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What Goes in a Thanksgiving Gift Basket?

What goes in a Thanksgiving gift basket?
Thanksgiving gift basket contents

Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday, what could be more American than turkey and pumpkin pie? Whether you are hosting your own celebration or visiting with family and friends, giving a hostess gift to those who are important to us is part of the holiday tradition. What goes into a Thanksgiving basket? A lot of thought and most of all love.

Maybe you can’t be with your mom this year and you want to remind her of all the great Thanksgivings you have shared or you know that your dear friend will be hosting her first Thanksgiving in another state and you want to send her some special gourmet items to serve her guests. Giving a Thanksgiving basket is an easy way to be together even when you are far apart.

Finding the perfect items to put into a Thanksgiving basket can be stressful. Not just because you have to decide what items to put in the basket but also because you may not be able to find everything you want at one place. At this busy time of the year, most of us don’t have a lot of extra time to be running around from place to place to find that special something. We want to find a place where we can get everything we need with only one stop!

What makes a perfect Thanksgiving gift basket? That depends a lot on who you are sending it to. For someone who has hosted years of dinners maybe a beautiful turkey platter or butter dish isn’t appropriate but for a first-time hostess, it will be a life saver. Even if you have hosted years of Thanksgiving dinners getting fresh dish towels or napkins will hit the mark. When it comes to food gifts, whether it’s something that can be served with drinks or as an appetizer, you can’t go wrong. Pumpkins are the iconic sign of fall and they can be found on a variety of household and kitchen items, in the flavor of foods and candle scents.

Stress is something that comes with any holiday and most hostesses are exhausted when the whole thing is over. When the guests have departed, relaxing in a warm bath while enjoying a glass of wine and the scent of a fall candle is something a host or hostess is sure to enjoy. Knowing you were the one who gave them this moment can be very satisfying. While chocolate is not something that automatically comes to mind when thinking of Thanksgiving, it’s a gift that is ideal for just about any occasion. It’s a perfect complement to wine, gourmet coffee or tea.

Thanksgiving baskets aren’t just for those who are far away, but when you are thinking about getting a basket to someone who is not within your personal delivery area, it becomes much more of a challenge to do it on your own. Not only do you have to decide what to include in your gift basket but you have to figure out how you are going to get it there. Why not let our creative staff at The Basketry get it done for you? Our baskets will help you send the perfect message.

Here at The Basketry, we like to create gifts that the hostess can use on Thanksgiving or at least enjoy for many months after. Our Fall platters, butter dishes, serving bowls and kitchen accessories always make the perfect keepsake as well as the perfect base for a gift basket. We carry a large assortment of “Blessed” and “Grateful” napkins, kitchen towels, wine glasses and candles. Our “Fall” section on our website will feature many of our gift baskets.

Our gifts come filled with a huge variety of goodies, here are our top suggestions:

  1. Bella Cucina gourmet food line –
    • Bella Cucina Pane Rustico Flatbread Crackers
    • Bella Cucina Crostata Pastry Tarts
    • Bella Cucina Preserved Key Lime Jam
    • Bella Cucina Spinach & Artichoke Bruschetta Spread
  2. Thanksgiving Gift BasketY’all Come Eat (online $90) – What better way to say welcome to our home than with a basket filled with goodies for their pantry and a decorative sign perfect for their kitchen!This gift includes:
    • “Y’all Come Eat” Wooden Decor Sign
    • San Saba Poppin’ Pecan Caramel Popcorn
    • Bella Cucina Pane Rustico Flatbread Crackers
    • Bella Cucina Crostata Pastry Tarts
    • Bella Cucina Preserved Lemon Cream
    • Bella Cucina Spinach & Artichoke Bruschetta Spread

Hostess gifts come filled with Fall scented candles, Thanksgiving wine glass, Fall popcorn, pepper jelly, and a bottle of wine.

Choose one of the baskets that we have already put together or let us curate a basket that expresses your unique style. Tell us what you’re thinking and we will turn it into a thoughtful and one of a kind gift. We take the stress out of getting your Thanksgiving gift basket to your preferred destination on your chosen date, leaving you free to enjoy your own Thanksgiving day plans. Visit our website, give us a call or stop by our shop, we are ready and waiting to make this Thanksgiving the best ever for you and your family and friends.

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Easter in New Orleans

This gift includes easter candies, a jar of cookies, popcorn, chocolate, turtles and a bunny cookie all in a wooden gift box.

Hippity hoppity Easter’s on it’s way and there’s no better way to celebrate Easter than with a gift basket or curated gift box delivered to you in New Orleans.  Many folks travel Easter weekend and when your family is busy having fun and enjoying the city, it’s easier to have one of our gifts hand delivered to your hotel.

We carry only locally made items in our Easter baskets.  Elmer’s candy is a long standing New Orleans tradition, Sucre’, Angelo Brocato’s, Zapps chips, Southern Candymaker’s candy, Aunt Sally’s pralines and many others make their way into our hearts and gift baskets.  Let us create one for you today!

Here are a few already created for you online, BUT if you want to make something different just let us know.








If you’re looking to create a unique gift for Easter, give us a call.  We just need your price range and an idea of what you’re looking for and we can handle the rest.  From delivery to design and everything in between.

We Know Gifts!

The Basketry


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The Basketry Delivers!

bath set with candle chocolate and festive cookie

Gift Baskets, gift boxes, curated gifts, gifts delivered?  That is what we do!!

Yesterday I needed a special gift delivered to a restaurant in New Orleans to surprise my husband on his birthday.  I wanted him to get something special at the table.  THERE WAS NO ONE TO CALL.  I ended up calling the restaurant and they delivered a signature cocktail to the table, but that’s not what I had in mind. 

