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2 Words: Charcuterie Boards!

2 Words: Charcuterie Boards! Basketry Blog Post

2 Words: Charcuterie Boards Basketry Blog Post Image

We are so excited to offer our clients something new, trendy and delicious, Charcuterie Boards. Italian meats and cheeses, combined with fresh grapes and other gourmet snacks paired with a bottle of wine! When you don’t know what to send to a hostess or for an office party, this is the ideal gift. The charcuterie boards are delivered in their original packaging to ensure safe enjoyment!

Our charcuterie boards can only be hand-delivered in the local area to Orleans, Jefferson, St. Tammany, and the River Parishes to ensure freshness and satisfaction guaranteed!

A Charcuterie Surprise

Charcuterie gift surprise in a pretty arrangement paired with one of our delicious bottles of wine

What a welcome surprise this gift will be! Included are enough cheeses, meats, gourmet snacks, and wine for a very lucky couple or a small office party. This delicious gift includes Brie Cheese, a varying selection of Italian meats, grapes, sesame water crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, locally sourced honey, McCrea’s Caramels, and New Orleans Love, Cookies. If you want to take it to another level you can include a bottle of champagne and Fleur de Lis Glasses. Imagine rolling this delicious meat on the included tray with slices of cheese and grapes. Many beautiful serving options come to mind.


A Grand Charcuterie

A grand surprise charcuterie board gift display

If you need a little more in the way of cheese and meat, this platter includes two kinds of cheese, one brie, and another seasonal choice, and two Italian meats. The selection depends on availability. Additionally, the gift includes grapes, sesame water crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, locally sourced honey, glazed pecans, McCrea’s Caramels, and Lemon Cooler Love, Cookies. You may choose to add a bottle of wine if you prefer. Consider arranging the included platter with sweet choices on one side and savory on the other with grapes in the center, it’s all good!!


A Charcuterie Deluxe

A charcuterie deluxe spread

This is the ultimate party platter when only the best will do. Including  3 seasonal pieces of cheese ( one will be Brie), three Italian meats, grapes, sesame water crackers, Bulldog Pepper Jelly, Feridies Gourmet Virginia Peanuts, locally sourced honey, glazed pecans, Poppin’ Pecan Popcorn, McCrea’s Caramels, and New Orleans Love Cookies. You have the option to add La Crema Chardonnay or Meiomi Pinot Noir to this gift. The items are boxes and will be delivered with a platter, honeycomb, and spreader.


A Classic Wine Gift

A classic wine gift makes the perfect gift for the party host

A perfect gift for the party for the wine lover this is the perfect combination of gourmet food and fine wine. Brie Cheese, spring onion crackers, a bottle Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Paulownia Wood Slice Board make a small but delicious combination. You can opt to add another seasonal cheese and Italian meats for a perfect party snack.


On the Rocks

On the rocks is the perfect gift for the adventurous host

When vodka is the drink of choice, this gift basket has a sweet twist but offers options for adding a savory note. It all starts with Seven Three Distillery St. Roch Vodka with a New Orleans Map Rocks Glass, Chocolate Pecan Fleur de Lis Turtle, Butter Pecan Praline Love Cookies, and a decorative Paulownia wooden tree tray. The savory note is supplied by seasonal cheese and Italian meats.


We hope that these gift ideas have given you a lot to think about. If you like the idea of charcuterie but would like to change some of the included items for your event gifts, we can work with you to curate the perfect boxes for your needs. Give us a call or use the chat option to talk to us about what you have in mind.

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