’s what’s on SALE…

Bracelets starting at ONLY $30

Rings starting at ONLY $15

Select charms 50% OFF

Making room for new arrivals!!! 

Pandora “Our Treat” Event

Spend $100 or more, receive a FREE bracelet, ring or pair of earrings*
Free item is valued at $65 or less, upgrades available. 

Clearance sale and gift with purchase promotion may not be combined.


In addition to Kendra and Pandora, we also have shoes, rainboots and apparel on sale up to 50% OFF.  We have lots of new FALL merchandise rolling in.


We hope to see you Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

  Happy 4th of July!



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Pandora Summer Collection

The new Summer Collection is fun, colorful and youthful!  From beach looks to festival fun, we love it and know you will too.  Here are a few pictures showing off some of our favorites.  We match all of prices, so feel free to browse their website and give us a call or visit us for your Pandora Jewelry needs.

Chokers and ear cuffs are a perfect way to accent your Summer look!

This season’s double wrap bracelet is one of our favorites. Made from genuine leather, its sterling silver details and turquoise color add a fresh touch to bracelet stacks. There are several colors available and they are only $35.00.  The BEST part about this bracelet is that is can be worn as a choker.

Layered necklaces…this is the big trend of the season. Your neck is a focal point as it lies directly under your face. Think of it as the front row of your look. Transform any outfit into a festival-ready ensemble by layering necklaces. Take your styling higher or lower with leather chokers and softly cascading chains, and create a medley of new-season colors, textures and details using hippie-inspired pendants, dangles and charms. Light reflecting sterling silver paired with bursts of turquoise tones, zesty orange, tan and black create an uplifting medley of style.

Create an eye catching look with tassels and stones! Stop in today to take a look at all the new Pandora styles!


Enjoy 45% OFF select Pandora styles.  See store for details.  The new collection is excluded from the sale.


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Celebrate Dad. My Hero. My Coach. My Mentor. My Friend.

Father’s Day is June 17th!  What do you get the man who has everything?  Does he fish, hunt or play golf?  Check out some of these awesome gifts we’ve made for our customers.  We’re sharing them with you in hopes that you can live stress free in your search for the perfect gift for him.  The Basketry custom designs each gift, so get a few good ideas and give us a call to make some for the dads in your life!


Gonzo’s Smokehouse BBQ sauce, Love Cookie and our handmade chocolates are locally made and we LOVE it!

We’ve recently added many “guy gadgets” to our list of must-haves.  Every guy could use a new pocket knife and this barbecue 6 in 1 tool with corkscrew is a HOT ITEM!!  A few of our best sellers is the key multi tool that does 14 things in one, the pen tool that features a level, a measuring tape and stylus; the wallet, manicure set and our hammer multi tool.

Beer is good for many things, including the skin. So we decided to put beer in soap. Not some pumpkin spiced craft mumbo jumbo, but Old Milwaukee, an iconic American beer brand that honors quality and hard work without the pretense. The result is our Big Ass Beer Soap: a large, long-lasting beer soap that suds up well and smells fantastic. (It doesn’t smell like beer; it has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that smells like a man should.) For the man who loves beer and the occasional shower, Duke Cannon’s Shower Beer Sack makes a more-than-suitable gift. A burlap sack packed with Duke Cannon’s grooming essentials, it will last longer than that six-pack.

Socks, ties, and underwear? We got dat too!  Our Bonfolk socks come in a huge array of designs including our newest, Shrimp Boot!  Be sure to check out our 100% genuine leather coozies made right here in New Orleans as well as our 100% silk ties made by Nola Couture!  Can you say that we go all out for our dads?  YEP!

Don’t wait to buy dad’s gift!  Order online or give us a call and let us hand deliver – you might just make it to “favorite child status!”

Call to order:  504-309-7935


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2018 Woman Owned Business of the Year!

blog post

The Jefferson Chamber has named The Basketry the 2018 Woman Owned Business of the Year.  What a special honor!  Here is a look at some of the folks that made this possible.  Thank you to all present and past team members, as well as our customers for shopping with us.  Without you, this would have not been possible.  It takes a team to do what we do!!


We’re throwing things wayyyy back with a few of those pictures, but it’s always fun to look back and remember those that helped The Basketry get where it is today!  THANK YOU!