It occurred to me that The Basketry is the ONLY place that does what we do.  There are no other gift shops that deliver gift baskets (same day delivery) except for flower shops and that is not what I wanted either!  Being the owner of The Basketry, it would have been weird for me to deliver it to my husband, so I opted for the cocktail.

After 25 years of making people smile, there are still so many folks that don’t realize what The Basketry really does.  So I thought I would give you a little insight on what we actually do.

WE MAKE SHOPPING EASY! We deliver gift baskets, gift boxes, and curated gifts!

If you need a gift, we have one for you.  It’s simple really.  Just call with your budget and we do the rest.  Our 4000 square foot showroom is filled with gifts for babies, men, ladies, brides, grandmothers, teachers, students and more.  If you prefer to order online, you can do that too!  We take your budget, gift card message, credit card and that’s it.  We design, deliver and VIOLA!

Typical gift basket shops fill their gifts with junk.  I admit it!  We do not!  Our buyers work very hard to find the NEXT BIG THING.  From bath bombs & candles, wines & gourmet foods, gifts for men to gifts for babies, our team gives our customers only the best.  It’s never junk! 

Our newest gourmet food line, Lolli and Pops and Bella Cucina offer amazing and delicious gourmet options.  From cotton candy and chocolate bars to lemon and artichoke pesto.  Not only is it beautiful, but taste amazing.

Easter is coming!! 

Here are a few pictures of our Easter gifts.  As you can see, we like to make sure our pairings are beautiful!  All of these gifts can be found on our website, but if you want to make something different give us a call to help! 


We are continuously creating new gifts as we add new product to the store.  Here are a few new items that just hit the sales floor for Easter.  If you don’t see them online, don’t worry!  When you call with your order, we will use these precious gifts for your baskets and boxes.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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Gifting made easy in the Big Easy

nola them gift box with visitors guide and sweet and savory treats and coffee

Gifting made easy, in the Big Easy!

Welcome to New Orleans!!  In a city that has so much culture and history, there are endless things to do and places to visit.  As a local, I often have trouble selecting a place to eat since there are so many.  Before you come to N’awlins, check out the New Orleans & Company!  They have many great suggestions!!

If you’re visiting or have a group coming into The Big Easy, it’s a great idea to have a welcome amenity to greet your guests.  All of the delicious Louisiana goodies that we use in our gifts are hand selected, tasted and proven to leave your guests with a taste of the south.  If you’re on a budget, not to worry!  Let us know how much you want to spend on your guests, and we’ll fit that budget with our best sellers.

Here are a few great gift ideas to get you started.  All of our New Orleans gifts come in disposable or smaller containers since most of our recipients are traveling.  We keep all of that in mind!

If your group has young kids, it’s always a great idea to keep snacks on hand.  While the food can get spicy for little ones inside of the restaurants, we have many snacks that are quite the opposite.  From Southern Candymakers chocolate Tortue and chocolate Alligator to Aunt Sally’s Pralines, we promise to make snacking like a local super fun!  Our Cajun ABC kids book has been one of our more popular keepsakes if your group has younger kids.  Make sure you hit the Children’s Museum and the Insectarium while you’re here.


If you’re looking for a keepsake, our keepsake totes make great presentations while providing the perfect take home bag!  Did you say RAIN?  It’s typical in the city to have sunshine at one moment and rain the next, so we started offering our recipients this darling umbrella featuring the map of New Orleans!  You never know when you’ll need it and hopefully if you don’t, you still have a great keepsake!

Our gift boxes and gift bags are always a popular selection if you’re on a tight budget.  With complimentary gift wrapping, you never buy the box or bag and it’s a great way to have everything consumed in The Big Easy rather than taking things home.  With TSA guidelines, we make sure your liquids are small or gone before going back home.  Our wooden pine boxes with sliding lid makes a unique gift stand out while giving the recipient a nice take home container.  Especially good for glass and heavy items such as our Bloody Mary Box.  While you can’t fly home with this one, you can certainly mail this one off via FED EX (Yes, we ship too) and give them the perfect gift reminding them of those Sunday mornings after a long night of partying!

If you have any bachelorette or bachelor party plans, we have the perfect gift for your group!  Let’s get the party started by sending one gift that all can share.  Beers, drinks and pre-game snacks are on the way.

If you need help picking out the perfect gift for your group, give us a call!  After 25 years of creating the perfect gifts, we know a thing or two!  Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!

Before you go, here are a few of our favorite folks who can help with your planning.  IF YOU CLICK ON THESE FOLKS, YOU’LL BE GONE FROM OUR SITE, SO PLEASE COME BACK!

The Event Glossary

BBC Destination Management

Accent on Arrangements

Looking for a photographer?  Theresa Elizabeth Photography


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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

charcoal rose gift set with sweet treat on porcelain tray

In usual guy fashion, he will call a florist or pop into the local grocery store minutes before heading home and buy a dozen red roses that will last all of 3 days.  Worst of all, that purchase was $5that was just thrown away with the flowers.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a card that cost $5.95 and it will say everything that he wanted to say and he will sign his name.  Sounds about right?  That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, it just means he showed no effort or thinks the holiday is stupid.  At The Basketry, we’ll make him work a little bit harder than that, but keeping in good guy fashion, we like to keep it a little bit easy.   


Valentine’s Day is February 14th

The team at The Basketry have whipped up beautiful new gift ideas sure to make your sweetheart smile.  The newest sweetheart collection has been added online, so if you see something you like, just add to cart!  If you would rather us create something different for you, just give us a call.   If you see something that you want your sweetheart to buy for you, just send him a picture and we’ll help him out!

The best part about our gifts, they LAST and for a LONG TIME, unless of corse you can’t handle the candy lasting that long and you eat it all in one night.  But you won’t.  Check out some of our great LASTING Valentine gifts that will make this Hallmark holiday one to remember.

