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Client Gifting Tips

Client gifting tips.

Client Gifting Tips

Building a relationship with your client is the single most important ingredient for a successful business. The more you invest in your client relationship, the more likely they are to continue to do business with you.  The best way to do this is by sending them a gift of appreciation.  

Today we’re sharing the five simple tips for curating your client gifting experience.

Tip 1:  Send a gift with a purpose:Client gifting tip - send a gift with meaning.

Most gifts fall into four categories:

  • Onboarding – welcoming a client or a new hire gift
  • Appreciation – holiday gifts or referrals
  • Personal milestones – weddings, birthdays, new home, or new little ones
  • Professional milestones – events, launches, or congratulatory gifts

Each of these events provide an opportunity for you to show your gratitude for your client’s business and nurture the relationship!

Tip 2:  Set a budget:

The biggest question that I get is about the budget.  Think of the cost of dinner, a ball game or a round of golf.  It should not cost a fortune, but it should reflect the value of the time that the client has given you.

Tip 3: Think about your client and send the right gift:

When we are building a gift for you, we think of everything.  We think of the functional aspects as well as the items the client will keep.  Here are a few things you should think about when making your selections:

-Is it going to an office and will they need to share?

-Should we include a promotional item of yours for them to keep?

-Would it be a good idea to include the family in this gift?

Send gifts at planned, random times.

Tip 4:  Send your gifts at planned random times:

We call this planned randomness.  It’s best to send for Thanksgiving and “Give Thanks” versus Christmas.  A cute Valentine gift that says, “We love doing business with you.”  Sending a gift for a client’s birthday is a great way to make them feel special.  The idea is to send a gift at an unexpected time.

Tip 5:  Personalize your gift!

The best way to personalize your gift is with a hand written gift card.  Other ways that we make the gift personal is by adding their initials or last name on a marble board or cutting board that we can use as the container.  We also love to personalize glasses.  By adding a last name or an initial to the gifts, you are letting your client know that you put effort into the gift.

Have your gift delivered.

Tip 6:  Let us deliver!

When we hand deliver to your client, it makes a huge impression.  It’s a huge surprise and it makes a much bigger impact than if you make the delivery.

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

explore business gifts

It may not feel like it for you, but in The Basketry, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  We know it’s still Fall and for most of us it’s still really warm outside, but we’re already in the spirit.  We’ve been busy tasting and buying all new gourmet foods (best part of this job) along with designing new gifts for our beautiful website and retail store.  Some of our newest lines include Cousin’s Beef Jerky, Lark Fine Foods and Poppy’s Popcorn have proven to be must haves on our customers shopping list.

Whether you count on us for your gifts under the tree or having gifts hand delivered to your clients, family and friends, we’re here to make your holidays easier than ever before!  Get your orders in early (by November 1st) and choose your delivery date.  It’s really easy to order.  We love to talk to you, so give us a call to discuss your budget and your list or you can order online and still select your delivery date.

Call or message us today to find out more about business gifting, or come visit us to see the thousands of items we have in-store. We can use your promotional items inside of your gifts (no charge for this) as well as your business cards to make a big impression on your clients. The BEST part is…you tell us what you want to spend.

Three bottles of 1/2 splits make this a definite party basket!
We love this chiller bucket with a built in bottle opener!
Gourmet fleur de lis turtles and glazed pecans make this an excellent choice.
Who doesn’t LOVE a bottle of wine with Tabasco pepper jelly and crackers?

Here are a few more of our new best sellers that we can’t wait to show you.  If you want to check them out, visit our website!  We have a lot more to add, so as the holidays get closer make sure to check things out.  Don’t wait to order though.  Our team gets crazy busy and we don’t want to run out of anything that you may want!

Perfect for an office wine party!

This holiday season, consider sending a taste of Louisiana to your family and friends.  We carry hundreds of locally made products such as Slap Ya Mama gumbo mix and seasoning, Southern Candymakers chocolates, Aunt Sally’s pralines and Angelo Brocato’s cookies.  Our local artists curate many items for us such as gumbo bowls, pot holders, earrings, serving trays and wine glasses.  We incorporate these unique items into gifts combined with our popular gourmet foods.

Dinner is Ready!

Our retail store is unlike any other!  Here are some beautiful gifts for the holidays that can make your gift baskets and boxes stand out from the rest.  The easiest way to order items like this is to call us!  Many of our trays, cookie jars and buckets are used as “baskets” which create a PERFECT keepsake!


Happy shopping and be sure to give us a call, email or stop in to make shopping easy this holiday season.  If you plan on placing an order and need help, email Kristi right way!