One of the best things about being a small business is our ability to support local philanthropies and families.  We are very proud to carry products that give back.  Currently, we carry more than 25 lines that give back!  We have a wrapping for tips program that encourages customers to tip us for our complimentary gift wrap.  Each month we donate hundreds toward fundraising programs in the community.

In the past year, we’ve created a gift box called “Big Easy Big Heart.” We donate a shelter gift box for every gift box purchased.  We’ve donated more than 150 shelter boxes since it’s conception.  Click HERE to see this awesome gift on our website!

Here are a few pictures from special events that we have donated or participated in:

Relay For Life

Helping Baby Noah get his heart!  He’s doing great!!

Raising money for a local soccer club.

A book signing with Saint’s Micheal Lewis helped us raise money for a local family!

Our kid events encourage kids to work for themselves and be creative! These kids are designing their own Father’s Day gifts for dad!

We donated Pandora Bracelets for Mother’s Day to the battered women’s shelter.  Over 75 donated!  Wow!

The Arc of St. Charles visits us to learn how to use a cash register, gift wrap and smile big for customers!  Great work guys!

A HUGE shout out to my family for always supporting me.  I love you guys!  This picture was taken when the kids were little at our ground breaking for the new store!

Thank you Jefferson Chamber for recognizing us as the 2018 Woman Owned Business of the Year.  We have many wonderful things left to accomplish in the communities that support us, so stay tuned…

Kristi Brocato and The Basketry Creative Team


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Top Gifts for Employee Appreciation & Administrative Assistant’s Week

Treat those who make your job easier with a special surprise from The Basketry!  Administrative assistant’s and employees deserve something special the week of April 23rd through 27th.  Here are a few great ideas that we are sure they’ll love and will help make your shopping easier.  If you see something you like, these are all currently available online or give us a call to help!

Our Scout Totes make a perfect lunch tote or carry all, and the items that come inside are just as fun!  Sucre chocolates, mini Le Grande Courtage champagne, pineapple key ring, Voluspa candles, Hydra shower therapy, journals, Barefoot Dreams fuzzy socks and Bijoux By Bonnet essential oil bracelets are just a few things we LOVE to suggest to our customers.

Our wooden gift boxes filled with Finchberry products, lemonade, Love cookies, and Musee bath bombs that help your best employees relax is our favorite suggestion!  We have lots of price options as well as fragrant collections to satisfy even the pickiest one of the bunch!  Here are a few of our newest gifts we’ve carefully curated!  Our staff is so talented don’t you think?

If you have men on your list of best employees, we have great ideas for him too!  We love our New Orleans socks paired with beer (or root beer), Sucre cookies, etched NOLA glasses, and snacks that he will love!

Our newest arrival to the store is New Orleans Lip & Soap Co.  Here is a collection of Tea Time soap, body butter and bath bombs wrapped in our complimentary white gift box and tied with a matching bow.  Try Seersucker, Magnolia and Acadian Oat Meal…they are all awesome!

As always, please let us know if you need anything!  Administrative Assistant’s Week & Employee Appreciation Week is April 23rd thru 27th.  Let us hand deliver a special gift to your krewe!  Let us make your life a little easier for those who work everyday to make your life easier!

Happy Shopping!

Kristi Brocato and The Creative Team

More great gift ideas:

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Wrapping For A Cause


We wrap, you tip!  That’s the idea behind our Wrapping For A Cause campaign.  You’ll notice when you check out at The Basketry, we provide a tip jar.  We highly encourage you to tip generously for your complimentary gift wrap, but it’s not so that we can split the tips and splurge on ourselves.  We donate all of our tips!

We started the wrapping campaign a few years back, and since then we have raise more than $10,000 in tip money.  We generously donate that money to various local organizations and families in need.  So far we have donated to a child going through heart surgery, families who have lost homes to fire, victims of hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, the Child Advocacy Services Association, as well as many others.  Some of our recipients have come from folks like yourself reaching out to us and letting us know if someone is in need.  Thank you for giving your change and your dollars to help us be givers in our community.

This month, we donated $800 to the Rotary Club of St. Charles.  One of the programs that is sponsored by the club is called Lunches For Learning.