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!  You can’t go wrong with Archipelago bubble bath, hand creme and body wash!  The Corkcicle champagne glass and heart turtle (caramel and chocolate) on top of this gorgeous fleur de lis tray is just the perfect gift!

OOOH this gold bowl is a gift in itself, but fill it with a neck warmer that can go in the microwave along with bath salts, body wash and a bath bomb and you have yourself the perfect gift of relaxation!

For those that don’t like relaxation and things that smell good, we have delicious chocolates and gourmet goodies to die for!   Sucre’ chocolates, heart shaped caramel and chocolate turtles!  The Sucre chocolate chip cookies and chocolates are incredible!!! We’ve added a stemless Corkcicle wine glass to this gift as the perfect keepsake.


 This New Orleans cottage tray and matching mug comes topped with chocolate cherry popcorn, Sucre coffee and Sicilian chocolate bar.  This makes the perfect Valentine gift for anyone who loves New Orleans!

This complimentary gift box comes filled with some of our favorite goodies.  Valentine chocolate covered pretzels and oreo’s, heart shaped turtle, Sicilian chocolate bar by Sucre of New Orleans, and dark chocolate and cherry popcorn.  Just add glass of milk! 🙂



He needs to feel the love too!  We have created the perfect gift combinations for that hard to buy for guy in your life.  Whether it’s your hubby, boyfriend or son, he’ll love it!  Check these out…

We’ve created the perfect salty and sweet combinations for him.  Remember, we’ve been doing this gifting thing a LONG time.

These gift combinations are perfect, but take note of the keepsakes and snack combinations sure to make him feel special on Valentine’s Day. AND we can deliver to him for that added “Awe Man, you’re girl loves you Man!”

Does he love beer or bourbon?  We can add that too!  Just let us know what he likes and we’ll see to it that it gets in there.

We’re going to wrap the gifting ideas up (no pun intended), but here are a few of our favorites for you to scroll through.


ORDER TODAY!!  Don’t wait. 

It gets super crazy inside of our gift making studio.   


WE DELIVER AND SHIP!  Just like the flower thing, but BETTER! 🙂


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Early Buy Discount for Holiday Gifting

kendall jackson splits with sweet and salty snacks in fleur de lis tin and 2 go vino wine cups

Let me be honest, your clients do NOT want a ham or a poorly presented basket of wine.  What you send to them and how it looks represents you and your brand.  I can make you ONE solid promise that will never go unbroken.  What you order at The Basketry will be perfect, delivered perfect and your client will love it.  I personally taste every item, hand pick every item and along with my team we create designs that will be remembered.  Oh I know some people may say they don’t care about presentation, but I have done this for too long to know that is NOT true.  Plus, you don’t pay extra for good looking stuff.

Take a look at some of our newest curated gifts just recently added to our website.  If you want to add your marketing items, we can do that for FREE.  Really!  Before I show you pictures, I need to give you the BEST part about ordering early.




To qualify, your order must be $1000 or more before tax.  The entire order must be given (gift card info, addresses etc) along with payment.  We will put a future ship date on your gifts, so they won’t be delivered before you tell us to.  This discount is for holiday gifts delivered between 11/25 – 12/24.  Excludes fruit & muffin gifts due to perishability.

We hope you enjoy seeing how hard we’ve worked these last few weeks to bring you HOLIDAY 2018 CURATED GIFTS AND GIFT BASKETS.  Our team is pretty incredible and I am so proud of how much they care about each and every gift.


Kristi Brocato


We hand deliver!  We ship!  It’s so easy to order! 




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Send the perfect gift!

kristi holding a box of treats

Make gifting easy!

The easiest & prettiest way to say:

 Continue reading to find out more about how we can help with:
  • Curated gifts in your budget
  • Hand-delivery & shipping to any location worldwide
  • Same-day delivery available
  • Custom branding options – labels, ribbon, marketing materials
  • Hand-written personal gift messages
  • Attention to every detail, no matter how small
  • Custom gifts for any occasion


“This is the only place for me to get the best gift baskets!  Kristi’s professionalism and customer service go above and beyond!  And the baskets are absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you so much!” – Myrna Ourso
“I drove over from New Orleans after looking at the website.  The store is filled with adorable gifts and the owner and staff couldn’t be more helpful.  It was a great experience and they will definitely be my future go-to shop for gifts!” -Alana Chester
“I live in California and my boss will be celebrating his 60th birthday in New Orleans, the hotel he is staying at referred me.  I wanted to include a gift certificate for a dinner cruise on the Creole Queen and Kristi went above and beyond to try and make it happen.” -Lexi Alkema
For more than 23 years, The Basketry has specialized in curating beautiful custom gifts for every occasion. Whether you’re sending your customers thank you gifts at holiday time, trying to land a new client, or simply want to send a gift that says thinking of you, we’re here to help.
While the holidays are always a huge time for gifting, we encourage you to think of other occasions throughout the year to make your clients, employees, and vendors feel special.
Whether it’s welcoming their new baby, sending a housewarming gift, or a basket of birthday wishes (we recommend including confetti balloons!!), let us hand deliver something special.
We know you’re busy, and we want to make your job easy!

It’s easy to order:

*Call us at 504-309-7935

*Email us:

*Shop online:

Perhaps our favorite part of what we do at The Basketry is putting together custom gifts. We don’t simply throw items into our boxes and tie a bow, we hand select each item to create a feeling, a story, or a theme. Our goal with each gift is to create a cohesive look that is as special as it is beautiful. We ensure that each product in our boxes is high-quality, and we do our best to buy from as many local vendors as we can.
While we have hundreds of beautiful gifts on our website, we know that there are times when you may need something custom. Simply give us a call with your delivery information and budget, a few details about your recipient, and we’ll do the rest. Our creative team puts together new gifts everyday, and we’re happy to text or email you pictures until you decide on the PERFECT combination.

