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Due to the Summer heat, chocolate items will be substituted for items of equal value. | Contact Us For Custom Gifting - 504-309-7935
Due to the Summer heat, chocolate items will be substituted for items of equal value. | Contact Us For Custom Gifting - 504-309-7935
Why Are People So Rude?

Why Are People So Rude?

Is it just me or are people down right rude? I'm glad it's not just me!

When you give a gift to someone, you should do so without expecting anything in return. The truth is, we DO expect something in return and at the very least...a THANK YOU! We also expect them to notice our thoughtfulness and perhaps deliver a result such as better performance, increase reviews, more referrals.

Have you noticed:

-No one writes thank you notes anymore

-You're lucky to get a thank you text message

-The actions of the person who received the gift generally don't change

Cheers box, home sweet home cookie, chocolate bar, capri blue candle and theme soaps

This is due to several reasons and why our society is so messed up, but let's uncover ways you can send thoughtful, intentional gifts that drive results. This is at least what I have learned in the last umteen years of being a gifting expert. 

1. Give gifts INTENTIONALLY to drive results. Examples may include giving your client a gift when they became grandparents. Sending a client a gift when they move into a new home. Hospital stays, birthdays and funeral gifts are no brainers, so hopefully you're not forgetting those. If so we need to chat. Seriously.

2. Do not give your branded swag. Sure it's cute and you love it, but hold it for a trade show or for your client who pops in to see you. NOT a gift! 

3. Hand written gift card messages from you go a long way. ASK for what you want when you send the gift. Here's an example, "Congratulations Bob on your move to Nashville. Once you get settled, shoot me a text so we can connect." This way you have something to look for and he has a reason to respond. Include your cell in the note. Did you know we already hand write your cards?

BELOW are a few amazing gifts that WILL drive results. Why these? We have seen over and over the reviews, the text messages and we hear from our clients why THESE GIFTS make big impressions.

1. An Executive Birthday - It's the glasses in this gift that makes it amazing.

2. Caymus Celebration - For sure it's the Caymus Cab!
3. Just Add Bubbly - The wellness vibe is what all the ladies need right now.

There are so many expert tips I can give you to make you a better gifter, but I'm sure you're not reading all of this. I'm lucky if you got this far. If you did, reply with "I MADE IT" and I'll know my content was worth something. I may even email you a coupon code (wink).

Book a call with Kristi to talk about how to be a better gift giver. 

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