Imported 7-30-2014 027

Here’s a quick story on how the program got started:

In 2004, after some careful thought, utilization of collective skills, and a lot of faith, the all-volunteer board of directors and staff launched Lunches for Learning and provided its first lunches to 84 kids at Andrea Gonzales Elementary School in El Amatillo, Honduras. The theory centered on the idea that if nutritious lunches at school could be provided, then children who were often forced to skip school to look for food would, instead, choose to attend school.

The theory was correct! Within a few weeks of implementing the program, attendance grew from 84 kids to over 100 kids and absenteeism diminished to almost zero. Word of the lunch program continued to spread and more and more kids enrolled. Building on the success at Andrea Gonzales Elementary School, L4L now provides daily school lunches to more than 1,700 kids in 30 schools across Valle District of Honduras.

The L4L program is made possible by the generosity of our donors and sponsors. School Sponsors are organizations or individuals who have committed to annual funding which makes possible the lunch program at their sponsored school. They also have the opportunity to travel with us to Honduras to visit their sponsored schools and build long-term relationships with the students, teachers, principals and families in the school community.

The Rotary Club sponsors the Nueva school in Honduras.  $150.00 a year feeds one child in the school.  They get a hot meal and love going to school not only to see their friends, but to eat.  Because of your tip money, we are able to sponsor almost 6 children at the school.  Wow!!  Check out the school that is sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Charles.  Tyrell and John Cornwell of Luling recently visited the school to attend their graduation and brought back funds and supplies to the school.

Imported 7-30-2014 022 - Copy

The name of our wrapping program is “Wrapping For A Cause.”  Please continue to donate your tip money for your complimentary wrapping services and we promise to donate all tips to more wonderful causes.  If you have a cause that you would like to see us add to our watch list, please email us at:

Learn more about Lunches For Learning by clicking the link:

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What’s New??

AHH SPRING!!! Who’s ready for warm sunshine and fresh outdoor air?  We are!!  Our team has been busy unpacking all of the new things for Spring, and we can’t express enough how pretty everything is.  Our website has many new additions, so if you can’t stop in make sure you check us out online.

The Basketry Boutique has expanded to include many new trends and your personal favorites.  Make sure you look for pearls on clothes, tassels, and embroidered words of inspiration.  Off the shoulder continues to impress along unexpected patterns and necklines.

Easter and Spring home decor is a great way to change up your look.  Our bunny table runner and candle holder is so precious and will be sure to dress up any Sunday table!

Our home decor and kitchen gifts have grown tremendously this Spring.  Here are a few new things we think you’ll love.  If you have a housewarming or a wedding coming up, stop in for the perfect gifts.

And we had to save the best for last.  These kids clothes!!!  We hope to see you soon!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

lollia gift with finchberry candle and tin can candle

This year, Valentine’s Day is the day after Mardi Gras.  For some, it’s just another day, but I think it’s a great day to tell those that you love how special they are to you.   From your besties, kids and your family, there’s something sweet inside The Basketry for everyone on your list.  My kids love the bath bombs and the OH SUGAR cookies!!

Are you searching for something unique to send to your Valentine?  Our creative team has once again created beautiful, one of a kind Valentine gifts for both men and women that can be hand delivered or shipped for this Cupid’s special day.  Even though we will be closed on Fat Tuesday, our doors will open early on Valentine’s Day!  We’ll be hand delivering all day!

Curated gifts filled with Sucre chocolates, local bubble bath, fine wines and beautiful candles are among our top picks for ladies that will be sure to make her romantic day one to remember.  We are your go to for Kendra Scott, Pandora Jewelry and the hottest boutique items, but here are a few gift ideas that will leave you wanting more!-

“We have a beautiful gift store filled with Kendra Scott Jewelry, Pandora Charms and Bracelets, Corkcicle stemless wine glasses that can be personalized, along with our favorite bath bombs, Finchberry soaps and bath robes.” -Kristi, Owner

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for ladies!  Men deserve to be pampered too!  Is it difficult to find the perfect gift for him?  Our most popular guy gifts include his favorite beer, New Orleans map glasses, Saxx underwear, our infamous chips and salsa, and Louisiana Sportsman shirts.  Take a look…

If you need a few gifts for those on your V-Day list, give us a call to help!  We have lots of premade curated gifts ready to go for those last minute needs as well.  You can call us at 504-309-7935, order online or stop in!  If you think the big day of romance is over rated, just wait until those other folks in the office get something hand delivered and your Valentine is left out.  That’s what we like to call a “dog house gift” and we can get one ready for you if you forget to call us!