Each of our gifts is put together by hand, packaged beautifully, and sealed with a label. Interested in taking your branding to the next level? Let us create a custom label or ribbon with your company logo – it will be the perfect finishing touch on your gifts.
Let us put your logo inside! Custom logo stickers to seal each box are the perfect finishing touch.
An example of custom logo stickers used in a gift. Go Bulldogs!
Each gift comes with a hand-written gift card. We know that gift giving is personal, and you want your recipients to know that you’ve put time and effort into their gift, so we take each detail seriously.















Simply offer our gifts to your guests and for every order that you place for your guest, you will get 15% off.  It’s easy!

You charge your customer for the price listed online and we charge you 15% less.  And WE DO ALL THE WORK!

Click HERE and show this landing page to your guests, brides and clients!



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Star Spangled Sale – Three Days Only

Join us for a THREE DAY sale

Starting Thursday, July 5th 

We hope your Summer is going great.  We are looking forward to taking a day off to enjoy the 4th of July with our families, but we’re also getting ready for a GIANT inventory SALE!  Here are the details.  If you have any questions, email us at:

Kendra Scott Jewelry
Buy 1 get 1 HALF OFF
or Buy 2 get 1 FREE*. 

*Select and in stock merchandise only.

Check our Insta Story to see pictures of items on sale.  Some Signature Items are excluded.

We’re making room for new Kendra Scott arrivals!

We would like our customers to know that we always match Kendra Scott promotions with the exception of the birthday special (exclusive to KS stores), so if you know of a promotion and you’d rather shop with us just let us know.

Pandora Jewelry
Select items 50% OFF

We have to make room for new and beautiful Pandora rings and earrings.  We are so excited with the new Fall and Winter collections that we can’t wait to show you.  The Summer collection has been a HUGE hit as well.  The new double wrap bracelets and boho charms are selling fast.  Here’s what’s on SALE…

Bracelets starting at ONLY $30

Rings starting at ONLY $15

Select charms 50% OFF

Making room for new arrivals!!! 

Pandora “Our Treat” Event

Spend $100 or more, receive a FREE bracelet, ring or pair of earrings*
Free item is valued at $65 or less, upgrades available. 

Clearance sale and gift with purchase promotion may not be combined.


In addition to Kendra and Pandora, we also have shoes, rainboots and apparel on sale up to 50% OFF.  We have lots of new FALL merchandise rolling in.


We hope to see you Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

  Happy 4th of July!



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Pandora Summer Collection

The new Summer Collection is fun, colorful and youthful!  From beach looks to festival fun, we love it and know you will too.  Here are a few pictures showing off some of our favorites.  We match all of prices, so feel free to browse their website and give us a call or visit us for your Pandora Jewelry needs.

Chokers and ear cuffs are a perfect way to accent your Summer look!

This season’s double wrap bracelet is one of our favorites. Made from genuine leather, its sterling silver details and turquoise color add a fresh touch to bracelet stacks. There are several colors available and they are only $35.00.  The BEST part about this bracelet is that is can be worn as a choker.

Layered necklaces…this is the big trend of the season. Your neck is a focal point as it lies directly under your face. Think of it as the front row of your look. Transform any outfit into a festival-ready ensemble by layering necklaces. Take your styling higher or lower with leather chokers and softly cascading chains, and create a medley of new-season colors, textures and details using hippie-inspired pendants, dangles and charms. Light reflecting sterling silver paired with bursts of turquoise tones, zesty orange, tan and black create an uplifting medley of style.

Create an eye catching look with tassels and stones! Stop in today to take a look at all the new Pandora styles!


Enjoy 45% OFF select Pandora styles.  See store for details.  The new collection is excluded from the sale.


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Celebrate Dad. My Hero. My Coach. My Mentor. My Friend.

Father’s Day is June 17th!  What do you get the man who has everything?  Does he fish, hunt or play golf?  Check out some of these awesome gifts we’ve made for our customers.  We’re sharing them with you in hopes that you can live stress free in your search for the perfect gift for him.  The Basketry custom designs each gift, so get a few good ideas and give us a call to make some for the dads in your life!


Gonzo’s Smokehouse BBQ sauce, Love Cookie and our handmade chocolates are locally made and we LOVE it!

We’ve recently added many “guy gadgets” to our list of must-haves.  Every guy could use a new pocket knife and this barbecue 6 in 1 tool with corkscrew is a HOT ITEM!!  A few of our best sellers is the key multi tool that does 14 things in one, the pen tool that features a level, a measuring tape and stylus; the wallet, manicure set and our hammer multi tool.

Beer is good for many things, including the skin. So we decided to put beer in soap. Not some pumpkin spiced craft mumbo jumbo, but Old Milwaukee, an iconic American beer brand that honors quality and hard work without the pretense. The result is our Big Ass Beer Soap: a large, long-lasting beer soap that suds up well and smells fantastic. (It doesn’t smell like beer; it has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that smells like a man should.) For the man who loves beer and the occasional shower, Duke Cannon’s Shower Beer Sack makes a more-than-suitable gift. A burlap sack packed with Duke Cannon’s grooming essentials, it will last longer than that six-pack.

Socks, ties, and underwear? We got dat too!  Our Bonfolk socks come in a huge array of designs including our newest, Shrimp Boot!  Be sure to check out our 100% genuine leather coozies made right here in New Orleans as well as our 100% silk ties made by Nola Couture!  Can you say that we go all out for our dads?  YEP!

Don’t wait to buy dad’s gift!  Order online or give us a call and let us hand deliver – you might just make it to “favorite child status!”

Call to order:  504-309-7935


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2018 Woman Owned Business of the Year!

blog post

The Jefferson Chamber has named The Basketry the 2018 Woman Owned Business of the Year.  What a special honor!  Here is a look at some of the folks that made this possible.  Thank you to all present and past team members, as well as our customers for shopping with us.  Without you, this would have not been possible.  It takes a team to do what we do!!