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New Orleans – Top 10 Destination 2018

web ad

Frommer’s travel experts called New Orleans one of the best destinations to visit in the world in 2018.

As New Orleans reaches its tricentennial, there’s a lot to celebrate.

Frommer’s has named the city as one of 18 “incredible places that will give you the trip of a lifetime.”

“Being listed as one of the top places to visit in 2018 by Frommer’s is one of the highest honors a city can receive,” New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation President and CEO Mark Romig said.


“Each and every day we’re putting messages out there about new Orleans being a very welcoming city. A city rich in culture, food, architecture, music, great history, and we’re culminating it with the great celebration throughout all of next year in 2018,” Romig said.

The celebrations will begin as early as the first day of next year.

“We’ll kick it off a big way of course on New Years Eve night with a fireworks display at midnight, and then throughout the entire 2018 we have a number of events, symposia, concerts, fireworks, international visits,” Romig said.

He said this is in addition to the 138 festivals of the year.

What does this mean for The Basketry?  It means our customers need more New Orleans Welcome Baskets!  Hotel guests, convention planners, meeting planners and guests celebrating special occasions will to send more NOLA gifts to help kick off their Big Easy trip!  Here are a few great New Orleans destination gift baskets!

If you need New Orleans gifts, we hand deliver to all hotels and offer complimentary gift cards with each gift basket, so your message is personal and reflects a local flair.  You can customize your gift based in your budget!  From one to 500 gifts for a big convention, there’s nothing too big for The Basketry.

One of our more popular New Orleans welcome gifts is our signature New Orleans gift box filled with ready to eat New Orleans favorites such as Zapps Chips, mini king cake, Abita Rootbeer, Aunt Sally’s Pralines, Southern Candymakers chocolates along with Mardi Gras masks and beads.

Make your trip to The Big Easy one to remember!

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Badass Gifts for Badass People

champagne cheers basket with balloons

We thought our gifts were already pretty cool, but when we added Badass Balloons to our list of must haves, things became badass!  When we partnered with Badass Balloon Company, our biggest fear was that our customer would get offended or judge us for using such filth!  Well, even those that we worried about the most have loved the balloons, or at least they are ordering them anyway.

The balloons are offered in only one section of our website so that you can’t accidentally stumble upon the crude wording, rather you have to seek it out and add it to your gift selections.  The balloons are offered by themselves so that you can add them to any gift, but we created a few awesome gift designs with the balloons already on them.

Here are some of our most popular gifts with the Badass Balloons!

So the next time you have a milestone birthday, a girls night out or you just need a bunch of balloons at the dinner table, hit us up!

Let’s Party Bitches!!


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Office Gifts for the Holidays

Office Gifts for the Holidays –

There are many people in your work place that help make your job easier.  From the secretary to those in human resources to the security guy who watches you to your car at the end of a long day.  You would like to get them each a little something for Christmas, but I am sure you don’t want to spend a fortune.  Shopping can be stressful and worrying about finding the perfect gift is something we can help with.

Our gift shop is filled with all of the latest gifts and the hottest trends, so we know what folks like.  In this blog, we’ll show you some great gift ideas for the females and males on your list that you need to buy for.  Everything that we’ll show you will be under $40.  Keep in mind that every gift is gift wrapped for FREE and can be hand delivered or shipped directly to your gift recipient or to you.

Don’t stress about gift giving.  We know gifts and we are the BEST at what we do!  Whether we pair a NOLA map glass with a box of New Orleans cookies, a Finchberry soap with a Voluspa candle, a holiday dip bowl with a Robert Rothschild dip or a gift bag filled with the yummiest holiday chocolates you’ve ever had, holiday shopping will be easier if you let us handle it.

If you see something that you like in this blog, give us a call.  There’s so much more than we have pictured here.  Call us at 800-385-9601 and let us make holiday shopping easy!