We’re throwing things wayyyy back with a few of those pictures, but it’s always fun to look back and remember those that helped The Basketry get where it is today!  THANK YOU!

One of the best things about being a small business is our ability to support local philanthropies and families.  We are very proud to carry products that give back.  Currently, we carry more than 25 lines that give back!  We have a wrapping for tips program that encourages customers to tip us for our complimentary gift wrap.  Each month we donate hundreds toward fundraising programs in the community.

In the past year, we’ve created a gift box called “Big Easy Big Heart.” We donate a shelter gift box for every gift box purchased.  We’ve donated more than 150 shelter boxes since it’s conception.  Click HERE to see this awesome gift on our website!

Here are a few pictures from special events that we have donated or participated in:

Relay For Life

Helping Baby Noah get his heart!  He’s doing great!!

Raising money for a local soccer club.

A book signing with Saint’s Micheal Lewis helped us raise money for a local family!

Our kid events encourage kids to work for themselves and be creative! These kids are designing their own Father’s Day gifts for dad!

We donated Pandora Bracelets for Mother’s Day to the battered women’s shelter.  Over 75 donated!  Wow!

The Arc of St. Charles visits us to learn how to use a cash register, gift wrap and smile big for customers!  Great work guys!

A HUGE shout out to my family for always supporting me.  I love you guys!  This picture was taken when the kids were little at our ground breaking for the new store!

Thank you Jefferson Chamber for recognizing us as the 2018 Woman Owned Business of the Year.  We have many wonderful things left to accomplish in the communities that support us, so stay tuned…

Kristi Brocato and The Basketry Creative Team


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Top Gifts for Employee Appreciation & Administrative Assistant’s Week

Treat those who make your job easier with a special surprise from The Basketry!  Administrative assistant’s and employees deserve something special the week of April 23rd through 27th.  Here are a few great ideas that we are sure they’ll love and will help make your shopping easier.  If you see something you like, these are all currently available online or give us a call to help!

Our Scout Totes make a perfect lunch tote or carry all, and the items that come inside are just as fun!  Sucre chocolates, mini Le Grande Courtage champagne, pineapple key ring, Voluspa candles, Hydra shower therapy, journals, Barefoot Dreams fuzzy socks and Bijoux By Bonnet essential oil bracelets are just a few things we LOVE to suggest to our customers.

Our wooden gift boxes filled with Finchberry products, lemonade, Love cookies, and Musee bath bombs that help your best employees relax is our favorite suggestion!  We have lots of price options as well as fragrant collections to satisfy even the pickiest one of the bunch!  Here are a few of our newest gifts we’ve carefully curated!  Our staff is so talented don’t you think?

If you have men on your list of best employees, we have great ideas for him too!  We love our New Orleans socks paired with beer (or root beer), Sucre cookies, etched NOLA glasses, and snacks that he will love!

Our newest arrival to the store is New Orleans Lip & Soap Co.  Here is a collection of Tea Time soap, body butter and bath bombs wrapped in our complimentary white gift box and tied with a matching bow.  Try Seersucker, Magnolia and Acadian Oat Meal…they are all awesome!

As always, please let us know if you need anything!  Administrative Assistant’s Week & Employee Appreciation Week is April 23rd thru 27th.  Let us hand deliver a special gift to your krewe!  Let us make your life a little easier for those who work everyday to make your life easier!

Happy Shopping!

Kristi Brocato and The Creative Team

More great gift ideas:

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Wrapping For A Cause


We wrap, you tip!  That’s the idea behind our Wrapping For A Cause campaign.  You’ll notice when you check out at The Basketry, we provide a tip jar.  We highly encourage you to tip generously for your complimentary gift wrap, but it’s not so that we can split the tips and splurge on ourselves.  We donate all of our tips!

We started the wrapping campaign a few years back, and since then we have raise more than $10,000 in tip money.  We generously donate that money to various local organizations and families in need.  So far we have donated to a child going through heart surgery, families who have lost homes to fire, victims of hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, the Child Advocacy Services Association, as well as many others.  Some of our recipients have come from folks like yourself reaching out to us and letting us know if someone is in need.  Thank you for giving your change and your dollars to help us be givers in our community.

This month, we donated $800 to the Rotary Club of St. Charles.  One of the programs that is sponsored by the club is called Lunches For Learning.

Imported 7-30-2014 027

Here’s a quick story on how the program got started:

In 2004, after some careful thought, utilization of collective skills, and a lot of faith, the all-volunteer board of directors and staff launched Lunches for Learning and provided its first lunches to 84 kids at Andrea Gonzales Elementary School in El Amatillo, Honduras. The theory centered on the idea that if nutritious lunches at school could be provided, then children who were often forced to skip school to look for food would, instead, choose to attend school.

The theory was correct! Within a few weeks of implementing the program, attendance grew from 84 kids to over 100 kids and absenteeism diminished to almost zero. Word of the lunch program continued to spread and more and more kids enrolled. Building on the success at Andrea Gonzales Elementary School, L4L now provides daily school lunches to more than 1,700 kids in 30 schools across Valle District of Honduras.

The L4L program is made possible by the generosity of our donors and sponsors. School Sponsors are organizations or individuals who have committed to annual funding which makes possible the lunch program at their sponsored school. They also have the opportunity to travel with us to Honduras to visit their sponsored schools and build long-term relationships with the students, teachers, principals and families in the school community.

The Rotary Club sponsors the Nueva school in Honduras.  $150.00 a year feeds one child in the school.  They get a hot meal and love going to school not only to see their friends, but to eat.  Because of your tip money, we are able to sponsor almost 6 children at the school.  Wow!!  Check out the school that is sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Charles.  Tyrell and John Cornwell of Luling recently visited the school to attend their graduation and brought back funds and supplies to the school.

Imported 7-30-2014 022 - Copy

The name of our wrapping program is “Wrapping For A Cause.”  Please continue to donate your tip money for your complimentary wrapping services and we promise to donate all tips to more wonderful causes.  If you have a cause that you would like to see us add to our watch list, please email us at:

Learn more about Lunches For Learning by clicking the link:

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What’s New??

AHH SPRING!!! Who’s ready for warm sunshine and fresh outdoor air?  We are!!  Our team has been busy unpacking all of the new things for Spring, and we can’t express enough how pretty everything is.  Our website has many new additions, so if you can’t stop in make sure you check us out online.

The Basketry Boutique has expanded to include many new trends and your personal favorites.  Make sure you look for pearls on clothes, tassels, and embroidered words of inspiration.  Off the shoulder continues to impress along unexpected patterns and necklines.

Easter and Spring home decor is a great way to change up your look.  Our bunny table runner and candle holder is so precious and will be sure to dress up any Sunday table!

Our home decor and kitchen gifts have grown tremendously this Spring.  Here are a few new things we think you’ll love.  If you have a housewarming or a wedding coming up, stop in for the perfect gifts.

And we had to save the best for last.  These kids clothes!!!  We hope to see you soon!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

lollia gift with finchberry candle and tin can candle

This year, Valentine’s Day is the day after Mardi Gras.  For some, it’s just another day, but I think it’s a great day to tell those that you love how special they are to you.   From your besties, kids and your family, there’s something sweet inside The Basketry for everyone on your list.  My kids love the bath bombs and the OH SUGAR cookies!!

Are you searching for something unique to send to your Valentine?  Our creative team has once again created beautiful, one of a kind Valentine gifts for both men and women that can be hand delivered or shipped for this Cupid’s special day.  Even though we will be closed on Fat Tuesday, our doors will open early on Valentine’s Day!  We’ll be hand delivering all day!

Curated gifts filled with Sucre chocolates, local bubble bath, fine wines and beautiful candles are among our top picks for ladies that will be sure to make her romantic day one to remember.  We are your go to for Kendra Scott, Pandora Jewelry and the hottest boutique items, but here are a few gift ideas that will leave you wanting more!-

“We have a beautiful gift store filled with Kendra Scott Jewelry, Pandora Charms and Bracelets, Corkcicle stemless wine glasses that can be personalized, along with our favorite bath bombs, Finchberry soaps and bath robes.” -Kristi, Owner

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for ladies!  Men deserve to be pampered too!  Is it difficult to find the perfect gift for him?  Our most popular guy gifts include his favorite beer, New Orleans map glasses, Saxx underwear, our infamous chips and salsa, and Louisiana Sportsman shirts.  Take a look…

If you need a few gifts for those on your V-Day list, give us a call to help!  We have lots of premade curated gifts ready to go for those last minute needs as well.  You can call us at 504-309-7935, order online or stop in!  If you think the big day of romance is over rated, just wait until those other folks in the office get something hand delivered and your Valentine is left out.  That’s what we like to call a “dog house gift” and we can get one ready for you if you forget to call us!


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New Orleans – Top 10 Destination 2018

web ad

Frommer’s travel experts called New Orleans one of the best destinations to visit in the world in 2018.

As New Orleans reaches its tricentennial, there’s a lot to celebrate.

Frommer’s has named the city as one of 18 “incredible places that will give you the trip of a lifetime.”

“Being listed as one of the top places to visit in 2018 by Frommer’s is one of the highest honors a city can receive,” New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation President and CEO Mark Romig said.


“Each and every day we’re putting messages out there about new Orleans being a very welcoming city. A city rich in culture, food, architecture, music, great history, and we’re culminating it with the great celebration throughout all of next year in 2018,” Romig said.

The celebrations will begin as early as the first day of next year.

“We’ll kick it off a big way of course on New Years Eve night with a fireworks display at midnight, and then throughout the entire 2018 we have a number of events, symposia, concerts, fireworks, international visits,” Romig said.

He said this is in addition to the 138 festivals of the year.

What does this mean for The Basketry?  It means our customers need more New Orleans Welcome Baskets!  Hotel guests, convention planners, meeting planners and guests celebrating special occasions will to send more NOLA gifts to help kick off their Big Easy trip!  Here are a few great New Orleans destination gift baskets!

If you need New Orleans gifts, we hand deliver to all hotels and offer complimentary gift cards with each gift basket, so your message is personal and reflects a local flair.  You can customize your gift based in your budget!  From one to 500 gifts for a big convention, there’s nothing too big for The Basketry.

One of our more popular New Orleans welcome gifts is our signature New Orleans gift box filled with ready to eat New Orleans favorites such as Zapps Chips, mini king cake, Abita Rootbeer, Aunt Sally’s Pralines, Southern Candymakers chocolates along with Mardi Gras masks and beads.

Make your trip to The Big Easy one to remember!

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Badass Gifts for Badass People

champagne cheers basket with balloons

We thought our gifts were already pretty cool, but when we added Badass Balloons to our list of must haves, things became badass!  When we partnered with Badass Balloon Company, our biggest fear was that our customer would get offended or judge us for using such filth!  Well, even those that we worried about the most have loved the balloons, or at least they are ordering them anyway.

The balloons are offered in only one section of our website so that you can’t accidentally stumble upon the crude wording, rather you have to seek it out and add it to your gift selections.  The balloons are offered by themselves so that you can add them to any gift, but we created a few awesome gift designs with the balloons already on them.

Here are some of our most popular gifts with the Badass Balloons!

So the next time you have a milestone birthday, a girls night out or you just need a bunch of balloons at the dinner table, hit us up!

Let’s Party Bitches!!