Check out our holiday gift section on our website to see more great gift ideas or give us a call and tell us a little about the person you are buying for.  We can make some great suggestions and send you pictures.  Shopping is so easy when you let The Basketry do all of the work.  Gifts for coworkers, secretaries, the boss, bus drivers, teachers, cafeteria workers, hair dressers and your favorite massage therapist can all be found inside The Basketry!  We’ll hear from you soon!

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Holiday Gifts for Your Boss

You need a gift for your boss and already your stressing out!  Let me set the record straight…your boss is just like you.  Stressed out, over worked and could use a good day off to recharge.  Here are a few perfect gift ideas for your boss.  Don’t worry about getting too personal or if something is inappropriate or if he won’t like it.  Remember, this is a person who wants to enjoy the holiday season just like you.

Gifts for the male boss –

Nola Couture silk ties are hand made in New Orleans.  Each unique with images of oysters, pelicans, fish, fleur de lis, shrimp, LSU, Tulane and many more.  Only $65 for a 100% silk tie locally made!!  You can shop online or give us a call.

Here is a great wooden pine gift box featuring one of our silk ties.  We’ve added New Orleans cookies and Robert Rothschild pretzels and dip to complete the gift.  We’ll hand deliver or ship for you!  Each gift comes with a hand written gift card message.

For the boss who values a great bottle of Gin, this gift box comes complete with New Orleans made Gentilly Gin, Haydel’s hand pies, cookies, a New Orleans Map glass, and Robert Rothschild pretzels and dip.  We also carry the St. Roch Vodka.  The liquor is created by 73 distillery in New Orleans.  Pair a bottle of liquor with our best selling Bonfolk socks.  Each pair that is purchased, one is donated to the homeless shelter.  We love our socks and know your boss will too!

We’ve paired our purple and gold Louisiana socks with a bottle of Crown Royal in this wooden pine box.  Let us hand deliver or ship to your boss for the holiday season.

Duke Cannon for Men – Ask any man who has ever used Duke Cannon and he’ll tell you how wonderful it is for your skin.  We especially love the hunting soap and Bloody Knuckles for dry skin.  We’ve paired our black and gold fleur de lis Bonfolk Socks in our wooden pine box.

For the boss that loves New Orleans, let us ship him a unique gift from The Big Easy.  This gift basket includes: Abita Beer Six Pack, Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener, Black Fleur de Lis, Koozie, Red Bean & Rice Chips, Zapp’s Potato Chips (2), Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline, Aunt Sally’s Cafe au Lait Praline, Cajun Crunch, Vidalia Peach Salsa, Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Mix, Hot Nuts, Seafood Kitchen Towel, Slap Ya Mama Seasoning, Mardi Gras Beads.


Gifts for your female boss – 

Give her a unique gift that she will love and that makes shopping easy for you.  Here are a few gift suggestions.

Lollia is now on Oprah’s favorite gift list, but we’ve carried it for years.  It’s beautiful and smells heavenly.  We love to pair our favorite bath items with our bamboo socks, Voluspa candles, Sucre chocolate.  If you need coworker gifts or gifts for the office, let us custom create a gift basket or gift box for the holidays.

Scarves, ponchos and wraps are on the TOP of everyone’s list this holiday season.  We have so many different scarves to select from, so if plaid isn’t your first choice don’t you worry.  We have many different colors and styles of wraps and ponchos as well.  Give us a call and we can text you pictures of our large variety.  Everything is gift wrapped beautifully and it’s FREE!

The Perfect Little Pouch makes a delightful gift.  It can be carried alone as a clutch or carry your favorite purse carry all.  Katie Loxton pouches are less than $20 and make a perfect gift for coworkers and office gifts as well as your boss.

All of Finchberry’s soaps are handcrafted in their Northern Florida studio, which is filled with piping bags, baking racks, ovens and dough mixers, and looks as much like a bakery as their soaps do baked goods.

Each individual bar contains natural, food grade ingredients, a unique decadent appearance, and a lush gentle lather.  In addition, our soaps are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemical preservatives.  Finchberry soaps are not just a cleanser, but sensory experience you can savor daily. Only $8.95 per slice.

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Corporate Gift Baskets for the Holidays


This holiday season, don’t stress out over corporate gift giving.  How many times do you pace through the mall looking for gifts for people in the workplace just to find yourself settling for things that you just don’t like anyway?  STOP!!  The Basketry has so many great ideas in your budget.  The best part is that you can call us with your budget and we gift wrap for free as well as deliver directly to YOU!!  We know gifts and we take the stress out of gift giving!

If you are looking for a really nice gift for your boss, but just are not sure where to start?  Give a custom curated gift box with assorted things your boss will love.  Here are two great gift ideas, but if you want to see more just head on over to our website and see what we’ve created just for the holiday season.  









Workplace gift ideas for women include our best selling Ava Scarf Wrap.  It’s only $32  and she can wear it as a scarf or a wrap.  This is especially good for those ladies who keep it cold in the office.  Your co-workers spend a lot of time with you, so give them a gift that they will truly remember you by.  This also makes a perfect gift for your hairdresser, bus driver and your favorite teacher!









For those in the office that are under stress, give them The Cottage Greenhouse Relaxation kit is a collection that will soothe, hydrate and restore her skin.  It contains the best sellers in our Cottage Greenhouse collection.  Lotion, bubble bath, salt scrub and lip repair.  It comes wrapped in this adorable mason jar.

Gifts for co-workers – These folks are pretty important!  They help make your job easier, most of the time more fun, and sometimes just bug the heck out of you.  BUT it’s Christmas!  Give them a gift that they’ll use at the office.  A S’well bottle or a Corkcicle.  It keeps coffee hot for 12 hours and drinks ice cold for 24 hours.  It’s also a perfect way to hide your alcohol for tailgate time.  We have them for men and women, so don’t worry, we have all the sexes covered.  









Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candles in either the Volcano scent or Blue Jean will surely make a big impression.  Candles are everywhere, but this is one gift they will treasure.  Just ask anyone who burns them!  It comes in a beautiful mercury glass jar for only $21.95.  Burn time over 40 hours. 

Finchberry Soap contains natural, food grade ingredients, a unique decadent appearance, and a lush gentle lather.  In addition, our soaps are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemical preservatives.  Finchberry soaps are not just a cleanser, but sensory experience you can savor daily. $8.95 per bar or get your coworker a limited edition box of assorted best sellers!  

Sweet Olive Gift Set is a perfect office gift swap.  Made in New Orleans, this complete bath & body gift box set is designed for women who cherish the sweet and softly lingering fragrance of Louisiana sweet olive blossoms. This gift set makes a great corporate gift idea, and it’s also a perfect gift for coworkers!  Your gift will be elegantly packaged in a Sweet Olive Soap Works gift box ready for gift-giving. This gift set comes tied with a satin ribbon and includes a “Louisiana Sweet Olive Collection” gift tag.  The Louisiana Sweet Olive Gift Box contains one of each Sweet Olive scented item: Blossom infused olive oil bar soap (4.3 oz.), Decorative fleur de lis soap (3.5 oz.), Dead sea bath salt (16 oz.), Body cream (4.oz.).

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National Taco Day – October 4th

let's taco bout it tray

Let’s TACO bout how National Taco Day is October 4th!!  The Basketry is here to make sure you have the best TACO DAY ever with FREE chips & dip with the purchase of any Halloween Spider platter.  We have everything you need to throw the best TACO DAY party, from Taco serving platters to tequila and even Bonfolk Taco socks!!  Our Red Beans and Rice tortilla chips are to die for and the Vidalia Onion Peach Salsa is AMAZING!!  Come see us on October 4th for a FREE taste testing of chips and salsa.

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Behind the scenes photo shoot in New Orleans

holiday photos

They say if you are really good at something, don’t be afraid to scream it from the rooftop!  It was from a rooftop bar off St. Charles Avenue where we told the city of New Orleans, “We are the BEST place to shop and the BEST place to call when you need the perfect gift hand delivered.”

On a beautiful August afternoon, we took our marketing team to the Ponchartrain Hotel and captured perfect pictures of what we do best…gifts!  Amanda Mohon was our team photographer.  Outside of her Basketry work, she also works on the side as a photographer for weddings and families, so her expertise was greatly appreciated.  Alexandra and Kristi helped design and model each gift.  Together, we had a lot of fun, worked extremely hard and created what we think is going to be a great holiday season.

Many companies turn to us to handle their client gifting.  They want something unique and love to shop local.  Here are a few gifts that our customers have already committed to for their holiday gifts.  If you need corporate gifts whether it is one or several hundred, let us take care of you.  It’s never too early to plan your holiday gifts.