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Office Gifts for the Holidays

Office Gifts for the Holidays –

There are many people in your work place that help make your job easier.  From the secretary to those in human resources to the security guy who watches you to your car at the end of a long day.  You would like to get them each a little something for Christmas, but I am sure you don’t want to spend a fortune.  Shopping can be stressful and worrying about finding the perfect gift is something we can help with.

Our gift shop is filled with all of the latest gifts and the hottest trends, so we know what folks like.  In this blog, we’ll show you some great gift ideas for the females and males on your list that you need to buy for.  Everything that we’ll show you will be under $40.  Keep in mind that every gift is gift wrapped for FREE and can be hand delivered or shipped directly to your gift recipient or to you.

Don’t stress about gift giving.  We know gifts and we are the BEST at what we do!  Whether we pair a NOLA map glass with a box of New Orleans cookies, a Finchberry soap with a Voluspa candle, a holiday dip bowl with a Robert Rothschild dip or a gift bag filled with the yummiest holiday chocolates you’ve ever had, holiday shopping will be easier if you let us handle it.

If you see something that you like in this blog, give us a call.  There’s so much more than we have pictured here.  Call us at 800-385-9601 and let us make holiday shopping easy!

Check out our holiday gift section on our website to see more great gift ideas or give us a call and tell us a little about the person you are buying for.  We can make some great suggestions and send you pictures.  Shopping is so easy when you let The Basketry do all of the work.  Gifts for coworkers, secretaries, the boss, bus drivers, teachers, cafeteria workers, hair dressers and your favorite massage therapist can all be found inside The Basketry!  We’ll hear from you soon!

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Holiday Gifts for Your Boss

You need a gift for your boss and already your stressing out!  Let me set the record straight…your boss is just like you.  Stressed out, over worked and could use a good day off to recharge.  Here are a few perfect gift ideas for your boss.  Don’t worry about getting too personal or if something is inappropriate or if he won’t like it.  Remember, this is a person who wants to enjoy the holiday season just like you.

Gifts for the male boss –

Nola Couture silk ties are hand made in New Orleans.  Each unique with images of oysters, pelicans, fish, fleur de lis, shrimp, LSU, Tulane and many more.  Only $65 for a 100% silk tie locally made!!  You can shop online or give us a call.

Here is a great wooden pine gift box featuring one of our silk ties.  We’ve added New Orleans cookies and Robert Rothschild pretzels and dip to complete the gift.  We’ll hand deliver or ship for you!  Each gift comes with a hand written gift card message.

For the boss who values a great bottle of Gin, this gift box comes complete with New Orleans made Gentilly Gin, Haydel’s hand pies, cookies, a New Orleans Map glass, and Robert Rothschild pretzels and dip.  We also carry the St. Roch Vodka.  The liquor is created by 73 distillery in New Orleans.  Pair a bottle of liquor with our best selling Bonfolk socks.  Each pair that is purchased, one is donated to the homeless shelter.  We love our socks and know your boss will too!

We’ve paired our purple and gold Louisiana socks with a bottle of Crown Royal in this wooden pine box.  Let us hand deliver or ship to your boss for the holiday season.

Duke Cannon for Men – Ask any man who has ever used Duke Cannon and he’ll tell you how wonderful it is for your skin.  We especially love the hunting soap and Bloody Knuckles for dry skin.  We’ve paired our black and gold fleur de lis Bonfolk Socks in our wooden pine box.

For the boss that loves New Orleans, let us ship him a unique gift from The Big Easy.  This gift basket includes: Abita Beer Six Pack, Fleur de Lis Bottle Opener, Black Fleur de Lis, Koozie, Red Bean & Rice Chips, Zapp’s Potato Chips (2), Aunt Sally’s Original Creamy Praline, Aunt Sally’s Cafe au Lait Praline, Cajun Crunch, Vidalia Peach Salsa, Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Mix, Hot Nuts, Seafood Kitchen Towel, Slap Ya Mama Seasoning, Mardi Gras Beads.


Gifts for your female boss – 

Give her a unique gift that she will love and that makes shopping easy for you.  Here are a few gift suggestions.

Lollia is now on Oprah’s favorite gift list, but we’ve carried it for years.  It’s beautiful and smells heavenly.  We love to pair our favorite bath items with our bamboo socks, Voluspa candles, Sucre chocolate.  If you need coworker gifts or gifts for the office, let us custom create a gift basket or gift box for the holidays.

Scarves, ponchos and wraps are on the TOP of everyone’s list this holiday season.  We have so many different scarves to select from, so if plaid isn’t your first choice don’t you worry.  We have many different colors and styles of wraps and ponchos as well.  Give us a call and we can text you pictures of our large variety.  Everything is gift wrapped beautifully and it’s FREE!

The Perfect Little Pouch makes a delightful gift.  It can be carried alone as a clutch or carry your favorite purse carry all.  Katie Loxton pouches are less than $20 and make a perfect gift for coworkers and office gifts as well as your boss.

All of Finchberry’s soaps are handcrafted in their Northern Florida studio, which is filled with piping bags, baking racks, ovens and dough mixers, and looks as much like a bakery as their soaps do baked goods.

Each individual bar contains natural, food grade ingredients, a unique decadent appearance, and a lush gentle lather.  In addition, our soaps are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemical preservatives.  Finchberry soaps are not just a cleanser, but sensory experience you can savor daily. Only $8.95 per slice.

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Corporate Gift Baskets for the Holidays


This holiday season, don’t stress out over corporate gift giving.  How many times do you pace through the mall looking for gifts for people in the workplace just to find yourself settling for things that you just don’t like anyway?  STOP!!  The Basketry has so many great ideas in your budget.  The best part is that you can call us with your budget and we gift wrap for free as well as deliver directly to YOU!!  We know gifts and we take the stress out of gift giving!