As we kick off fourth quarter to plan for new gifts, new advertisements, and new website changes, it is important to note that our designs are created with customers in mind.  After 23 years of helping companies put together impressive gifts, we know what they are looking for.  Our wooden pine boxes are a new look for us this year, and have already proven to become a #1 seller.  The slick and sophisticated design with the opportunity for branding on the outside is a great way to send your gratitude!

You can look for these photos in upcoming ads, our online brochure, our website and social media.

If you need a gift hand delivered same day or shipped to clients, family and friends give us a call!


Want to know a fun fact?  After we booked our room and took pictures inside of the beautiful hotel, we headed to the rooftop to capture some with our unique city in the background.  We were such party animals that they kicked us out of the rooftop bar!  Just kidding.  We did have to reschedule our photo shoot so we didn’t upset the other paying customers.

Look for these and many more beautiful gifts on our website!

Kristi, Alexandra & Amanda

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The Cajun Navy

An informal network of good Samaritans with small watercraft once again mobilized in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.   unprecedented flooding in Houston.

Formed 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the so-called Cajun Navy, which has saved thousands of stranded people, by some estimates, is already helping rescue stranded Texans, one member said Sunday.

“There’s no telling how many are already over there,” said 39-year-old Joey Hains of Lafayette, La. “Basically everybody that’s wanting to go help out” is going or has already arrived, he said.

Source:  USA Today

The Basketry partnered with SFT in Baton Rouge to sell “Cajun Navy” tees with proceeds of the sale going to the Houston Food Bank.  SFT donated approximately $17,000.00 to the food bank and efforts continue.  The shirts are available on our webiste for $28.00.

Thank you for helping the flood victims of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma!

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New Orleans Gifts

gift with snacks rootbeer and bonfolk socks

Welcome to The Big Easy!

Whether you are a first time visitor or you’ve lived here all your life, nothing beats the taste of New Orleans and it’s unique gifts that make the Big Easy a great place to be!  From the food, culture to the hot beignets at Cafe Du Monde New Orleans folks know how to pass a good time.

If you are looking for gifts to give visitors or gifts for those who know what it means to miss New Orleans, The Basketry can create the perfect gift for you.  With our large array of local gourmet snacks to mixes and seasonings we’ve got it!

We hand deliver everyday to all hotels, businesses and homes which makes sending a smile really easy to do!  If you are looking for a unique gift we have it and if you need a beautiful New Orleans gift basket we can make it.

Give us a call or visit us anytime!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

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Sweet Child of Mine Musee Bath Bombs

sweet child of mine photo


Here’s the sweet email we just received from Musee:

“Every time you buy a Sweet Child of Mine balm from Musee, you are sponsoring a child in South Africa!
I just wanted to express our deepest gratitude. Thank you so much for partnering with us by purchasing “Sweet Child of Mine” bath balms!

Musee sends 100% of all profits from this bath balm to assist an HIV children’s home in South Africa. So far this year we have been able to donate close to $10,000!!
These funds assist Tabitha Ministry in South Africa as they have the full financial responsibility of raising 43 children that have been abandoned but rescued. Tabitha provides shelter, food security, medical care, counseling, and education for these kids, and most importantly, spiritual guidance. To God be the glory.
Thank you for playing a part… and I hope you continue to partner with us going forward this year! To learn more about our partners, visit”

All the best,
Ian MacDonald
Managing Director







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We love to give back to our community!!

giving school bags

In August, The Basketry partnered with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) as a way to give back to our community. CASA specially trains and supervises volunteers that are appointed to speak up for children in foster care. With school starting in August, The Basketry decided to offer Backpacks With a Purpose (BWAP). For every backpack purchased by one of our wonderful Basketry customers, The Basketry donated two backpacks to CASA for children in need, for a total of 36 backpacks !! How awesome is that?? These backpacks could be used for school, after-school sporting events, or even sleep overs ! What a great feeling to help children in need!

Our next give back to the community plan for September, is to donate all the Basketry wrapping tips to the Back the Blue campaign. The Back the Blue is a campaign that is helping to raise money to help our St Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office purchase bullet proof vests for officers!
So come in and shop, or just stop by to say “Hi!”