If you are looking for a really nice gift for your boss, but just are not sure where to start?  Give a custom curated gift box with assorted things your boss will love.  Here are two great gift ideas, but if you want to see more just head on over to our website and see what we’ve created just for the holiday season.  









Workplace gift ideas for women include our best selling Ava Scarf Wrap.  It’s only $32  and she can wear it as a scarf or a wrap.  This is especially good for those ladies who keep it cold in the office.  Your co-workers spend a lot of time with you, so give them a gift that they will truly remember you by.  This also makes a perfect gift for your hairdresser, bus driver and your favorite teacher!









For those in the office that are under stress, give them The Cottage Greenhouse Relaxation kit is a collection that will soothe, hydrate and restore her skin.  It contains the best sellers in our Cottage Greenhouse collection.  Lotion, bubble bath, salt scrub and lip repair.  It comes wrapped in this adorable mason jar.

Gifts for co-workers – These folks are pretty important!  They help make your job easier, most of the time more fun, and sometimes just bug the heck out of you.  BUT it’s Christmas!  Give them a gift that they’ll use at the office.  A S’well bottle or a Corkcicle.  It keeps coffee hot for 12 hours and drinks ice cold for 24 hours.  It’s also a perfect way to hide your alcohol for tailgate time.  We have them for men and women, so don’t worry, we have all the sexes covered.  









Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candles in either the Volcano scent or Blue Jean will surely make a big impression.  Candles are everywhere, but this is one gift they will treasure.  Just ask anyone who burns them!  It comes in a beautiful mercury glass jar for only $21.95.  Burn time over 40 hours. 

Finchberry Soap contains natural, food grade ingredients, a unique decadent appearance, and a lush gentle lather.  In addition, our soaps are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made without any harsh chemical preservatives.  Finchberry soaps are not just a cleanser, but sensory experience you can savor daily. $8.95 per bar or get your coworker a limited edition box of assorted best sellers!  

Sweet Olive Gift Set is a perfect office gift swap.  Made in New Orleans, this complete bath & body gift box set is designed for women who cherish the sweet and softly lingering fragrance of Louisiana sweet olive blossoms. This gift set makes a great corporate gift idea, and it’s also a perfect gift for coworkers!  Your gift will be elegantly packaged in a Sweet Olive Soap Works gift box ready for gift-giving. This gift set comes tied with a satin ribbon and includes a “Louisiana Sweet Olive Collection” gift tag.  The Louisiana Sweet Olive Gift Box contains one of each Sweet Olive scented item: Blossom infused olive oil bar soap (4.3 oz.), Decorative fleur de lis soap (3.5 oz.), Dead sea bath salt (16 oz.), Body cream (4.oz.).

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National Taco Day – October 4th

let's taco bout it tray

Let’s TACO bout how National Taco Day is October 4th!!  The Basketry is here to make sure you have the best TACO DAY ever with FREE chips & dip with the purchase of any Halloween Spider platter.  We have everything you need to throw the best TACO DAY party, from Taco serving platters to tequila and even Bonfolk Taco socks!!  Our Red Beans and Rice tortilla chips are to die for and the Vidalia Onion Peach Salsa is AMAZING!!  Come see us on October 4th for a FREE taste testing of chips and salsa.

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Behind the scenes photo shoot in New Orleans

holiday photos

They say if you are really good at something, don’t be afraid to scream it from the rooftop!  It was from a rooftop bar off St. Charles Avenue where we told the city of New Orleans, “We are the BEST place to shop and the BEST place to call when you need the perfect gift hand delivered.”

On a beautiful August afternoon, we took our marketing team to the Ponchartrain Hotel and captured perfect pictures of what we do best…gifts!  Amanda Mohon was our team photographer.  Outside of her Basketry work, she also works on the side as a photographer for weddings and families, so her expertise was greatly appreciated.  Alexandra and Kristi helped design and model each gift.  Together, we had a lot of fun, worked extremely hard and created what we think is going to be a great holiday season.

Many companies turn to us to handle their client gifting.  They want something unique and love to shop local.  Here are a few gifts that our customers have already committed to for their holiday gifts.  If you need corporate gifts whether it is one or several hundred, let us take care of you.  It’s never too early to plan your holiday gifts.

As we kick off fourth quarter to plan for new gifts, new advertisements, and new website changes, it is important to note that our designs are created with customers in mind.  After 23 years of helping companies put together impressive gifts, we know what they are looking for.  Our wooden pine boxes are a new look for us this year, and have already proven to become a #1 seller.  The slick and sophisticated design with the opportunity for branding on the outside is a great way to send your gratitude!

You can look for these photos in upcoming ads, our online brochure, our website and social media.

If you need a gift hand delivered same day or shipped to clients, family and friends give us a call!


Want to know a fun fact?  After we booked our room and took pictures inside of the beautiful hotel, we headed to the rooftop to capture some with our unique city in the background.  We were such party animals that they kicked us out of the rooftop bar!  Just kidding.  We did have to reschedule our photo shoot so we didn’t upset the other paying customers.

Look for these and many more beautiful gifts on our website!

Kristi, Alexandra & Amanda

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The Cajun Navy

An informal network of good Samaritans with small watercraft once again mobilized in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.   unprecedented flooding in Houston.

Formed 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the so-called Cajun Navy, which has saved thousands of stranded people, by some estimates, is already helping rescue stranded Texans, one member said Sunday.

“There’s no telling how many are already over there,” said 39-year-old Joey Hains of Lafayette, La. “Basically everybody that’s wanting to go help out” is going or has already arrived, he said.

Source:  USA Today

The Basketry partnered with SFT in Baton Rouge to sell “Cajun Navy” tees with proceeds of the sale going to the Houston Food Bank.  SFT donated approximately $17,000.00 to the food bank and efforts continue.  The shirts are available on our webiste for $28.00.

Thank you for helping the flood victims of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma!